Thursday, December 08, 2016

Fisher Brewing Update

I got the opportunity to go and revisit the guys over at A. Fisher Brewing the other day. It had been a quite a few months since my last visit and boy have things changed. My last visit to Fisher showed
more chaos than the cozy brewery I was hoping for. That is not the case now. While there is still a small level of chaos, it's far overshadowed by the new bar and collection of new stainless steel brewing vessels.

The guys have been busy collecting relics from Fisher's past to add a little old to all of the new - reclaiming much of the
 charm from the old garage that the brewery now inhabits. They even acquired an old wooden ice box that will store all of the Fisher beer you'll be buying. It may look small but it's mounted to the breweries walk in cooler, so it will always be full.

A lot of you have been asking me, "why it's taking so long"? to get this place up and running. Well, simply put, Colby, Tom, Tim and Steve are doing everything that they can do by themselves. While that may not change the taste of the beer, it may make you appreciate it and the brewery more.

If the beer gods are all happy and smiling, the A. Fisher Brewing Company should be resurrected mid to late January. It will take a while to start filling the 18 tap handles, tanks, kegs and getting
the staff up to speed, but early 2017 looks to the perfect time to enjoy a beer at the Granary District's new brewery.

Fisher Brewing is located at 320 West 800 South in Salt Lake City. As the time draws near, I promise to fill you in. 


Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Great News for Vernal Brewing Co.

Great news is coming in from Vernal Brewing Company to help you stay in touch with your favorite Vernal beers. Utah's eastern most brewery has just released their “VBC Beer Locator” Android App which will give current Android users the ability find Vernal's beer, and or share the retail locations and brands offered with other potential users in “real time”.

The goal of the app is to help consumers and encourage them to locate all beers and this will in turn help every person out there. The more locations entered into the app, the easier VBC fans will be able to locate their favorite beer. Vernal's distributors also have many other craft brands in their portfolio’s, so users could even start locating other craft brands they’ve been looking for. More features will be added to the app in time to make it more useful, informative and fun for all users.

Android is the only device offered at the moment, but the iPhone version is being worked as we speak and will be available to consumers in the near future.

Vernal has provided a QR code to direct you to get you to the app faster.

Once you get the app one of the first things you may want to do is find Vernal's newest packaged beer, Rigor Mortis Red Ale. While this beer isn't completely brand new, this release will help it find a wider audience. It's malty sweet with caramel tones, a bit of grapefruit and moderate hop finish. 4.0% ABV - 36 IBUs. Look for it soon in the Utah and Wyoming distribution areas.

And if all of that isn't enough excellent news, Vernal Brewing just received their full blown liquor license - which mean no food requirements with beer purchases.

Cheers, to that!

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

RedRock's - The Twelve Days of Christmas at the Beer Store

RedRock Brewing Company has a sleigh full of surprises awaiting you this month at the Red Rock Beer Store.

First, if you’re a fan of Red Rock Brewery’s barrel-aged beers, we’ve got good news. The good people at RedRock have stashed a fair number of their most coveted beers for a new game that they've aptly named, “The Twelve Days of Christmas at the Beer Store”.

The concept is pretty simple. Every time you visit the Red Rock Beer Store between now and December 24th, you will be given a uniquely numbered “12-Days of Christmas Card”. Then starting on December 13th, RedRock's staff will be randomly picking numbers and matching them with one of the “sold-out” beer styles displayed in the photo above (click to enlarge).

The winning numbers will be posted on the Red Rock Beer Store Facebook page at 11:30AM daily. If your number is selected, you will be given 24-hours to decide if you would like to reserve your allocated bottle for purchase. If you do not claim your reserved bottle, the beer will roll forward to the next day’s contest.

RedRock expects to draw about 5-10 winning numbers daily, starting on Tuesday the 13th.

You can pick-up one card (entry) per-person, per day. Each winning number will be matched with (1) 750mL bottle or (2) 500mL bottles. Beer styles will be assigned randomly to each winning number. Take it or leave it…you have no obligation to purchase and RedRock will gladly keep your winning number in the game if you are assigned a style that doesn’t interest you.

Just by coming into the Beer Store, you’ll have a random chance of winning free Red Rock merchandise throughout the day. We’ll be giving away glasses, shirts, bottle openers, etc. There’s no purchase necessary to win.

Better get you asses over to the RR's Beer Store and start collecting your cards!


Monday, December 05, 2016

More Previews from the RoHa Brewing Project

As promised we have more of what's to come from The RoHa Brewing Project's all new portfolio of beers.

Named for the street RoHa resides on the Kensington Grand Saison will pack a little more punch than the typical Saison. Look for flavors that will be somewhat tart and complex with the spicy coriander accents that the yeast is famous for. Look for an ABV of 6.8%

Three Deep American Ale is dedicated to the founders of The RoHa Brewing Project. Light golden wheat in color this American Ale will be bright with American Malt and hops that will likely be full of all those citrus and pine notes that have made American Ales so popular around the world.

The final preview is for the Thirsty Thursday IPA. If you have beer tasting tradition or routine then you understand the name from which this hails. For the RoHa guys is all about varity being the spice of life for you it's about zip of
hops. Look for an ABV of 6.5%.

It's hard to say, when you'll be enjoying some of these new beers. Odds are pretty good they'll be out of the fermenters by February. When days get closer we'll have a better idea.


Friday, December 02, 2016

New Beer Friday 12/2/16

Squatters Holiday Spiced Ale - This described as being made with Bengal tea, plus cinnamon, roasted chicory, roasted carob, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cloves and nutmeg. These create a complex yet inviting aroma and flavor to his new holiday treat. 4.0% ABV

Samuel Adams Winter Lager - Nice flavors of ginger, allspice and nutmeg with a surrounding malty breadlines with hints of sweetness and a medium hop bitterness. A nice drinking brew with a decent combination of spice and malty sweetness. 5.6% ABV

2 Row Amber Ale - This is 2 Row's first 4.0% offering. The nose is mostly pine and citrus. The taste starts with biscuit and some nut brown and caramel notes. The hops a re a nice blend of pine and citrus peel. They complement each other well. The end is mildly earthy. 4.0% ABV @ 2 Row, Beer Bar BeerHive, East Liberty Tap House. Check these locations first before making the trip. The beer is in, but waiting for tap handles to free up.

Stone Best Before 12/12/25/16 - Pours hazy golden color with a mouthwatering nose of citrus, tropical fruits, pine, and bread. The is a massive juicy explosion of citrus, following through to the slightly bitter finish. A slight hint of booze comes though in the end as well. Nice beer, a little less enamel destroying than some releases. 9.4% ABV @ Beerhive, Bayou, Slackwater

Stone Best After 12/24/16 Hazy apricot color with a mostly yeasty brett nose along with nice citrus hops. The flavor follows. less hoppy than the nose but the brett funk is more pronounced. Need to try this again after the recommended date. 7.0% ABV @ Beerhive, Bayou, Slackwater


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bonneville Bottles Coming Soon

Last June we brought you the news that Tooele's Bonneville Brewing Company was going to be packaging their suds for Northern Utah distribution. The time of their debut will soon be upon us.

Starting as soon January 2017, you'll start seeing four of Bonneville's more popular beers available for purchase. Most grocery and C-stores will initially only be selling two of the four (Free Roller and Redline). Here's the lowdown on what else is coming.

Pilot Peak Pilsner - Named for the peak that is the summit of the Pilot Range that stretches from Nevada to Utah, this pils is made with two types of German malt and is bittered with Hallertau Hops (squeee). This beer will have a nice toasty, floral and herbal flavor profile. 4.0% ABV

Antelope Amber - It's named for Utah's Antelope Island, but the label has a bison on it. If you live in
Utah you'll get it's significance. If not? you'll just have to use your Google. This is an American Amber Ale that will fuse biscuit and caramel malts combined with earthy American hops for a perfect balance. 4.0% ABV

Redline Red - The infamous world record breaking engines of the Bonneville Speedway inspires the name of this tasty red ale. The focus here is on the toasted malts that will impart a light fruitiness to play off the American hops.4.0% ABV

Free Roller IPA - From the old days at the Salt Flats and invokes images of boldest speed nut that would lay across their bikes to reduce drag.This Session IPA will have sweet bready malts to play on the generous amount of citrus and pine flavors given off by the hops. 4.0% ABV

These beers aren't new they can be found on tap at Bonneville's brewery, All Star Lanes and various better beers bars around the Wasatch Front. If you havn't tried them, they're worth your time. Keep checking back for their packaging and release dates.

As promised, we have the next debut label from RoHa Brewing. Today's up and coming beer is the Big Green Couch Double IPA. For this beer Roha's Brewmaster, Chris Haas pays homage to a... well... a couch... a green couch.. in Michigan. This beer is a tribute to Haas' adventurous spirit and the one unnamed, yet remarkable individual who made it possible for him to stay on the... Big Green Couch. This definitely gives new meaning to the term "couch beer". Can't wait to get the full story on this one. Anyway, this beer will be RoHa's stronger, drier, yet balanced DIPA. 8.0% ABV.

Check back tomorrow for more RoHa updates along with other Utah specific beer news.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The RoHa Brewing Project Debuts it's Portfolio

Over the next few days I'll be sharing with you what beers will be coming out of The RoHa Brewing Project in the coming months. RoHa hopes to be online by the first part of January. The brew house is already taking shape and I've already scoped out my seat in the RoHa's taproom!

Brewmaster, Chris Haas is debuting his pale ale first. These are some of the most drinkable of all beers. It's my personal favorite style and this one looks like it will be yummy.

Back Porch Pale Ale will be a hop forward ale with a touch of amber - nicely balanced for drinkability. This will likely be one of the first beers to go on sale and it will be available on draft and in 22oz. bottles.

Stay close there's much more to come from RoHa, plus other beer geek news from around the state. Need more info on The RoHa Brewing Project? Here's a story I wrote about them from earlier in the year.