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Friday, September 23, 2022

New Beer Friday 9/23/22

That James Webb Space Telescope can see everything! However, as powerful as it is, it may not be able to encompass the massive scale of this week's New Beer Friday finds. Strap in for a full morning's read.

On Beer Nerd Radio we welcome Kevin Templin from TF Brewing. Kevin was to be our first guest when we debuted the show but technical issues won the day. We'll talk about the brewery and tomorrows TF Oktoberfest. You won't want to miss it. 2pm on KUAA 99.9

Proper - White Raven: This is a golden ale aged in Sotol barrels. If you're not familiar: Sotol is part of the Tequila/Mezcal family with a very earthy quality to it. The Sotol comes in waves and intermingles well with vanilla and bubblegum from the base Golden ale. Some grass and hints of smoke in the finish. 7.0% - Available starting today at Proper.

Proper Hop vs Hop (Strata/Centenial): This wet hopped IPA is super bright and aromatic big citrus and medium bitterness. 8.0% - Available at Proper.

RoHa - Freshies: This Amarillo wet hop is full of fresh grapefruit peel and toasty malt character. Vary tasty. 5.0% - Only at RoHa.  

Fisher - Oso Fresco: 100 pounds of Strata hops. In the glass, the beer has beautiful orange glow. The Strata hops produce a subtle pineapple nose aroma. But rather than big tropical juice fruit character, a soft grassy finish dominates the pallet.

Fisher - When the Hops Forget Your Name: This West Coast style Pale Ale was hopped with 100 pounds of Fresh Amarillo Hops. 5.0%

Level Crossing/Easton Archery 100 Years: This beer celebrates Easton's 100 years of making arrows and shafts. This beer is a Belgian-style Blonde ale with noticeable yeast spiciness. There's an aggressive amount of citrus peel takes this into that witbier territory. Tasty stuff! 6.2% - Available starting today at Level Crossing.

Prodigy - Hopped and Confused: Missed this pale ale. 5.0% - Available at Prodigy.

New Belgium - Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin Spice Release: Missed this Pumpkin ale featuring cinnamon and habanero chili peppers. 6.4% - Found at Slackwater.

Equilibrium - Fluctuation: Bright tropical notes of passion fruit, mango, pineapple, and lychee with an undercurrent of sorbet and cream. Fluctuation tastes highly resinous and tropical with an assertive yet soft bitterness. 8.1% - Found at Slackwater, The Bayou.

Equilibrium - Middletown Mud Pie: Made with pecans, cacao nibs, vanilla, and a hint of sea salt. It pours like liquid fudge and features a beautiful mocha cap. The chocolate brownie batter nose pairs with flavors of melted milk chocolate fountains, nutty butter pecan, caramel swirl, and frosted black forest cake. 11.0% - Found at Slackwater, The Bayou.

Equilibrium - MC²:  It pours a hazy tangerine color, releasing bright tropical notes of mango, pineapple, and apricot. It tastes like succulent mango juice loaded with chewy hop resins.8.0% - Found at Slackwater and The Bayou.

Lumberbeard - Campfire Snacks: Brewed in collaboration with Humble Abode Brewing. This Imperial pastry stout is brewed with graham crackers, marshmallow, peanut butter, cacao nibs, vanilla and lactose. 10.5% - Found at The Bayou.

Lumberbeard - Flavor Nuggets: Version 8 of their hazy IPA series. Brewed with Azacca, Sabro and Idaho 7 hops. 6.8% - Found at The Bayou.

Young Master - Jade Scorpion: This beer comes from China. A refreshing lager elevated with green peppercorns. The peppercorns add bright, citrusy and herbal notes with a gentle tingle that makes their Chinese take on a pilsner delightfully moreish. 5.1% - Found at The Bayou.

De Dolle - Arabier: This Belgian is a malty/strong golden ale brewed with nugget hops from Poperinge. Dry hopped as well. 8.0% - Found at The Bayou.

La Bru - Chichicpatli: This collaborative Slow Beer was created by the master brewers of La Bru and Baja Brewing in celebration of Mexico’s national flower, the Dahlia. Called “Chichicpatli”, meaning bitter medicine, in Nahuatl, the dahlia root is native to Mexico and was once an important food source in the Aztec capital. Here we create a magical blend of the unique sweet and earthy flavors of this Slow Food Ark of Taste ingredient with a refreshing balance of hops, hibiscus flower and pale malts. 5.5% - Found at The Bayou.

Apostelbrau - Bavarian Farmhouse: Thus German Bavarian Farmhouse Rustic Saison has a pronounced cereal taste. While spelt and emmer provide a wide range of flavors, einkorn is characterized by an extremely mild, fine, elegant light vanilla flavor because of it’s carotene content. Bavarian Farmhouse Rustic Saison is brewed in an old copper based brewhouse which is directly heated by open fire following a historic special recipe. 6.0% - Found at The Bayou.

Nomad - Freshie Salt & Pepper: This Aussie beer is the brain child of Leonardo and Brooks, after a few.... staring at the beautiful Ocean in Freshwater, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the ocean mist and its fantastic smell had to be somehow put into a beer.... Why not add sea water directly to the beer and hey isn't salt what they add to traditional Gose in Germany??!! A few months later here we are at Nomad adding two buckets of salt water straight from Freshie to a Gose with a

Nomad twist and adding our new favorite pepper variety from Tasmania. 4.5% - Found at The Bayou.

Aventinus - Cuvee Barrique 2016 and 2015: In Aventinus Cuvee Barrique - fresh Aventinus and Aventinus Eisbock are aged in separate wine barrels for up to 8 months, and then expertly blended into a tannin-rich cuvee. Each year the blends will be different, depending on the blending and the barrels. 9.5% - Found at The Bayou.

E9 - Endless Circle: Fruited Mixed Culture sour ale. 6.3% - Found at The Bayou.

E9 - Corpse Pose: Collaboration blend of a combination of mixed culture ales aged in frenchboak barrels. The blend was then aged for several months on whole fruit marrionberries and elderberry. 7.0% - Found at The Bayou.

E9 - Triple B's: Wild Ale with blueberries, blackberries and boysenberries. 6.5% - Found at The Bayou.

Equilibrium - Fractal Enigma: A single Hop Pale ale with Enigma hops. - Found at The Bayou.

Equilibrium - Wavelength IPA: We started with oats and white wheat for a base before adding Simcoe and Mosaic to the whirlpool. To get some berry medley notes going we dry hopped with Mosaic and Citra at a 2:1 ratio. 6.5% - Found at The Bayou.

Equilibrium - Almond Pop: Starts with a viscous base you have come to love from EQ Stout before an adding an absolutely massive amounts of slivered almonds, which were toasted in house at Equilibrium Bonfire. To round out the flavors, we then added Marshmallows, Madagascar Vanilla, Cake Mix, and lactose. 11.0% - Found at The Bayou.

Dansk Mjod - Viking Blod: This mead from Denmark is a Nordic honey wine with ginger, hibiscus and spices. 19.0% - Found at The Bayou.

Dansk Mjod - Odin's Skull: This mead from Denmark is a Nordic Honey Wine with Sour Apple Juice, Hops and Cinnamon Added. 19.0% - Found at The Bayou.

Dansk Mjod - GI: This mead from Denmark is aNordic honey wine with ginger and hops added. 19.0% - Found at The Bayou.

iQhilika - Coffee Mead: This South African mead features exclusive coffee that is blended with Makana Meadery‚ Äôs Sweet Mead to produced a robust beverage ideal for accompanying after-dinner treats. A bit of carmelized honey has been added to the recipe to integrate the flavors of African wildflowers with the roast expressions of the coffee. 12.0% - Found at The Bayou.


Etta Place - Camp Fruita: A semi-sweet cider co-fermented w/ plums for balanced acidity & refreshing fruitiness. 5.6% - Available at Etta Place and Scion Cider Bar

Happening this week.

Mountain West Cider Harvest Celebration + Marmalade Jam Fest: Enjoy a cider with live music, local vendors, and food trucks at our all-ages events next weekend! There will be a bounce house and activities for the kids too. Sept 22nd & 23rd | 5 PM - 10 PM - Sept 24th | 11 AM - 10 PM - Sept 25th | 11 AM - 7 PM.

Talismania: Talisman Brewing Company's Oktoberfest Celebration begins tomorrow (9/24) at Noon and goes to 6pm. This is an all ages event and features special beer, food music and games. 1258 Gibson Ave.

Templin Family Brewing Company's Oktoberfest: 9/24 - This is private event the requires tickets that can be found here. Look for traditional Food, music and the popular and sanctioned Stein Holding competition. They are offering an Uber discount code that will get you 25% off your Uber ride home, up to $50. Discount codes available at brewery.


Friday, September 16, 2022

New Beer Friday 9/16/22

It's a beerfest weekend in the SLC. Tomorrow the second Utah Brewers Guild Collaboration Festival takes place downtown on McCarthy Plaza and Bewilder kicks off their week long Oktoberfest Celebration. 

What Makes the Collaboration Festival different from others is that all the beers are original and made specifically for this festival. Many of our local brewers have paired-up to concoct experimental and straightforward beers for your enjoyment. The weather is going to be perfect for this outdoor event. All the specifics can be found here.  

On Beer Nerd Radio today at 2pm we'll be talking with Teri Mumm, Executive Director from the Utah Brewers Guild along with Rob Phillips from the RoHa Brewing Project. We'll fill you in on all of the Collaboration Fest details along with all of the other beer news in Utah. That's today on KUAA 99.9FM.

Level Crossing - Hammer Hand: This is available on Nitro as well. Sometimes breweries forget what the “B” is in ESB. The BITTER in this ale is in full display with a nice malty & nutty back base. The finish isn’t too long but it is full of toasty bread & floral hops. 👍 Nitro is the best version IMO. 

Shades - Paineapple CocokillerI thought the nutmeg would be off-putting, but it’s quite mild and actually adds to the fruits and coconut keeping it from being an average tropical cocktail-beer-wannabe. Low lactose levels, but it’s still present. Tasty stuff! 6.5% - At all Shades locations.

Wasatch - Top of Main Series (Witbier)Light and crisp, but still decently rich from the addition of wheat. Flavors follow the nose, predominantly constituting a gentle floral/spice note initially that isn't overpowering or overtly cloying. Upfront it tastes like gentle clove and coriander, maybe even white pepper, before opening up into flavors of sweet ripe bananas, white bread and whipped cream. Ends on more clean, floral, dry flavors of peppery yeast and a little bit of bitter citrus rind. 5.0% - Available at Wasatch/Westside Tavern.

Bewilder - Märzen: 5.6% in cans to go or at the bar.

Bewilder - Festbier: 5.0% in cans to go. And on tap

Bewilder - Hefeweizen: 5.0% on tap

Bewilder - Dark Rauchbier (Schlotfergerla): 5.0% on tap

Bewilder - Wieß Kölsch: 5.0% cask only.

Bewilder's Oktoberfest starts Saturday the 17th and runs through the 25th! Full German menu made fresh in-house and 6 German beers crafted specifically for this event!

Fisher - Hold My Beer, Not My Rights: Aroma of faint citrus, honey, malt, slightly hoppy, mostly orange and pineapple coming through with a typical Fisher Pale Ale aroma. Nothing overpowering or standout. Taste follows the nose with lots of citrus rind and pineapple. Slightly astringent in the middle, a decent hoppy bite, not one I'd consider "juicy" compared to others but on the sweeter IPA side. Finished with a little bready malt to balance it out. 5.0%

Uinta - The American Stout: Missed this one. 8.0% - Available today at Uinta.

Collaboration Fest 2022 will feature the following collaboration brews tomorrow

● Kiitos Brewing Co. and Grid City Beer Works: Deconstructed Barrel Rye Ale with    Rye whiskey barrels

● Apex Brewing and  SaltFire Brewing Company: War Pig Cascadian Dark Ale

● Moab Brewery and  Proper Brewing Co.: Mo’Cold IPA

● Epic Brewing Company and TF Brewing Co.: Protect Yo Necta Hoppy Pilsner

● Prodigy Brewing and  UTOG Brewing Company: Hip Hop Lemon Drop Shandy IPA

● Strap Tank Brewery and Hopkins Brewing Company: Hop Tank Lichtenhainer

● Roosters Brewing Co. and  Fisher Brewing Company: Melon Days Watermelon Ale

● Park City Brewing and  Level Crossing Brewing Company: It’s Always Sour in Philadelphia Sour IPA

● Heber Valley Brewing Company and Vernal Brewing Company: HWY 40 Smoked Dunkel

● Bewilder Brewing Co. and  Bohemian Brewery: Goldy McBiscuits UK Golden Lager

● Uinta Brewing and Offset Bier Co.: What the Helles you Smoking?

● Desert Edge Brewery and  RoHa Brewing Project: RoHave Desert Helles

● Zion Brewery and  Silver Reef Brewing Co.: Peach Sour Ale

● Salt Flats Brewing Co. and Hoppers Brewing Co.: Stone Kite Pale Ale

● Wasatch Brewery and Helper Beer: Cold Rhythm IPA

● Squatters and Ogden River Brewing: Speed Bump Citra Pale Ale

Beer Zombies - Hopshow: A hazy tropical juice bomb bursting at the seams with mango, peach, pineapple & rambutan. A bright backend of ripe lemon zest brings together this pillowy soft IPA. 8.5% - Exclusive to Beer Zombies.

Beer Zombies - Zombie Hwhip (Double Blueberry, Double Cherry): This is massively thick. It's like a berry slurry. Tart base that's all berry and cherry. Lactose is at medium/high levels which keeps it from getting too tart. I didn't hate it, but it was just too damn much for me. 8.0% - Exclusive to beer Zombies.

Equilibrium - Photon: It pours a very hazy orange, releasing well-blended notes of apricot, tangerine, peach, mango, and pineapple. It tastes of soft juicy tropical fruits, hop resins, and a hint of biscuit. A smooth rounded bitterness with a touch of dryness. 4.8% - Found at Slackwater. 

Equilibrium - Tomorrow: Citra and Mosaic American Pale Ale ale with a hefty dose of oats designed for a balance of immediate consumption at plans the next day. It pours a very hazy light yellow, releasing well-blended notes of orange juice, pineapple, and fresh cut grass. It tastes soft and tropical with a slight bready note and no trace of astringency. 4.0% - Found at Slackwater.

Denver Beer - Graham Cracker Porter: This has notes of vanilla, smoked cedar, and mulling spices on the nose. A rollercoaster of lush chocolate and fig fruits diving into a semi-dry finish of truffle and cherry. 5.5% - Found at the Bayou.

Belching Beaver - Must Be The Honey: Missed this one. Look for floral aromas as light malt and honey leap from the glass. Subtly sweet flavors linger on the finish. 5.5% - Found at Slackwater.

Cascade - Indigo TwilightIndigo Twilight is a blend of sour wheat ales aged in oak foeders for 10 months with Pacific Northwest grown blackberries and blueberries. Enticing floral blueberry aromas jump from the glass followed by juicy blackberry flavor with a hint of black pepper and a crisp, dry finish. 5.3% - Found at Slackwater.

Lumberbeard - Lovely HazeDouble dry hopped with Galaxy, El Dorado, and Azacca hops, this Hazy Juice Bomb is bursting with pineapple and mango. A seasonal release. 8.5% - Found at Slackwater.

Mason - Albescent WavesHazy double IPA loaded with Cascade, Huell Melon and Halertau Blanc Hops. Notes of white peach, lemongrass with an aroma of grapefruit. 9.0% - Found at Slackwater.

Avery - Island Rascal: Missed this witbier made with passion fruit. 5.4% - Found at Slackwater.

Here are this week's Small Batch Beers from Hopkins Brewing.


Friday, September 09, 2022

New Beer Friday 9/9/22

It's an Anniversary New Beer Friday! Both Kiitos and Offset are celebrating their birthdays this weekend with special releases and festivities at their respective locations. Hit their social media for details and please check out the other brilliant beers that are brand new for you this weekend.

Saltfire - A series of Singularities (Mosaic): Every IPA lovers favorite heavy lifting hop (Mosaic) gets the single hop treatment this round. Taste and aroma is textbook Mosaic. Full of citrus peel pine and melon made in the west coast style. One of my favorite Singularities. 7.3% - Available at Saltfire. 

TF Brewing - New Day PilzThis lager features Cascade & Nelson Savin hops. This combo (to me) takes this pairing to a place where I don't recognize either of them. AND that's what I love about this hop salad. Creating something new from two things I very much love. DAMN tasty. 6.0% - Available in 16 ounce cans starting today.

Offset - Divi Divi: This Double IPA was made to celebrate Offset Bier's first anniversary. They brewed a double version of their favorite modern/tropical L IPA Divi. A kettle full of Simcoe and Citra are followed by a large whirlpool charge of Idaho7 Cryo and HBC586 Cryo in an attempt to maximize survivable compounds. After a cold ferment they added a judicious dual stage dry hop of 2021 and 2022 harvest Nectaron and Galaxy supported by smaller additions of HBC586, Enigma, and Cryo Pop. Intense tropical fruit flavors and aromas combine with a structured bitterness that cleanses the palate and helps to give some semblance of drinkability to such an onslaught of hop character. Divi Divi is a once a year treat. Due to the sizable dry hopping load there isn't a ton of this available so be sure to grab it before it's gone. 8.0% - Only at Offset. 

Kiitos - Anniversary Ale V: It would appear that Utah has its new strongest locally made beer. The previous record holder belonged to 2 Row's Barrel aged Dark Ally (15.1%). For Kiitos' 5th Anniversary the blend masters concocted a 15.5% ABV beast that's comprised of various barrel-aged beers from Kiitos' barrel cellar. This beer debuts tomorrow (9/10) at Kiitos' Anniversary bash.

Kiitos - Barrel-Aged Vanilla Nut Cream AleWow! When they say vanilla and cream, they are not joking. With a hint of whiskey, the perfume is extremely reminiscent of Cool Whip. Also fairly noticeable are toffee and saltwater taffy. The whiskey is more apparent in the flavor, which follows the nose. Taffy, cream, and coconut cream are prominently shown. After a few drinks, the finish loses all of its initial astringency, leaving merely a lovely, relatively long afterglow. The body has a delicate, silky feel and is light and crisp. Despite being listed at 5.0%, alcohol is startlingly minimal given the fragrance and flavor. This beer debuts tomorrow (9/10) at Kiitos' Anniversary bash.

Uinta - Pumpkin Spice And Everything Sour: This R&D batch kinda gives you everything you need to know in the name. Subtle tart lemony base with a sparring amount of pumpkin pie spices. Somehow it all seems to work. 5.0% - An R&D small batch, only at Uinta. 

Proper - Hop vs Hop (Centennial/Strata): This "fresh hop" DIPA drops today at noon.  Classically floral and fruity, with notes of tropical and stone fruit, citrus, a touch of grass, a crackery, biscuity malt, and a delicate caramel sweetness. Flavors of lemon, orange, and grapefruit provide a quick burst of citrus flavor, which is followed by tropical and stone fruit flavors such as peach, apricot, mango, and hints of strawberry, pineapple, and passion fruit are also present. The floral, slightly grassy, slightly resinous pine flavor, crackery biscuity malt, and light caramel sweetness round out the flavor profile. 

Lone Pine - Holy Donut Coffee Cake: This Double Pastry Stout starts with a strong body and a touch of spicing cinnamon, this substantial heavy stout heaps huge flavors of sliced dark chocolate, creamy espresso, powdered cocoa, and silky vanilla atop it. 9.0% - Found at Slackwater.

Lone Pine - Holy Donut Fresh Lemon Glaze: Missed this fruited sour ale. 7.5% - Found at Slackwater.

Lone Pine - Pumkin Party: Missed this pumpkin beer. 4.2% - Found at Slackwater.

Lone Pine - Mist Machine: Missed this NEDIPA. 8.1% - Found at Slackwater.


Eve's - Darling Creek: A tart cider from many tannic and acidic varietals,

hints of cherry, coffee, barnyard and spice makes for a hugely complex complex sipper. 8.0% - Found at Scion Cider Bar.

Eve's - Albee Hill: A single-orchard cider from Eve's own farm, blend of rare heirloom apples, still, dry and wild fermented with notes of stone fruit, beeswax and

wet stone. 7.0% - Found at Scion Cider Bar.

Eve's - Home Farm Pét-Nat: A rustic natural cider from heirloom varietals,

hints of malt, yeast and caramel, some minerals and it's naturally spritzy. 7.0% - Found at Scion Cider Bar.

Eve's - Cider Nouveau 2021:small-batch cider from 85% Ellis Bitter 15%

Liberty bittersweet apples, meant to be drunk young and fresh, wild ferment, some

minerality. 7.0% - Found at Scion Cider Bar.


Friday, September 02, 2022

New Beer Friday 9/2/22

Happy New Beer Friday! It's not a huge week ender today, but there's still plenty of great beers and ciders to get you on your way.

Today on Beer Nerd Radio, we'll be chatting with the crew at Kiitos Brewing. It all starts at 2pm on KUAA 99.9fm. Podcast recordings of Beer Nerd Radio can be found here

Fisher - Little Dipper: Smells faintly of biscuit, bread and malt, with a certain graininess coming through as well and the merest hint of citrus and pine. Taste is a good balance of biscuity malt and citrus hops, with just a hint of pine coming through and an underlying grainy and slightly flowery note. Finishes with crisp floral smack. 5.0% ABV Available at Fisher.

Fisher - Top Secret Haze: There's a very aromatic nose of citrus peel here, along with light biscuit malt. The hops finish it off with nice citrus and tropical flavors. Very nice! 5.0% Available at Fisher.

Mason - Societal Good: A collaboration with Laguna Beach Beer Co. This west coast hoppy Pale Ale uses 100% Incognito Hops featuring Centennial, Citra and El Dorado 5.5% - Found at Slackwater.

Bombastic Waddle (Maple Syrup and Coffee): Robust maple syrup and cold-pressed Thomas Hammer Coffee, then big roasty imperial stout base and maple syrup twice: first in the boil to add a woody maple kick, then in the fermenter to highlight traditional maple syrup flavor. 14.0% - Found at Slackwater.

Odell - Pulp Theory: A hyper-hopped hazy IPA crafted to accentuate bold hop flavors of ripe orange, pineapple juice, and fruit punch. 7.5% - Found at Slackwater.

Prairie - Watermelon Girlfriend: Missed this sour ale with watermelon, sea salt, orange, lemon, lime, and natural flavor. 5.0% - Found at Bayou.

Prairie - Pumpkin Pie Treat: Missed this sour ale with pumpkin pie spice blend and toasted marshmallow flavor. 5.5% - Found at the Bayou.

Mountain West - Lavender Blueberry Cider: This is a addition to to Mountain West's Small Batch Series. Missed this, but it sounds quite tasty. 6.8% - Only at Mountain West Cidery.

Here are this week's Small Batch Beers from Hopkins Brewing.


Friday, August 26, 2022

New Beer Friday 8/26/22

Some of this week's beers may already be familiar to you. I took a little vacation last week, so some of these beers are just new to me. Don't worry though, there's plenty of spank'n new brews and a fresh Beer Nerd Radio show hits this afternoon at 2pm on KUAA.  

Level Crossing - Soulless Rex: This triple IPA is a beast in many ways. When it was cold it started off by being fairly tame with a big resinous hop profile and light alcohol (for a 10% beer). As I adjust it quickly became apparent that this was not the case as the massive hop bill quickly became a tornado resiny goodness. It's full of the usual culprits: Tropical, citrus and the like, but on steroids. malt sweetness for a beer this big is fairly tame as well, creating relatively high drinkability for a 100+ IBU ale. You need to check this one out. For sale starting today at Level Crossing.  

Bewilder - West Coast Phan Boi: I missed this one from last week. 7.0% 

Bewilder - City Weekly Beer PhestI missed this one from last week. 7.7% 

2 Row - Face Melter: Another excellent citrus bomb from 2 Row. This is full of uncanny citrus flavors with added tropical notes. the hop utilization here is incredible along with the malt bill. Damn tasty for sure. 7.6% 

2 Row - Hops for Daze: Missed this one. Made with Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic hops. 6.7% - Available at 2 Row, Slackwater. 

RoHa - Extreme Mormon XPA: As taken from the Insta-famous page.  This is an old school style light pale ale, heavily hopped with old school hops. Expect piney, resinous aromas, nice bitter backing, and a smooth finish.  Light malts keep it refreshing. 5.0%

Desert Edge - La Playa Lager: Missed this New Mexican style lager. 5.0%

Kiitos - Pumpkin Amber: Missed this one. 5.0% 

Kiitos - Double IPA: This limited release beer has the freshest hops Kiitos could get. Chinook, Cascade and Centennial in the boil. Then dry hopped with Azzaca and Mosaic. This complex fruity beer is ready to get crushed, even at a whopping 9.0%. Only at Kiitos.

Offset - Laser Kiwi: This L IPA features Nectaron, Nelson and Riwaka hops. You'll get all that teeth licking hop oil, those killer hop burps, saturated hop flavor, and explosive aroma you’d associate with a 7% IPA but at a crazy drinkable 5% ABV. Intense when you want it but still shockingly light on the palate. 

Uinta - Imperial Baba: This is a bigger version of Uinta's Baba black lager. There are some nice chocolatey aromas along with whiskey. Taste-wise you get get a good amount of sweet whiskey that's full of caramel, vanilla and wood. The more roasted elements of the base beer take a bit of a back seat to cocoa and coffee flavors. This absolutely feels like a lager in the mouth and is not thick like and imperial stout. It has a bit of a whiskey finish. On sale starting today. 10.0% - Only at Uinta.

Uinta - Steam Is What we Have In Common: This is your classic Steam Beer. Full of deep toast and mild caramel sweetness. The hops are herbal and floral and compliment the malt well. The finish does have some lingering bitterness, which just adds to it's drinkability. 5.0% - Only at Uinta on draft.

Beer Zombies/Axe Brews - Vengeance: Made with enormous amounts of Galaxy and El Dorado hops. It hits you with juicy peach, pineapple whip, over ripe mango and a hint of dank resin to round out the backend. Exclusive to Beer Zombies. 8.0%

Beer Zombies/Tripping Animals Brewing - Zombie Psychonaut: Full of Amarillo, Cascade, Mosaic, Citra and Idaho hops. Look for piney, tropical, fruity, citrusy, earthy, and floral flavors. Light and crisp with a super hidden 8.5% 

Revision - Emerald Bay: Mosaic, Full of Motueka and Citra, the hops bring fruity hop notes of mango, lime and sweet orange with a hint of pine. 6.4% - Found at Bayou, Slackwater.

LumberBeard - Hop Choppin: Modern West Coast IPA that is dry hopped with Simcoe and Mosaic. This all pilsner malt beer has a huge aroma of peaches, honeydew melon and pine. Drinks like a pilsner with a light body and nice crisp clean finish, but flavor and aroma scream IPA. 6.80% - Found at Bayou, Slackwater.

LumberBeard - Cool Enough: This Cold-Style IPA brewed with Idaho 7, Mosaic and El Dorado hops. Clear, crisp and crushable with flavors of honeydew, kiwi and lime. 6.70% - Found at Bayou, Slackwater.

LumberBeard - Batch 1 IPA: Missed this IPA made with Sabro, El Dorado and Citra hops. 6.30% - Found at Bayou, Slackwater.

Great Basin Wild Horse: This has strongly-roasted malts, and caramel malts with ample Noble-Hop additions to achieve a nutty, sweet brew with a crisp finish. 5.20% - Found at Bayou, Slackwater.

Great Basin Deathwish: This brew has a delicate malt base that gives way to an avalanche of citrus, floral, and piney hop flavor and aroma with a crisp and clean finish. 6.66% - Found at Bayou.

Cascade Brewing Vernal Equinox: a blend of sour blond and wheat ales aged in foeders for 10 months with plums and a blend of black teas to accentuate the delicate fruit flavors. 5.20%. - Found at Bayou.

Cascade Brewing Staying Hoptimistic: Missed this Sour golden ale aged in oak barrels and foeders for 10 months before dry hopping with Strata hops. 5.80% - Found at Bayou.

Kensington Street Festival:

Saturday 8/27 from 1-8 pm, Kensington Ave in front of RoHa Brewing Project will be closed from State st. to Main St.

There will be live music from local musicians all day, live mural art going up on the patio wall, chalk artists working their magic on the walls as well. Local artists will be set up selling their crafts, along with local food trucks. A rock climbing wall, and community information booths round out the fun.   

Family friendly event.


Friday, August 12, 2022

New Beer Friday 8/12/22

There's a ton of fun beers out there this week. I had a blast tasting what I was able to get to. I think you'll have an equally enjoyable time as well. Happy New Beer Friday.

On Beer Nerd Radio today we're chatting with Chris Detrick from Level Crossing. We'll talk Wheat Wines, Philly Sour yeast and a horde of other topics. If you have any questions for us to read on air, leave them on our Instagram Utah Beer Blog. 2pm on KUAA 99.9 FM.

Epic/Melvin - Cross Country Chemists: This collaboration with Melvin Brewing has a Dankity-Dank-Dank aroma, it's Terpene city, baby! It tastes slightly less chewy than the nose lets-on, but not by much. This is nug-a-licious if you like those alternative hopping technique IPAs you're gunna love this. Big citrus and cannabis dominate throughout. 6.5% - Available at Epic starting today.

UTOG - Plug Ugly: Missed this new ale brewed as a collaborative beer with Ogden City Fire Department. 5.0% - Avaiable at UTOG. 

Offset - American Pale Ale: The previous version of this beer featured Centenial and Cascade hops. This new version takes those and combines them Chinook and Cryo-Columbus hops. It bursts with all sorts of classic citrus character. Lemon, pithy grapefruit, and orange peel take center stage. Notes of Pine and that classic resinous PNW hop character tie everything all together. 5.0% - Available at Offset Bier.

Red Rock - Perzikboom: Perzikboom is a draft version of Paardebloem. Both are brewed with peaches, dandelion greens, toasted pilsner malts, and grains of paradise. Whiff of saison yeast, rains of paradise for sure. Less phenolic in the taste. Lotsa peach with floral hops. Stays clean though mid palate with hints of citrus. The rains of paradise starts to kick in towards the end. It does remind me of Paardebloem. 5.0% - only at Red Rock locations.

Hopkins - Irish RedThis malt-driven ale features a beautiful blend of caramel and raisin notes on the nose, along with on the palate. A light red appearance with very light herbal hop bitterness, complimenting a smooth and sweet finish. 5.0% - Only at Hopkins.

Hopkins - Pine Mountain Pale (AKA Just the (Spruce) Tips)This IPA is brewed with fresh spring spruce tips plucked from Chad’s neighbor’s giant spruce tree and piney hops to accent the flavors. Aroma is piney, as expected. Flavor is piney, earthy, and resinous with a nice firm bitterness on the finish where the spruce flavor is layered in. 5.0% - Only at Hopkins.

Bewilder - Orange CreamsicleWell, I hope you like orange, because this

has so much orange purée it leaves pulp all over the sides of the glass. It's also lactose free. All of the perceived sweetness comes from vanilla bean. This is a true beermossa. 5.0% - Small batch only at Bewilder.

Bewilder - Cold Drip ESBI don't know what the coffee blend is in this, but it's damn wonderful. It doesn't overpower the base beer and still allows the cocoa to come though. 5.0% - Only at Bewilder

Desert Edge - You are What You Is: Missed this IPA that features Zappa hops. 5.0% - Available at Desert Edge.

Desert Edge - Orange Sienna Sour: Missed this sour beer that Celebrates 50 years at "The Pub". 

Lone Pine - Holy Donut (Dark Chocolate Toasted Coconut): Missed this barrel-aged Stout. Found at Slackwater


Friday, August 05, 2022

In space, no one can hear you scream for beer. Luckily we're not in space today. Happy New Beer Friday.

Today at 2pm on on Beer Nerd Radio, we'll be chatting with Ian Fuller. Ian is the new Director of Brewing Operations at Uinta Brewing. We'll talk about his history, time at Melvin Brewing and where he and Uinta are headed in the future. Listen to KUAA here

Level Crossing - Barrel Aged Wheatwine VII XXV XVII: This is last year's wheatwine that has spend the 365-ish days aging in Malbec and Grenache barrels that had previously held High West Whiskey. The barrel adds a ton of color making it look more like its barleywine cousin. This one is quite complex. There's a mellow wheat malt sweetness in the nose with long vinous tones that are quite pleasant. Flavor is similar with the addition of oaky vanilla. The wood adds an extra layer that's plays off the malt and provides slightest notes of whiskey. As it warms I picked-up a hint of grape tannins in the finish. Very nice Stuff! 10.5% - Available starting today at Level Crossing. 

Shades - Slurry (Strawberry/Blueberry): This was poured via Shades' "slushy machine". It looks like blue slush with a slight lemon/berry aroma. Tastes tart with nice berry flavors. Not much else to say. This is defiantly a heat buster of a beer. 5.0% - Available at Shades.

Shades - Slurry (Strawberry Lemonade): This was poured via Shades' "slushy machine".  I liked this one a little less. You already get a lemony flavor from the base sour beer, adding more lemon flavor just increases the pucker factor and hides the strawberry. 5.0% - Available at Shades.

Grid City - Yuzu Wild Rice Lager: I had this two ways: one "milky" pour the other "crisp". I liked the crip better. this lager is defiantly citrus forward. The yuzu adds a lemony/orange juiciness that works quite well with this dry Japanese style lager. The wild rice begins to show as it warms, but since this goes down so fast you'll probably never get there. 5.0% - Only available at Grid City on the Lukr tap.

Talisman - Mama Jo's Margarita Gose: Missed this one. 5.0% - Available today at Talisman 3pm.

Offset - El Dorado: Missed this single hop IPA. Found at The Bayou and Beerhive.

Modern Times - Hello Grapefruit: Missed this IPA. 5.0% - Found at Slackwater. 

DESTIHL - Deadhead IPA Series (Steal Your Haze): Missed this NEIPA. 7.0% - Found at Slackwater.

Illuminated Brew Works - Double dipped Orange Sunshine: This Double Dry-Hopped Double IPA version of Orange Sunshine has the same Orange and Lemon Zest & the Same Hops with a boost from Citra. Marshmallow Flavoring was added. There are no added sweeteners or Lactose. The Marshmallow may fool you into thinking otherwise. 8.0% - Found at Slackwater.

Elysian - Full Contact: Missed this Imperial Hazy IPA. 8.8% - Found at DABS (DABC).

Oskar Blues - Mutant X IPAMissed this IPA. 7.0% - Found at DABS.

Grand Teton - Teton Range Juicy IPAMissed this. 6.5% - Found at DABS.

Sierra Nevada - Liquid Happiness: Missed this IPA. 7.0% - Found at DABS.

Here are this week's Small Batch Beers from Hopkins Brewing.


Farmhouse Cider - Brunch Cinnamon and Maple: Missed this. 6.7% - Found at Scion Cider Bar.