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Friday, November 29, 2019

New Beer Friday 11/29/19

I hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving. Due to it being a holiday week, not much hit shelves and taps over the last few days. Here are a few things to help continue your (hopefully) extended weekend. Keep an eye on Utah Beer's social media for updates later this afternoon - and if you found something I missed please share! Happy New Beer Friday!  

Heber Valley - Bishop Brown: Missed this one. This is a Belgian style brown ale - said to be inspires by the famous Biscoff Cookies. 5.0% - available at Heber Valley Brewing. 

Goose Island - 2019 Bourbon County Stout: This year’s Bourbon County Stout, aged in a mix of Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace, and Wild Turkey barrels. This one goes on sale today at 11am; From what I understand, It has a very limited availability and you should be able to find it at the Avenues DABC, Harris Ave Wine Store, Cottonwood Heights and Murray DABC. Some of the better beer pubs are picking some up as well, so if you miss out, pubs like Dick n' Dixie's, Beer Bar, etc will be grabbing some as well. This one is a beast at 14.5% 

Brewery Ommegang - Dubbel Merlau: This Belgian style dubbel was fermented with Merlot grapes and aged in red wine barrels. Look for oak and tannic acidity with a burst of malty goodness leading  to blackberry, cherry and raspberry. The finish is long, with layers of drying tannins and malt sweetness. A must try. 8.7% - Found at the Bayou.



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