Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bonneville Bottles Comming Soon

Tooele's Bonneville Brewing Co. will soon be bringing their tasty suds to a grocery or C-store near you in the coming months. Look for Bonneville to debut with four labels including their Free Roller Session IPA - a piney and citrusy quencher and Redline Irish Red - another hop forward ale with the addition of sweeter/fruity malts. 

All of these initial offering will be 4% ABV, with the possibility of higher gravity beers down the road. If you haven't had a chance to try Brewmaster, Dave Watson's beers yet your missing out. These are some of these most well executed beers in our market. They're true to style beers, that are unapologetically true to style. It's not often I can blindly try a series of beers and be 100% confident in knowing what style I'm drinking.

Look for Bonneville's bottled beers towards the end of summer or you can enjoy them today at the Tooele brewery, All Star Lanes or at your better beer bars along the Wasatch Front.


Photo courtesy: SLUG Magazine/Logan Sorenson

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Talisman's New Season Line of Beers

Ogden's Talisman Brewing Company will soon be offering a new rotating seasonal line called, umm... Season. Here's your first look at the label - you'll start seeing 22 oz. bottles popping up in grocery and C-stores in the coming weeks.

The first offering will be a 4.0% ABV Blood Orange Wheat Ale. This beer is currently available to buy right now at the brewery, but only for growler fills. Once bottling commences we'll let you know.


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Monday, June 27, 2016

Uinta Mid-Year Previews

We got our hands on some new images of what you can expect to see from Uinta Brewing in the coming months.

First up [pictured above] is Pit Stop Kettle Soured Apricot IPA. The name says it all. It will be packaged in Uinta's 750ml. bottles. This looks like a warm weather beer, expect to see it sooner rather than later. This will likely be a 4.0% ABV beer.

Uinta's Fest German Style Helles will be coming along towards Fall. This is a style that Uinta has surprisingly not done before.It's tailor made for Autumn and Oktoberfest celebrations in particular.
A little more subdued than it's Marzen cousin. It will dial in around 5.5% ABV.

Finally we have another surprising beer style that Uinta has never made, as stout. Yeah, Labyrinth is mostly a stout in every sense of the word, but they insist on calling it a "black ale" so that's what it is. Simply called Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout, this beer will have a lower ABV than some of it's barrel aged brothers [7.0%]  which will increase it's drinkabilty and will be less heavy on the pallet. Due to the them on the label I would expect to see this down the road a little way.

Stay close for their releases.


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Friday, June 24, 2016

New Beer Friday 6/24/16

There's way too much happening. Let's get to it!

Great Divide Brewing out of Denver Colorado has quietly slipped into our market and they've brought with them quite a few of their very popular brews. Some of these will start popping up around the Wasatch Front as soon as today. If you start to see them appear, please share where you saw them. Woot!

Great Divide Titan IPA
Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout 

Great Divide Colette farmhouse 
Great Divide Hoss Oktoberfest lager
Great Divide Oatmeal Yeti
Great Divide Barrel Aged Hibernation

Strap Tank/Proper Brewing Collaboration - Properly Tanked: Have not had this one yet. It's only available at Strap Tank Brewing Co. 4.0% ABV

New Belgium - Tart Lychee: The nose has soft fruit - strawberry, lychee, musty yeast. The taste has some lychee sour/tart tropical fruit flavors with a almost wheat like malt taste balancing it out. Slight cinnamon taste as well in the finish.7.5% ABV @ Beer Bar, BeerHive

Shades of Pale - German Pils: Just released yesterday. Have not tried it. 4.0% ABV @ Shades of Pale

Shades of Pale - X36 Pale Ale: Released tomorrow and will only be available at the Hill Airforce Base's Air Show 7.5% ABV

Ska - True Blonde: The nose has grainy malt, grassy, lemons. some yeast. The taste has light lemon, sweet grainy malt. Yeasty and dusty. No hops to speak of. Finish is short and on the sweet malty side. A little cardboard as well. 5.3% ABV @Slackwater

Ska - Decadent Imp IPA: The nose has sweet caramel toffee and resiny hops. Flavor is similar, heavy and sticky caramel with a moderate hop bitterness and plenty of heft to it. Alcohol starts to creep out a bit towards the end. 10% ABV @ Slackwater

Ska - Modus Mandarina IPA: The nose has mandarin orange, caramel and floral hops. Tastes of  grapefruit and mandarin orange. Orange zest bitterness on the finish. Caramel makes an interesting but complimentary companion to the citrus. It subtle enough to let the fruit shine but strong enough to give this beer some body and character. 6.8% ABV @ Slackwater

Selkirk Abby - Saint Stephan: Saison. Not tried this one yet. 7.9% ABV @ Slackwater

Selkirk Abby - Infidel: Imperial Belgian IPA. Not tried this one yet. 8.2% ABV @ Slackwater

Selkirk Abby - Guilt: Belgian Coffee Porter Not tried this one yet. 8.3% ABV @ Slackwater

Selkirk Abby - Deacon: Belgian Pale Ale Not tried this one yet. 5.5% ABV @ Slackwater

Selkirk Abby - Saint Augustine: Rye Saison. Not tried this one yet. 6.7% ABV @ Slackwater

RedRock Tangerine Grapefruit Pale Ale: Tastes great, though not much of a pale ale. It does have a nice acidic quality which is nice. Grapefruit tartness and leafy citrus hops. Nice beer to help beat the heat! 4.0% ABV @ RedRock., The Bayou

La Trappe Isid'or: Nose of caramel malt, stone fruit, Belgian yeast and spicing; hints of banana and plum. Classic Belgian strong ale flavors, caramel malt, light and dark stone fruit, Belgian yeast, very light clove. Medium creamy body. A bit lighter in taste intensity compared to other Belgian pales, but very pleasant and well made. 7.5% ABV @Slackwater

Cuvée des Jacobins Rouge: The nose has sour cherries, lemon and a wild yeastiness. Tatse starts with a hit of lemon juice sourness, quickly progressing to a fruitier balance of sour cherry and unripe berries and aged red vinegar. A nice mild funkiness gives depth and balance, even a hint earthy herbs. Worlds of flavours here. There is a hint of sweet fruit but finishes dry. 5.5%ABV @ Slackwater


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Forbidden Peach Belgian Style Fruit Ale

RedRock Brewing has a new wild ale headed our way in the coming weeks. Forbidden Peach was brewed with more than 700 lbs of Brigham City peaches - the beer was then aged in Chardonnay wine barrels and dosed with two strains of Brettanomyces and was finally dry-hopped with Citra hops.

This new wild ale sounds wonderful. It should be going on sale in about three weeks. Stay close fore updates.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hoppers Brings Back Bottles

Most people in Utah's beer community know Hoppers Brewing as that Midvale staple that has been serving locally made beer for years. If you're relatively new to Utah's craft beer scene you may not be aware that Hopper had a very popular and highly regarded bottling program at one time.

Starting in 2010 Hoppers began by releasing Double Black a 6.4% "Schwartz-Bock" along with an amped-up version of This is the Pils, The First SnoAle, Hot Headed Red Head and Summerset  Saison. All of these picked up various awards at the time, but Hoppers' previous owners didn't see the merchandising profits they were hoping for and mothballed the Storehouse Reserve line of beers.

Today is a new day. Hoppers new owners are all on board and have thrown their support behind Hoppers' Brewmaster and Secret Agent, Donovan Steele as he begins to resurrect their bottling program.

As we speak, Donovan is fermenting a new batch of his Summerset Saision, A hop forward take on the style that should be available to take home or enjoy there in a couple of weeks. Look for it in 750 ml. bottles. More new and old favorites are expected in the coming months as well.

Utah's year of beer keeps on getting better and better.


Friday, June 17, 2016

New Beer Friday 6/17/16

Petrus Aged Red Ale - Taste has a slight sourness to it, some oak, and a sweet cherry aftertaste. Complex flavors, but the brunt of the flavors come from the cherry. Could use a little more sourness for balance. 8.5% ABV @ Bayou

Kasteel Barista Chocolate Quad - Rich chocolate but coffee definitely plays a roll in the taste and gives it a sweet bitterness. Feels a bit like a porter, lacks the depth in body but it has a hoppy feel to it which as the brew warms it becomes more and more complex. 11.0% ABV @ Bayou

Deschutes Hop Slice IPA - The nose is fresh with nice citrusy hops. Taste follows with a slight lemony sweetness at first, floral hops throughout, finishes with a medium grapefruit bitterness. Light body with medium carbonation, really easy to drink. A really good session IPA, fresh and easy drinking. 4.5% ABV @Bayou, Beerhve

Returning Favorites

Epic's Los Locos is now for sale in 22oz. bottles at Epic's bottleshop. Pours a hazy golden straw color with a sturdy cap dense foam. The nose is grainy with hints of lime and grass. The taste is similar with grainy Malts and some sweet corn. Lime pops next with a slight sodium bite in the end. Finishes slightly grassy and dry. One of the nicer Mexican style lagers you will ever try. I'm not sure what.  the ABV is on this one. Only available at Epic - packaged in growlers. Very limited. See yesterday's post.

RedRock/Pelican CoHOPeration is back as well. The hops in this beer are amazingly intact. Front and mid body the citrus and florals seem to dominate the palate. Gritty pale, and caramel tastes appear. Finishes very rind-like with notes of berries and some dry spiciness from the rye malt. Very soft and mild, with a decent carbonation. Not extremely sweet; but very dry and bitter. 6.9% ABV @RedRock