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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

You, Barley wine. Me, a Drunk from Outta Town.

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You can tell that it's a slow news day in beerdom when the "I saw you" post rears it's ugly head. The pic above is the current cover of Beer Celebrator Magazine. If you look where I've circled you'll see a happy and quite inebriated Del Vance. You might know Dell from his book Beer in the Beehive or as that guy who pukes in your ficus at your Holiday parties. Anyway, leave it to Del to crash the Beer Celebrator's 19th Anniversary Party. Not only did he get in, but he got front and dead-center for the group photo. If your sensing sour grapes, you right! I was supposed to go on that fucking trip.
That should be me there!!!
Your a bastard Vance!!!
I hate you!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another One

A couple years back I shot a feature on Uinta Brewing. It was for a show called "The Insider's List" that airs on The Fine Living Network. Check out the brewery when your in town.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

When Hobbies & Carear Colide

If your board and I mean really board. I've got something here that'll suck-up a little time from your day. I shot this story a few years back with Sandy Riesgraf for Fox13 News at Nine. It's about Jenny Tally, head brewmeister at Squatters. We received a Beer Journalism Award for it at the GABF in 2005. There are two parts. Enjoy.

More to come.

Oh for the love of.....

(AP) It will be a little while longer before anyone receives a license to serve beer in Syracuse. The City Council tabled proposals to grant two licenses because a referendum petition could reverse the city's decision to allow restaurants to sell alcohol.
The applicants for class B beer licenses are Wingers and Glen Eagle Golf Course. Wingers could locate in Syracuse as part of a movie theater complex planned for the town center. Glen Eagle Golf Course already operates within city limits.
Petition sponsors say they have collected 1,200 signatures, more than the 944 required to hold a referendum. They seek to reverse a February decision in which the council voted three-two to allow eateries in the city to sell alcohol.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Whisky's A-Go-Go

This really isn't beer related, but it's local and pretty damn cool! For the first time since the start of Prohibition, a Utahn will be producing home grown hooch from the states first legal distillery. Quaking Aspen Distillery is planned to be based in Park City at 703 Park Avenue. The spendy real estate consists of an old garage and two old homes. The distillery will occupy the garage and one of the old houses.

Quaking Aspen's owner David Perkins has some pretty great plans for the P.C. distillery, like a top to bottom renovation of the property and a tasting room for patrons to sample the various spirits produced. I have a feeling the tasting room is just a 'pipe dream'. Unless the state decides to give special dispensation to Mr. Perkins, which I seriously doubt they will. The state enjoys it's monopoly on liquor and would never endorse a private party being responsible for taxing themselves.
Sorry, I'm off topic.

According to the Deseret News David has got a temporary "still" set up in Salt lake so he can perfect his recipes 'till Quaking Aspen opens. No news yet on when that may be. Photo above: coutesy Deseret Morning News.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What's in a Name?

What's in a name? Everything! The name your given projects an image; the second impression people are left with that establishes who or what you are. The same goes for the beer you make. A shitty name makes for lackluster interest. A glorious name can make the nastiest mug of piss a monstrous hit. This label for example "Cereal Killer" what a great name for a high gravity (strong) beer. Or Polygamy Porter. Wasatch Brewery is still making tons of dough on that clever little gimmick.

I found a handy resource that'll help jump-start your creative juices, and get you on the way to finding the perfect moniker for your special bathtub intoxicant. The Random Beer Generator just requires you to click on the generate button and your off. Your friends will think your the smart-ass they always new you could be. Slainte.