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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Griswald's Return

Well it's that time of the year. Weather your ready for 'em or not the holiday beer are arriving. That means your gunna have to start thinking about getting Cletus Jr. that damn Japanese Shaving Baby he's been squealing about for the past two months... Trust me, this toy is gunna kill this year.

Once you've returned from the Budget Mart having crushed your enemies -- Seen them driven before you and heard the lamentation of their women; your gunna need a nice Holiday beer greeting you when you come home.

Let me help you, Brothers & Sisters. Let me dull your holiday pain with a familiar dose of spicy holiday goodness. You may notice the label may be different but this is same Griswald Holiday Ale that RedRock has been making for the last few years. I'm going to miss the artwork of the old bottle it definitely had more character.

Pours a clear golden amber color with a nose is mostly of nutmeg and cloves and a touch of maltiness beneath. The taste started big and malty then the spices kick in. Nutmeg and Clove are very pronounced then transitions into a Cinnamon spiciness. The finish is bright and piney. At 8.5% it will warm your cockles and help you forget about putting that sleeper hold on that old woman from the toy section.

Available today at the Downtown & Fashion Place locations after 5pm. Call ahead before making the trip.
Speaking of the Holidays. We'll be announcing the date for the Fourth Annual Holiday Tasting in the next few days. This the only place you'll find the invite and once it's full, it's full.

One more thing. KUED will be airing a documentary tonight call Beehive Spirits. It's a 30 minute piece on the story of alcohol in Utah, it's a timeless story about character and craft that is at the heart of Utah's alcohol history. Beehive Spirits airs at 8:30pm tonight on KUED HD. Check your local satellite or cable provider for channel.

This episode of Beehive Spirits can also be viewed:
Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 @ 12:31 am on KUED HD Channel 7.1
Friday, November 2nd, 2012 @ 11:00 pm on KUED World Channel 7.2
Monday, November 5th, 2012 @ 12:30 am on KUED HD Channel 7.1
Monday, November 5th, 2012 @ 11:00 pm on KUED World Channel 7.2
Friday, November 9th, 2012 @ 9:30 pm on KUED HD Channel 7.1 


Friday, October 26, 2012

New Beer Friday 10/26/12

As it is Halloween soon, today we have a few beers that lend themselves well to the upcoming celebrations.

First off we have Vampire Pale Ale from Brouwerij Van Steenberg in Belgium. This is a belgian style Pale Ale that has fruity/estery aromas with a slight herbal hoppiness. The flavors is much of the same slight fruity and caramel notes with more herbal/floral hops. The finish is dry and slightly yeasty. It's okay, Your friends will like the bottle more than your tongue will like what inside. @ DABC

Next we have Unibroue's Éphémère CassisThe nose is dominated here by black current and hints of funky yeast in the background. The black current found in the nose is really mellowed-out in the taste. Not nearly as sweet as I was expecting it to be; actually quite enjoyable. More of the essence of real black currents as opposed to a manufactured candy taste. This is not a complex beer; it pretty much only features black currants with hints of malt beneath. As fruity beers go, it's quite nice. @ DABC

In the Returning Champs Departmen:
Deschutes Jubelale, a Holiday ale that's full of hops caramel, toffee malts with a light, dry fruitiness 6.70 abv. @ DABC, BAYOU, BERRHIVE

Hoppers Nut Stasher Brown Ale, a nice nose of f toasted malts and roasted nuts. The taste is full of caramel malts, roasted grain and that signature nuttiness. Also has a nice toasty/piney finish.

What did we miss that you saw out there? Share the beer love!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The DABC Finds Balance!

This story is more of a historical note than a critique on the DABC and the way they do business, but please feel free to find rage, frustration, anger or delight in today's post.

On Wednesday, the state Senate confirmed community volunteer and social drinker Olivia Vela over former  interim director of the DABC Francine Giani. Agraz is the sixth member of the newly expanded seven-member board.

Herbert appointed Giani as interim director of the DABC in an effort to clean up the liquor agency, which has been racked with scandal and possible illegal actions by some personnel. 

This is the first time since the repeal of Prohibition teetotalers have not made up its majority since the 1930s when Utah became a liquor-control state.

Now this will only last until the seventh chair is filled sometime early next year, don’t expect any revolutionary changes in the way the board conducts its business. Constance White, one of the DABC Commissioner offered her perspective, stating that although she thinks boards are best served when at least some members represent the industries they help regulate.

Sen. John Valentine, R-Orem, said the appointment of Giani would raise concerns about the head of one state department serving on the commission of another. Giani also is a member of the governor’s cabinet.

Other social drinkers on the board are White, an attorney and former Commerce Department director, and financier Jeffrey Wright. Nondrinkers are liquor board chairman Richard Sperry, a physician, and attorneys Collinwood and David Gladwell.

Revel in this brief equalizer at the DABC! Like a rare comet, you may never see something this rare in Utah ever again - in your lifetime.


Source: Salt Lake Tribune

Monday, October 22, 2012

Epic Plans Denver Brewery

It was a little over two years ago that Epic Brewing turned an old Asian noodle house into Utah's first all high gravity brewery since the end of prohibition.

Since then the brewery has exploded both in Utah and around the nation, so much that production out of the small - ever expanding State Street brew house is nearing capacity.

To keep up with demand, owners Dave, Peter & Kevin decided they needed a new brewery. The problem is, Utah - though a burgeoning craft beer market it's still not exactly a "beer friendly" place to do business.

Now Denver is a beer friendly city. 63% of all the craft beer jobs in the U.S. are located in Colorado. If your going to set up a brewery, there are far worse places.

Well the cat is out of the bag, Epic's Denver brew house is in the works and will likely be operational sometime in 2013. Many have speculated that Epic is making this move, due to the recent denial to rezone the street to the east of the brewery. This isn't so. The Denver brewery has been in the planning for many, many months, the timing of this recent decision just happened to coincide with the new brewery announcement. Salt Lake City didn't drive Epic to Denver they were already on their way.

This isn't all set in stone, Epic has been having difficulties securring property in downtown Denver. If these difficulties continue Epic could start looking at California to open its new brewery.

So I'll put some questions for you all  to debate. Will this new relationship with Denver alter Epic's Relationship with SLC?

Is Denver too close to close to SLC to make a difference in national distribution?


Friday, October 19, 2012

New Beer & Fresh Cask Friday 10/19/12

Yup, a double whammy today! First let's start with the new & returning beers.

First up is a phenomenal beer from Firestone Walker Brewing. their Double DBA. FW's standard Double Barrel Ale has been in the market for quite some time and is one of their best sellers, this beer is an amped up, super barrel aged barley wine version of this beer.

Pours a mostly clear deep caramel and gold color with a thin layer of beige head. The nose is rich and boozy with smooth oak, bourbon and toffee. The taste starts with layers of toasted malts, caramel, dark fruit and burnt sugar. A light touch of citrus hops come in next and are swept away by sweet vanilla and chewy toffee. Notes of dark raisin lurk underneath, meshing nicely with the oak barrel treatment. Finishes boozy and sticky. Warm and inviting with a kiss of hops. This a phenomenal barley wine and the Beerhive is the only place in the state that managed to get some.

The Beerhive also managed to score some more of FW's Wookie Jack as well.

Returnig Champs: Roosters Ogtoberfest - This lager is dry-hopped with domestic Tettnang hops and is accentuated with deep caramel malts with a nice fruity, hoppy nose.

At Desert Edge: Augustus Amber Ale and the Munich Lager are back on tap as well.

For Hoppers Fresh Cask Friday, Secret Agent and Brewmaster Donovan Steele has filled two casks with his Pale Morning Ale - one hopped with fresh Cascade hops, the second hopped with a mystery hop (Meridian maybe?) or so feme fatale, Tiffany Steele believes. The casks will be tapped at 5:00pm. and will only be on 'till they're gone.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Avenues Proper Restaurant & Publick House

Looks like Salt Lake County will be getting it's ninth craft beer establishment in early 2013. The Avenues Proper Restaurant & Publick House will be a Nano Brewery that will feature eclectic comfort food in a neighborhood setting. TAP&R will be located  in the Avenues area of SLC.  

Rio Connelly, formerly of Epic Brewing will head up the Nano Brewhouse. If your not familiar with the term "Nano Brewery": They are a type of brewery that produce very small quantities of beer compared to micro brewery operations, often defined by a less than 4 US beer barrel (31 gallons) brew system. More specifics on TAP&R to follow.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

El Presidente Arrives!

A few weeks ago we told you that Wasatch Brewing was replicating a version of Obama's White House Honey Blonde Ale. El Presidente is finally done and avaiable for purchase right now at all Wasatch/Squatters outlets, including the beer store in SLC.

Obama's White House Honey Blonde Ale and White House Honey Porter — made from honey made in beehives on the presidential grounds — have quickly become a hot commodity in the home-brewing community. Even SLC's Beer Nut has put together kits for the Presidential ales if you'd like to try to make it on your own.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bohemian's Fall Festbier

There's a new Autumn seasonal available at the Bohemian Brewery right now called, Fall Festbier. 

This one is a Schwarzbier with nice, dark garnet and mahogany hues. The flavor profile is big and roasty with a nice malty character that balances nice with soft biscuit notes mid-palate. The finish has hints of caramel and toffee. Only available at the brewpub for a limited time.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Utah's 2012 Great American Beer Festival Winners

Here are Utah's GABF winners for 2012. There were 4338 beers submitted from nearly 600 breweries. Congrats to all the winners, all should be available to try in Utah except Paardebloem & Sum'r, they're seasonals. 

Epic Sage Saison - Bronze
RedRock Paardebloem - Gold
RedRock Zwikle - Silver 
Hoppers This is the Pils - Bronze
Uinta Baba - Silver
Uinta Sum'r - Silver
Uinta Bristlecone - Gold
RedRock Nut Brown - Bronze


Tuesday, October 09, 2012

So Long, Joe

Sad news this morning. Friend and Bohemian Brewery owner, Joe Petras passed away in his sleep early yesterday morning at his home in Salt Lake City.

Joe's success was due in part to that which drives all immigrants to build a better life for themselves, a strong desire to take what they know, build upon it and make it their own. Joe knew beer, Czech beer. When he started the Bohemian Brewery some ten years ago many thought it would never fly, just like all the other failed breweries that had occupied the space previously.

With a narrow focus on lagered, European styles of beer, Petras using what many would call outdated methods, created some of the most enjoyable lagers in town. Lagers that helped me personally rediscover the joys of Pilseners. We'll miss you, Joe. Your laugh, your sometime grumpy disposition and the way you flirted with our girlfriends and wives. If you have the time, hoist a beer for Joe. Preferable a Pilsener.

Na zdraví!

Friday, October 05, 2012

New Beer Friday 10/5/12

The first beer today is another example of a low abv IPA. This one from Lagunitas is called DayTime IPA.
The nose starts with a big, juicy citrus hop blast with some underlying pine notes. The starts with plenty of grapefruit and orange zest. The malt character is very light, grainy and crackery at best. As it warms, once again, the bitter, slighty resinous "greener" and grassier hops add to the flavor profile. A little thin, but very tasty. 4.65% abv. @Bayou - Beerhive.

Fox Tail Gluten Free from Joseph James Brewing is a gluten free pale that has citrus notes and is light bodied. You will find no sorghum in this beer, but rather organic rices, nectars, and Nnorth American hops. This brew is 5% ABV and 50 IBU's. @DABC

Returning Champs: RedRock Secale. I LOVE THIS BEER! Pours a dark ruby color with a moderate two fingers of off-white head. The nose has a dry roasted malt aroma along with a light rye spiciness. It's rounded out with a mild caramel malt and vanilla aroma. The taste starts with Caramel malts and toffee. Chocolate covered raisins come next come next with a dry rye spiciness. Hints of vanilla and whiskey come next in the end, as well as a subdued hop bitterness that balances the malty sweetness in the finish. The body is full and the whiskey notes become a bit more pronounced as it warms. The 8.5% abv is well hidden but sneaks up you quickly.

This one damn fine lager. It has an outstanding aroma with a great taste and smoothness. It is a good traditional representation of the Bavarian style with a nice blend of rye malt - that is there, but not overly done - Traditional, yet unique. Highly recommended! In 500ml bottles. Available at starting today at RedRock locations. As always, call first.

Epic Double Skull Dopplebock. The nose has notes of gingerbread and dark chewy malts with hints of floral hops. The flavor starts nutty and spicy with breads and caramel malts. Floral hops come next adding balance. the finishes has hints of molasses and licorice. Alcohol is well hidden.


Thursday, October 04, 2012

Vernal Brewing Company Update

After months of planning and fact finding, Vernal Brewing Company's new facility is quickly beginning to take shape. These pictures, provided by Vernal craft beer corespondent, Allen Parker show the walls of the city's newest craft beer oasis going up.

The brewery will be the largest in the area and will be what looks to be Vernal's new "craft beer block", sharing real estate with the Bucket Home Brew shop, which is also owned by the brewery's owners.

As more specifics trickle in on VBC progress, we'll of course share them.

In other news, Squatters Oktoberfest seasonal beer is back in all of it's malty glory. 

Pours a warm orange brown color with a firm, creamy white head. The nose is full of clean toasty malts with a bit of subtle nutty character. The taste starts with lots of crisp, smokey malts, biscuit tones and a good citrusy hop twang. Vanilla, orange peel and a spices lingering towards the finish. The bitter hops meld with a slight malt smokiness into the after taste. Very well balanced and highly drinkable with an ABV of 5.5%. This is a great example of what Oktoberfest biers are all about. Available in 16.9oz. bottles at all Squatters locations, Including the Beer store.

There are some modifications made to yesterday's post on RedRock's Oktoberfest beers. "Modifications" mean, I screwed up! I apologize.


Wednesday, October 03, 2012

RedRock's 2012 Oktoberfest Celebration

It's lager bier heaven at RedRock right now! To add to our local Oktoberfest celebrations RedRock's brewers have been busy lagering some of Germany's finest styles for this once a year shindig. Nowhere in the state will you find a finer collection of specially made German lagers under one roof.

Here's what is on tap for RedRock's Oktoberfest.

The Pilsner beer was first brewed in Bohemia, a German-speaking province in the old Austrian Empire. Pilsner is one of the most popular styles of lager beers in Germany, and in many other countries. It’s often spelled as “Pilsener”, and at times abbreviated, or spoken in slang, as “Pils.” Classic German Pilsners are very light straw to golden in color. Head should be dense and rich. Red Rock’s version is well-hopped, brewed using Noble hops such as Saaz, Hallertauer and Tettnanger. Lagered for five weeks and filtered bright.

A rather old, rare, and unique German beer style, Kellerbiers are unfiltered and unpasteurized lagers that date back to at least the Middle Ages. The beer is lagered. The final product is a mooth, naturally cloudy beer that's rich in vitamins (from the yeast). Hop bitterness is a compliment to the soft malt character. Made with organic malt and organic, whole-leaf Hallertau hops.

An old friend of Bavaria, Munich Dunkels are smooth, rich and complex, but without being heady or heavy. They boast brilliant ruby hues from the large amounts of Munich malts used, and these malts also lend a fuller-bodied beer. Bitterness is often moderate, with just enough to balance out any sweetness. Hop varieties used are German noble varieties, Tetnang and Hallertau. Lagered for five weeks and filtered bright

German style dark lager, very smooth, medium body, low hop bitterness. Eight different malts and thirty-five days of lagering give this classic Schwarz-style beer it’s unusually dark color and remarkably smooth flavor. Not a big beer, but more of a black session lager. Gold Medal Winner at the 2010 years Great American Beer Festival.

A south German style of wheat beer. This one is an ale made with top fermenting yeast. The flavors are of banana and cloves with an dry tart edge, some spiciness with hints of bubblegum.

Autumn Fest is a Marzen-style lager, amber in color, is lagered for five weeks. It has an emphasized malt flavor, is smooth with a clean hop bitterness. Backed by Crystal and Munich malts.

Bamburg Rauch Bier: Rauch Bier translates in German as “smoked beer”. Drying over an open Beechwood fire imparts a smoky character to the malt. Inspired by many trips the brewers have taken to Bamberg, Germany where the Rauch Biers are world famous.

 They're only on tap for a limited time at all three RedRock locations.