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Friday, January 18, 2019

New Beer Friday 1/18/19

Shades - Kveik #9: This is similar to Shades' gold medal winning Kveik #1, however this one was made with Lemon Drop hops. Look for a little more lemon twang, it also slightly sweeter which gives it a little more balance between malt and tart. Very nice sour. 6.3%. Available at Shades.

Proper - Snow Plow: This "citrus pale ale" is made with grapefruit peel, lemon peel. It's obviously citrus forward with complimenting hops. English/American blend yeast strain adds to the character. 4.0% - Available at Proper

Uinta - Elevated Red:  Brewer Brandon Kemmer said that being a California native who relocated to Utah, he wanted to brew a beer in tribute to the state of Utah and its red rocks to the south, and pine-filled mountains to the east. Brewed with piney hops and the addition of spruce tips add a slight piney flavor and aroma to this mild ale.

Saltfire - A Series of Singularities "Matuwhatka"- From Saltfire: If the Citra Ninja wandered about New Zealand and mistook some hop plants for blood enemies then the carnage left behind could only be the Motueka hop verital....varital...varietal! Damn it! Anyway. Announcing the next in our Singularity line of IPAs this citrusy (is that even a word?) hop with notes of tropical fruit from the islands down under is sure to throw a Shuriken blade into your frontal cortex. Doors open at 3pm

Full Sail Malted Milkshake Style IPA: Described as having an aroma of sweet pineapple. Taste is tropical fruit pine resin and bready malt. 6.8% - Available at DABC

Wasatch West Coast IPA: Fruity aroma and taste with tangerine/orange being the most prominent. Isn't very fizzy as it goes down but it finishes smooth and very drinkable. Quite enjoyable and definitely a pick-up if you want a new IPA to try. 6.5% - Available to go in Park City only. Available to enjoy at all Wasatch/Squatters Locations.

Fisher California Common: Very light sweet malt aroma. Light sweet malt, a hint of light fruit with a spicy hop flavor and finish. 4.0% - Available at Fisher.

Toasted Barrel BA Raspberry Porter: This is described as having a bit of barrel character, slight raspberry, and a bit of tartness, that balances it out more than bitterness. 6.7% - Limited at Toasted Barrel. starting tomorrow.

Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA: Described as being a blend two Dogfish Head favorites, add maple syrup and carbonate the mixture naturally. The carbon dioxide trapped during bottle conditioning gives 75 Minute IPA a soft and velvety mouthfeel. Dry-hopped with whole-leaf Cascades,

Crazy Mountain Snowcat Coffee Stout: Dry roasted coffee, smooth rich dark chocolate malts.
Coffee bean nose. Brown/black, opaque, with a tan foamy head with delicate lace.
Medium body. 5.9% - Available at DABC.


Friday, January 11, 2019

New Beer Friday 1/11/19

Was it a long weeek for you? It sure as shit was for me. It kinda makes you yearn for a slower, simpler time. This week’s New Beer Friday selections are mostly local, which is always a good thing.

Wasatch - American Craft Lager: This lager is rich and grainy up front with a snappy, crisp drying bitter finish backed with herbal hops. The beer has a clean fermentation character with a trace of tartness and is lightly dry. 4.8% - Available at Wasatch Park City (to go/stay) West Side Tavern (to stay).

Wasatch - Oatmeal Stout: This stout smells of roasted malts and a nice dark chocolate. There is also a perceived sweetness of vanilla. The beer also has a vanilla-like  character followed by the richness or oats and roasted malts. The beer is very smooth and has hints of chocolate in it as well. Very Nice.  6.0% - Available at Wasatch Park City (to go/stay) West Side Tavern (to stay).

RoHa - Shut Down Pale Ale: This pale ale has a new hop bill. It pours a nice pale copper color. Well balanced hop forward pale that has citra hops in the finish. 4.0% - Available at RoHa.

Hopkins - Cascade Oat Saison: Some phenolic clove with wheat crackers in the nose. The taste is more subdued with more wheat a hint of spicy yeast that's backed with hints of citrus and pine. A nice hopped saison. Available at Hopkins

Roosters - Ogden Double IPA: Poured a clear honey yellow with a subdued white head. Smells of tropical fruit mainly pineapple and oranges. Flavor follows the nose with the addition of pine. Hearty with good carbonation. Overall a very nice beer. Available at all Roosters locations

Ninkasi - Heart and Science IPA: Missed out on this one. Look for a typical American IPA with notes of melon and citrus. 6.8% - Available at DABC.


Thursday, January 10, 2019

New Brews Soon For You: Kick Back with Wasatch Edition

Welcome to the first New Brews Soon for You for 2019. Today we're gunna preview a new series of beer from Wasatch Beers. All of the Beers in this new Kick-Back Series are made at the original source, Utah's first craft brewery: Park City's Wasatch Brewpub. PC's Head Brewer, Nils Imboden has been given full reign to design this signature series of beer that will be canned in small batch 16 ounce cans. Here's what you have to look forward to.

West Coast India Pale Ale: This 6.5% will likely encompass all of the the things that made this the most popular style of American IPAs. Big citrus peel with medium sweetness and a good dose of bittering citrus and pine. We'll just have to sit back and wait to see what Nils does with this one.

This Oatmeal Stout looks pretty straightforward. The oats will add a silky smoothness to this cocoa-like, roasted/caramel classic. The 6% ABV will add even more body and flavor than it’s lighter cousins. I'm looking forward to a simple oatmeal stout. A no barrel, imperial, lacto, fruit, adjunct laden stout will hit the spot. Hurry up, please.
For all of the "haze" lovers there will be a New England Style Double IPA. The differences between this and their West Coast style IPA will be Lower all around bitterness with more malt sweetness, added alcohol (8.0%)and a high hop fruitiness that will skew towards tropical and citrus flavors. No fruit will be present all the implied fruitiness will be derived from the hops. Look for this near the end of January. "Get in my belly"! 
Saisons are one of the most popular Belgian styles that American have embraced. Their yeast driven clove-like spiciness appeals to many palates. They tend to be even more popular when you add in a good dose of American hops. That's what Nils appears to be doing with his Dry Hopped Saison. I'm not sure what hop bill is planned for this ale; odds are good it will have a nice citrucy twang to play off the yeast. This is all speculation on my part, so we'll just have to wait and see.

The last beer in the Kick-Back Series is the American Craft Lager. This beer is coming so soon you could say that it's already out and available. And if you were to say that, you'd be correct. This lager came out earlier this week. I hope to have tasting notes on this 4.8% beer tomorrow for New Beer Friday, so please stay tuned.


Images found at Shipcomlient.com

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

The 2018 Utah Beer Year in Review

To say 2018 was a banner year for beer in Utah is one of the biggest understatements in recent decades. The state that gets very little respect for it's beer culture saw an explosion of breweries and craft beer brands. Here is a recap of just some of the highlight in the Utah Beer Blog's 2018 Beer Year in Review. Sorry it's late.

JanuaryStrap Tank offered up their first barrel aged saison, Kiitos released a straight up barely wine and Avenues Proper was brave and put a bret pale ale on draft!

February: We first became aware of St. George Brewing Company; which we now know as Silver Reef Brewing Company. The brewery would be St. George's First brewery.

March: Grid City Brewing came to our attention. The brewery was originally supposed to be located in downtown SLC's north west side. It is currently located in South Salt Lake City and is under development. Utah's Chapter of the Pink Boots Society (a beer industry group that is designed to inspire and educate women who work in the U.S. beer industry.) released their Mash the Patriarchy beer. 

April: The Templin Family Brewery went public with their planned SLC brewery and the 9th Annual Tour de Brewtah Happened under the new guidance of Bohemian Brewing's Will Gillane. The Roha Brewing Project released their Maltese Cross Beer with proceeds going to local firefighters.

May: May began with Saltfire Brewing Opening its doors - one of the states biggest Craft Beer Weeks on record, later in the month on May 29th, Toasted Barrel went online in Salt Lake City.

June: Saturday June 23rd Toasted Barrel Opened, while Kiitos Made a Big Gay Ale to help celebrate Utah Pride Day. Utah breweries also had a really strong showing at the North American Brewers Awards in Idaho. Uinta Brewing also Celebrated their 25th Anniversary.

July: Epic Brewing Company and Japan's Matsumoto Brewery teamed up to brew a special "Sister Cities" beer. Epic also brewed up a special Pie and Beer Day barrel aged sour beer to help celebrate the day it's named for. The Utah Legislature screwed with our lives once again; making brewpubs choose to be restaurants or bars. #dickmove  

August: Cerveza Zólupez Beer Company hit our radar, while Strap Tank continued to innovate with their Valley Forged Ale (also known as "Treebeard") this version of Strap Tank's locally sourced ale has willow, spruce, juniper, local wheat

September: Shades Brewing picks up a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival for their Kveik #1. Kiitos Brewing also took home a gold medal in the same competition with their Coffee Cream Ale

October: The last quarter of 2018 begins with four breweries that would close out the year. Policy Kings, Cedar City's first brewery since the 19th Century opened on October 16th. A week later The Templin Family Brewery also opened as well; showcasing the talents of former Red Rock Head Brewer Kevin Templin. T.F. opened on October 26.

November: Cerveza Zolupez opened and was the first brewery to set up shop in Ogden since Talisman opened up in early 2016. The nano brewery concentrates on Mexican style ales that are brewed in extremely small batches. 

December: Roosters' B Street Brewery opened and began brewing in December - St. George's Silver Reef Brewing Company begins making beer and we ended 2018 with Hopkins Brewing Co. opening it's doors on the last day of the year.

2019 is on pace to be as culture changing with another six or seven breweries in the works for Utah. Stay close as I promise to get you all of your breaking local beer new and events.


Friday, January 04, 2019

New Beer/Brewery Friday 1/4/19

It's a good thing when you can start off the new year with a New Beer/Brewery Friday. On the last day of 2018 Hopkins Brewing became Utah's newest brewery; debuting with seven new beers. Hopkins is an adult only brewpub and is open from 11am- midnight seven days a week. Welcome to the Utah Beer Family! 

Hopkins - Friendly Introduction Pale Ale: Nose of grapefruit, mild orange citrus, some sweet malt, and woody/floral grass. Tastes like grapefruit peel, sweet malt, some spice with floral pine and earthy grass. Light bodied, creamy with low carbonation. 4.0% - Available at Hopkins Brewing 

Hopkins - NAIPA: Aromas of biscuit, citrus fruit, and floral tickle the nostrils. The taste is much the same with biscuit, floral, citrus zest, and pine needle flavors on the finish. 4.0% - Available at Hopkins Brewing

Hopkins -  Bourbon Barrel Porter: The nose has notes of roasted malt and cocoa. Roasted malt and chocolate is present throughout the flavor profile with whiskey notes becoming more apparent after it warms. The finish is bitter with slight lingering bourbon notes. 4.0% - Available at Hopkins Brewing
Hopkins - Smoke Porter with Jalapeno: Aromas are driven by a refined leathery, roastiness; char, tobacco and chipotle brings clarity and roundness. The flavors follow the nose, with an added tickle from the chipotle creeping in. The smooth leatheriness from the chiles plays off the chocolate and malt of the base porter without dominating. Finishes with a rather bitter roast character. 4.0% - Available at Hopkins Brewing

Hopkins - Old Merchant Nitro Cream Ale: Very light aroam with some lemon citrus and cracker malt. Taste is more assertive but still light, like most cream ales. Earthy malt with a light citrus hoppy character that shows up in the finish. Definitely maltier than hoppy. 4.0% - Available at Hopkins Brewing.

Hopkins -Coffee Cream Ale: The smell of coffee hits you nicely; not overpowering, but not subtle either. The taste is where the subtlety of the coffee is, which is perfect as i didn't want to dominate. The La Barba coffee addition is very easy to drink; creating a nice representation of a coffee infused cream ale.

Hopkins - Winter Ale: Missed this one. This ale is made with orange peel and mulling spices, so it will definitely live up to it's name. 4.0% - Available at Hopkins Brewing 

Saltfire - Barrel Aged Baltic Porter:  Roasted brown malts and floral bitterness combines with wonderful rye whiskey to create a spicy, chocolate alcohol fueled bomb. Very limited. 8.0% - Available at Saltfire.

T.F. Brewing - Albion Belgian Tripel: This has a golden cantaloupe color with sweet spicy nose of yeast and candy. The taste starts with notes of stone fruit, then quickly transitions into bubblegum and peppery yeast. Dangerously drinkable for a Tripel. 10.2% - Available at T.F. Brewing. 

T.F. Brewing - Helles: This unfiltered lager pours a hazy golden yellow under a solid fluffy white head. Sweet grainy aroma with a little hoppy spice. Flavor is biscuity and sweet - not much from the hops other than some bitterness. Pretty light and crisp. 4.0% - Available at T.F. Brewing.

Avenues Proper - Breakfast Juice: Designed with the day's first meal in mind. Both malted and flaked oats were used to add chewiness and body with hints of vanilla that complimented the addition
of lactose. The ABV is kept deliberately lower and finally the addition of a special blend
of Coffee from La Barba adds rich complexity. 4.0% - Available only at Avenues Proper.

Toasted Barrel - Black Currant Sour: Pours a jammy purple color with a creamy white head. Smell is nice with an extremely sour taste and lots of black currant. A surprisngly estery start on the tongue, with a long-lasting sour black currant and raspberry-like finish. 6.5% - Available at Toasted Barrel.

Toasted Barrel - Belgian Blonde: Aroma has some hefty Belgian yeast imparting some citrus and astringency. Taste is decidedly yeasty as well. Minor amounts of clove, grapefruit, apple and pear from the yeast. Its actually pretty straight forward. 7.5%. - Available at Toasted Barrel.

Squatters - Red Hop Redemption: Missed this New England style hopped red ale. It's described as having Ekuanot, Simcoe, and Idaho 7 hops with a strong supporting malty backbone. 4.0% - Available at Squatters brewpub.

Roosters - Blackberry Cream Ale: This is being canned as of 7am this morning. Goes on sale this afternoon at Roosters B Street Brewery in Ogden. 6.0%. 

Policy Kings Hefeweizen: Missed this one. 4.0% - Available at Policy Kings

Anchor - Brewer's Pale Ale Citra: Missed this one. 5.3% - Available at DABC

Sam Adams - Cold Snap: Missed this one. 5.3% - Available at DABC

Sierra Nevada - Brut IPA: Missed this one.6.2%  - Available at DABC

If you've tried any of those that I missed please share your thoughts with the rest of us, please.


Friday, December 28, 2018

New Beer Friday 12/28/18

On a personal note, I'd like to say thanks to all of you that still bother to stop by the Utah Beer Blog for all of you local beer news; even though the content is not as free flowing as it once was, I hope 2019 will allow for more time to get you all of the exclusive beer news that you crave.

This was a record year for Utah's beer scene, we welcomed Toasted Barrel Brewery, SaltFire Brewing Co., Policy Kings Brewery, Cerveza Zólopez Beer Co., T.F. Brewing, Roosters' B Street Brewery and St. George's Silver Reef Brewing Co.; Sugar House's brand new Hopkins Brewing Co. is scheduled to open on Dec. 31. And if all goes as planned you can expect to see at least another 6 or 7 breweries in 2019. So please stay close and please have a safe 2019. Now On to New Beer Friday.

Even in a week where generally nothing happens, you can always rely on a few breweries to step up and get us some new beers. It's not a huge New Beer Friday, but it's enough to wrap up a pretty great year for beer,

2 Row English Brown: This has a beautiful ruby/brown color that is brilliantly clear, with a moderate to thin amount of foam on top. The aroma has plenty of malts with toffee, caramel and nutty bread. Not as nutty as you'd expect from some brown ales. The taste is full of toffee, toasted crackers and some dark fruits from the malt. A nice winter brew that is the perfect change of pace from a brewery that is known for it's hoppy beers. 5.5% - Available at 2 Row

Kiitos Pro/Am Winter Porter: The first of Kiitos’ Pro/Am Series. This 7% Porter is brewed with coconut, coffee and cocoa nibs and was brewed in collaboration with Salt Lake City homebrewer Andrew Frost. Frosted Morning Pow Porter won a gold medal at the 10th Annual Beehive Brewoff. The result is a chocolatey Porter that isn’t too sweet but has notes of coconut and vanilla to round it out. Coffee comes through more as it warms. Very drinkable with alcohol that is well hidden. Damn tasty. Found at Kiitos and Beer Bar.

Ommegang 20th Anniversary: I didn't have the stamina for a 11.1% beer; not to mention it comes in a 750ml bottle. Look for a beer that has dark fruits blended with wood, molasses and a little chocolate with definite bourbon notes. Found at Beer Bar. I'm also hearing it's at some DABC stores.


Friday, December 21, 2018

A Winter Solstice New Beer Friday

It's a special "Resilience" New Beer Friday this week. When Sierra Nevada Brewing Company put the call out to breweries to help raise much needed support for the victims of the California "Camp Fires". Breweries from all over the country stepped up to contribute by producing a special beer that would help fund recovery efforts. The beer is called Resilience IPA. Sierra Nevada, along with Utah's Salt Flats and Uinta Breweries brewed up individual batches of this special beer with 100 percent of the proceeds from each breweries going to this special cause. These beers are limited in supply so don't wait too long or you will miss your chance.

Uinta - Resilience IPA: Pours an amber color with a white head with decent retention and leaves some lacing on the glass. Smells of bready malt and floral, citrusy hops. Citrusy, floral hops lead the way with lots of grapefruit flavor. A bit of sweetness in the strong malt backbone is overshadowed by the firm bitterness. Medium bodied. Available tomorrow at 11am at the Uinta Brewhouse Pub in 32oz Crowlers. Get there early folks because this one will be gone super quick. $8 - all proceeds benefiting the Sierra Nevada Campfire Relief Fund.  Uinta will also be contributing portion of proceeds from items purchased at their retail store and any additional 4.0% Crowler fills to-go from the pub.

Salt Flats - Resilience: Pours a clear copper with a white head. Smells of pine, hops, light citrus, and some malt. Tastes of tons of pine, fresh and bitter hops, light citrus zest, and a nice malt balance. Medium in body and carbonation. Overall a pretty good session IPA. This 4.0% version of Resilience is currently out and available at Salt Flats and the Garage Grill in Draper. As with the Uinta version, 100% of the sales from this beer go to the Sierra Nevada Campfire Relief Fund.

Salt Flats - Tank Slapper Double Rye IPA: Aroma is spicy rye, bready malt, floral and piney hops backed by citrus. Taste is bitter across the tongue with grapefruit, piney and peppery hops. The malt comes in next with the spicy rye and a caramel malt sweetness. The finish is clean, grapefruity and peppery. 9.0%. Available at Salt Flats and the Garage Grill.

Uinta - Experimental IPA: I haven't had this one yet, it will debut this morning. This IPA is loaded with Citra & El Dorado Hops. 6.5%. In an effort to raise more money for the Sierra Nevada Campfire Relief Fund. Uinta is also donating 100% of of the money from this beer as well.

Epic - Experimental NEIPA: from Epic’s R&D department. The aroma is a blend of mango, peach, and other tropical fruit. On the tongue you get mandarin oranges, bananas, and peaches. It's like a sort of tropical fruit punch. The mouth is resinous and sticky. Available in Epic's high point growlers until they last.

Squatters - Outer Daarrgness: This Rum Barrel aged version of Outer Darkness has a nose of cherry, chocolate, rum and maple. The taste is a nice mix of rum, maple syrup, dark fruits, molasses, and milk chocolate. Mouth is nice and full. Overall, an outstanding stout. 11.6%. Available at the Beer Store

Fisher - The Great White: It smells of bitter, and slightly dank pine needles, peppy orange and white grapefruit rind. Crackers and doughy pale malt come next with the addition of leafy and tropical fruit hops. The finish has leafy pine resins. 6.7%. Available at Fisher starting today at 10am. Very Limited.

Proper - Coffee Pale Ale: Definitely starts with big coffee upfront, immediately it transitions into dry malts with floral/piney hops. It’s like having two beers in one glass. Finishes quite dry. Love the coffee selection. 4.0%. Available at Proper.

Zólupez Stout: This malty stout is spiced with three chile peppers (pasilla, del arbol, habanero) each leaving different hints of bitter herbs and citrus. It’s spicy hot and unfiltered, so best to enjoy with food, not alone. Brewed with actual chocolate- your palate with recognize it. Bottle condition fermentation. 6.97%. Available Saturday at Cerveza Zolupez.

Cheers and Hoppy Holidays!