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Friday, July 23, 2021

New Beer Friday 7/23/21

Level Crossing - Orange Pez Saison: I wouldn't immediately think Pez while drinking this, It's just an orange forward saison. It's quite phenolic with a decent floral hop bill. 5.0% Only at Level Crossing.

TF/Horus - Atlas: This collaboration beer with SanDiego's Horus Brewing is a Zwiklebier. It's made with Atlas Malts and should be a lager lover's dream. Atlas goes on sale today. 4.7% - Only at TF.

TF - Barrel Aged Grisette: Grisettes are crisp, medium/light-bodied, citrusy beers that hail from Belgium. I have no details on this one; since you're going to be grabbing some Atlas anyway, may as well get on this one too. The Barrel Aged Grisette will be released On Saturday the 24th.  5.0% - Only at TF.

Préaris - Quadrocinno: 10.0% Found at Slackwater

Prairie - Lemon Slice: This is a lemon merengue pie inspired sour ale. 5.2% - Found at Slackwater

Bombastic - Parliament: Missed this one. This is a peach Gose. 5.5% Found at Slackwater.

Bombastic - Dazzle: This is not a sour ale but there is some nice tartness from the raspberries that takes it in that direction. Quite nice.  6.5% Found at Beer Bar.

Mother Earth - Cognitive Aerobics: A very nice NEIPA with the typical tropical flavors along with some citrusy lime. 7.2% - Found at Beerhive, Slackwater

Anchorage - Mosaic Saison: Missed this one. 6.5% Found at the Bayou.

Cascade - Honey Ginger LimeMissed this one. 7.5% Found at the Bayou. 


Friday, July 16, 2021

New Beer Friday 7/16/21

It was a fairly light week of "research" with just a few local freshies to enjoy. After you've tried this week's New Beer Friday offerings, there's plenty of new beers still floating around from previous weeks. Did I miss something? Please share if I did. 

Bewilder - Altbier: This has a nice chestnut color with an aroma full of sweet grainy malt. This beer is malty with the flavors of light toast and bread crust with a good dose of spicy hops. Overall a toasty and malty German delight with assertive bitterness and dry finish. 5.0% - Available starting today at Bewilder. 

Fisher - Yet unnamed hazy pale ale: Was unable to try this as it's still in the bright tank. Ask 'em for the stuff. 5.0% at Fisher Today.    

Fisher - Yet unnamed pale ale: Was unable to try this as it's still in the bright tank. Ask 'em for the stuff. 5.0% at Fisher Today.    

Shades - Double Trub'l: This is a new addition. This double IPA has large fruit hop overtones and is light on the bitterness. It pours light orange with a light head and medium mouth feel. 10.0% Available at Shades.

Surly - And The Devil makes Three: This TRIPA pours mostly clear with a muted but boozy nose. The taste follows with more heavy alcohol some citrus peel and pine. For such a big beer it seems to lack the characteristics that you'd expect from a Triple IPA. 10.6% - Found at Slackwater 

Surly - Mapping the Multiverse: This Hazy IPA punches out with citrus, pineapple, vague stone fruit and kiwi. Mild grass and herbal hop notes toward the end. A bit of booze warmth in the finish. This is a fine hazy, but not great. 7.3% - Found at Slackwater. 

Robinson - Old Tom: Missed this one. It's described as being rich and warming with a cherry brandy like color and character. This strong ale has a booming balance of ripe malt, and peppery hops combined with roasted nut and chocolate flavours with a smoky richness. A distinctive deep port wine finish with bitter hops balance complemented by heady, vinous aromas of dark fruit. 8.5% - Found at the Bayou.

Robinson - Chocolate Tom: This chocolate version is a rich combination of Robinsons’ Old Tom and the cocoa. It's a full bodied strong ale filled with the flavor of sweet malt and velvety smooth chocolate teased together with an inspired touch of Madagascan bourbon vanilla. 6.0% - Found at the Bayou.


Friday, July 09, 2021

New Beer Friday 7/9/21


Toasted Barrel - Our Beer: Brewed to help the support the families of fallen local firefighters. So, get your butts over to Toasted Barrel because a portion of every bottle and draft will help a family who lost a hero. This double dry-hopped Czech Pilsner is crackery with some slight cereal sweetness. Snappy herbal hoppiness rounds it out. 5.0% - Only at Toasted Barrel.

Proper - Well Rested: This Mexican style lager with lime was aged in Reposado barrels. There's a nice fruity lime character in the nose that leads you to believe that this will citrusy. In fact it's quite earthy. The barrel provides nice oak and tequila notes with a fair amount of maltiness. This is a very, very limited batch, so don't wait too long on this one.  8.0% Available at Proper starting today. 

Proper - Hop Things with Mr. Talus: This is a hazy IPA that has many of the tried and true flavors of melon citrus and pith. However the finish has a bit of bitterness that gives it "poundability". Nice NE Pale Ale. 5.0% - Available at Proper starting today. 

Avenues Proper - City of Gold: This is a classic old school American Pale Ale that features a generous amount of El Dorado Hops. A good dose of citrus peel, flowery notes and pine. 5.0% -Available at Avenues Proper and Proper Brewing starting today. 

Grid City - Pineapple Passion Fruit Whole Flower Dr-hopped Nitro Pale Ale: I wish I got paid by the word, the name of Grid City's nitro beers would be easily be paying for that new boat. Apart from the descriptive name, this pale features Cryo-Citra, Cryo-Mosaic along with whole flower Simcoe, Mosaic and Citra. Pineapple for sure in the aroma, but I'm surprised by how much passion fruit is there too - along with black tea. Defiantly fruit forward, but less than I was expecting. The hops balance it all out with orange peel. Bitter finish, but it takes awhile to notice it. Another hit from the Nitro Maestro! 5.0% Only at Grid City.

Kiitos - Michelada: This tomato forward beer has notes of chili powder and lime side-by-side with a light body that finishes semi-dry and is very easy drinking. A little celery salt and a dash of tabasco and it'd be perfect. 5.0% - Very limited at Kiitos.  

Here are this week's Small Batch beer from Hopkins Brewing. Cheers! 

Friday, July 02, 2021

New Beer Friday 7/2/21

Bewilder - American Pale Ale: Pours a dark Orange color with an inch of frothy head. Fair amount of lacing. The aroma is earthy, floral and grassy with some light citrus notes. The taste is more of the earthy and floral hops. Light notes of sweet citrus with a fair amount of malt flavor. Grainy. Finishes with more floral and grassy hops. Floral aftertaste. Light bodied and slightly oily. Very little alcohol presence. Available today at Bewilder.

Strap Tank - Guavalution: This fruited wheat ale features big guava flavors with a nice biscuity backbone. 4.9% - Found at Strap Tank (Springville).

Uinta - Party Mansion: This fruited sour features peaches and blueberrie, it also utilizes "philly sour yeast". It's clean like Kevin yeast but slightly more tart. The peaches are a bit muted with the berries and the base sour beer running the show. A nice sour at 6.1% - Available at Uinta.

2 Row - Dank Nugs: This beastly TRIIPA lives up to its name with chewy, earthy and herbal dankness. Some citrus qualities emerge as well but this is all about the hops. There's a nice caramel base to keep it fro getting too dry. Oh, did I mention that it's 11.9%? Available at 2 Row and most of your better beer pubs and restaurants.  

Pipeworks - Things have come to Light: This saison a bright and light saison with gentle peppery notes from the yeast that pair beautifully with the distinctive floral aromas from the freshly crushed pink peppercorns 6.0% - Found at Bayou, Beerhive, Beer Bar and Slackwater

Pipeworks - The Whole Dish: This Milkshake IPA is a tribute to the humble yet incredibly tasty summer hero - the peach cobbler. 8.3% - Found at Bayou, Beerhive, Beer Bar and Slackwater

Pipeworks - Spotted Puffer: The Double IPA is brewed with tart and tropical passion fruit puree, balanced with wild flower honey, and packed with aroma from late addition Citra hops. 9.5%  - Found at Bayou, Beerhive, Beer Bar and Slackwater

Pipeworks - Slow Days: This IPA has all of those brunchy vibes with a delicious combo of fresh blueberries and fennugreek spice which brings a maple syrup flavor.6.7%  - Found at Bayou, Beerhive, Beer Bar and Slackwater

Pipeworks - Lizard king vs The Cryo: This Pale Ale takes on an incredible berry, melon, aroma with floral and rich earthy notes. 6.0% - Found at Bayou, Beerhive, Beer Bar and Slackwater

Pipeworks - Good Dream Dreamsicle: This Milkshake IPA is soft and smooth with a bright pop of tangerine mellowed out with vanilla.  7.8% - Found at Bayou, Beerhive, Beer Bar and SlackwaterPipeworks - Death of Cool: This is a Lemon lime pale ale with Equinox and Cryo Equinox hops. 5.6% Found at Bayou and Slackwater

Pipeworks - Cryptic Bones: This is a Hazy Pale Ale with Motueka & Rakau Hops. Notes and deep aromas of meyer lemon, rosemary, papaya and apricot... this hazy juicy IPA brings something unexpected to the hazy pale ale scene6.5%  - Found at Bayou, Beerhive, Beer Bar and Slackwater

Stone - Buenavesa: Missed this salt and lime lager 4.7% - Found at Bayou, Beerhive, Beer Bar and Slackwater


Friday, June 25, 2021

New Beer Friday 06/25/21

UTOG - Mother Puck'n Mango: Sour notes: wheaty, bready, and light mango. Definitely getting those traditional tart, sour and bready flavors. Nice mango flavor that doesn't overpower the base beer Overall: Nice sour with complimentary mango flavors. Looking forward to the next can I have in the fridge. 6.5% Available at UTOG

Epic - Rocky Mountain Chai: This is a cream ale at its base with chai spices. The nose is massive with Spicy botanicals, ginger, cardamon, white pepper, orange peel, cinnamon and clove. The taste follows with equal intensity as this spicy beast envelopes your senses. There's a lingering spicy finish. 5.5% Available at Epic 

Desert Edge - Ete Saison: Pours golden in color with a finger worth of fluffy white head. Aroma has spicy citrus and clove with a hint of a honey-like sweetness. A bouquet of different spices -- so many it's almost hard to pick each one out. Taste is not overly sweet (a common complaint I have with these style interpretations), yet it's not overly dry. Citrus and spice rapidly cycle. A primarily dominant lemony-citrus flavor emerges, but it is then quickly cut by a varietal of different spices. A bit of spicy ginger finishes the sip. 6.1% Available at Desert Edge

Proper -Death in the Afternoon: This is a rum barrel aged Gose made with passion fruit, guava and coriander. The rum comes through nicely in the aroma along with lemon and guava. The taste starts with a briny bite that transitions into the passion fruit and then the barrel. There's a fair amount of wood that along with the sodium, mellows the tartness from the Gose. 7.5% Available at Proper.

Proper - Key Lime Ale on Nitro: The name says it all, and it delivers. The nitro conditioning gives this a nice creaminess that kinda pushes this into sorbet or gelato territory. It's not sweet at all, but the gas gives it a nice round feel. Tasty stuff. 5.0% Available at Proper 

Wasatch/Three Weavers - Collaboration IPA: This IPA has a slightly hazy pale gold color, large frothy white head with good retention, nice lacing. Plenty of carbonation streaming as it sits. A nice aroma of pithy tangerine, grapefruit and lemon. The taste follows with pineapple, mango and papaya along with a little bit of stone fruit. Modest pine, dank, malt sweetness and grass notes. Solid malt backbone. Worth your time. 7.0% Available at 

Bewilder - Blackberry Passion Fruit: A nice nose of mostly lemony yogurt and blackberry. The tastes starts with a bit of sulfur then transitions into lemon, then passion fruit with the blackberry rounding it out.  Nice berry profile. 5.0% Available at Bewilder.

Shades - Tropical Storm: Pouring a standard hazy appearance, the light goldenrod finish on the appearance is topped with an arid, cottony froth. A robust tropical perfume rolls off of the foam before a light and malty sweetness graces the tongue with sourdough, saltwater taffy and fruit juices. Then as the acidity washes away the sweetness, a quick middle palate of of passionfruit, crabapple, lime, lemon and white grape rise to the forefront and is backed with gooseberry, pineapple, grapefruit and papaya. High praise for its tropical fruit portrayal, the beer even quicker late palate is sour with the medley of citrus and orchard fruit directly behind the exotic tropical taste. 6.5% Available at Shades

Three Weavers - Cloud City: This hazy IPA has a fresh aroma of peaches, mangoes, and vague citrus fruits. Ripe mango and fresh pineapple start things off in the taste, with peach, apricot, orange, and pine running in the background. The bitterness is right upfront alongside the immediate citrus and tropical fruit flavor. 6.5% Available at UBC's West Side Tavern.

Deep Ellum - Manic Confidence: Pours a slightly hazy apricot color with pineapple, mango, peach wafting up. Sweet, sticky, hop punch out at first with light, citrus, orange, pineapple with a slightly dry finish. A  slight hint of alcohol in the finish. 8.0% Available at UBC's West Side Tavern.

Cigar City - Fancy Papers:  Light amber hazy body with a nose of mango, pineapple and orange and biscuit. Although this is well hopped, at no point is it bitter in a traditonal sense. Passionfruit, lime, grapefruit, kiwi and honeydew hit first. Mango, guava and orange play secondary rolls ahead of a fairly bitter late palate of tea and hay. Alcohol is well hidden. 6.5% Available at UBC's West Side Tavern.

Note: The West Side Tavern is no longer a full service bar. It is a literal tavern now. You can still buy "high point" beers to go though.  

St. Feuillien - FIVE: Missed this one.  5.0% Found at the Bayou on draft.

Revision - Nelson RV: Missed this one. 8.0% Found at the Bayou and Slackwater.

Revision - Hop Anatomy: Missed this one. 5.5% Found at the Bayou and Slackwater.

Lone Pine - Holy Donut Blueberry: Missed this one. 7.5% Found at the Bayou and Slackwater.

Bombastic - Attempted Murder: Missed this one. 10.0% Found at the Bayou and Slackwater.

Here are this week's Small Batch beers from Hopkins Brewing. 



Thursday, June 24, 2021

Pint for Pups at Ogden River Brewing

The dog days of summer just got a lot cooler for local animal lovers, thanks to Ogden River Brewing  and Ogden City Department of Animal Services who have teamed up with the Weber County Animal Services to bring you an adoption and fundraising event - Pints for Pups on Saturday July 10th from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at Ogden River Brewing Company, 358 Park Boulevard Ogden, UT, 84401

Tickets are $25.00 and will be available before or on the day of the event. They include lunch and a portrait with your pet. All proceeds will go to the Ogden City Department of Animal Services and Weber County Animal Services. Additionally, the brewers created a special brew just for the event. Magnificent Golden Mutt is a Golden Ale that is smooth and easy to drink. One dollar per pint will be donated to the fund-raising effort until the beer has sold out.

"I have always had a soft spot in my heart for animals, especially dogs". Says Ogden River Brewing's Head Brewer, Pat Winslow. "Together we can make a difference, drink a beer help a dog. How cool is that?"

Here's a link for tickets. Hope to see you there.


Friday, June 18, 2021

New Beer Friday 6/18/21


Sorry I missed you all last week. I was lacking a pesky thing called the internet, and well.... I guess that's kinda important for content like this nowa days. Here's some of the stuff from last week and some new stuff from this week. Don't forget that Canfest is happening up in Ogden this Saturday. Support our local  brewers up north as they pour us some tasty suds in this crazy era warm weather. Happy New Beer Friday.

 Toasted Barrel - Rose: Very Raspberry forward. The base Sour beer give it a very “green” flavor. Think: golden raspberries. It has a nice puckering dry finish. 5.0% - available at Toasted Barrel. 

2 Row - Back to the Rind: If all the citrus forward IPAs to come out of 2 Row, this has to be the most citrus like.   Everything about this beer scream citrus , from presentation, to aroma & taste - this is the citrus beer you crave, less the actual fruit  Dont wait, this one is disappearing fast  

Desert Edge - Trolley Rye IPATthe spiciness from the rye, which is different from the peppery effect of "spice" beers, is on full display, with a bit of heft and spiciness coming through as well. Balancing with the heft of the rye are the bitter profiles of the hops, some faint burnt caramel sweetness, and some notes of citrus rind and dandelion. Some faint lingering bitterness on the finish. 

Ogden River - Strawberries and Cream: Missed this one  try it when you head up to Ogden for Canfest this weekend  5.0% - at Ogden River Brewing.

Uinta - Driftwood: This coconut lager is mage with Wakatu hops. The coconut is very subtle; not in your face at all. The dry hopping helps compliment the coconut as well. Lemon grass and lime peel round out the end. The finish is long but not lingering.  6.5%

Shades - Spaghetti Dinner: Itdoesn’t look like marinara. It does however smell exactly like marinara. Flavor wise the beers sour base, influences the otherwise accurate marinara flavors. It’s a little tart, but you get the basic idea of what they were shooting for. The only thing missing is the starchy noodle aftertaste. If that is important to you (like it was to me), I suggest a neutral cracker or a Keebler club cracker to keep things authentic. 6.2% - at Shades and various beer pubs around the Wasatch Front. 

Shades - Watermelon Sour Patch: Made watermelon & sour patch gummies, this is a faithful representation of the beloved,  jaw locking treat. 6.2% Found at Shades Brewing.  

Epic - Black Forest Cake Stout: I know what you’re thinking. Why do I want a damn imperial, barrel-aged, coffee infused dark beer, right now, in this heat? Well, smart ass. I’ll tell you why. This experimental, one of a kind beer was made specifically for the labs at Epic. You have the opportunity to try this barrel aged one-off for just a short time. Take heed, this is danger that doesn’t taste dangerous. The coconut is light, as is the cherry. Polled the patrons droning it, 7.5% was the option on this 11.0% beer. With that knowledge, you can now proceed. Only at Epic in SLC.

Bewilder - Cherry Mother Pucker: Brewed to honor the winner of the Utah Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s winning beer - a competition put on by Jamie Burnham & Bewilder Brewing Co. This recipe by Curt McCuistion is a traditional German Berlinerweiss made with tart cherries. It comes across as soft & sweet with a good dose of tart pie cherries rounding it out. It literally hits in that order. 6.6%  

Never Valley - Berry Pour: missed this one. Made with blackberry & blueberry purée. 5.0%

Ogden River - Hit the Grit: missed this IPA  5.0% - Available at Ogden River.

Prairie - Spicy Pickle Monster: Missed this one  I think you get the idea. Found at Bayou & Slackwater 

Prairie - Just the Juice: Mussed this one. 7.4% Bayou, Slackwater

Bombastic - Wisdom: Mussed this one  Found at Bayou & Slackwater  7.0% 

Melvin - Boom Shakazacca: Missed this DIPA  8.4% - found at Bayou & Slackwater.