Friday, January 19, 2018

New Beer Friday 1/19/18

Holly Hell it's been a slow January. I apologize for the Utah Beer news drought, but there's not a lot happening right now. Thankfully, we still have new suds hitting every week. Please enjoy this week's New Beer Friday offerings.

2 Row Raspberry Sour: Three new beers in three weeks! You've gotta love Brian Coleman's passion and tenacity when it comes to his beers. This week's new offering is a bit of a departure from Utah's IPA machine. This raspberry sour is just as it sounds. Think: Unripened raspberries with a bit of lemon.The alcohol is substantial for a fruit sour, dialing in at 8.1% ABV. You can get it at the brewery and at the better beer pubs, including Slackwater, Beerhive, Bayou .

The RoHa Brewing Project has added two new draft handles You can find the following on them.

RoHa Americano: This American ale is infused with coffee and is brewed with espresso and coffee. There's a nice blend of light malt flavor and subtle coffee. Mostly made with cold brew, so there's not a lot of coffee nose but full on coffee in it's flavor. 4.0% ABV. Available at RoHa starting today.

RoHa D Street Brown Ale: This is an American Brown. It's slightly hoppy with toasted malt and caramel. It finishes with notes of chocolate. A tasty session ale. 4.0% ABV. Available at RoHa starting today.

Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet:  Using a new technique, the kids at Sierra Nevada hit this beer with a double-barreled blast of Magnum hops and lupulin dust—pure, concentrated hop flavor—directly into the tank to emphasize the intense pine and citrus flavors of classic West Coast hops. It comes in at 8.0% ABV and is available and many DABC stores and better beer pubs. 

Snake River Earned It - NEIPA:  This “hazy” IPA is brewed with Citra, Mosiac, El Dorado and Loral hops come together to make a citrusy and floral aroma. A low bitterness and light malt body make this beer very drinkable. 6.5% ABV. Available at Beerhive, Bayou, Pizza NoNo, Outpost Spirits and Slackwater.

Returning Favorite

Squatters Fifth Element: Utah's original wild ale makes its long awaited return. This wild saison pours a cloudy apricot/straw color with a fizzy white head that reduced to a thin froth. The nose has a bit a of barnyard funkiness to it with hints of lemon and yeast spices. The tastes starts with light citrus notes then transitions into funky tart notes that are somewhat fruity. Next comes a dry oakiness that compliments the tartness well. The finish is a combination a champagne like dryness and bitter florals.This goes on sale Saturday morning at 10am at Squatters Brew Pub. There's a two bottle limit on this one.


Friday, January 12, 2018

New Beer Friday 1/12/18

RoHa State Room Brew: This beer was done specially for The Stateroom, the local music venue in SLC.  It described as "combining all the essential beer flavors you need while dancing and listening to the show.  A nice bright red color with a subdued malt character and a hop flavor in the end enough to keep you drinking but not overpowering.  It has great balance to make sure it can quenches your thirst". Think of it as "Gig beer". 4.0% ABV. Only at RoHa and the State Room.

2 Row New Zeangland IIIPA: Yet another IPA is here from 2 Row this one is a Triple IPA made in the New England style with a variety of New Zealand hops (including Motueka), hence the name. It's described as having a "sweet light fruity aroma, flavor is the same with a dryer soft bitter finish". 10.1% ABV. This is available pretty much at any craft beer bar and of course at the brewery.

Mother Earth Four Seasons 2017 Winter BBA Brown Ale: From Mother Earth - "What started as an award winning Imperial Brown eventually made its way into Mother Earth's barrel program, thanks to a dependable base recipe and customer following, they decided to double mash it, which involves using wort instead of water to gain a higher ABV and more complex favor. Finally, they threw in some brown sugar to add a light molasses favor and age the beer in toasted oak barrels to create the perfect winter-warmer". 12.0% ABV. Available at the Beerhive, Beer Bar.

Strap Tank Barrel Aged Saison:  This Saison is described as having layers of farmhouse funk that complement perfectly the aromas and tannins of Cabernet from the barrel. At least one strain of Brettanomyces was picked up, created notes of barnyard funk, pineapple and hay that we couldn’t be happier to discover as we blended the final mix. Like a wine-beer hybrid, it pours apricot-orange with an off-white head. Balanced bitterness & healthily carbonated". 11.6% ABV, This beer goes on sale Saturday morning (1/13) at 11:00am. Only available at Strap Tank.

I know I missed something, help a brother out with the info!


Friday, January 05, 2018

New Beer Friday 1/5/18

It's the first New Beer Friday of 2018! Appropriately, it's all local. Get out of the inversion and into a pub to to enjoy these great new offerings.

2 Row Coast to Coast IPA: This has a sweet, light fruity aroma. The flavor is very much the same with a dryer less intense bitter finish. 7.2% ABV. Available at 2 Row and your finer beer pubs.

Kiitos Vanilla Nut Cream Ale: I have no notes for this one. By the name I think you can figure out how it's going to taste. 4.0% ABV. Available at Kiitos.

Kiitos Citra's Lil' Sis Pale Ale: This pale is a blend of 3 unnamed hops from the north west. Delicate floral, kiwi and lemon grass notes. Dry hopped with citra and comet. 4.0% ABV. Available at Kiitos.

Desert Edge Vienna Lager: Described as a light copper colored lager with a bready malt and a light spicy hop character. 4.0% ABV. Available at

Desert Edge N.Z. Pale Ale: Described as a hoppy pale ale brewed with New Zealand Wai-iti and Waimea hops. This unfiltered pale ale has a biscuity malt flavor balanced by the bright citrus and tropical fruit flavors of the hops. Medium bitterness and dry finish. 4.0% ABV. Available at

Fisher Sour Power: A crisp, ass puckering lemony thang much like the first generation Sour Power.  4.0% ABV. Available at Fisher.

Fisher Hop Drop Sour: The same base beer as Sour Power. It's very tart, but dry hopped with simcoe. Fruity nose from the hops. Tastes like sour grass! 4.0% ABV. Available at Fisher.

What did I miss?


Thursday, January 04, 2018

New Brews Soon For You: Chasing Tail Orange Golden Ale

Squatters is teaming up with Best Friends Animal Society for this naval orange version of their Chasing Tail Pale Ale. Full of Celeia and Galena hops this hop forward unfiltered golden ale will push the limits of Chasing Tail's flavor profile. Besides 12 ounce cans this will have a limited run in Squatters' quart sized crowlers.

The ABV in Squatters Chasing Tail Orange Golden Ale gets a boost as well, now at 5.2% from the standard 4.0%. I'm guessing that a portion of the sales from this beer will go to Best Friends Animal Society.

Best Friends Animal Society is the only national animal welfare organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters. To help Save Them All, Best Friends works with shelters, rescue groups and our members nationwide.

Sounds tasty, and they've got a great cause. stay close for it's release.


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Friday, December 29, 2017

New Beer Friday: Adiós 2017

What a weird year 2017 has been, there's been no shortage of strange shit and many of us wondered if we were living in some kind of alternate reality. However, there was one thing that wasn't out of Bizzaro-Land; Utah had a record breaking year in regards to brewery expansion. 2017 saw the  addition of A.Fisher Brewing Co., the RoHa Brewing Project, RPM Brewing Co.and Kiitos Brewing Co. to our brewery count. As I see it, Utah now has 28 breweries (counting two independent brew houses for Roosters and Proper and three for the Wasatch/Squatters group). 2018 will likely see an additional three or four new breweries added to the roster. I don't have to tell you that a vibrant beer scene will help take Utah's beer culture out of the 1970's while greatly improve the outstanding local beverages we currently enjoy. Happy New Beer Friday and please have a happy and safe New Year!
Strap Tank Barrel Aged Stout: This is a barrel strength stout. Meaning it is not blended with a fresh batch of the base beer. This gives the beer more "umpf" and body. The beer is jet black, with a chocolate colored head. the nose has chocolate, booze, bitter coffee, woody highlights, and tangy cream sweetness. The flavors are rich and robust, with a smooth milk chocolate highlighted by campfire smoke. All of this on a bitter roasted coffee backbone, with woody and boozy highlights. Some crème notes, too. It has a rich, chocolate and vanilla aftertaste, with whiskey highlights in there, too. Smooth, slow finish, with a nice warmth and lingering chocolate. 9.6% ABV. Available for enjoyment at the brewery today. To-go sale coming next week. Congrats on UTah County's first barrel aged beer! 

Avenues Proper Coffee Pale Ale:  Brewed with La Barba Ethiopian coffee beans and American hops. The idea here is to find a good combination of a fruit-forward coffee bean that wouldn't be overly acidic to pair with fruity American hops and bready malts to try and coax some flavors out of a coffee beer that you don't normally see. I havn't had a chance to try it yet but it sounds very intriguing. 4.0% ABV. Only at Avenues Proper.

Kiitos Wheat Ale: Kiitos is flexing a little muscle with this beer. Though it's only 4.0%
ABV, it's made using 75% wheat malt. If you've ever brewed with large amounts wheat and rye; you know it's a sticky mash. Kiitos' brew system allows them to utilize these water retaining grains with high efficiency. Basically, what I'm saying is that you won't find many 75% wheat beers in the market. This one is clean and bready with nice cereal and cracker qualities. Give this one a shot. Available at Kiitos. 

Moab FMU Double IPA: Generally FMU means "Fuck Me UP" and while that may not be Moab Brewing Company's intent, it is becoming common vernacular in regards to high ABV beers. This Double IPA boasts a shload of throughout and packs a 9.6% ABV. I'd give this a rating of, "meh". This feels more like a thin barley wine. It's sweetness overpowers much of the hop profile, though it does finish quite bitter on the back of the tongue. Available at most DABC stores.
Oskar Blues Barrel Aged Ten Fiddy: Some bourbon, vanilla, oak, chocolate, caramel and a bit of coffee in the aroma. Lots of chocolate malts and some vanilla, caramel and coffee. Some roasted malts. The Bourbon isn't too overpowering. Smooth, silky texture. A very nice brew!
12.9% ABV. Available at your better beer bars.

Base Camp 5th Anniversary: This beer is basically an olde stock ale. It's kind of a baby barley wine. This was aged in multiple wine and "spirit" barrels. The malts are sweet and the barrel aging adds nice vinious tartness that is light and pleasant. It does feel a bit thin though. Non the less it's an enjoyable beer. I found it at Beer Bar. 7.9% ABV.

Stone Vengeful Spirit IPA: : A tropical and citrusy nose with mandarin orange, mango and pineapple along with malt. The taste is similar with orange and and mango off the top. The pineapple is a bit more restrained by the malts and the fruitiness as whole. pineapple. The finish is light and bitter. A nice and easy IPA with good fruit flavors and nice balance.7.3% ABV.

Deschutes Abyss - Tequila Barrel: The nose has a noticeable tequila that works well with the dark chocolate, coffee notes and licorice. I can't tell if I'm getting agave or not, but there is a vegital like sweetness off the top of the taste. This Abyss variant is a little lacking in the distinctiveness of the tequila barrel. And frankly I don't know if tequila is the best fit for an Imperial stout like this. What are your thoughts? 11.9% ABV. I found this at the Bayou.


Thanks to the Columbia Daily Tribune for letting me alter their cartoon.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

New Brew Soon for You: Talisman - RoHa

In an attempt to keep it clear; in regards to previewing new beers vs. announcing their arrivals, I'm going to implement the New Brew Soon for You title. Often people think some of these preview blurbs are the official release for these beers. Hopefully this new strategy will keep it clear. Capisce?
You have a new IPA coming soon from Talisman Brewing soon. The Ogden brewery will be offering this rotating India Pale Ale called Adventures in IPA that will feature a different hop bill every quarter or so. Props to Talisman for keeping things interesting in regards to their IPAs.  

Also in the new brew soon for you column we have a collaboration beer with Salt Lake City's Local 81 Firefighters and the RoHa Brewing Project. The Maltese Cross is will be made especially for these firefighters (and for charity), this beer is specifically designed to be enjoyed after those long 48 hour stints that our local heroes endure, all to keep us safe.

Stay close for the release on both of these "New Brew Soon for You beers and others as soon as the hit.


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Thursday, December 14, 2017

New Beer Friday 12/15/17

Desert Edge Smoky The Beer.: This is a Robust style porter brewed with a small amount of smoked malt for a lightly smoked porter. The flavor and aroma are coffee like roasted malt and light smoke. Low hops and bitterness. Medium dry finish. Come in out of that filthy air and have a pint or two! 4.% ABV

Strap Tank Benny: Missed. Sorry not tried yet. It's described as being a historic-ale collaboration between Strap tank and Benjamin Franklin. Using his original recipe, we sourced a diverse array of local, raw & malted grains instead of the usual malted barley. The result is hazy & unfiltered, but silky-smooth with notes of molasses, local Bagley honey and fresh baked bread. 4.0% ABV. Only at Strap Tank.

Fisher IPA;  A straight forward IPA with a good dose of mosaic hops to make it nicely citrusy. Not over the top at all. You need this! Available tomorrow in crowlers only at 10am. 7% ABV Only at Fisher

 Ballast Point High West Victory at Sea: Big roasted barrel whiskey barrels dominate with some caramel rounding it out.ts nd  barrel ans whiskey flavors takes control. 12.0% ABV. Available at Beerhive, La Ferrovia

Leinenkugel Snow Drift Vanilla Porter: Missed out on this one. 6.0% ABV available at DABC stores.

Lagunitas Willet Coffee Stout: The whiskey here is on the sweet end, which gives it a nice vanilla-like flavor. The coffee is subtle - not like Epic's BBB. 12.6% ABV Avaiable at Beer Bar, Beerhive, La Ferrovia.

RoHa's Grapefruit Back Porch Pale Ale: This version of Back Porch is is "dryhopped with rehydrated grapefruit peel. Tons of Grapefruit all around in this limited edition beer. 4.0% ABV. Available at RoHa.

Also, Vernal's Not your Mama's Imperial Milk Stout is now avaiable along the Wasatch Front at DABC Stores. If you havn't tried this yet I highly recommend it.

The nose is sweet with light chocolate and coffee notes - like a rich coffee drink. The taste with huge sweet lactose and chocolate followed by some balancing roasted malts. After you get past the lactic sweetness the coffee notes become more assertive. The end has some bitter cocoa and hint of black malts. Damn! I was really taken aback by how damn drinkable this 8.5% beer is. It's so drinkable and smooth on the palate, you'd swear it was in the 6% range. 


New Bayou App Lets You Order From Your Smartphone

The Bayou has just released the latest version of their iPhone and Android app. With the latest of The Bayou app you can now order beers right off your phone. You simply obtain a order code from your server, enter it into your phone and then click "Order Beer" on whatever beer you wish.  When you are ready for your check you can hit "Request Receipt" on the app and have your ticket brought right over.

With 490 beers currently in the app, this new ordering method should make ordering your next beer as easy as clicking a button.

Other new features are phone notifications for new beers and weekly firkins as well as other news. The app size was dramatically reduced (we are talking 10's of MB smaller) and there is apparently more robust error handling which should help out those of you with spotty connections.

They also figured out why some people were having problems loading beers into the app.  It was all due to issues between AT&T and The Bayou's DNS server.  They got that sorted out and AT&T people should no longer have any problems going forward.

I think this is pretty cool, I can't wait to give it a whirl!