Friday, April 28, 2017

New Beer Friday 4/28/17

As we bid farewell to this soggy April, our hearts turn to... ah screw it. It's F'n Friday! None of you want to hear me wax poetic. So, let's just get to the new suds on the list. And just to be clear, New Beer Friday is NOT a bar... but it probably should be.
Golden Road's Tart Mango Cart - I've not tried this yet. It's described as being mostly mango and being slightly tart. 3.2% ABV - not ABW. @ Smith's, Harmon's

Desert Edge's - Belgian Enkel - Enkel, meaning "single" was used by Trappist breweries to label their lower ABV beers. These beers, also known as Patersbier or "father's beer", are Belgian session beers originally brewed for the monks themselves. This is a unfiltered golden ale with fruity banana and pear flavors from the yeast. Light bready malt flavor. Low bitterness and a Dry finish.

2 Row's Feeling Hazy N.E. Style Double IPA -This new beer from 2 Row is a tropical fruit salad. made with Mosaic and El Dorado Hops, it's huge with mango, pineapple grapefruit, tangerine and berry flavors with little bitterness. It's more murky than hazy, but that just adds to the perceived juiciness. It comes in at 9.0% ABV - which can be a problem. since it's hardly detectable. You need this! @ 2 Row, Bayou, Beerhive, Beer Bar, Slackwater

Fisher's Citra Bomb Tom -Missed out on this one yesterday, It's described as being a citra hopped pale ale. If you've had it please share your thoughts.

Tune in for more New Beer Friday as we discuss these and other beer related topics with Mick and Allen this afternoon at 3:30pm on KBER101.


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bohemian's Pro/Am Lagerpalooza IPL

Yesterday, I gave you some info on Lagerpalooza, Utah's preeminent lagered home brew competition. In that story I told you about Bohemian Brewing Company's plan to package and sell last year's winning beer Lagerpalooza entry. Today, I have a preview of this new beer.

This Pro/Am beer was brewed by home brewer, Don Robinson. It's an India Pale Lager that has an American citrus hop profile. The lagering will give the beer a nice clean feel on the tongue. 6.0% ABV - 60 IBUs. This beer will debut at the Lagerpalooza party at noon on Sunday, May 7th. It will be packaged in 12 ounce cans. Can't wait to try your IPL, Don!

Also today, We're down to our final four beer in the Low Point Utah Beer Challenge. Shades of Pale's Grapefruit Revolution goes up against Uinta's Baba Schwatrzbier and Epic's Sour IPA challenges RedRock's IPA Junior. These beers are all quite different, it could be anyone game. Please share the beer bracket love!

Voting ends Saturday morning. The finals will begin Monday morning. Good luck!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lagerpalooza 2017

It's time again for Lagerpalooza Utah's premier home brew competition that focuses on the art of lagering beer. This year, organizers have added a public event to go along with the actual competition. The Bohemian Brewery will be opening up their back lot for a food and drinking area where the public can enjoy not only the regular Bohemian fair, but also try the winning recipe from last years Lagerpalooza winner. This beer will also be canned by Bohemian and sold at the brewery.

Lagerpalooza also coincides with the National Homebrew Day and the Lauterday Brewers Home Brew Club will be there for the Big Brew event. The public can take tours of the Bohemian, but also see how home brewers accomplish the same thing on a much smaller scale. 

This will probably be the biggest event in the area to celebrate National Homebrew Day - a real fusion of the amateur and professional brewers coming together to celebrate making beer. 
If you have a lagered beer that you'd like to enter, there's still time. You have until April 30th. Here's the info page.  

Judging Location and public festival:
Bohemian Brewery
94 East 7200 South, Midvale, UT 84047

Judging: Sunday, May 7 at 9:00 AM (closed to public)

Food, Brew Demo, Beer: Sunday, May 7 at 12-5:00

Brewer’s Awards: Sunday, May 7 at 5:00

More Info:

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nitro Pumpkin Ale in Cans - Later This Year

Is it too early in the year to be talking about Pumpkin beers? Most definitely. Even though this beer won't be hitting shelves 'till later in the year, it seemed worth mentioning. Wasatch Beers - who is currently transitioning to all cans, will have nitro options of their popular Pumpkin Ale in widgetless cans and nitro taps. Imagine all of the possible black and tan combos that you could come up with. 

The votes are in on the tie breaker - Utah Pale Ale moves on. Now we have eight beers left. We have two IPAs, a Pale, a Schwartz, two Pilsners, a Sour IPA and a Red. Voting ends Thursday morning.

Total Answer
56.6%Desert Edge Utah Pale Ale
30 (56.6%)
43.4%Proper Foreign Gentleman Coffee Stout
23 (43.4%)
(53 Total Votes)
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Monday, April 24, 2017

Barrel Aged Dubhe is Coming Your Way

If you missed out on drinking any Dubhe on 4/20, this news will make it all better. Uinta Brewing will be producing a special Barrel aged version of the hemp seed infused Imperial Black IPA. This barrels selection will feature Bourbon whiskey, which should make for a tasty brew. Keep checking back for it's release.

It looks like we had a tie in the last round of the Utah Beer Challenge. This has never happened before. It was apparently a pretty tough call for y'all to choose between these two fine ales. So, we're going to do a quick little tie breaker. Over the next 24 hours we will push one of these forward before continuing to the elite eight round. If there's another tie? I will break it.

Total Answer
50%Desert Edge Utah Pale Ale
40 (50%)
50%Proper Foreign Gentleman Coffee Stout
40 (50%)
(80 Total Votes)
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Friday, April 21, 2017

New Beer and Brewery Friday 4/21/17

I love it when a new brewery hits on Friday. It's like Pie and Beer Day got all freaky with Christmas! So we'll start this special New Beer Friday off with all the new suds the RoHa Brewing Project which will officially open at 11am today.
The RoHa Brewing Project - Back Porch Pale Ale: Clear ruby color. The nose is mostly bready malts, with a bit of pine and citrus peel. The taste starts malty with caramel and butterscotch which quickly slides into an herbal hop bite combined with pine and orange peel. 4.0% ABV @ RoHa

The RoHa Brewing Project - Big Green Couch DIPA: Clear ruby color. The nose has caramel, toffee, grapefruit and light orange. The taste starts with toffee and caramel along with light melon notes. Grapefruit comes next with a bolder and lingering finish of caramel sweetness, some light alcohol, some grapefruit and light citrus flavors, as well as some healthy hop bitterness. Plenty of sweetness up front here as well. 8.0% ABV @ RoHa

The RoHa Brewing Project - Kensington Grand Saison: Clear ruby color. The nose is grainy and fruity with some light yeast phenols and spice. The taste is less grainy than aroma, not much biscuit or wheat, then sweeter esters with some light yeast byproducts. It's sweet, bready and lightly dry. Earthy hops round out the end. Very light dryness on the finish. 6.8% ABV @ RoHa

The RoHa Brewing Project - Three Deep American Ale: Clear ruby color. The nose is light with some biscuit malt and earthy/leafy hops. The taste has light earthy and leafy hops mixed with lightly sweet biscuit malt. Some citrus peel on the back end dries out the finish. 4.0% ABV @ RoHa

The RoHa Brewing Project - Thursday IPA:  Clear ruby color. The nose has slight citrus, pine and is a bit bready. The taste starts with lemon, pine and tangerine. Malt sweetness comes in next with some floral bitterness. Clean finish but the hops still lingers on the palate. 6.5% ABV @ RoHa

Wasatch - Snowbird Session IPA: This being released today at the Utah Brewers Cooperative. It's described as being North East Style Session IPA. 4.0% ABV @ UBC

Squatters - Aussie Hop Pale Ale: Grapefruit in the nose with some caramel. The taste has some berry qualities with vague sweet citrus flavors. Some pithy bitterness in the finish. Nice, super crushable. 4.0% ABV @ Squatters

Boulevard - Changeling: The nose is tart berries and not much else. The taste starts with a big tart punch. Plum and raspberries dark malts dominate. Not terribly complex but very tasty. Mouth feel is a little prickly but it works well. Medium body. Probably a little pricey for what it is. 7.3% ABV

Fisher - The Chocolate Conspiracy Nitro Stout: . Faint milk chocolate and hints of roasted malt in the nose. The taste follows with subtle cocoa and roasted malts. Not super sweet but there is a hint of vague spices in the finish. On the light side. 4.0% ABV @ Fisher Brewing

Samuel Adams - Rebel Juiced IPA: Not tried this one yet. @DABC 6.2% ABV

Dog Tag - Legacy Lager: Not tried this one yet. @ DABC 5.0% ABV


Thursday, April 20, 2017

23rd Annual Mountain Brewers Festival

Listen up! One of our favorite "local" beer festivals, the Mountain Brewers Festival in Idaho Falls, Idaho is just around the corner and there are some big changes that you need to know about.

First off. The ticket sales ($40) are advance purchase only and are limited to 5,500 attendees – no ticket sales at the gate. Here is the link to get your tickets. There will be tickets available at some of our local SLC/Ogden breweries. When those go on sale, I'll give you the when and where. They're usually at Uinta, Roosters and Bohemian.

Hotels: They are aware that this is a big weekend in Idaho Falls and their pricing is starting to reflect this. Start shopping around and book your rooms soon!

The week prior to the beer fest is Idaho Craft Beer Week (May 28 - June 3). If you can go up early you'll find a shload of special events, special tappings and tap take-overs. If you want to get you beer geek on, there's plenty happening.

There will be free buses to get you to and from the festival on saturday. Locations in Idaho
Buffalo Wild Wings
Hilton Garden Inn
LaQuinta Inn
Firehouse Grill
The Frosty Gator
Sam’s Club
Shilo Inn
Snow Eagle Brewing
The Zone

This is still a 21+ event, so don't bring the papoose(s). I hope to see you there!

We're now in the Sweet 16 Round of the Low Point Utah Beer Challenge. This is when things start to tighten up in the voting. There are quite a few tough choice this round and there is a rainbow of styles represented. Voting for this round will last 48 hours as well and will end Saturday morning. As you can see, the ballots are in the column to the right.


Photo Credits: Crafty Beer Girls (top)  Chris Detrick | The Salt Lake Tribune (bottom)