Monday, September 29, 2014

Santa Fe Brewing Coming to Utah

Welcome to Monday! Be fore we get started... Does anyone have an an App that slows down time Between Friday afternoon and Sunday evening? I could really use that. #turboweekends.

Now that we've got that out of the way, I have new brew news for you this morning! Sante Fe Brewing Company, New Mexico's oldest brewery is due to enter the Salt Lake City market sometime mid-October.

Primarily known for their incredible Santa Fe Imperial Java Stout, the brewery currently has about 18 beers in their portfolio including a brand new Kriek Lambic that debuted this year. Salt Lake (and possibly all of Utah) will start off by seeing Santa Fe's State Pen Porter, Imperial Java Stout and Happy Camper IPA.

I'm not sure exactly where they're going to end up, but the Beerhive confirmed that they will be receiving some. Not bad for a Monday, eh?


Photo: James Gordon Patterson Photography

Friday, September 26, 2014

New Beer Friday 9/26/14

A New Beer Friday quote: Whiskey's to tough, Champagne costs too much, Vodka puts my mouth in gear. I hope this refrain, Will help me explain, As a matter of fact, I like beer. -Tom T. Hall

Squatters Harvest Heffeweizen: This one is darker than your typical wheat beer. It leans more towards the American style of wheat beers with yeasty/doughy/toasty wheat. Very little banana clove character. It is highly drinkable. 4.0% ABV @ Squatters

Squatters English Golden Ale: Light in color with subtle floral anf pine notes. Malt character is light as well. This is better if you can get it on cask vs. draft. ask the bartender. 4.0% ABV @ Squatters

Sierra Nevada Ovila Tripel: Starts with candied sugar and light apples flavors. Next comes banana and clove followed by the malts which impart a a sweet bready taste. Finishes with a bit of citrus rind bitterness ans alcohol heat. 8.8% ABV @ Beer Bar and DABC


Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Utah Brewers Guild's Harvest Festival

Yesterday, we briefly got into the topic of "wet hopped" beers when discussing Uinta's seasonal Wet-n-Wyld Pale Ale. Basically brewers have taken on a trend to using the freshly harvested green - wet hops straight off the bine. These wet hops are literally dripping with the sticky delicoius yellow resins (lupulin), which carries with it all of the essential aromatic and bittering oils from the hop plant.

This technique can make for very unique/fresh tasting beers. Since the hop harvest only comes around once a year, it's the perfect time to showcase what brewers can do with the fresh hops they've purchased. Taking advantage of this situation the Utah Brewers Guild is going to hold their first annual Harvest Festival: a unique opportunity to showcase some freshest hoppy beers around.

The Harvest Festival will take place on October 11th from 2pm - 6pm at the The Avenues Proper Restaurant and Publick House. $5 gets you in the door - $2 for a 4 oz sample or $5 for a full glass. Participating Breweries include: Avenues Proper, Bohemian Brewing, Bonneville Brewing, Desert Edge Brewing, Epic Brewing, Hoppers Brewing, RedRock Brewing, Shades of Pale Brewing, Squatters Beers, Uinta Brewing, Vernal Brewing and Wasatch Beers. It goes without saying (but i'll say it anyway) this is a 21 year old + event.

Proceeds go to the Utah Brewers Guild so that they can continue to fund great community events like this. Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wet-n-Wyld is Back

Uinta's Fresh-hopped, Simcoe bomb, Wet-n-Wyld is finally back! These "wet hop" beers only happen once a year when you can get the hops from the vine and into the beer in less than 30 hours. This beer is brilliant when fresh. The first week's sip will taste much different than the 3rd weeks sip so get on it fast!

Wet-n-Wyld will be on tap at Uinta's brewery pub of course and everywhere there's a seasonal Uinta tap.


Friday, September 19, 2014

New Beer Friday 9/19/14

It's a slightly bleak, New Beer Friday. There are a couple of options but they may be tough to find. However one of North America's most coveted coffee beers returns today. So, at least we've got that!  

Rogue - Pumpkin Patch Ale: Me no try yet. @ DABC

Beck's Oktoberfest: Me no try either @ DABC

Returning Favorites

Epic's Big Bad Baptist returns today, this time it's made with Salt Lake City's Charming Beard Coffee. In the coming weeks you'll get to try it with the original Caffe Ibis Coffee as well. BBB will go on sale this morning at Epic's Bottleshop as well as the Annex's cold case. You can also enjoy Baptist by the taster or 10 oz glass. The Annex will also be tapping a Firkin of Brett Pale with Citra Hops at 4:30, $3 pints.

Avenues Proper - Hopspital IPA: English pale malt, German Vienna malt and Chilean crystal malt provide a solid backbone for three kinds of the aromatic cones. Chinook and Glacier hops from the Pacific Northwest add a piney, fruity body with hints of citrus while a huge dose of Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand at the end of the boil and in dry-hopping add a tangy, subtly tropical flavor. Look for notes of kiwi, gooseberry and peach! 

RedRock's India Dark Ale: A bit of roast with a healthy dose of citrus and pine bitterness. Damn yummy.

Desert Edge's Radius: Yup it's finally back! It disappears fast, so don't wait.  


Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Holland Brewing Coming

Who'd a thunk it? Lil' ol' Utah get's a burgeoning beer scene? Apparently people are noticing that Utahans like their craft suds and are hungry for more. That means there's money to be made and when the quatloos come into play the beer market is due to expand.

The newest player (soon) to enter the market is New Holland Brewing out of Holland, MI. New Holland Brewing Company’s deep roots in the craft industry go back to 1997. They have a portfolio of 14 beers, 4 of which are year round offerings. Utah for now will receive three labels: Mad Hatter IPA, Sundog Amber Ale and Michigan Awesome American Pale Ale.

Not sure when or where yet, but as soon  as they rear their head we'll give you the heads-up. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wasatch's Apple-A-Day Ale

Well, the Utah Brewers Cooperative keeps cranking out the new releases. Today's newest offering was just packaged yesterday. Wasatch Apple-A-Day Ale is an beer-cider hybrid that is just in time to take advantage of the huge popularity in ciders right now. At 5.0% ABV it's still sessionable but it won't put the hurt on you either.

It's described as having apple tartness up front with malt sweetness in the end. It likely has a golden ale for the base beer.

There are a few apple flavored malt beverages floating around out there. If your keen on these type of beers try and drink local. InBev and Miller/Cooers are doing just fine without you. For sale right now at the UBC's Beer Store and Squatters/Wasatch Locations. Soon to most DABC Stores.