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Thursday, September 28, 2023

New Beer Friday 9/29/23

We're back, after a long weekend attending the Great American Beer Festival. Congrats go out to Uinta's Golden Spike Hef (Bronze), Proper's Steamy Wonder (Silver), Silver Reef's Black Hill (Bronze) and TF for their Helles (Silver). While we were gone we missed a few from last week, so here they are along with the new newness from this week. 

Participants from GABF aren't the only ones celebrating this week, Salt Flats Brewing and Distilling have some great news to share as well. Beer Nerd Radio will have the full story today at 2pm on KUAA. This will be an interesting show. See you at 2pm.    

Uinta - Trop Nosh XXXperimental IPAGreat fruity aroma. Floral & tropical for the most part. Flavor follows with a WCIPA malt profile that blurs into an NEIPA tropical profile. It's right in the middle of the two styles, and I imagine that's what Uinta was shooting for. Nice stuff.

Uinta - HuckfleischI think this is Uinta's first Märzen. Caramel, vanilla & more toasted bread. THIS needs to find its way out of R&D and into regular production next year. 5.0% - Available at Uinta.

Uinta - Knusprig: This Munich Dunkel is bready & toasty with some nice balancing caramel. Yeast esters are light. The toasty grains here are so damn fresh tasting, I could drink this all day.  5.0% - Available at Uinta.

Uinta - Flüssigkeit: This Hefeweizen is the traditional German style. Light banana & clove from the yeast. Doughy & quite light & crisp. Light body for the style. Still quite delish. 5.0% - Available at Uinta.

Uinta - Skänken: This Gose has a medium/low tartness. Slightly salty without being briny. Finish tangy. One of the better Goses I've had in a while.- 5.0% - Available at Uinta.

Hopkins/Tsuki Sake - Kanpai To The Moon: This traditional Japanese-style rice lager was fermented on Koji rice, and brewed in collaboration with Tsuki Sake. This lager features a golden-straw appearance with a light and crisp body full of unique savory and slightly tart notes. This is dry - not like a traditional Japanese lager though. The koji adds some sweetness for sure & it takes you back to malts-ville in a roundabout kinda way. Co2 is bright & crisp. Brewed with Pink Boots Hop Blend. Mikey Likey. 5.0% - Only at Hopkins.

RoHa - Strata Off The Vine IPA: Made with 60 lbs. of fresh from the farm Strata wet hops. Notes of dank strawberry, passion fruit, Grapefruit & herbal sage. Finish is bitter for sure. Tasty stuff. 5.0% - Available at RoHa.

RoHa - Hodge Podge Fresh Hop: This pale ale is a literal hodge-podge of hops from Copper Moose Farms & many, many backyards from Wasatch Front & Back. Mostly floral & herbal profiles as these are mostly wild hops. Sooo cool! 5.0% - Available at RoHa.

Fisher- Hop Orchard: This new beer features a new hop from the Hop Breeding Company called 1019. It's moderately bitter, oily with a myriad of complex aromas and flavors; coconut is undeniably a huge aroma component to this beer. Flavor-wise it turned out very peachy. So peachy, in fact, that people think there are peaches in it. That peachiness is a fairly unique flavor to garner from a single hop varietal. A very interesting pale ale. 5.0% - Only at Fisher.

Squatters - Broadway Red IPA: Missed this one. 5.0% 

Policy Kings - URMOM.COM: This Gose was brewed with coriander, Himalayan pink salt and then prickly pear puree added at fermentation. It's made to be a tart Ale with a slight saltiness on the backend and balanced fruity pear notes. 

Ogden Beer/UTOG/Talisman - Smashing Pumpkins: Look for an amber hued ale with allspice and hints of cinnamon. A round mouthfeel with medium to light body. 5.0% - Available at Ogden Beer, Talisman and UTOG. 

SaltFire - Wet Hop Lupulin Dew:  Missed this one. 5.0% 

Offset - Fresh Hop SimcoeMissed this one. 5.0% 

Offset - Table Bier (Dry Blonde Ale)High Oil Cascade and Hersbrucker hops deliver a beautiful bouquet of citrus oil and floral notes with just a touch of earthiness. A slightly elevated bitterness more akin to a Pils than a Blonde Ale keeps the drinkability high and really cleanses the palate, inviting the next sip. 4.5% -Available at Offset 

Desert Edge - The Haze Between: Tart tangerine and lime Lime give this one a very refreshing finish throughout. The malt is well balanced and not cloying or medicinal. You can pick out all the fruit too if looking for it, but can also just lose yourself in the blend. This was the most tart of the Nectars so far, which is a plus. Very Tasty. 5.0% - Only at Desert Edge.

Roosters - Ogtoberfest Lager: This lager is dry-hopped with domestic Tettnang hops and accentuated with caramel malt and a lovely fruity floral hop aroma. 5.0% - At all Roosters Locations. 

Stone - 27th Anniversary Lemon Shark Double IPAMissed this one. 9.5% - Found at Beerhive , Bayou, Slackwater.

Payette - Ember S'mores Porter: Missed this Porter 6.0% - Found at Slackwater, HandleBar. 

Odell - Big Sippin' Sour Ale: Missed this imperial Sour Ale. 8.0% - Found at Salckwater.

Lumberbeard Boysenberry Apricot Zuff: Fruited Kettle Sour ale brewed with boysenberry and apricot. Brilliantly pink and with a fruity and balanced sour profile. 6.3% - Found at Slackwater. 

Equilibrium - Astral Projection Into Multiple Galaxies: This collaboration with Widowmaker Brewing uses a hop combination of Galaxy, Strata, and Apollo Hops. It pours milky yellow with aromas of passionfruit creamsicles, lemongrass, and pineapple and a flavor profile of mango, orange sherbet, dank passionfruit, grapefruit, and lime PEZ candy with assorted melon salad notes. 8.5% - Found at Slackwater, Beerhive.

Revision - Hot Tub Jamboree: Made with Mosaic, Cryo Mosaic, Citra and Strata, which bring vibes of citrus, peach, strawberry, passion fruit and a hint of dank smoothness. 6.7% - Found at Slackwater

Cascade - Tartini! Sour Ale: This sour golden ale was aged in an oak foudres followed by an infusion of botanicals consisting of juniper berry, orange peel, orris root, angelica root, coriander and dried rose petal. 5.4% - Found at Slackwater, The Bayou.


Founders - Oktoberfest Marzen: Pours a gorgeous copper hue with a rich, malty and slightly sweet backbone. 6.0% - Found at Slackwater. 


Friday, September 15, 2023

New Beer Friday 9/15/23

Trying to get away from it all? Then New Beer Friday is your gateway to escape the your prison of the bland. 

On today's Beer Nerd Radio, we do a deep dive into one of the more polarizing beer styles you're likely to come across, pumpkin/spice beers. Steph and I will host a round table of "experts" and we invite you to listen live as we fight, pull haired try to figure out if these field beers are legit or a fad. it starts at 2pm today (Friday) on 99.9fm KUAA

TF - Three Sisters: This spon beer was fermented via cool ship at the Three Sisters Garden at Blue Sky Ranch, Utah. The lambic-like qualities are gueuze-esque with sweet grainy notes on top of cheesy fruits & dusty/woody sour notes. Finishes w/ hints of rubber. Sour level is medium/high. 6.8% - Available at TF starting today.

TF - New Day Pilz: This one primarily driven by Halletau & Saphir with a whole salad of new world hops backing up the band. Basically you’re gunna find a ton of orange, grass, herbs, melon & berries. It’s a lot to take in for a lager, but worth it. 6.0% - Available at TF starting today.

Ogden Beer/Fisher - Meanwhile In Ogden: Another craft American light lager with actual flavor. Malt bill is solid, full of toasted crackers & whole grain bread. Hops are mostly traditional Euro with hints of citrus from the Saphir and Saaz hops. 5.0% - Brewed at Ogden Beer Co. Available at Fisher as well. 

Proper - Daydrinker: Dialing in a whopping 2.2% this light American rye is mostly hop driven with some surprising dankness. It very light, don’t get me wrong, but it’s happening. If you need a mid-work beer or something to hydrate you while recreating this is up your zip code. Available at Proper and Proper Moab.

Red Rock - Space Boogie: This double IPA features Nectaron, Citra Incognito and Galaxy hops. It's a very good showcase of the Nectaron hops. The hop combo adds tropical flavors of stone fruit, melon, and slight herbal notes with some orange underneath. Nice berry flavors from the thiolized yeast. Very tasty stuff. 8.2% Available at Red Rock.

Wasatch - Top Of Main Series (Black Lager): Aroma is nutty with light cocoa shavings over a smooth, bready core. Taste is beyond smooth, drinking at first like a line drive moving fast to that signature light roast flavor of carafa. Opens to even more smooth lager malt with nutty, coffee, and cocoa accents but always centered on drinkability. Maybe a smidge of caramel but for the most part an excellent black lager. 5.0% - Available at Wasatch Park City and Wasatch/Squatters on 300 w.

UTOG - Harvest Moon: Missed this Harvest pale ale that features a double dry-hopping of Mosaic and El Dorado hops. 5.0% Available at UTOG.

Bewilder - Du Hops Mich: There's really no such thing as a German IPA, but if you use German malt, yeast and hops... well, it works. This was made with German Pilsner malt, Kolsch yeast and a salad of Callista, Ariana, Hull Melon hops. The result is an IPA with an aroma of green melon and unripe berry/fruits, almost catty like, with some white grape noted and malt sweetness. Nice West Coast approach with minimal malt sweetness and a slight bitter finish. Pleasant lingering feel. This under Bewilder's Brew Lab label. 7.1% Only at Bewilder.

Uinta - Pickle Gose: This has an official name, but nobody could seem to remember it. 🤷‍♂️ Nice & briny, good dill weed flavor too. I get cucumber as well in the finish. A little Tabasco & it’d be perfect. If you like these, you’ll enjoy this. If not, stay clear. 5.0% - small batch, only at Uinta.


Friday, September 08, 2023

New Beer Friday 9/8/23

Stuck in a rut? Wanna get away? New Beer Friday will lead you to your happy place. 

The RoHa Brewing Project visits the radio pub at 2pm today. Rob Phillips and Head Brewer, Karsen Moon will join us to talk about RoHa's history and their new direction. It starts at 2pm on 99.9FM KUAA.

Offset Bier is celebrating its 2nd anniversary today and have a bunch of new beers, two of them being brand new. If you're near Park City's, City Park (south pavilion) from 3-8pm you can enjoy live music, food and of course beer. For all ages. Congrats Offset!

Offset - SimcoeSimcoe focused Hazy WC IPA. 2022 Simcoe T-90 in the kettle, Trial 702 Simcoe in tbe whirlpool, and more T-90 in the dry hop. Followed by a massive addition of fresh wet Citra from Jackson Hop Farms in Wilder, ID. Juicy Fruit gum, stone fruit, pine, fresh hop herbaciousness. 7.0% - Available at Offset.

Offset - Drawn To The Dark: This Triple Mashed Baltic Porter was brewed in May of last year and after an extended lagering time in stainless was laid to rest in 6 year Bourbon barrels from a local "western" themed distillery. After 13 months in barrels it was blended back into stainless for additional lagering and eventually packaged in 375ml bottles. Notes of chocolate covered cherries, toffee, vanilla, and bourbon. Dangerously smooth for 13% due to its slow cold fermentation and extended lagering. Available at Offset.

Saltfire - Headhunter: This Double IPA has some floral hops in the aroma, kinda light. Big malty base - full bodied feel. Taste is bold & astringent with mint, grass & spicy hops. Alcohol adds to mix creating a hoppy elixir that is lingering long into the finish. 8.0% - Available at Saltfire

RoHa - (Brewers Select) Tactical Fanny Pack: This new Double IPA has big fruity yeast profile to begin with lots of melon, mango & citrus. Hops are mostly citrus peel, spicy & herbal. Lingering bitterness throughout the finish. Love the fruitiness from the yeast. Tastes like real fruit. 8.1% - Available at RoHa.

Grid City - Coconut Mango Whole Flower Dry-Hopped nitro Pale AleCoconut & mango are prominent for sure. Not much pale ale shining though. It goes down quite easy and finishes with more coconut. It’s a bit mango sweet, not much pale ale. 5.0% - Only at Grid City

Grid City - India Pale Ale: This is Grid City’s official house IPA. This has all of the fruity yeast & hop components that you’ll find in GC’s Imp Pale, but with a slightly different malt bill and a shload of Mosaic. Big citrus w/ fruity malts & hnts of pine. WCIPA. 7.1% - Only at Grid City

SL Brewing - Berenstein Beer: This German-style Altbier pours amber with a faint head that lasts. The most minimal of lace. Some earth and spice hops blend into the rich nutty and toasted aroma. A slight sweetness, fair bitterness, some bready malt stickiness. Almond butter on toast. A solid effort.

Stone - Enjoy-By 10/31/23 DIPAPackaged last week, so it would be redundant to say, “it’s damn fresh”. It’s damn fresh…. It’s not overpowering. A WCIPA with plenty of citrus that’s not harsh & delivers that hop salad that the Enjoy-Bys are known for. Some pine & berries as well. 9.4% - Found at The Bayou, Beerhive.

Pipeworks Oktoberfest: Missed this one. 5.3% - Found at Slackwater.

De Leite - Cuvée Soeur'Ise: This Triple Kriek was aged for 6 months on cherries. The cherry influences the oak wine barrels as well, where it adds further to woody souring and softening. The result is called a triple-kriek ‘pur sang’. 8.0% - Found at The Bayou.

De Leite - Fils à Papa N°15: This Belgian Blonde was made with "Raspberry - Gin-infused" and was aged on malt whiskey barrels. 6.0%  - Found at The Bayou.

De Leite - Cuvée Mam'zelle: This "Sour Triple Barrel-aged" ale was aged a few months in matured in oak wine barrels, which provided a deep but soft-bitter tannin aftertaste. The taste is full and complex because the brewers induced a controlled souring during the ripening process. The Mam'zelle is by origin a blonde beer. The reason why she is called "high-blonde"? 8.5% - Found at The Bayou.

Left Hand - Pumpkin Spice (Nitro): This pumpkin beer was made with pumpkin spices and coffee. 7.0%

Revision - Invitation To Party: Sabro provides tropical hop flavors and aromas of ripe pineapple and a touch of coconut, while Vic Secret lends distinct citrus character, all floating on a pillowy malt cushion. 8.5% - Found at Handle Bar.

Here are this week's Small Batch Beers from Hopkins Brewing.