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Friday, October 15, 2021

New Beer Friday 10/15/21


When all else fails, you can always believe in New beer Friday. This week we have everything from barrel aged stouts, to wet hops, to lagers. It's cold out there, stay in and enjoy a great locally made beer. 

Epic - Double Barrel: In collaboration with Blue Copper Coffee, Epic aged green Columbian Coffee Beans in whiskey barrels and selected choice Baptist casks for a double blast of bourbon barrel character. An extremely limited release. The coffee really pops in this one, with a great medium roast character. Lots of cocoa comes next with big whiskey rounding it out. Did I mention that it's 13.9%? Oy! Available at Epic Brewing.   

Epic - Baptist in the Rye: Epic strayed from the bourbon beaten path on this brew by aging it in 100% rye barrels, which add unique peppery notes and deep earthy tones to this version of Big Bad Baptist. This a little more balanced than the Double Barrel. The aroma was heavy on the whiskey barrel character, with notes of chocolate and dark fruit. There is a lot of complexity to the flavor, which seems to come alive as the beer reaches cellar temperature. In addition to the whiskey, roasted malt, cocoa, and raisin, notes of licorice begin to come through. It is quite sweet and a little boozy, but finishes crisply without any lingering sweetness or oakiness. 11.5% -  Available at Epic Brewing.   

Fisher - Grande Fresca: This pale ale has big fresh and chewy citrus peel punching out with a good dose of pine, white pepper and grass. This defiantly worth swilling a pint or two, or picking up a crowler to go. 5.0% - Only at Fisher.

Saltfire - Lupulin Dew (Triumph): The "wet hop" pale ales keep coming with Saltfire's newest version that features Triumph hops. This varietal features bright aromas of orange, lime, and peach. The citrus is most prominent with the stone fruit and herbal aspects popping towards the end. This is super fresh and dank tasting. Probably my favorite Lupulin Dew. 5.6%

SaltFire - Series of Singularities (French Elixir): Another new beer that goes onsite today. This single hop IPA features French Elixir hops. This is a new American hop varietal that comes with a lot of German influences. There Citrus and big melon up front with chewy Hallertau Mittenfrüeh  - like spiciness backing it up. It's super tasty. The can artwork is pretty cool too. 7.3% - Available at Saltfire.

Uinta - Brave Noise: This small batch pale ale debuts today on draft. I don't have any specifics on it. 5.0% - Only at Uinta. 

Uinta - Pumpkin Spice Lager: This a special firkin that will only be available today at Uinta. It's pretty self explanatory. 5.0% 

Bewilder - Wit Chamberlain: It has a nice grains of paradise zip with pillowy wheat malts. Orange zest builds towards the finish and is pleasant and bright. Low yeast esters create high drinkability. This is a wonderful witbier. 5.0% - Only at Bewilder. 

Bewilder Vitruvian Lager: This is a collaborative beer made with The Leonardo in SLC. I'm told it features All Italian malts and French hops. This lager features sweet biscuit malts with nice toasty edges. The hops are mostly grassy and herbal with some orange peel accents. Lager nerds will dig this one. 5.0% - In cans now at Bewilder and draft will be available by Saturday.  

Vernal - Harvest Ale: This is a wheat wine that's made with at least 50 percent wheat malt, this full-bodied beer features bready and candy flavors, and finishes with a great deal of malty sweetness. 12.5% - Only at Vernal Brewing. 

Melvin - The Life Hopquatic: Missed this NEIPA. 7.0% - Found at Bayou and Slackwater.

Melvin - Dry Hoppers Guide to the Galaxy: Missed this IIPA. 9.0% -  Found at Bayou and Slackwater.

Cascade - Pineapple Dragon: Missed this sour fruited ale. 7.2%  - Found at Bayou and Slackwater.

Cascade - Boysenberry Sour: Missed this one. 7.0%  - Found at Bayou and Slackwater.


Friday, October 08, 2021

New Beer Friday 10/8/21

Full Disclosure: New Beer Friday does not manipulate your data for profit. That being said, when/if we ever make any serious coin, moolah, shekels or quatloos while doing this shit..... you're pretty much screwed. Until then, check out this week's most excellent new beers. 

Ogden River/Becker's Best - American Pilsner: Head Brewer/Partner, Pat Winslow told me that he spent hours pouring over old invoices that are archived at Utah State University to figure out what ingredients were used to produce Becker's original lager. "not everything available then is available now", Winslow says, "but I've found malt and hops that are very close". Pat's lager is crystal-clear, light gold body; thick, sudsy head. Sweet, crystal malt aroma; sweet grass scent; pungent with a very light citrus undertone. A fine base of light cereal grain flavor with a good hop bitterness presence from start to end. Medium-light body; crisp and clean; gently warm on the palate; mostly dry finish. 5.0% - Only at Ogden River on draft and in 12 ounce cans. 

Epic - Naked Baptist: So what makes this version "naked"? Well, it contain's no adjuncts. This is just a barrel aged imperial stout with no coffee or cocoa added. Apparently the brewers at Epic have been wanting to do a straight-up, barrel-aged stout for some time. This may surprise you all but Epic has never made a BA Impy Stout, only the Big Bad Baptist. Now we have it. This is full of chocolate and vanilla qualities with a big dose of bourbon. It's quite delicious. Beware of the ABV which ranges from 13.1% - 13.7% depending on the the batch. Only at Epic.  

SaltFire - Heavy Metal Parking Lot: When I first met Kevin Kirk, The Heavy Metal Shop was located in Sandy on 9400 s. He shared with me his love Metal, Alice Cooper and that he once dated my cousin. 34 years later the Heavy Metal Shop is still killing it and with help from SaltFire's Ryan Miller, we all get to celebrate Kevin's iconic music store with a beer as black as his t-shirt collection. The American style black lager has a good amount of malt sweetness with subtle use of roasted malt. This is different than a Schwartzbier or Baltic porter. 6.66% - only at Saltfire

Shades - Kveik Passion Dragon Fruit Sour: This non-lactose fruited sour relies on the fruits for its sweetness. Passion Fruit dominates  for the most part. I'm not too familiar with Dragon Fruit, so I'm not sure if I'm tasting it or not. Tasty stuff. 6.5% - Available at Shades.

Toasted Barrel - Small Batch Hazy IPA Hazy, gold on the pour with fluffy head and lots of lace. Aroma is citrus and melon. Taste is fruity, floral with some resin but finishes sweet and smooth. As the kids say, it's crushable but pleasant also to sip and savor. 5.0% - This small batch is only at Toasted Barrel.

Hopkins - Märzenhead Lager: Their take on Märzen/Oktoberfest German lager, featuring a light amber color, with a malt-forward flavor full of toasted bread and slight caramel notes. 5.0%

Hopkins - Munich Helles: A traditional German lager, featuring a heavy amount of bready malt notes accompanied with a crisp light body accented with Hallertau Blanc hops.5.0%

Hopkins - Deseret Dunkel: A version of a Munich Dunkel. The aroma is malty, sweet and bready, while the flavor profile is rich and complex, displaying notes of chocolate, and graham cracker. With minimal bitterness, the flavor is reminiscent of Golden Graham cereal. A delicious dark lager without the roasty character of a stout or a porter. 5.0%

Hopkins - Campfire Smoked Lager: A German style Rauchbier. Local cherry-wood smoked malt from Solstice Malt adds a distinct smokiness with some light crystal and aromatic malts to give it a nice malty backbone and crisp finish. 5.0%

Deschutes - Squeezy Rider West Coast IPAPretty mellow hop profile. Hits on notes of orange, pineapple, guava and just a touch of grapefruit. Fair bready malt backbone that also adds a trace of toastiness. Finish hangs onto the light tropical notes, and linger in the aftertaste. 7.0% - Found at Slackwater.

Returning Favorites

RoHa - Project PorterRoasty malt is strong on the nose. There's a lot of chocolate in the taste, and there's a rich creaminess, too. A touch of hop bitterness to balance (or is it char?). Its body is rich and substantial, a lot like a stout. 5.0% - Available at RoHa.

Here are this week's Small batch Beers from Hopkins Brewing.


Friday, October 01, 2021

New Beer Friday 10/1/21

Boys and girls of a certain age will remember the painstaking efforts that went into the composing of the "make-out tape". It was the soundtrack of the night and it could make or break your evening out. I've made a mix tape of a sort with beer – the New Beer Friday Mix Tape is compilation of beers that if enjoyed properly is guaranteed to get your groove on... in more ways than one.

Squatters - 147 West IPA: This is a straight up citrus hop slammer. slight pineapple, white grapefruit, some tart tropical hops, hint of malt sweetness. Same with the citrus nose. Bright gold hue, Hazy/opaque,with tall white foamy head and nice lace. Medium body. 5.0% - Available at Squatters/Wasatch locations.

Squatters - Hazy Hop Rising: Taste is a crisp pretzel malt along with tropical fruit flavors. Citrus - lemon, lime, orange. There is a hint of creamy vanilla Orange Julius. Grapefruit and pine with a soft bitterness. Pineapple. Manages to be relatively dry even with the tropical fruit sweetness. I really like the very light malt bill which strikes me clearly as having a pretzel flavor; this sets off the citrus and fruit hop notes beautifully. Bitterness increases as the beer warms but remains soft and mild. 9.0% - Available at Squatters/Wasatch locations.

Epic - It's Got Citra: Single-hopped with Citra, as the name would suggest. Pours a somewhat hazed light copper with a touch of unfiltered cloudiness, a full finger of head. Perfect balance between malt cracker and hop bitterness. Not bursting, but full of flavor, pink grapefruit, orange zest, wildflower honey, biscuit, ripe avocado, pine resin, and pineapple. Delish. Sadly, this likely will not be brewed again. 8.0% - Available at Epic now. DABC in a few weeks. 

Proper - Hop vs Hop (Strata)This beer pours a dull gold with a moderate head. The aroma is unusual,with a combo of berry and stonefruit notes and an undercurrent of cannabis, black tea, and vague berries. The flavor is super juicy upfront, with strawberry, cannabis, fruit loops, and a solid amount of bitterness. The mouthfeel is medium bodied with moderate carbonation. Overall this is a really excellent beer with a tasty based and solid bitterness. 8.0% - Available Friday at Proper. 

Bewilder/DaveDave Brews - Rocket Surgeon: If you're familiar at all with Utah's home-brew scene then you've probable heard of the infamous award winning duo. DaveDave Brews and Bewilder have recreated one of their gold medal winning ales.  5.0% - Available now at Bewilder.

RoHa - Bumpy Pucker (Raspberry)Pour is a transparent red with a mostly white head that has a faint pink hue. Nose is almost all raspberry. Very fleshy raspberry with big tartness. Taste is heavily raspberry with puckering tartness and a sour finish. Puckeringly sour and dry, fairly assertive carb. A little sweetness would help take the edge off a bit. Sour fans will rejoice!  5.0% - Available at RoHa.

Grid City - Kona Coffee Macadamia Nut Coconut and Vanilla Bean Nitro Brown Ale: With a name like that, you don't need me.... But if you're still here, this nitro brown ale is full of medium roast coffee. With the combination of coconut and vanilla,I feared this may be too sweet. In Fact the sweetness is fairly low; just enough to keep the coffee from getting out of control. 5.0% - Only at Grid City.

TF - Haile’s Comet: This new wet hop features 400 lbs of Comet hops and is named for Haile Templin, the daughter of owner/brewer Kevin Templin. No tasting notes, as it hits today. 5.0% - Only at TF. 

2 Row - Hoppy Days IPA: Not Hazy, but not filtered. Wow, what a great citrus hop profile. Fresh orange and grapefruit peel. The malts create a great bed for the hops to get freaky on. Sooo nice. This is a smaller  batch than normal, don't procratinate on this one. 7.4% Available at 2 Row, Slackwater. 

2 Row - Mark of the Yeast: This is a red ale that celebrates 2 Row's 666 batch of beer. There's a great fruity malt profile that is berry forward. The hops add a ton of citrus qualities with balancing pine resin at the back. Highly recommended. This is a smaller  batch than normal, don't procratinate on this one. 8.0% - Available at 2 Row, Slackwater.

Hopkins - NAIPA: When I saw this, I thought, "non-alcoholic" IPA; I was corrected and informed it means "Not Another" IPA. Now you know too. This is an NEIPA 

Returning Favorites

Proper - Coward's Fist: This Gin Barrel IPA was supposed to hit last week, but due to a lack of labels.... well, you know. 

TF - Jellyfish Juicy IPA This Hazy IPA features 3 different dry hops of Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo. All were added post boil, kepping the bitterness low and and the fruitiness high. Look for big tropical fruitiness with a huge explosive aroma. However when it warms that triple hop does begin to shows itself. 7.7% - Available at TF Brewing today at Noon.  

Shades - Pumpkin Pie Ale: 'Nuff said, it's a great interpretation on pumpkin pie. 6.5% 


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Becker Beer To Be Resurected?

If you thought the A. Fisher Brewing Company was the only pre/post-prohibition brewery to be resurrected in the state, you may want to keep reading. At this morning's DABC meeting, representative from Ogden River Brewing, petitioned the DABC for a brewery manufacturing license under the name of Beckers Premium Lager Co., Ogden. An application for a Type 5 Package Agency (retail store) was also sought. The manufacturing license and package agency was approved.

The Becker Brewing and Malting Company was founded in 1890 in Ogden, Utah, by the Becker family and was located on the southwest corner of 19th Street and Lincoln Avenue. Gustav L. Becker was president and treasurer. The company was one of the largest breweries in the region and manufactured/sold various kinds of beer, over time expanding its manufactures to include near beer, soft drinks due to prohibition. Becker sold throughout Utah as well as Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, and California.The brewery stopped operations in 1954.

This would be a wonderful addition to Utah's craft beer scene and I'm anxious to what comes of it. Stay close for more news on Becker Brewing Company's resurrection. 

In other beer news from today's DABC meeting.

Another Lotus venture, Fife Brewing Company set to open in SLC in February 2023 is already applying for their bar license.   

Logan's Prodigy Brewing also applied or a brewery manufacturing license and it was approved this morning.

The Garage Grill (Salt Flats Brewing) applied for a bar license for their new Herriman location and was denied the license, due to "not being ready yet". Expected to open late 2021 - early 2022.  

Ogden's Own Distillery applied for a bar license, for their in house bar called Side Bar. They week awarded one of the three licenses available this month along with Aspen Cove Resort (Panguitch) and Brick and Mortar in SLC.

What do you think of this early brew news?


Above image found at shipcomplient.com

Friday, September 24, 2021

New Beer Friday 9/24/21

Shades - Piney IPA: Not super pine forward. The hops take you to more of a citrusy place. The pine shows up slightly in the end. Overall a nice session IPA. 5.0% - Available at Shades

Shades - Hoppy Pils: This could probably use a new name because it's not a pilsner. It is a lager, and a tasty one at that; full of Amarillo and Mosaic hops. But if your expecting a "pils" you'll be disappointed. 5.0% - Available at Shades

Shades - Milk Stout: This is a roasty stout with lots of char. Caramel sweetness is on the low side with subtle lactose keeping the roasted qualities from becoming too ashy.  5.0% - Available at Shades.

Shades - Winter Warmer: This probably your first taste of the holidays this season. This is basically an amber ale at its base. There's melange of spices including nutmeg and cinnamon. The base beer is toasty with low caramel sweetness. Probably more of a holiday ale. "Winter Warmer" suggests a high alcohol beer. 5.0% - Available at Shades.

Desert Edge - Oktoberfest The aromas are malt forward with lots of toast. Some crackers, breads and grains. Some caramel. The flavors follow the nose. More toast leading the way. More caramel along with some toffee. There's a nice little bitterness to this one. Mild sweetness. Malts do their thing. Alcohol basically goes unnoticed. Mouthfeel is on the lighter side of medium-bodied with moderate carbonation. It's fluffy, soft, smooth and easy to drink. 6.0% - Only at Desert Edge. 

Talisman - Oktoberfest: Haven't had this one yet as it debuts on draft and in bottles at Talismania. Talisman's Oktoberfest celebration that happens this Saturday, Sept. 25th. Available only at Talisman.

Fisher - OSO Fresco: Wet hopped with a shload of Amarillo. 5.0% 

Offshoot - Unwind: Missed this hoppy pilsner. 5.7% - Found at Slackwater

Modern Times - Cosmic Rays: Missed this NEIPA 6.5% - Found at Slackwater

Returning favorites

TF - Strata Wet Hop: 400 lbs of fresh Strata Hops. 5.0%

Proper - Cowards Fist: Gin barrel aged DIPA 10.1% 

2 Row - Breakfast in a Barrel: This is aged in Maker's Mark Barrels for A Bar Named Sue. There are a limited supply of bottles available at the brewery, but the majority of beer can only beer found at both A Bar Named Sue locations. 10.% 

Here are this week's small batch beer from Hopkins Brewing.


Friday, September 17, 2021

New Beer/Brewery Friday 9/17/21

You can tell autumn is rolling in because of the slow march of German style lagers that are rolling in. I'd also like to formally welcome Offset Bier to the Utah Beer family. The small batch brewery is located in Park City and is helmed by Patrick Bourque in the brewhouse. Happy New Beer/Brewery Friday!

Offset Bier - Weiss Kölschnice and toasty with nice fruitiness from the yeast. Great first beer!

Offset Bier - NZ Pale: Love Nelson Savin hops. Citrus peel with great berry notes. This is delish.

Offset Bier - Fruited SourFeijoa, kiwi & tangerine is a brilliant fruit combo for a sour ale.

Offset Bier - Blonde: Nice citrus & floral hop profile.

Offset Bier - ROTO IPAChewy & nearly dank. Think: old school hops.

Offset Bier - DIVI IPALight & fruity. Some herbal qualities. Slightly bitter finish.

Saltfire - This is Barry: No, this isn't a misprint and this is not a TF beer, though the clan at TF were consulted on this tongue in cheek play on their theme. There's a ton of local berries in this milkshake IPA. It's defiantly a smoothie. Lactose is is medium/light with a good dose of bittering hops to remind you this is an IPA. 8.0% Available at Saltfire. 

Hopkins - Munich Helles: At first whiff and swig I could tell that this was a textbook Helles. There's a touch of sweetness that balances an assertive addition of spicy German hop flavor and light bitterness. 5.0% Only at Hopkins.

Shades - Kiwi Sour Ale: No lactose is this one. It just relies on the kiwi and the base beer's tartness. The fruit it bright and it works well with Kveik sourness. A great fruited sour. 6.5% - Available at Shades and better beer pubs.

Bewilder - OktoberfestBeautiful golden appearance with a delicious creamy white head. Decent carbonation. Aroma of grain and floral. Slight noble hops. Taste clean and well balanced a slight hoppy brightness is balanced by a bready maltiness. Refreshing and easy drinking. This debuts this Saturday for Bewilders Oktoberfest celebration. 5.0% - Only at Bewilder.

Uinta - Westside Special Helles: This small batch beer debuts today. No tasting notes on this one. 5.0% - Only at Uinta.

Strap Tank - Smoke Stack: A medium to light amount of smoke with a sweet caramel base. This is a great, subtle smoke beer. If you're looking to get familiar with the style, this would be a good place to start. 5.0% - Available at Strap Tank.

Jolly Pumpkin - Yikes!: This is a sour saison. Not much of the saison comes through. Mostly a pleasant barrel sourness that is solid, but one dimensional. 5.8% - Found at Beer Bar.

Jolly Pumpkin - Lo-Fi-Mai Tai: Missed this one. Found at Beer Bar.

Revision - The Bruff: Missed this Double NEIPA. 8.0% - Found at the Bayou

Bombastic - Stubbornness: Missed this English-style Barleywine. 12.9% - Found at the Bayou.

Bombastic - Shiver Coffee Stout: Missed this Imperial Coffee Stout 10.5% - Found at the Bayou


Thursday, September 16, 2021

Your 2021 Northern Utah Oktoberfest Calendar

We've compiled a list of Oktoberfest events that begin this week and go until the end of October. There are links attached to each event for more info. If you’re a fan of Oktoberfest activities this will be a brilliant 30 days. Prost!

Snowbird Oktoberfest

Noon - 6 pm, Sat - Sun

Aug. 14 - Oct. 17

No ticket 

Kid Friendly

SnowWiesn at Snowbasin

Sundays 12-5pm

Sept 19 - Oct 3

No ticket 

Kid Friendly

Ice Haus - Oktoberfest

Friday - Saturday

Thru October 16th

The Westerner - Oktoberfest Weekend

September 17th - 18th

6pm - 2am

Bewilder Brewing

September 19th - 27th

11am - 8pm

Angry Goat Oktoberfest

September 24th - 28th

5pm - 11pm

Templin Family Brewery Oktoberfest

September 25th

12pm - 11:59pm

Ticket Required

Kiitos 4th Anniversary

September 25th

12pm - 11pm

4th West Oktoberfest

September 25th, 11am - 10pm 

September 26th, 11am - 8pm

Talismania Oktoberfest Celebration

Saturday 25th 

12pm - 6pm

Kid friendly

Tracy Aviary- Oktobirdfest 

September 30th

6pm - 10pm 

Ticket Required


Saturday October 9th

1pm - 5pm

Beer And Fear Fest

Saturdays and Sundays 

October 2nd - 24th

4pm - 10pm

Kid Friendly