Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Final Four Round Begins

Apparently I wasn't the only one having difficulty with the Cohoperation/529 match-up. The Rye India Lager and the Flemish Brown Ale came down to a single vote. Regardless of the voting from here on out it's safe to say that RedRock's Elephino Double IPA is the favorite IIPA/DIPA in the market as it handily beat Epic's Hopulent.

It was a different story for Epic's Big Bad Baptist as it prevailed over Uinta's Baltic Poter, Sea Legs. And apperanlty you all like your Saisons on the wild side. The voting on the Final Four beers will go until Friday morning, with the finals beginging next Monday. Here are the results from the last round.


Total Answer
22.86%Epic Hopulent IIPA
24 (22.86%)
77.14%RedRock Elephino
81 (77.14%)
(105 Total Votes)
Total Answer
53.33%Squatters Fifth Element
56 (53.33%)
46.67%RedRock Le Quatre Saison
49 (46.67%)
(105 Total Votes)
Total Answer
62.38%Epic Big Bad Baptist
63 (62.38%)
37.62%Uinta Sea Legs
38 (37.62%)
(101 Total Votes)
Total Answer
49.5%RedRock Cohoperation
50 (49.5%)
50.5%Squatters 529
51 (50.5%)
(101 Total Votes)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Utah Beer Challenge: Elite Eight Round

We're in the "elite eight" round of the Utah Beer Challenge! Our match-ups are as follows.

Two Imperial/Double IPAs: One from Epic the other from RedRock
Two Saisons: Both got the funk, one Sour the other Traditional
Two very black ales: Epic's Imperial Coffee Stout and Uinta's Baltic Porter 
A Hybrid Hoppy Rye Lager and a Flemish Sour Brown Ale.

Like all previous rounds, voting on these Elite Eight contenders will last for two days. Voting for the winners that go on to the Final Four will begin on Wednesday morning. Ballots are in the column to the right.


Friday, April 18, 2014

New Beer Friday 4/18/14

Less a couple of beers, today's New Beer Friday is all about the Belgian styles. Luckily many of you have a long weekend to get to know them all.

Hennepin Saison: Cloudy straw with a substantial head. The nose is of sweet malt and a bit of citrus. The taste is peppery and spicey with clove upfront followed by juicy citrus, banana and bubble gum . Some wheat malt flavor is present plus a bit of alcohol The finish is dry. 7.70% ABV @Beer Bar

Ommegang Witte: The nose has banana, wheat, crackers, some spice and orange peel. the taste starts with wheat, earthy yeast and coriander. Orange, banana and some coriander like spices round out the end. Solid Witbier. I like how the citrus and yeast profiles play off of each other. 5.2% ABV @Beer Bar

La Trappe Oak Aged Quadruple:
The nose has raisin, brown sugar and belgian yeast. The taste
starts with dark sugar, fruity yeast and caramel malt. Raisin and cherry round out the back end with smooth oak coming through in the finish. It's quite sweet so take that into consideration. 10% ABV. @Beer Bar, Bayou

La Trappe Jubilaris:
The nose is of malt, brown sugar and pear. The taste is much the same with dark malt, earthy dark fruits and and spices. Its finish is malty-dry, spicy and undeniably warm. 6.0% ABV @Beer Bar, Bayou

Green Flash/St. Feuillien Belgian Coast IPA:  The nose has Belgian yeast, clove, citrus hops and tropical fruit. The flavor starts with caramel malt, spicy Belgian yeast and light toffee. Finishes with lingering citrus hops and allspice. These are on the verge of getting old, they drink pretty well right now so gobble them now, they wont be too great in another month. 7.5%ABV @Bayou

Squatters French Saison:
The nose is of malt, grain, yeast, spices, and some fruity aromas. Taste is much the same with a nice fruity flavor. There is a mild amount of spice bitterness on the palate with each sip. finishes slightly lemony. A nice quencher. 4.0% ABV @Squatters, Beerhive

Bonny Doon Query Cider
: Not tried this one yet. 6.9% ABV @Beer Bar

Roosters One Trick Pony California Common:. It is a copper colored beer with mild caramel character. The “One Trick” refers to the single hop Nothern Brewer hops used which provides both the bitter and aromatic flavors. 4.0% ABV @Roosters locations

New Belgium La Folie: The nose is sharp with cherries, cider and oak. Smells tart and delicious. The taste starts Sour and it carries through. A nice blend of oak and fruit come midway. Touch of funk in the finish, would've liked more. Overall more sour then funky with a ingering woody aftertaste.  Nice sour ale, one of NB's more popular seasonals. Glad we got some in the state. 6.0% ABV @Bayou

New Belgium Hop Kitchen RyePA: Some sharp rye and pine resin in the nose. The taste starts with a bit of nuttiness along with a mild spiciness from the rye. The hops come next giving off some resiny and grapefruit-like notes. Pine dominates the finish. A solid rye. 6.6% ABV @Bayou

Firkin Friday at the Bayou has Hoppers 80 Schilling Ale on cask. This version is dry-hopped with Colorado Chinook hops. tapping is at 3pm.

The Sweet Sixteen Round is over and I'm a bit surprised by some of the outcomes. I expected a much closer race between Elephino/Ghostrider and Fith Element/Elder Brett. But in a huge upset, winning by just one point, Uinta's Sea Legs Baltic Porter bested Squatters' Outer Darkness Imperial Stout. The Elite Eight Round will begin on Monday after the holiday weekend. Here are the results from Round Three.


Total Answer
51.59%Epic Hopulent IIPA
65 (51.59%)
48.41%Dsrt Edge Road Rage Rye
61 (48.41%)
(126 Total Votes)
Total Answer
74.17%RedRock Elephino DIPA
112 (74.17%)
25.83%Wasatch Ghostrider White IPA
39 (25.83%)
(151 Total Votes)
Total Answer
68.55%Squatters Fifth Element
85 (68.55%)
31.45%Epic Elder Brett
39 (31.45%)
(124 Total Votes)
Total Answer
55.56%RedRock LeQuatre Saison
80 (55.56%)
44.44%Uinta Labyrinth
64 (44.44%)
(144 Total Votes)
Total Answer
54.14%Epic Big Bad Baptist
72 (54.14%)
45.86%Squatters Hop Rising DIPA
61 (45.86%)
(133 Total Votes)
Total Answer
50.4%Uinta Sea Legs
63 (50.4%)
49.6%Squatters Outer Darkness
62 (49.6%)
(125 Total Votes)
Total Answer
70.07%RedRock Cohoperation
96 (70.07%)
29.93%Epic IIPA
41 (29.93%)
(137 Total Votes)
Total Answer
58.27%Squatters 529
74 (58.27%)
41.73%Uinta Cockeyed Cooper
53 (41.73%)
(127 Total Votes)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Moab Beer Festival

The First Annual Moab Beer and Wine Festival is coming to of all places; Moab, Utah! It's part of  Moab's Arts Festival  that has been serving the citizens of Moab for the last 21 years.

The Beer and Wine Festival will be held on Saturday May 24th from 1pm - 5pm at the Swanny City Park and will feature local beers from Moab, Roosters, Bohemian, The Hop n' Keg, RedRock, Shades of Pale, Wasatch Squatters and Epic. Wine from Spanish Valley and Castle Creek will be available as well.

$25 get you a tasting glass and five drink tickets. Tickets for the festival can be purchased at the Moab Brewery or on their website.

Voting continues in the Utah Beer Challenge, ballots are in the column to the right.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Utah Beer Challenge - Sweet Sixteen Round

We've finally made it to Round Three of the Utah Beer Challenge. This is the "Sweet Sixteen" round. As you'll notice in the bracket above, the choices from here - on out are going to be difficult ones. Most of these sixteen beers have very loyal followings - not just here in Utah but nationally and internationally.

As the number of contenders have been reduced, the length of time in the individual rounds will also decrease. All of Round Three's voting will happen over the the next two days ending Friday morning (4/18/14).  Since it's a holiday weekend Round Four will begin on Monday 21st.

The breakdown for the final part of round is listed below. I hope your finding this enjoyable.


Total Answer
66.67%Epic Big Bad Baptist
64 (66.67%)
33.33%Aves Proper - Proper Beer
32 (33.33%)
(96 Total Votes)
Total Answer
46.08%Dsrt Edge UPA
47 (46.08%)
53.92%Squatters Hop Rising DIPA
55 (53.92%)
(102 Total Votes)
Total Answer
86.17%Uinta Sea Legs
81 (86.17%)
13.83%Roosters Polygamy Pale Ale
13 (13.83%)
(94 Total Votes)
Total Answer
20.62%ShadesO'Pale Ready to Fly
20 (20.62%)
79.38%Squatters Outer Darkness
77 (79.38%)
(97 Total Votes)

16.85%Hoppers Rockwell Porter
15 (16.85%)
83.15%RedRock Cohoperation
74 (83.15%)
(89 Total Votes)
Total Answer
54.26%Epic IIPA
51 (54.26%)
45.74%Aves Proper Oatmeal Red
43 (45.74%)
(94 Total Votes)
Total Answer
73.12%Squatters 529
68 (73.12%)
26.88%Dsrt Edge LDS Stout
25 (26.88%)
(93 Total Votes)
Total Answer
31.91%Aves Proper Slainte Stout
30 (31.91%)
68.09%Uinta Cockeyed Cooper
64 (68.09%)
(94 Total Votes)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Huge Changes In-Store for Wasatch/Squatters

There are massive changes coming soon to Wasatch and Squatters in the coming weeks, some are already hitting shelves. Settle-in and get your ass comfy, we have a lot to cover.

First off, look for a new face for Provo Girl. This poor girl has gone through more changes than Mystique at a schizophrenic fashion show. The brand is moving from Squatters to Wasatch. The reasoning? it fits better with Wasatch's more irreverent branding. The beer will not change.

Your going to see a new look to the bottles and cans as well, the bottles will have a new shape and will be custom embossed and the cans and carriers will have a black background with new artwork.

Due to more legal bullshit, Wasatch Summerbrau is now "Last One in Lager" and Wasatch Winterfest will have a new name by next winter. They're still working on that one. 

Polygamy Porter is getting a new - big brother. Polygamy Porter Nitro will be a 6% bottled beer that will be nitrogen conditioned without a nitro widget in the bottle. No firm release date, as if yet. The original Polygamy Porter will still be available as well.

If you hang out at Squatter's Brewpub at all your probably familiar with their Wee Peat Scottish Ale on draft. This beer is also getting a big brother, a 5.6% ABV interpretation on the style. 

In a world with hundreds, if not thousands of "interesting" IPA names marketers for the Utah Brewers Cooperative have found it difficult to market a beer that's simply called Squatters IPA. So in the coming months look for Squatters "Off Duty IPA". Same delicious IPA - new name. 

Squatters Black Forest Schwartzbier: One of Squatters most award winning beers, is going into bottle production as well. The new version will be a 6% ABV companion to its predecessor. 

Squatters Bumper Crop Lavender was originally a small batch, bottle series produced at Squatters Brewpub. It proved popular and a 4% ABV version was also made - now it is also getting the full bottle treatment with a 5.5% ABV Version, that will be for sale outside of the brewpub. 

As many of you may already know, Wasatch has a new Brewpub coming to the Sugar House area. The pub will have its own pilot brew system - with added space for barrel aging beer. The section of the block where the new brewpub is located is still under construction - Not sure when it's scheduled to open. 

If you are a fan of Wasatch's Switch it's due back the second or third week of May. Switch started out as Wasatch White Label that was barrel aged in Obtuse Port Wine barrels. Not sure if this batch uses the same brand of port but it should be interesting. 

If you haven't completed voting on round two of the Utah Beer Challenge, it's time to get your shit together. It ends Wednesday morning, then the Sweet Sixteen round begins immediately after, that's when the choices start to really get tough. Ballots are in the column to the right.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Utah's 2014 World Beer Cup Winners

The 2014 World Beer Cup awards were held over the weekend. 4,754 beers from 1,403 breweries were entered from 58 countries. Utah's breweries managed to pick up three medals. Here are the beers that won, two of the three are still widely available, RedRock's may be around at some bars in limited quantities.  Congratulations all!

I've also provided a list of winning beers from outside of Utah, that are available for purchase at liquor stores, grocery stores or bars. 

Uinta Bristlecone - Bronze English style Mild
Moab Squeaky Bike Nut Brown - Silver Session Beers

RedRock Paardebloem - Gold Experimental Beer

Firestone Walker Wookey Jack - Bronze
Pelican Kiwanda Cream Ale - Gold

George Killian's Irish Red - Gold
Pelican Silverspot IPA - Silver
Delirium Tremens - Bronze
Anderson Valley Brother David's Double - Bronze
Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye - Silver
Lagunitas DayTime Ale - Gold
Asahi Super Dry - Gold
Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel - Bronze
Coors Light - Gold
Miller Genuine Draft - Silver
Coors Banquet - Bronze
Old Style - Gold
Icehouse - Silver
Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel - Silver
Widmer Hefeweizen - Gold

Here's a link for all of the winning beers

Part One of Round 2 in the Utah Beer Challenge is over - Part Two of Round 2 begins today. Not too many surprises as far as the voting is concerned. I think Moab's Hopped Rye would have fared better if it was more widely available around the state (hint, hint).

Here's the breakdown from the last round of votes.


Total Answer
61.25%Epic Hopulent IIPA
49 (61.25%)
38.75%Moab Scotch Ale
31 (38.75%)
(80 Total Votes)
Total Answer
89.04%Dsrt Edge Road Rage Rye
65 (89.04%)
10.96%Hop'nKeg Pale Ale
8 (10.96%)
(73 Total Votes)
Total Answer
8.75%Moab Black IPA
7 (8.75%)
91.25%RedRock Elephino DIPA
73 (91.25%)
(80 Total Votes)
Total Answer
57.32%Wasatch GhostRider WIPA
47 (57.32%)
42.68%Wasatch Winterfest
35 (42.68%)
(82 Total Votes)
Total Answer
25.64%Dsrt Edge British Mild
20 (25.64%)
74.36%Squatters Fifth Element
58 (74.36%)
(78 Total Votes)
Total Answer
56.79%Epic Elder Brett
46 (56.79%)
43.21%BOHO Viennese Lager
35 (43.21%)
(81 Total Votes)
Total Answer
77.63%RedRock LeQuatre Saison
59 (77.63%)
22.37%Moab Hopped Rye
17 (22.37%)
(76 Total Votes)
Total Answer
66.25%Uinta Labyrinth
53 (66.25%)
33.75%BOHO Czech Pilsner
27 (33.75%)
(80 Total Votes)