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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Barley's Angels' Holiday Beer Cocktail Event

Ladies, we all know that men basically... suck. Let's be honest, the only reason that you guys keep us around is so that we tripods can help you populate the planet with more women.

When beer is mixed into the "man equation", I'm frankly baffled that y'all don't go sprinting for the nearest vomitorium.

To help you ladies enjoy a pint of suds without all of our knuckle dragging bullshit, The Utah Chapter of Barley's Angels was formed to help you, the fairest gender, delight in beer.

On behalf of our XX Chromosomed overlords, I'd like to invite all beer loving ladies to the Barley's Angels' Holiday Beer Cocktail Event. It takes place on Wednesday December, 5th at 7pm at the Kimball Arts Center in Park City. $5 gets you in.

To RSVP please call 801-719-0525 or email barleysangelsutah@gmail.com


1 comment:

Barley's Angels Utah said...

Fantastic, Mike! Thank you!