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Thursday, March 16, 2023

New Beer Saint Patrick's Day Friday

Normally this is where I'd start a rant about not drinking green beer today. Between all of the odd adjunct beers and fruited this-and-that smoothie ales.... just fuck it, you-do-you. Green is probably the least of your problems today. Happy New Beer Saint Patrick's Day Friday!

No matter if you're a life-long Utahan, or a transplant. There's one thing that connects us all. None of us knows a damn thing about what's legal regarding Utah's liquors laws. Luckily for you, Tanner Lenart, Utah's Liquor Lawyer will join us on Beer Nerd Radio today, to walk us through all of the new laws and some of the old laws you probably never new existed. Don't go on your pub crawl without listen first! That's at 2pm on 99.9FM KUAA. 

RoHa - Golden Hour Belgian Wit: Toasty wheat combined with a yeast strain that is low on phenolic character. Some spices from grains of paradise and orange peel are present as well. This will likely be available all summer.... if we get a summer. 5.0% - Only at RoHa.

Bewilder/Lucky13 - Lucky's Red Tractor Reserve: This collaboration with SLC's beloved pub Lucky13 is actually blend of of Bewilder's Double ESB and Barrel-Aged Mole Porter. The result comes across very much like it is described on the label an Barrel-aged Imperial ESB. It's quite fruity with nice roasty notes and sturdy whiskey flavors. The whole package is damn smooth. Great beer. 6.7% - Available at Lucky 13 and Bewilder. Very Limited.

Fisher - Voile: This “Low Angle Lager” is the perfect beer to celebrate with at the top of the skin track, or for a little apres' in the parking lot after an epic day in the Wasatch. Simple, Solid, Beer. 5.0% - Only available at Fisher.

Wasatch - Salt Lime CervezaThe scent had hints of lime and grain. The taste was nicely balanced and easy to drink with grain malt base and lime zest flare. The mouthfeel was lighter in body with good carbonation. Overall, it is a great beer.  5.0% - Available at Wasatch in Park City and at the West Side Tavern in SLC. 

Wasatch - Ginger Beer: This is not the kind of ginger beer that you may be thinking of mixing with whiskey, this is an ale made with ginger for enhancement. while it does have some ginger spiciness, it quite subtle and pairs well with the base beer and sushi! 5.0% - Available at Wasatch in Park City and at the West Side Tavern in SLC. 

Red Rock - BlackaliciousAroma has notes of cocoa, dark fruits, roasted malts, and molasses. Very nice aroma albeit somewhat subdued. Taste is quite smoky with notes of roasted and smoked malts, molasses, chocolate, and dark fruits. Incredibly complex array of flavors. Not a ton of hops here, no bitterness is left on the finish. 7.8% - Avaiable at all Red Rock locations

Many pubs and breweries with have some Irish themed beers, here's a small sampling of the new (some are not) beers that are out there.

Kiitos - Glitter Green Ale

Bewilder - Irish Lager 

Bewilder - Irish Stout

Hopkins - Dry Irish Stout

TF - Mary's Dry Irish Stout

Red Rock - Oatmeal Stout

Squatters - McGrueh's Dry Irish Stout

Squatters - O'Caden's Irish Red

Desert Edge - Latter Day Stout:

Level Crossing - Rosie Cotton's Irish Red

Proper - Alestorm Dry Irish Stout

SaltFire - Dry Irish Stout 

Uinta - Irish Stout on nitro 


Friday, March 10, 2023

New Beer Friday 3/10/23


On Beer Nerd radio today, Uinta Brewing rolls into the radio pub. We'll get into the Past, present and future of one this 30 year old brewery. That's at 2pm today on KUAA.

There's a nice, round selection of beers and ciders as well for your New Beer Friday. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by some of this week's offerings. 

Bewilder - Pray for Rain: This beer was the winner of the Home Brewtah home brew competition. It's a smoked Helles. It's Pretty tasty, the smoke is never overwhelming. Nose is surprisingly muted, but palate opens up with a bit of hop spice with lightly smoked malts. Solid beer. 5.0% - Available at Bewilder.

RoHa - Mango IPA: Hopped with Amarillo and Comet this mango forward IPA has some candied mango flavors that merge with the bright citrus and pine from the hops. the finish is slightly dry. 

Strap Tank - Strawberry Beers Forever: This Philly sour has fresh strawberry, rhubarb and just a little bit of lactose in the kettle to give this tart sour a nice little sweet backbone. Look for a tart and tang beer with strawberry jam flavors. 5.0% - Available at Strap Tank in Lehi.

Red Rock - Shabop: Smell is of malt, raspberry, coconut, and vanilla aromas. Taste is much the same with slightly sour raspberry and vanilla candle flavors on the finish. There is a mild amount of acidity on the palate with each sip. 7.0% - Available at all Red Rock locations.

Mountain West - Pomme Paloma (Pink Boots Blend): Big grapefruit zest and juice. The 2023 Pink Boots hops get a bit lost, but you get the hops big time when it warms. This is quite refreshing and tasty. Very nice cider. 6.8% - Only at Mountain West. 

Stone - Enjoy By 4.20.23: Missed this one. Found at the Bayou.

Beer Zombies - BOOMSTICK: This is one of two blonde ales at Beer Zombies SLC. It's nice to have Zombie beer that’s not busting my beer lov’n plums. Grainy and lightly malty. Hops are old school grassy & floral. Good bitterness for balance. 5.5% - Only at Beer Zombies

Beer Zombies - Snowmobeer: I’m guessing this the same beer as Mason Brewing's Snowmobeer. Seems hoppier than the my previous Zombie Blonde. Dig the artwork too. Seems better overall, probably fresher too. 5.0% - Only at Beer Zombies

Lumberbeard Brewing - Double Rhythm: Missed this Double Hazy IPA brewed with Trident, Nectaron, El Dorado and Idaho Gem hops. It's described as tasting like fresh squeezed orange juice. 8.3% - Found at Slackwater.

Melvin Brewing - Dream Domicile: Missed this DDH Azacca, DBL IPA. 8.4% - Found at Slackwater.

Revision Brewing Company - Distance Haze: Missed this IPA. 8.0% - Found at Slackwater.

Oskar Blues Brewery - Cosmic Mutant: Missed this IPA. 7.2 - Found at Slackwater.

Here are this week's Small Batch Beers from Hopkins Brewing.


Friday, March 03, 2023

New Beer Friday 3/3/23

Happy New Beer Friday! There a lot of new stuff to choose from this week. From New Ogden Beer Co. suds to a new cidery. Have an Excellent weekend.

Beer Nerd Radio will have SaltFire Brewing in the studio today. Any questions? pleas leave them in our Beer Nerd Radio Instagram. It all starts today at 2pm.

Salt Flats - Save The Lake Pilsner: In an effort to help raise awareness, Salt Flats Beer and Spirits has developed its new Save The Lake Pilsner. Salt Flats will be contributing a portion of sales to those organizations that are at the forefront of the fight to save the Lake. This pils is like multi-grain bread with a medium herbal hop blast that has some lingering citrus peel; all from the Zeus and Motueka hops. 5.0% - Available at Salt Flats locations now. Soon everywhere

Ogden Beer - 1851 American Lager: Brewed with flacked corn and hopped with Motueka. Grainy crackers with biscuit. Hop are grassy & herbal with a tinge of citrus peel. Corn mingles with malt adding a bit of popcorn. Nice example of the style. 5.0% - Only at Ogden Beer Co.

Ogden Beer - Cultura Cerveza: Brewed with Golden Promise malt, corn and Hallertau Mittelfrüh. Similar to the 1851, but more grassy hops in the end. Lacks the clarity you’d expect from a Mexican lager but it just hit yhe taps today… it’ll drop out.

Ogden Beer - Lucid Fantasy: Sweet tropical hoppy, hint of stone-fruit, white wine grape, and mosaic-dank nose on this one! Taste follows with a well-balanced, tropical hoppy, orange-grapefruit citrus, and piney-dank bitter finish.  

Bewilder - Tangerine Wit: This comes out today. Check out beer Nerd radio at 2pm for analysis on this one. 5.0% - At Bewilder.

Proper - One Eye: This “Craft” Malt Liquor was created using no corn, only malt, and it’s not a lager. So why is it a malt liquor? I dunno, the can says so. Strangely enough, I’m kinda digg’n this. It’s kinda like a quadruple English Pale Ale. Not a Barleywine for sure, but it’s thinner, lighter & more trouble. Proceed with caution. 10.2%

Red Rock will be releasing a small batch of Secale today (Friday) at all Red Rock Brewpubs (not at the brewery).


For those who want a few bottles for the fridge, the process is this: 

Make a $5 donation and Red Rock will reserve 4-bottles in your name for one week.  You can then  purchase your bottles at the Beer Store beginning Saturday March 4th.  No hurry…they will hold them for you for a week.  https://redrockbrewing.com/store/ $5.99 per bottle | 500mL | 8.5% ABV.

This batch is 100% first turn barrels.  Rye Whiskey and barrel flavors are prominent.

This is a very limited batch of beer. Sales will be limited to (4) bottles per person.

Your $5 donation will support lobbying efforts to change the Utah beer laws to allow for "heavy beer" (beer above 5% ABV), to be served on draft. Red Rock plans to make it a priority in the 2023/2024 legislative session.


Utah’s fourth production cidery releases inaugural small batch production on draft and in cans for to-go package sales, Tuesdays through Sundays, while supplies last. 

Today marks another milestone moment for the groundbreaking, award-winning cider bar in Salt Lake City’s Central 9th neighborhood. Scion Cider Bar, already earning local and national attention for the second-largest selection of imported craft and fine ciders in the country, is set to release its own house-made cider for the first time today. 

The long-awaited release of small batch ciders, made from locally grown apples and juice provided by Scion Cider co-owner and orchardist Jordan Riley, is the first foray into commercial cider production by Scion’s GM and head cider maker Rio Connelly since co-founding local craft beer houses by Proper Brewing Company and launching Epic Brewing in Utah prior. 

The products will be available on draft in 1-oz tasters, 5-oz glasses, 15-oz and 25-oz carafes; and will be available in 16oz cans for to-go package sales, while limited supplies last, starting at 4PM when Scion Cider Bar opens for regular business hours. Additional variations with creative and innovative flavor combinations made from the same base ciders will be released on draft in the coming weeks.

Product Lineup: 

SINGLE VARIETAL - VICE VERDE - 6.2% ABV, $5 /can. Granny Smith apples, Saison yeast. Dry, tart, fresh green, vibrant & bubbly.

FRUITED SERIES - ST. OLAFRICOT - 7.6% ABV, $6/can. Fuji, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith apples, apricot purée, English yeast. Balanced to semi-sweet, stone fruit, rich body.

IMPERIAL SERIES - WICKED STRONG, KED. - 10.7% ABV, $7.5/can. Fuji apples, Kveik yeast. Off-dry, strong, fresh apple, round.


Friday, February 24, 2023

New Beer Friday 2/24/23

It's another IPA forward New Beer Friday (with a few exceptions). I think you'll be happy with what we came across this week.

On Beer Nerd Radio today Del Vance, super beer nerd, Beerhive owner and Utah beer historian will join Mikey and Steph. We'll talk about the Beerhive of course, but prepare for a deep dive in Utah's beer history. That's at 2pm today (Friday) on 99.9 FM KUAA.

Proper - The DailyOpaque burnt orange leaning red with a nice eggshell head.  Aroma of Pine needles and sap, grapefruit rind, bready malt notes, oranges, light berry notes, and some lemon. Tastes of citrus fruits and conifer notes come on strong and are quickly joined by some rich and slightly sweet bread-driven malt. The bread and hops go back and forth, each time finishing with some light berry notes and finishes as it started, with citrus and conifers Full – a little chewy but not too much, medium-high carbonation, and a nice bite and light to medium dryness on the finish. 7.0% Available at all Proper locations.

UTOG - Hammer Downmoderate flavors of wheat malts with a light amount of grainy sweetness. That is followed by light to moderate flavors of citrus/lemon zest and herbal hops which impart a light amount of bitterness which fades away leaving a slightly lingering wheat malt/herbal hop flavor. Just shy of medium bodied with moderate amounts of carbonation. Initially slightly crisp with a slight creaminess towards the finish. 5.0% - Available at UTOG.

Grid City - Cold IPA: Hoped with Citra, Whole Flower Amarillo, Whole Flower Chinook and Cryo-Amarillo. This session cold IPA is brewed like a traditional IPA except it's ferment cold with lager yeast. This is quite nice and dry. Its very much a west-coast style take on the style. The malts and yeast are def less fruity, which gives the hops room to flex. If its possible to make a WC Cold IPA, Grid City has figured it out. Only on draft at Grid City.

Bewilder/Strap Tank - Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy: Taste is full of sweet toffee malt & raisin & plum. It manages to keep the whiskey notes at bay. Some kettle corn comes in next. The whole thing has some kind of cocktail feel to it. Finishes with a bit of heat from that damn 13.5%. Available today at Bewilder. Soon to Strap Tank.

RoHa - Hoomba Bus: Simcoe and mosaic hops give a slight bitterness that opens to a very mild sourness from the pink guava and pineapple. A nice full bodied IPA focusing on the tropical fruit. 6.5% - Available now at RoHa.

TF - Phineas Creamsicle IPA: Very similar to the previous beer. Pours a bright orange, with a one inch foamy head and a good amount of soapy lacing. Aromas of vanilla bean, orange peel, citrus hops, light malt and yeast, a little burnt wood. The taste is vanilla beans, citrus hops, some resin, malt, caramel, orange peel. A strong hop bitterness from the middle through the finish. A little sweet overall. Smooth, a little creamy, well carbonated, a solid medium body. Love the vanilla, especially in the flavor. Still hoppy and bitter and as good as the original, just in a different way. 7.7%. Available today at TF.

Uinta - Nearly Never Nude: This is part of Uinta's Birthday Suit series of sours. This version features cherry. Bright cherry aroma with a big dose of grain malt. Taste is enriched by strong lactic sourness and rich cherry flavor. Finish is quick and clean with some mineral water taste. Perhaps a little thin, but this one is smooth. available on draft at Uinta.

Uinta - Anniversary Barleywine: While not new, this favorite of many was one of the first regular production beers that you could buy at the liquor store. This is an American style barleywine, which means it's full of hops. The nose is of burnt oranges, warm caramel malts, heavy toasted breads with pungent hops that produce pine and citrusy overtones. Earthy notes cinder behind most of the hop twinge in the nose. The taste started with hops up front, bittering with pine and dark citrusy stuff of orange and highly ripe peaches, malts play second fiddle with burnt caramel and toffee, crispy biscuit toasty edging, touches of chocolate, brown sugar, and then turns back to a hoppy finish of pine and citrus orange. 10.5% - Available starting today at Uinta.

The following are available at the Bayou.

Plank Heller - Weizenbock: Touch of sweetness, rich fruit {banana, blood oranges }, creamy malt texture with notes of raisins & toffee. Gentle hint of hops. Long, sweet fruity finish, very well balanced by its spiciness + light hoppy character. 7.9% 

Brasserie a Vapeur - Saison de Pipaix: It has an immense depth of complexity and a superb blend of tastes. It uses Pilsner and Munich malts, Hallertau hops and six [6] spices "pepper, ginger, curacao, sweet orange peels, coriander, roast chicory." It has a gorgeous orange color with orange notes in a light malt aroma. A marvelous mix of fruity flavors - mostly apple, orange and lemon - leads to aa dry finish with a great deal of acidity lingering on the palate. 6.5%

Brasserie a Vapeur - En FolieWith aging, dry sourness with strong citrus flavors take over the beers finish, making it great with food.

Vapuer Folie (translated it's "Madness"or "Folly") is a unique lager brewed with cumin, a moderate amount of hops and sweet orange peel.  8.0% 

Smisje - Kerst: Dark reddish brown in color with a light brownish head. Aroma of chocolate, caramel and estery notes of cherry, raisins and warm apples. A combination of fruitiness and sourness. Notes of raisins, honey, and creamy malts lead to a warming finish. 12.0% 

Baladin Xyauya - Kioke Barley Wine: Aged in open cypress wooden barrel

Primary fermentation for 25 days The maturation/aging follows the Method Solera ["adjusted by Te"], which was developed centuries ago by the Spanish and Portuguese to perfect the aging of their sherry and port.

Teo's Method Solera: Teo's objective is to allow Xyauyu to perfectly oxidize during the aging process of 2.5 years {oxidation plays a critical role in aging port, sherry, as well as our vintage beers - too much oxidation will ruin the liquid - too little will not optimize the change in flavor / aroma during the aging process} Here's how Teo's system works: Xyauyu is transferred to a steel vessel with transparent membrane and a "oxygen hat". After several tastings during the 2.5 year aging process Te decides when it's time to bottle (it all depends upon the oxidation velocity). 13.0%

Birrificio Monetgiocco - La Mummia: Aged in different Barbera wine barrels. In the glass it is pale yellow with shades of gold, Crystal clear. The nose offers vinous notes. Notes of citrus (lime, grapefruit), wildflowers, along with woody notes that remind us of the passage in the barrel. The palate is very fresh, tart, but also complex, we find the notes of citrus, accompanied by honey and white fruits. La Mummia is very elegant, refined, with an unexpected savory note on the finish. Soft, very long, but also fresh, reminiscent of a very young lambic, i.e. no CO2. 5.2% 

Birrificio Monetgiocco - Draco: This Italian Barley Wine has a dark red color and a persistent head. It is full bodied and has a moderate level of carbonation. The nose shows a great complexity with aromas of honey, caramel and forest fruits. The hops bring out pepper and plum. The initial taste confirms the nose with notes of caramel and initial sweetness. The finish is a fine balance of hops and bitter notes. Draco is produced using a mix of select malts. The beer is fermented three times. During the second fermentation the blueberries are added along with the yeast and malt sugar. 11.0%

Birrificio Del Ducato - Oud Brunello: A collaboration between Oxbow Brewing & Del Ducato. A Flemish Brown aged in Brunello (red wine) barrels. This beer is a collaboration with Oxbow, our tribute to fabulous Oud Buin of lost times.

Fermented directly into used barrels of Brunello di Montalcino, this beer is beautifully tart, displaying subtle notes of Brunello wine,oak, plums, dark sugar and black currants. 7.0%

Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes - La Douze: This Swiss style Goze is brewed with French Sea Salt. 12th year Anniversary Brew. 6.5%


Friday, February 17, 2023

New Beer Friday 2/17/23


It's New Beer Friday and an NBA All-Star Weekend in SLC! Plan on running into closed streets, no parking signs and pop-up events and venues in places you thought would be under-the-radar. UTA is free all weekend, I'd just hunker down in one of the city's tight clusters of breweries. That's what I'd do....

Steph and Mikey are going to have a conversation with Trent Farger from Utah's infamous Shades Brewing Company. This brewery has been polarizing to say the least, this should be a fun conversation. You can find Beer Nerd Radio every Friday at 2pm on 99.9fm KUAA.
RoHa - Brewers Select [Cloud Seeding]: A new small batch series from RoHa brings a NEIPA that's fueled with Mosaic and Citra hops. Flavors of grapefruit, tangerine and lime, the citrusy flavors race across the tastebuds and fight through the creamy malts. As more exotic tropical fruit impressions emerge, hints of pineapple, passionfruit, papaya and mango back up the citrus. Trending softly herbal, botanical and hemp-like. Tasty stuff! 6.5% - Small Batch only at RoHa.

Bewilder - Hibiscus Wheat: This was released for Valentines Day. Wheat beer, German probably. The hibiscus is nice and tart but not so much you can't get a little of those Hefeweizen yeast esters. Nice. 5.0% - Small batch for Valentine's Day, only at Bewilder.

Equilibrium - Can It Be All So Simple: It pours a hazy tangerine orange and releases bright notes of pineapple and blueberry with an aroma that mirrors the taste. 8.2% - Found at Slackwater

Lumberbeard - Hop Choppin V6: this West Coast IPA series was brewed with Strata, Idaho 7 and El Dorado hops. Fruity aroma with a clean, dry finish. 6.5% - Found at Slackwater.

Equilibrium - Astrophysics: pours a vibrant milky yellow with heavy aromas of starfruit, passionfruit, tangerine Pez, and dank hops. Flavors of sweet orange flesh, passionfruit juice, cantaloupe, and gummy peach rings transition to notes of berry and yuzu. 6.5% - Found at Slackwater.

The Following are exclusive to the Bayou

Ale Apothecary Wild Ale 6.00% 

Ale Apothecary Walking Fish 9.19% 

Ale Apothecary Tumalo Kriek Lambic 6.17%

Ale Apothecary Sauvie Wild Ale: 7.10%

Ale Apothecary Sahalie Wild Ale 9.73%

Ale Apothecary Goschie Farms Wild Ale 7.75% 

Ale Apothecary Goschie Farms Wild Ale  6.83% 

Ale Apothecary El Cuatro Wild Ale 10.11%

Ale Apothecary Carpe Diem Wild Ale - 9.64%

Ale Apothecary Barrel Aged Bitter Bitter - Session / Ordinary 5.50%

Ale Apothecary Barley Wine Barleywine - 12.35%


Friday, February 10, 2023

New Beer Friday 2/10/23

Another week of mostly hop forward beer for this week's New Beer Friday. The are a couple of malt forward options, but it's basically a pale ale week.

Speaking of Hops, Beer Nerd Radio will get into the hop world when Joe Mastrorocco of Roy Hop Farms Joins Mikey and Steph today at 2pm on 99.9fm KUAA.

Saltfire - Winter Camp: The aromas in the beer are oranges, pineapple, mangos, grapefruit, mandarin oranges, a touch of pine, crackers, yeast, and grass. Theflavors are oranges, lemons, mangos, pineapple, grapefruit, with a touch of pine. There is some astringency in the finish as well. 7.0% - Available at SaltFire  

Salt Flats - yet unnamed Cali Common/Steamer: This beer is so fresh it doesn't have a name yet. This a traditional Steam Style/California Common that features Nelson, Halertau Blanc hops. Do I have your attention now? Not much aroma, but this beer is only minutes old. I’d best describe this as a dry pale ale. Not too fruity from the yeast, but lotsa berry notes from the hops. It fishes slightly which is something that doesn’t one up often when dealing with these hops. Not your classic steamer. 5.0% - Available at Salt Flats and their Garage Restaraunts. 

Salt Flats - “Rye”T Hand Turn: Wow. Caramel, rye & C-hops (with a bit of Amarillo) combine to make a simple, yet tasty citrus & berry pale that’s has siiick drinkability. RyePA fans need this. 5.0% - Available at Salt Flats and their Garage Restaraunts. 

Level Crossing - Barrel-aged The Black Album: Pitch black with a tan collar. Smells like cocoa powder with bourbon, earthy and citrus hops, roasted malt, and black strap molasses. Taste is not as vibrant, hops become stronger but more generic, bourbon booze warms up quickly through sips, more smoky as it warms. Feel is warm verging on hot, smoky, malty, but does have hop textures to break it up. 9.4% - Available Saturday 2/11 at Level Crossing.

Red Rock - Why So Serious?: This Triple IPA has an aroma of tropical fruit mango/papaya, tangerine, pine, herbal zest, and some raw earthiness, along with a healthy load of caramel malt as well and a tinge of alcohol vapors. Full frontal flavor of hops with lots of tangerine and tropical highlights. Sticky florals and some hempy herbals. Resinous with pine essence that gives way to a decent amount of caramel malt backing here. Slight sweetness about it. ABV’s are masked incredibly well at 10.1% this is dangerously drinkable. 10.0% - Available at Red Rock locations.

Uinta - Almost Paradise: Great unfiltered clarity. Grapefruit aroma with a hop profile that leans into citrus. There’s some vague pineapple as well, along with some peach, but overall it’s a super crushable session IPA. 5.0% - Available at Uinta on their R&D tap handle.

Uinta - Dark Lord: This is a Czech-style Dark lager. Roasted and malt aroma. Taste starts the same with added cocoa powder & caramel. It’s a little more round than its German & American cousins. Excellent cold weather lager. 5.0% - Available at Uinta on their R&D tap handle.

Fisher - West Coast IPA: Part of Fisher's new "Rotating IPA Series" Missed this one. 7.6% - Available at Fisher to-go only.

Fisher - Sun, It Never Sets: Missed this pale ale. 5.0% - Available at Fisher on draft.

Bewilder - Coffee Kolsch: Pours gold with a slight haze that clears as the beer warms. The coffee is faint and not dominant supported by light biscuit aromas. Taste is light fruit, then mild coffee sweetened by gentle malt with a hint of caramel. This is a rich and flavorful beer. The coffee is there but it still leaves room for the Kolsch.

Here are this week's Small Batch Beer from Hopkins Brewing.


Friday, February 03, 2023

New Beer Friday 2/3/23

Had a lot of fun doing "research" yesterday. There's so much tasty stuff available for us all this weekend, I think you be pleased. Happy New Beer Friday!

Proper Brewing joins Mikey and Steph on Beer Nerd Radio today. We'll get into what comprises the Proper empire, what's coming next and of course the beer. That's at 2pm on 99.9FM KUAA. or stream us at KUAAFM.org/

Grid City - Hazy India Pale Ale: This new Double IPA features Citra, Whole Flower El Dorado, Azzaca and Galaxy Hops. Looks like an unfiltered West Coast IPA, "haze aficionados" will be bent I'm sure. Actually, this is all around a nice WC DIPA.

Fruity up front with a bit of pine in the back. Medium bitterness, with a hint of heat. A nice competitor for Ferda & Elephino. 9.2% Available at Grid City.

TF - Protect Ya Neckta: Like the previous DIPA, this is also a "Hazy" However, This one fits the bill. It looks the part & has all of the fruited components. This is very stone fruit & Melon forward; these damn Nectaron hops are full of flavor with citrus backing it up. This is damn delicious. 8.8% - Available starting today at TF.

Uinta - Fava Lager: Pro Snowboarder, Pat Fava collaborated on this new Japanese-style lager with Uinta. Hearty grainy flavor, the malt seems to have a light sweetness to it. Rice adds a nuttiness to the flavor midway through. Flavors of barley and grain return in the finish and linger in the back of the throat. Hops are herbal and lemony. 5.0% - Only on draft at Uinta.

Uinta - Harvest of Tartness: This sour saison comes from Uinta’s experimental labs. at first sip, there wasn't much saison character, just lacto sourness. Second sip, yeah, the yeast is more noticable. The tartness here is a little overpowering and kinda rules the whole show. Check it out and let me know what you think. 5.0% - Only on draft at Uinta. 

Talisman - Mon Cheri (Sweetheart): This White Stout with Cherries is a lighter beer with the traditional flavors of a stout. Talisman omitted dark grains traditionally used in a stout and utilized a combo of coffee beans from Daily Rise Coffee and cocoa nibs from Aggie Chocolate to replicate a stout profile. 5.0%

Park City/Salt City Suds - Salt City Haze: Ivan of Salt City Suds Podcast has teamed up with Park City Brewing's Troy Higgins to make a special collaboration Hazy. Look for this on Saturday 2/4. 5.0% - Only available at Park City Brewing.