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Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Winner of the 2014 Utah Beer Challenge is.....

Elephino is the one! Of all the beers made in Utah, RedRock's Double IPA is the one that seems to be closest to your heart. Originally released in the Summer of 2010,  "Beer Yogi" Kevin Templin and his team developed Elephant Double India Pale Ale as a beer designed to be big on hops without stripping the enamel off your teeth.

A year later under pressure from Denmark's Carlsberg Danmark A/S, the brewery changed the name to avoid legal B.S. in regards to the Elephant name. No matter as long as the beer is brilliant we all win.

I present the above certificate of awesomeness to RedRock Brewing Company. I imagine it'll look great, right above the brewhouse's shitter. All joking aside, please take this opportunity to get your asses out to the brewery, brewpub or your closest liquor store and toast RedRock's brilliant beer with a fresh Elephino and congratulate the staff.

Thanks for participating in the Utah beer Challenge, if there are any suggestions on how to make it a better experience, I'm all ears. I'll Leave the above bracket in place through the weekend in case anyone wants to go over it.

Total Answer
58.47%RedRock Elephino Double IPA
138 (58.47%)
41.53%Epic Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout
98 (41.53%)
(236 Total Votes)


RaucusBacchus said...

Nice! Love the Elephino. ~m

kent said...

Congratulations Red Rockers! It's a damn tasty hop bomb.

Erick said...

Mikey thank you for putting together the challenge.

I will have to give Elephino another shot it's not one of my usual Red Rock purchases. Maybe I had an off day when I tried it last.