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Friday, July 03, 2020

New Beer Friday 7/3/20

Welcome to July. I know that we had all hoped that most craft beer establishments would have been opened by now, I guess we'll just have to slap a big asterisk on this year and be grateful for what we get. Some of the things we did get this week was a new Utah style "lambic", some beers that will raise a little coin for charity and some new to our market beers. I'll take that any day.

Don't forget to stock up today. Many places will be closed tomorrow.

Toasted Barrel - To Be Home: Fermented with cultures taken from our own Utah air. The nose is oaky and dusty with some funk and vinegar. Some toast, vegital notes and barnyard funk start us off. Hints of apple and honey come next. There's some cotton candy floating around in there as well. The finish is mostly white wine vinegar with husky wheat notes and it finishes fairly dry. 7.0% - Very limited and only at Toasted Barrel.

Red Rock - All Together: This is part of an world wide open-ended beer collaboration that was put together by Other Half Brewing. 100% of the net proceeds go to the Tip Your Server Program.You'll rememebr TF Brewing also made this beer. Anyway this beer is really aggressively hopped and is full of citrus and tropical flavors, malts are honey-like and the whole package is very well balanced. AT 6.5%, I could kill 1000 ml. no problem (and probably will). Don't wait too long to pick this one up - there's no limit on what the RR beer store can sell.

Saltfire - Black is Beautiful:  The Black is Beautiful Initiative is a collaborative effort amongst the brewing community and its patrons in an attempt to bring awareness to the injustices that people of color face on a daily basis. This beer is an oatmeal stout - you can tell by the silky pour. The aroma is char with some metallic copper . Taste-wise this is very coffee driven even though there's no coffee. It's quite smooth with caramel and cocoa finishing it out.  Proceeds from Saltfire's version of this collaboration beer will go to support the Black Lives Matter Utah Chapter and the Utah ACLU. Only available at Saltfire.

Talisman - Hot Girl Summer: This a honey wheat beer made with lavender. 5.0% - Limited - only at Talisman.

Talisman - Just For Brandi: Apparently Brandi wanted a blueberry sour ale. It looks like she got one. 5.0% Limited - only at Talisman.

Strap Tank - Orange Hopsicle: Aggressively hopped with whirlpooled Mandrina Bavaria and post dry-hopped with the same - with a ton of sweet orange peel. This is a goddamn Creamsicle. 5.0% - Only at Strap Tank (Lehi). 

Strap Tank - Sweet A$$: This hazy pale ale is hopped only with Nelson Sauvin hops. There's a shload of white grape, gooseberry and Tropical notes. Extremely juicy. 5.0% only at Strap Tank (Springville). 

Bonneville - Sun Twist: This version of Sun Twist is slightly different than previous year's. Look for a slight kettle soured tartness with fresh lemon and ginger. Perfect for a warm day. 5.0% - only at Bonneville.

Bewilder - Mango Blonde: This one debuts today. Given the name I think you know what to expect. 5.0% - at Bewilder

Bewilder - El Guapo: This is a Vienna lager made with whiskey barrel aged coffee. The coffee isn't in your face and you can still detect the base beer. The whiskey element is subtle and is more pronounced as it warms. 5.0% - at Bewilder.

Fisher - Cedar Mesa: A citrus and pine driven pale ale made with Strata and Sabro hops. Medium bitterness. 5.0% - only crowlers to go from Fisher.

Fisher -  Moon Boots: This one is more tropical and fruity. Bitterness is low with a silky body. 5.0% - only crowlers to go from Fisher.

Policy Kings - Pass Da Haze: Dry-hopped with Warrior and Mandrina Bavaria hops. Look for a citrus and tropical flavors, including pineapple and mango. Low bitterness. 5.0% - only at Policy Kings.

Epic - Hard Coconut Water: I don't think anyone has tried this yet. It's coconut with a kick and is strangely refreshing. The current version is 5.5%. in the coming weeks you'll also see a 5.0% version as well in grocery stores. For now it's only at Epic starting today.

Godspeed Otsukaresama: Some lightly toasted and sweet malts blend with herbal notes from the hops. There's a hint of citrus as well with some barely noticeable apple peel. Finishes semi-dry. A very nice Dortmunder. 4.8% - Only at the Bayou (to go sales only).

The Bruery - Wit the Funk: Missed this one. It's brewed with orange peel and coriander and fermented with wit yeast, brettanomyces, and Terreux's house mixed culture. Aged in oak foeders until final maturation, the result is a complex beer that's tart, funky, oaky, citrusy, and super drinkable. 5.4% - Available at Slackwater (Sandy)

Offshoot - Pils: These guys are new to the market and hail from Placentia, CA. This new Pils is different than most you've tried as it's dry-hopped with Citra, Nelson, Simcoe and Sterling.  The result is A a more citrus and berry forward lager That has a much more Neo-American feel. 5.7% - Available at Slackwater (Sandy)

Offshoot - Retreat: This hazy double IPA is hopped heavily with fruit-forward Mosaic, Cashmere and El Dorado. Laced with delicate and aromatic tropical notes along with a bright berry medley and a crisp mouthfeel. 8.6% - Available at Slackwater (Sandy)

Kawaba - Snow Weizen: Another new brewery to the market comes all the way from Gunma, Japan. This comes off as across between a witbier and weizenbock. The nose is sweet with honey and biscuit. The flavor is dominated by more wheat and honey flavors. Not too estery. 5.2% - Available at Slackwater (Sandy)

Kawaba - Twilight Ale: Kawaba calles this a “JPA” (Japanese Pale Ale). Bitter but light hop aroma and soft bitterness compared to regular Pales or IPAs. A nice balance of hop bitterness, malt and umami. 5.2% - Available at Slackwater (Sandy)

Prairie Artisan Ales - Rainbow Sherbet: Missed this one. Look for tart flavors of raspberry, pineapple and orange. 5.2% - Available at Slackwater (Sandy)

Prairie Artisan Ales - Vape Tricks: Tart, lactic nose, followed by cherry candies.
Not overly sour in the mouth; tart, cherry and green apple levels of tart. Lighter end of medium bodied beer, mild carbonation but not overly bubbly, dry. 5.9% - Available at Slackwater (Sandy).

The following are available From Hopkins Brewing. click on the image to enlarge.

Cheers and have a safe holiday!

Friday, June 26, 2020

New Beer Friday 6/26/20

No IPAs? That rare for New Beer Friday and frankly it's quite refreshing to see such a well rounded list of none hop bombs. Enjoy this week's beers.

Saltfire Mobius Trip 'Utah Peaches': Very golden in color. The peach really comes through in the nose, smells very fresh, oaky and funky. They must have used a lot of peaches because the stone fruit keeps-on-keep'n-on right into the taste. The peach is complimented by some ghostly wine character that seems tanic but it's probably just in my head. The sourness is medium to light and the Jamaican rum barrel boozines is head swirling.  I dig this one. 8.0%. There seems to be plenty at the brewery but don't wait too long. 

TF Brewing - Rye Lager: The rye bursts through with such a great malt profile. There’s a smoothness to this beer that is met with the rye spiciness, and a clean finish. It could go wrong in so many ways but doesn’t. (if it was more chewy I don’t think i'd enjoy it as much). Great mouthfeel, the rye dominates and shines. 5.0% - Available at TF.

Fisher - Turn the Phaze: This pale ale is hazy, hoppy, fruity and juicy. Featuring notes of mango, pineapple and strawberry.  5.0% - Only at Fisher.

Fisher - Holy - Coyote: This is a juniper berry infused pale ale, brewed with golden oats, Cascade Centennial and Amarillo. 5.0% - Only at Fisher.

Proper - Blackberry Sour Ranger: The name says it all. The tartness has a medium intensity that boarders on full. The blackberry is fruity enough to punch through and is pleasant. I like the Sour Rangers series, this is a nice addition. 5.0% - at Proper.

Toasted Barrel - Scottish Red Ale: A malt forward ale with toffee and caramel - hints of peppery yeast as well. Hops are subtle with a citrusy profile. 5.0% - Available at Toasted Barrel.

2 Row - Honey Habenero: The aroma is minimal with chilies, honey, yeast and pale malt. The taste starts with semisweet pale malt and a good dose of honey. The habenero is spicy, but not uncomfortable. The finish is firmly bitter and dry.If you like chili beers this is an excellent option.

Shades - Tamarind Ale: This is highly fruity with white grape, lime, lemon, crab-apple and gooseberry. Tangy, tart and approaching a full out sour taste, the ale stops shy and allows the creaminess of wheat to balance and support the fruit. The spice of tamarind applies an earthy, herbal and citrusy tartness. Very nice! 6.5% - Available at Shades.   

Stone - Peak Conditions: Yeah, I said there were no new IPAs this week, then this popped up after I already wrote the introduction. So sue me! This beer is heavy with pink grapefruit - tastes really fresh. It's listed at 8.1% but you'd never know it. The flavors round out with passion fruit, orange and guava. I could drink this all day. Found at Beerhive.

The Bruery - Bakery Oatmeal Cookie: They really did a great job with the accuracy of the cookie taste. The malt taste is more like the light flavor of oatmeal and raisins than the typical dark malt expected. Dark toasted malt, raisins, cinnamon, sweetened oatmeal. Lingering cookie finish that really does taste like an oatmeal cookie. 10.2% Found at Slackwater (Ogden)

The Bruery - Gose are Red: This is a classic gose. A hint of salt on the tongue, followed by grainy wheat, grapes, lemon juice and acidic tartness that is short of sour. 5.6% found at Slackwater (Ogden)

Boulevard - Smooth Fuzz: Missed this one. It's described as a melange of Belgian-style ales, aged in oak barrels and foeders for up to 36 months. Tart and funky, Smooth Fuzz rested on whole apricots prior to infuse juicy stone fruit flavors which mingle with the mixed fermentation character provided by our house lactobacillus and brettanomyces cultures. 8.0% Found at Slackwater (Sandy)


Friday, June 19, 2020

New Beer Friday 6/19/20

Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice - you'd never know it by the temperatures outside. I'm not complaining, this is damn near perfect weather for me. It's also excellent beer drinking weather too; warm enough for the light summer beer with enough evening chill to bring on the heavier beer cravings. Take a look at the list this week and you'll see it fits in perfectly to what I was just talking about.

Fisher - Bock: This beer was resurrected from Fisher's early 20th Century glory days. It's not an exact clone, but I trust Colby's brewing prowess to dial it in. It even comes in a retro looking Bock crowler.  5.0% - Available at Fisher.

Fisher - Plumango Sour: Very tart up front some nice mango notes. The plum gets a little lost in the base beer but it's overall a nice flavor combo that light and refreshing. Look for a malt sweet beer with with lighter alcohol than the typical bock. 5.0% In crowlers to go at Fisher.

Fisher - Staring into the Rye: There's a good dose of rye on top of a solid caramel base. Hops are herbal, sharp and balancing. Nice beer.  5.0% In crowlers to go at Fisher.

Toasted Barrel - Double Juicy IPA: Missed this one. Brewed with four different hop varietals, creating a low bitterness NEIPA.  8.5% - At Toasted Barrel today.

Shades -  PB&J: I was expecting a peanut butter bomb al la Belching Beaver, but the nut addition is pretty subtle. With a tart base beer - plus the addition of strawberry, think too much peanut butter would have made it a muddled mess. It's pretty drinkable considering what it is. 6.5% - Only a Shades.

Heber Valley - Mint n' Chocolate Stout: If you going to make a chocolate stout in the summer you'd better find a way to make it somewhat refreshing. The addition of mint may be the key. This is out now and only at the brewery in Heber. 5.0%

UTOG - Dry Bavarian Hefeweizen: They dialed down the sweetness a bit for this normally sweet wheatbier. It's time you experimented with the drier side of Hefes. 5.0% - only at UTOG.

Talisman - Adventures in IPA #6: This Juicy IPA was brewed with Citra, Amarillo and El Dorado hops. This will go fast! 5.0% - Available at Talisman. 

Lone Pine - Oh-J: This double IPA has an opaque medium orange gold color with bright citrus aromas of orange and grapefruit. Vibrant orange and light citrus in the taste with spicy citrus rind. In the finish there's a nice lingering citrus twang. 8.1% Found at Slackwater.

Returning Favorites

Red Rock - Paardebloem: It's been about a year and a half since the last batch hit. This batch may be tough to obtain for home consumption, but I've been assured that there will be plenty going to the main brewpub and RR's restaurants to take care of the dine-in crowd. This year you can expect honey sweetness with peach, apricot and pear notes. There's a hint of funk and tartness lurking beneath the fruitiness. There's a good dose of bitterness from the greens as well. A sit warms the vinious aspe t from the barrel pop out. Finishes slightly warm and boozy. 9.2% Goes on sale Friday (today) in the restaurants, Saturday at the production brewery.

Proper - Recommend Rye: Continuing with their greatest hits, Proper is re-introducing another of it's OG beers. This week we return to Recommend Rye. This is a saison at it base with rye spiciness that compliments the esters the Belgian yeast creates. This is slightly tweaked from the last time you had it so it's time to schlep your ass over there and try out the new batch. 5.7% Only at Proper.

Epic/Commons - Common Interests:  You thought this collaboration beer between Epic and the now defunct Commons Brewing was all gone. Oh how wrong you were. There's a limited amount of crowlers available in SLC for this special foedered melon sour.  This has a light-straw color with just a hint of green in the highlights. Sweet honeydew rind, clean earth and oak hit the nose. The first sip is bright with citrus-tartness, lime and pith, that fades quickly to a cooling ripe-melon-sweetness with hints of cereal grain, tilled earth and root cellar. The effervescence lifts quickly off the palate taking the acidity but leaving hints of honeydew and the harvest season. 


Friday, June 12, 2020

New Beer Friday 6/12/20

Breweries are slowly opening their doors; allowing people inside. Get out and enjoy what they have to offer, but keep in mind there are still restrictions in place and expect the unexpected when venturing out. Now on to New Beer Friday!

Epic - Big Bad Baptist Reserve 2020: This beastly blend is aged in first use Templeton Rye barrels, Willett Rye and Willett Whiskey barrels. Hints of coconut combined with sweet cocoa and coffee start you off. From there it's all about the rye whiskey. It's not super overpowering, but it's assertive enough to for me to identify the type of whiskey used. It's hides it's 13.2% ABV very well, so be aware of that. At Epic now.

Bewilder - Kolsch: The nose is mostly herbal with some cracker-like aromas. There's a good amount of toasty grains with some citrus herbal grass. The finish is clean and mostly dry. 5.0% - Available today at Bewilder

Talisman - Berry Salty: This has a hazy straw color with a minimal off-white head that disappears quickly. Aroma is fruity. Tastes of vague berries with some sodium. Finishes with a tart bitterness. 5.0% - Available at Talisman.

Talisman Summa Sippin': Missed this one. It's a fruited sour as well. 4.9% - Available at Talisman.

Shades - India Masala: There's definitely an abundant amount of spices in the nose: cinnamon and evidently curry coalesce into a hearty, extremely potent nose bomb. The tart base is medium in strength with some lightly sweet curry. I find myself enjoying it as a unique experiment in unapologetic spice overdose. I appreciate that Shades is flexing it's creative muscles. Available at Shades. Not vegan friendly.

Toasted Barrel - Mango Milkshake IPA: There's a good dose of peach flavors from the malt. The mango is subtle, as is the lactose addition. The hops are all late additions, so the bitterness is low as well. A nice representation of the style. This 8.0% beer hides its alcohol as well, so I'll say again, watch your drinking speed. Not vegan friendly.

Mountain West Cider - Sweet Alice: Missed this. This is a Peach cider with turmeric. On sale now at Mountain West Cider.

Destihl - Piña Coladas Gose: Missed this one. Look for pineapple and coconut for a tropical twist on this classic sour ale. 5.7% - Found at DABC. Not vegan friendly.

Returning Favorites

Proper - Instigator: Proper has been resurrecting some of their OG beers and their adding some tweeks, so If you think you know these beers, think again. Instigator is a Helles Bock (Maibock), full of malty and nutty qualities. It's sweet but has enough hop bitterness to keep it from becoming too much so. Medium-full bodied. Very smooth. 6.0% (formerly 5.5%). Available at Proper 

Roosters - Rooster Tail: This newest incarnation is hopped with Idaho Gem and Motueka. Defiantly worth checking out. On sale now at All Roosters locations.

What did I miss? Please share what you've found.


Friday, June 05, 2020

New Beer Friday 6/5/20

No matter where you fall in this long overdue societal upheaval; at least here, in this small corner of the interwebs, I think that we can all agree that craft beer is the unifying factor. And if we can all find common ground here, we can find it anywhere. So let's all unify around all of the liquid happiness we have swirling around us this week.

Shades - Pleasantly Pickled: The dill is of course most prominent. The pineapple is fairly subdued, with the chilies taking the rest of the load. This is quite different than many of the other kveiks that you've had from Shades and it's due to the low lactose levels and the intensity of the herbs and spices used. It's good on its own or as a cocktail mixer. Think: cheleda, bloody mary, margarita or as a pickle back. 6.5% - Only at Shades.

Cerveza Zólupez - Lager Mexicano: Before the pandemic Zólupez owner, Javier Chavez Jr. traveled to the city of Monterrey in Northern Mexico to make a collaborative beer with one of that regions premier brewers, Cerveceria Cabrito. Using Chavez's lager recipe they produced a classic Mexican lager. Ironically these lager have their roots in traditional German beers. This lager has a subtle malt profile with Saaz hops providing a slight zest. at 5.0% it's pleasantly dry and very crushable. This beer is just hitting the Ogden area and will so be in wide release.

Toasted Barrel - Pineapple Smoothie: Missed this one. However I understand this to be a barrel aged sour with the characteristics of of a kettle soured smoothie style ale. I'm very curious. Only at Toasted Barrel.

Bewilder - Mexican Lager: Sweet and grainy malts add a soft bread-like maltiness with a touch of toast. The hops are Nobel-like and add some nice grassiness and spice. Very drinkable on a warm June afternoon. 5.0% - Only at Bewilder.

Level Crossing - Berry Hazy: This is an American style pale, with a good amount of citrus qualities from the hops. The berry medley used adds a complimentary fruitiness that works extremely well with the base beer and it never falters until the end of the swig. 5.0% - Only at Level Crossing.

Four Peaks - Gilt Lifter: I don't know if this is the right style of beer (Scottish Ale) to take you into the low cal/carb game. There are some nice sugary notes but, you really want those big toffee flavors in styles like this. This more of a pool or recreating beer. 3.4% - Found at Harmons.

Great Divide Car Camper: Nice grapefruit notes, good aromatics with hint of dank bitterness detected. Dry hopped grapefruit is upfront and forward with some piney elements as well. The malt profile is light which makes the beer finish failed dry. Pretty good, you could kill a few of these no problem. 5.0% - Found at Harmons.

Deschutes - Lil' Squeezy: Citrusy hops with bread hops that creep into cracker territory. The taste starts somewhat herbal with some caramel and tropical fruits. Hints of citrus and melon with a long dry finish. 5.0% - found at Harmons.

New Belgium - VooDoo Ranger American Haze: Some star citrus fruitiness in the nose with some cereal like grains. The flavor follows with low bitterness. 5.0% - Found at Harmons.

Firestone Walker - Fly Jack: Herbal nose with some grapefruit. Upon first sip there's  lot of grapefruit, with some earthy hops as well. The flavor has more citrus hops with some lemongrass as well. Notes of pineapple linger towards the end. finishes with some orange pith. Another entry into the low-cal beer game.

Returning Favorites:

TF - Who's Barry?: In this new iteration look for a slight reduction in lactose sweetness with an increase in overall berry fruitiness. Slightly more tannic which helps it keep that fresh fruitiness. The mouthfeel seems to have a creamier feel as well.

Hopkins Chile Mangose: This beer was originally made as a collaboration with Salt Flats for last year's Utah Brewers Guild Collaboration Festival. This version has been bumped up to 5.0%. The chilies provide more flavor than heat in this sour based beer. Ever tried mango dusted with chiles? it's very much like that; with less intensity. A wonderful beer. Only at Hopkins.

Hopkins also has a huge selection of small batch beers to offer this weekend.  Check these out!


Friday, May 29, 2020

New Beer Friday 5/29/20

As breweries and restaurants begin to open, you'll start to see some of these brewery exclusive beers make their way into the market. If you see something I missed please share. Happy new Beer Friday.  
Level Crossing - The Black Album: This is part of Level Crossing's Black Feather Series. This is a black imperial rye IPA. The aroma is hugely dank, herbal and grainy with dense, bready malts. Flavor profile is less sticky, and a little more bold in regards to the malts  – there's a good dose of roast and char swirling around throughout. Dank, herbal, floral, zesty hops open up playing off of the bready, nutty, roastier malts flavors. The bitterness is medium to high and pretty much rules the beer from the back-end to the finish. Overall, a solid BIPA, with big hopiness. 9.2% For sale Saturday at 11am.

Fisher - Sister Brown Ale: The nose was nutty and malty, more so than others, but not overly expressive. There were hints of nuts, some pine, and even some malt - all blending quite well. Mouthfeel was carbonated lightly, medium- to light-bodied, and even had a spicy after-feel. Overall, this was a solid nut brown ale, relatively full of flavor. 5.0% - Available at Fisher

Epic- Bourbon Barrel Chocolate Raspberry Stout: This very limited brew is only available in SLC. It’s as described in the name with an ABV of 10.5% - Only at Epic in 22 ounce bottles. 

Policy Kings - Pass the Haze: Have not tried this one. 5.0% - Available at

Heber Valley- PEACH Better Get My MANGO: Have not tried this one. 5.0% - Available at Heber Valley.

Mountain West - Pomme Paloma: This cider is a take on the Paloma cocktail. Made with the Pink Boots hop blend along with fresh grapefruit juice. It's unlike any cider you've tried.  Sadly, I've been informed that this has already sold out, however another batch will be in the works down the road.

Stone - Buenaveza: This lager is made with lime and salt - Available at DABC stores.


Friday, May 22, 2020

New Beer Friday 5/22/19

Full disclosure: I've been out of town and didn't get a chance to try much of what is out this week. That's too bad, because there's a lot of interesting sounding stuff out this week. I'll be back this evening, don't drink 'em all before I get back!

Toasted Barrel - Oak Aged Pilsner: I'm big on pilsners right now. I'm curious to see how this one came out. 5.0% Only at Toasted Barrel

Uinta - Free Form Rose Ale: This is the latest offering from Uinta's Free Form line of lower calorie beers. Look for a lightly tart ale with slight fruitiness. 4.3%

Proper Fault Line Red IPA: Yeah, yeah this isns't exactly new. However it hasn't been made in quite a while and on top that it was never a 5.0% beer. So, I'm calling it new ya jerk! This has a good amount of malt to it, almost toffe like the hops are aggressive and start with citrus peel. They soon change over to resiny pine and finishes off with a balancing bitter bite. I generally like hoppy reds to be a little more fruity; this one is dry and I crushed all 16 ounces of it in 5 minutes. Good stuff. 6.9% - Available at Proper.

Bohemian - Best of Show Dopple Bock: This was the winner of last year's Lagerpalooza. True to form, Bohemian said they'd make the winner and they have. Look for this clean, toffee driven malt machine at Bohemian Brewing. Dials in at a big 9.3%.

Policy Kings - Chai Saison: This is listed at 14% on Untappd. Seriously? That doesn't sound right. If it is, it's probably the one of the biggest saison ever made. 

Kiitos - Pineapple Mango Fruit Milkshake: I'm generally a fan of this series. They're always as described and not to sweet, relaying on the Fruit to do most of the lifting. 5.0%

Heber Valley - Coconut Girl: This is a Belgian style blonde ale brewed with coconut. 5.0%

Sawtooth - Pika: This is a peanut butter milk stout. It dials in at 5.0% and is already popping up at grocery and c-stores around SLC.  Sawtooth is from Hailey, Idaho and their brand new to the Utah market.

Modern Times - Star Cloud: Just hit SLC yesterday, This a hazy made with Citra hops. 6.8% - Available at DABC and possibly some of the opening better beer bars.

In case you missed it last week Epic's new CBD Free IPA is now in 22 ounce bottles, so there's an option for your as well.


Friday, May 15, 2020

New Beer Friday 5/15/20

Most of Craft Beer Week will culminate this weekend with a few brand new releases that cover the gambit of flavors and styles. These are the highlights of what you can expect. Have an excellent New beer Friday.

Epic - CBD Free IPA: This is hitting later this morning in growlers and next week in bottles. I hear it quite tasty. 6.8% - Available at Epic.

Kiitos - Cucumber Tart: The aroma is big with cucumber with hint of yogurt tartness. The flavor is thankfully more subdued. The cucumber is fresh tasting and it works well with the medium amount of lemony tartness in the base beer. It's pretty straight forward and refreshing. 5.0% - Available starting tomorrow (5/16) at Kiitos.

Kiitos - Rye Cream Ale: Nice sweetness in the nose. The rye is in the back but definitely there. The cream ale is up front, allowing the rye to work the the end of the ale. Very subtle at first then it just keeps building leaving this long rye finish. Tasty. 5.0% - Available starting tomorrow (5/16) at Kiitos.

Shades - Hogshead Reserve 2020: This a complex beer. It's a milk porter made with maple and bacon and aged in Wyoming Bourbon barrels for two years. It's sweet for sure. Lots of maple cake, smoke and hints if mint up front. Dark fruits begin to emerge next with a minor prune twang in the finish. As it warms the maple becomes more pronounced as it battles with the whiskey over dominance. Not for the timid. 9.0% - Available at Shades now.

Saltfire - Mobius Trip (Fate Bell): This beer was made to celebrate Saltfire's second anniversary. This is a sour ale like the other Mobius Trip releases. This one is in Sotol barrels from Texas. If you're not familiar; Sotol is kin to tequila and mezcal, that shares many of the characteristics of agave but it's far from that. It has a very earthy tequila profile, which comes through well in the beer. The beginning is tart and earthy with some granny smith peel. Next comes notes of pineapple and salt. The finish is oaky with puckering lemon. This is super complex and very intriguing. Never had anything like this. It's well worth your time if you like tequila flavors and sour beers. 7.1% - Available starting tomorrow (5/16) at Saltfire.  

Fisher - Bailout Pale Ale: It smells of grainy and doughy caramel malt, muddled tropical fruit notes. The taste is gritty and grainy caramel malt, a touch of biscuit, some guava, pineapple, and mango. Some understated leafy, soapy, and musky floral verdant hoppiness. Tasty stuff. 5.0% - Available now at Fisher.

Fisher Dukes of Haze: Pours a hazy golden yellow color with streaking white lacing. Taste and smell are topical with citrus and papaya notes very floral and juicy. Mouth feel is soft with minimal bitterness. A well don NE Style Pale Ale.

Talisman Juicy IPA: I hate missing out on the Ogden stuff. There's so much good beer up there that I just don't have time to check out. If you have a sharp palate and like to nerd-out on local suds like me, hit me up for a Northern Utah correspondent gig. This NEIPA is loaded with Citra and Mosaic hops and dials in at 8.1% - Available starting today at noon. One crowler per customer.

New Belgium - VooDoo Ranger 1985: Missed this one. 6.8% - Available at DABC.


2 Row - Juice Bomb-OMB: If you missed this one from March of 2019 or just flat-out don't remember it, you're in luck. Citrus aroma - tropical, orange, mango, perhaps a touch of pine.  Good malt presence transitions to the citrus promised with the aroma. Initial taste is mild - no bittering at all. Moderately juicy - citrus, perhaps orange, pineapple. Certainly tropical. Certainly juicy, but not overbearingly so. Well balanced. Finish is slightly sweet, with no bitterness in the finish or aftertaste. On the high side of very good.


Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Utah's American Craft Beer Week Update - 5/13/20

In a normal year I would have a big calendar of event to help you plan your American Craft Beer Week attack. What's that? You didn't know it was Craft Beer Week? Well, I'm not surprised. Dur to the state of the world as it is, Most breweries that I talk to had no plans to hold any events – then in pur Utah style a few stalwarts emerged to keep Utah's craft beer week hopes alive.

I should point out that none of the social distancing rules have changed; all of the current interaction rules still apply. So keep that in mind when visiting any of the following breweries or brew pubs 

The RoHa Brewing Project:

RoHa Craft Beer Bingo - for craft beer week they've made a fun bingo card to help support buying local beer and local breweries. The card is on RoHa's website, along with the rules.

RoHa is also supporting a Utah Craft Beer Festi-GO - we have put this out to all breweries to promote on their own, and do their own activities.  We are having live music in the parking lot while you pick-up beer to-to on Saturday from 12 -3.  You can check out our Facebook event for more info on individual breweries.

And finally - RoHa has put together two really cool 12-packs, available only at RoHa.  One is a true RoHa mix pack, we currently have 12-beers out on the market, so this pack includes one of each.  The second is an IPA 12-pack, it has 3 of each of our four IPA's, including the new High on the Hop.  Our newsletter that was sent out yesterday summarizes those two packs as well.

Uinta Brewing:
In celebration of American Craft Beer Week, Uinta is giving you a chance to upgrade your backyard bar situation. When you stop by the General Store for supplies this week, you can enter for a chance to win one of two stand-up patio coolers or Uinta Brewing LED signs!
As an added bonus, mention Uinta's Facebook post when you visit any day this week for a free gift. Tues-Sat 12pm-6pm.

Kiitos Brewing: The SLC brewery announced yesterday that they will be releasing Cucumber Tart in 16 ounce cans this Saturday when breweries participate in the Festi-Go. Kiitos will be announcing another beer release for Saturday later today. So check back for info on that one.

Shades Brewing: Shades will be releasing a limited beer from their Hogshead Reserve Series on Thursday. The bourbon barrel aged Milk Porter made with Maple and Bacon will come in 12 ounce cans and goes on sale at 3pm. It dials in at 9.0% - $8 per can. Hopefully there will be a limit on the number of cans a person can get – to stretch out the availability.    

Festi-GO: Utah breweries will all have different events going on to celebrate this important week. Select local breweries have joined forces for this for Festi-GO - a to-go only festival. No crowds, stay safe. There’s not alot of info on this, and frankly the info on their Facebook page is vague at best. Hopefully more details will emerge as Saturday gets closer.  

If I missed something, please hit me up so I can add it to the week's list. 


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

American Craft Beer Week in Utah 2020

In a normal year I would have a big calendar of event to help you plan your American Craft Beer Week attack. What's that? You didn't know it was Craft Beer Week? Well, I'm not surprised. Dur to the state of the world as it is, Most breweries that I talk to had no plans to hold any events – then in pur Utah style a few stalwarts emerged to keep Utah's craft beer week hopes alive.

I should point out that none of the social distancing rules have changed; all of the current interaction rules still apply. So keep that in mind when visiting any of the following breweries or brew pub

The RoHa Brewing Project:

RoHa Craft Beer Bingo - for craft beer week they've made a fun bingo card to help support buying local beer and local breweries. The card is on RoHa's website, along with the rules.

  • RoHa is also supporting a Utah Craft Beer Festi-GO - we have put this out to all breweries to promote on their own, and do their own activities.  We are having live music in the parking lot while you pick-up beer to-to on Saturday from 12 -3.  You can check out our Facebook event for more info on individual breweries.
  • And finally - RoHa has put together two really cool 12-packs, available only at RoHa.  One is a true RoHa mix pack, we currently have 12-beers out on the market, so this pack includes one of each.  The second is an IPA 12-pack, it has 3 of each of our four IPA's, including the new High on the Hop.  Our newsletter that was sent out yesterday summarizes those two packs as well.

    Unita Brewing:

    In celebration of American Craft Beer Week, Uinta is giving you a chance to upgrade your backyard bar situation. When you stop by the General Store for supplies this week, you can enter for a chance to win one of two stand-up patio coolers or Uinta Brewing LED signs!
    As an added bonus, mention Uinta's Facebook post when you visit any day this week for a free gift. Tues-Sat 12pm-6pm

    If I missed something, please hit me up so I can add it to the week's list. 

  • Friday, May 08, 2020

    New Beer Friday: Mother's Day Edition

    With Mother's Day approaching, I couldn't resist. Cheers to all of you beer loving mothers out there, you don't get enough credit. Happy New Beer Friday!

    Fisher - Hazard Pay: A sturdy backbone of pale, bready malts and caramel sweetness soon gives way to some citrusy grapefruit and resiny pine notes. The finish is pithy and bitter, with a lingering, astringent aftertaste. On the light side of medium-bodied, with middling carbonation levels appropriate for the style. Fairly refreshing, with a reasonably hoppy kick to it - definitely session-worthy. 5.0% - Available in Crowlers to go at Fisher.

    UTOG - Puckertime: The aroma is lactic with a funky yogurt appeal, lemony with spoiled grain and hints of cream corn. The taste is tart and lemony lactic, slightly vinous and fruity even. Some faint hints of dusty to earthy brett and grain. This isn't a super sour bomb, if you're looking for brutal tart ripper, you'll be disappointed. 5.0% - Available in Crowlers to go at UTOG

    Bewilder - Orange Honey Wheat: This one debuts today. I have no notes on it yet. 5.0% For dine-in and to-go at Bewilder Brewing.

    Talisman - Spindrift: Not quite new. New to me I guess. Aroma of sticky buns and bread crusts. Very malty aroma here. Some blood orange and apricots. Flavor brings up ripe citrus fruits, cantaloupe, pineapple, caramel with faint herbal hops. Feel is somewhat juicy and creamy. Slight resins, some puckering in the finish. 5.0%  - Available at Talisman.


    2 Row - Divine Lunacy: The barrel aged quad is back! aged in bourbon barrel for nearly a year. The bourbon is nearly overpowering at first, but once you palate adjusts the bubblegum and peach from Quad begin to assert themselves. Very nice! 11.5% - Available at 2 Row Brewing.


    Friday, May 01, 2020

    New Beer Friday 5/1/20

    There will be a lot of releases in the coming days, so plan your brewery trips well this weekend. Happy New Beer Friday.

    Shades - Cherry Pistachio Golden Sour: There's some sour stone fruit aromas with a good dose of nuttiness. That taste follows with tart pie cherries taking hold immediately, and just as fast as those  came in the pistachio enters. The nuttiness is medium and they play off the perceived nuttiness you can get from some cherries. Quite different and nice. 5.7% - available at Shades.

    Fisher - Pink Boots Pale Ale: Aroma is a mix of grapefruit, orange, tropical, and citrus hops with some sweet caramel and biscuit malts. Taste starts off with a mix of grapefruit, tropical, and citrus hops with some bitterness and some sweet caramel malts. Through the middle, some light floral hops come through with a bit more bitterness and some biscuit malts. The finish is a mix of grapefruit and citrus hops with a hint of pine, some mild bitterness, and some sweet bready malts. 5.0% - Available at Fisher to-go in crowlers.

    RoHa - High on the Hop Lazy IPA: The aroma is of tropical hops with notes of mango and papaya. I'm tasting more along the realm of piney to tropical hops and light malt and it's very well balanced, at that. The light malt is at the forefront and the tropical to piney hops appear at the back of the palate. The mouth is smooth and delicate. 5.0% - Available Saturday at Noon. Only at RoHa Brewing Project.

    Talisman - Aerith: This sour ale is infused with mango and hibiscus and is a very limited release. This goes on sale today at noon. 5.0% - only at Talisman. 

    Saltfire - A Series of Singularities Lemon Drop: Made with Lemon Drop hops, this hits today at 11am. 6.9% ABV. Only at Saltfire.

    Toasted Barrel - Coffee Brown Ale: Some nutty coffee aromas. The taste is somewhat cola like with some sugary sweetness and percolated coffee. Some vanilla towards the end with a slightly tart finish. 5.0% - Available now at toasted barrel.

    Toasted Barrel - Cranberry Cherry Sour: This was aged in red wine barrels. I have no real info on this one, but it is set to be released Saturday. I'll hopefully have more info by then.

    Red Rock - Nuevo Leon: This is their Lime Gose aged in Tequila Barrels. This will be a limited release and will go on sale May 5th for Cinco de Mayo. I'll have notes on this before then for sure.

    Upslope Experimental IPA: Made with orange blossom honey. Missed this one but it's popping up at select DABC stores. I know the Avenues liquor store has some. 6.5% 


    Friday, April 24, 2020

    New Beer Friday 4/24/20

    Grid City is finally selling their suds from the brewery. In what has to be the worst timing in in local beer history, Grid City was unceremoniously required to close 48 hour before their soft opening, due to the pandemic. Get out and support the new guys and hit up some of these other great breweries offering up beer this week.
    Grid City - House Pilsner: The nose is a nice malty base that has hints of peppery hops and and faint hint of apples and fructose. The flavor is a greatly hopped and like the nose there is a fold malty foundation that has some complex peppery hops riding on top then notes of fruit, nutmeg and lemon peel. 4.5% - Available at Grid City.

    Grid City - Hoppy Pilsner: This one does smell pretty hoppy. Herbaceous, lemon, maybe a bit of grain, straw, grass and grape. Fairly hoppy with a hit of fruit up front before the malt edge takes over. Hits on the green grape and grassy notes. Aspirin like bitterness in the end. Malt begins to show as the beer warms. Getting a slight breadiness. Still, this one is pretty hop dominant. Finishes sharp before completely drying out. 4.8% - Available at Grid City.

    Templin Family - All Together: This beer will be released today at noon. No tasting notes yet. 100% of the profits from this beer will go to the employees of TF to offset their financial burdens. 6.5% - Only at TF Brewing

    Heber Valley - Hefeweizen: Missed this new beer from Heber.

    Wasatch Guava Rosa: Murky and turbid peach color. The aroma is mostly guava. Flavor-wise the guava is fairly subtle, with some hibiscus like tartness. There's a medium amount of bitterness in the finish. 7.1% - Available at the UBC's Beer Store.

    2 Row - Belgian IPA: Missed this one as well. Look for spicy yeast notes with a good dose of citrus and tropical fruits.

    Shades - Magna-tude: Made with orange ginger and honey. The tart base enhances the citrus qualities with a subtle amount of spicy ginger. the honey gives it a slight dryness. Quite tasty, try it with sushi. 5.7% - Available at Shades.


    Hopkins - Stonewall Sour Saison: If you missed it the first time around, stop by and check it out.  3.7% - at Hopkins.


    Friday, April 17, 2020

    New Beer Friday 4/17/20

    One of the things I miss most from my individual exile, is sitting my ass down at any given pub and socializing with all of you. Lauren Lerch (pictured above) is an obvious riot and just one of the many humans that make our beer community so much brighter. Here's to all of you, and a Happy New Beer Friday!

    Roosters - On Wednesdays We Wear Pink: This version of Roosters Pink Boots beer has less hibiscus than the previous year's beer. The nose is citrusy and floral with toasted character. The flavor is fairly dry with cracker-like malts and caramel. The hops bring in orange peel and flowery hops. It's dryness just adds to its drinkability.  5.0% - Available at all Roosters locations in crowlers.

    Shades - Aftershock: The flavors pack a punch of strawberry, banana and guava. There's also some fresh pineapple juice cocktail in there; I don't know if there's actual pineapple juice, or if it's just the base beers tartness mingling with the fruit cocktail. Anoter winner from Shades. 5.7%. Checking Shades' status this morning, it appears that this beer has already sold out.

    2 Row - Stimulus Check: This is one beastly IPA. This unfiltered triple IPA boasts a shload of Mosaic, Citra and Idaho 7 hops. Look for a massive hop profile with a huge malt backbone. The hops are resinous grapefruit, pine, lemons, floral esters and chrewy resins. The rest of the flavors are malty sweet with caramel, earthy bread and alcohol. Oh, and did I mention 11.0% alcohol?  Available at 2 Row starting today.

    Uinta Pina Colada: The use of the lactose in this "milkshake pale ale" is pretty even handed. It's not as sweet as you may anticipate. You get coconut off the top for sure and it is subtle as well. Next you get some tropical fruit juices; mostly comprised of pineapple - maybe some mango. There a good dose of bittering hops in the finish to balance it all out. Solid. At 7.0% it's basically an IPA instead of a pale ale. Available starting today at Uinta.

    Proper - Hey Joe!: This Amber Ale is on the dryer side of the style. What you get is is a good dose of toasted malts with a lot biscuit flavors. Hops are floral with some minor pine accents. the whole package come close to being a brown ale without the nuttiness. Drinks really well. It's dryness keeps its drinkabilty high. 5.0% - Available at Proper.

    Kiitos Tripel Dry Hopped Hazy IPA: This new hazy features Citra, Amarillo and Lotus hops. Lotus is a fairly new hop that features notes of citrus, vanilla, berries and tropical fruits. Look for medium to low bitterness with an ample amount of malt sweetness. 5.0% Available at Kiitos.

    Lone Pine- Tiny Tess: This appears to be mostly available in Davis Co. at the moment. I haven't tried it yet, you have please share your thoughts.  5.0%

    Stone - Enjoy By 4/20/20: Alycen the manager of the Avenues liquor store announced yesterday that she got in this year's Enjoy By 4/20/20. I'm sure it's at other locations as well, but if you want some for the big day, you'd better pull the trigger soon.


    Epic - Supersize Me IPA: If you missed out on this when it debuted last month in crowlers, you can rejoice, it's now in 22 ounce bombers. This big ass IPA is made with apricots, Citra and two of the hottest new hops on the market Grüngeist and Styrian Dragon. The  Grüngeist hops add flavors of Passion Fruit, Melon, Berries, Fleshy Fruit and Sweet Pepper. Styrian Dragon offer intense floral character and moderate herbal and citrus tones. All of this is wrapped up in a hearty 12.0% IPA.

    Epic would also like me to pass on that you can go to www.epicbrewingmerch.com and select the Salt Lake City location to place an order for their beer. Epic will build and box your order and all you have to do is come right inside the door to show ID and swipe your card. (you have to come inside the building to pay, according to the DABC you can't pre pay, it has to be paid for after your ID is checked). 


    Friday, April 10, 2020

    New Beer 'Good' Friday

    New Beer Friday is the perfect elixir for any weekend gathering. No matter if it's on-line or from across the street. 
    Shades - Epicenter Mango Chili Sour: Pours like mango juice. Not much head to speak of. Initial aroma is fresh mango with some chili meat; quite fresh smelling. The flavor starts and finishes like tart mango juice, but there is a nice but subtle peppery scratchiness that follows. It's not hot on the through persay just scratchy. A unique and delicious experience. 5.7% Available at Shades

    Bewilder Irish Lager: Aromas are faint and hard to find, but share a caramel malt and softly phenolic profile. Flavors mimic the light profile and also give a modest caramel flavor. Light grains and ripe fruit flavor (apples, pears) dances around the periphery. 5.0% Available to go, so growler up!

    Roosters - 25th Anniversary Barley Wine: Aged in Porter's Rye Whiskey Barrels for 10 months. This smells like figs, raisins, prunes, booze soaked raisin bread, caramelized sugar, and oak. There's lots of fruitiness, a bit of spicy hops and spicy alcohol and toffee. This is quite fresh and will age nicly so pick up a few extras. 9.8% - Only at Roosters' Layton location.

    Saltfire This is Fine: This beer was brewed in collaboration with the Hop Bombshells Home Brew Club to support the Pink Boots Society. This Rye IPA has a nice aroma full of spicy rye, brown sugar and caramel balanced with the hops. Taste is sweet, spicy rye, caramel malt, toffee, with earthy herbal, grapefruit, pine and grass hints. It has a fine bitter/spicy finish. Complex for 5.0%. At Saltfire.

    Hopkins Pico Rico: Missed this new Mexican style lager. Brewed with Solstice and Munich malts, along with Hallertau Blanc hops. 5.0% only at Hopkins.

    Toasted Barrel - Barrel Aged Golden with Lavender: I missed this wine barrel aged sour. Aged for one year. Available at Toasted Barrel today.


    Friday, April 03, 2020

    New Beer Friday 4/3/20

    Without missing a beat, Utah's brewers keep crank'n out the suds at steady pace. This week's New Beer Friday offerings are all damn tasty and perfect for your video conferencing parties.

    2 Row - Quarantine Buddy: Love this name! Slightly hazy, orange-light amber color with some fluffy head and spotty lingering lacing. Smells really good - fresh citrus fruity hops, a little piney hops and a touch of vanilla. Tastes of loads of fruit - grapefruit, orange, mango, passion fruit, peach, lemon. Also has great notes of piney hop bitterness, vanilla, malt and a little biscuit. Mild bitterness is very well-balanced by the malt backbone. Smooth, slightly creamy mouthfeel, a little sticky with good carbonation. 6.8% - Only at 2 Row.

    Roosters - High Desert Hazy IPA: Pours like orange juice, with a frothy head. Aroma doesn't really catch my interest, though it has a bit of citrus. Orange and grapefruit juice flavor on the first sip gives me just a hint that there's a massive load of hops, and makes my palate anticipate a much more bitter, conventional NEIPA. But that immediate subsides and what's actually here is a juicy, balanced, non-bitter session hazy. Delicious, and shockingly drinkable. 5.0% At all three Roosters Locations.

    RoHa - Transom Dark Pale Ale: Pours out a deep dark brown, almost black, with ruby highlights and a thin khaki head. Smells of toasted and burnt grain along with resinous and citrusy hops. Flavor has a caramel malt backbone with tinges of roasted malts. Fruity esters are present. Hops are big on citrus peel and have an earthy character. Finishes bone dry with a balanced bitterness. Mouthfeel is moderate in weight, with a soft and lightly carbonation. 5.0% - Only at RoHa.

    Templin Family - At Wits End: Pours a cloudy bright straw colored yellow. Thin velvety white head with excellent retention. Surprisingly effervescent even through the haziness. Aroma has notes of wheat, pepper, coriander, nutmeg and a hint of citrus. Taste has notes of wheat, a hint of orange peel, coriander and spicy pepper. Chamomile then punches out, adding a pleasant herbal quality that carries on through the finish. Its a great beer and worth having. 5.0% - Only at TF Brewing.

    Shades - Shockwave Black Currant: Shades doesn't on fruit when it comes to their fruited beers this new beer is no exception. Pours a deep burgundy stained hue. Sorbet flavors build a creamy salad of dark fruits, light pastry, vanilla cream and a sour twinge of red wine. A moderately sweet taste leads with the simplicity of taffy, cobbler and sweet cream as the sour ale leads you towards the finish. Another winner from Shades. 5.7% - Only at Shades.

    Toasted Barrel - BA Maple Stout: The nose is boozy, vinious and juicy, not quite forecasting the flavor profile to come. Complex and layered, with flavors of vanilla, oak and cherry that bounce off notes of yogurt and wine and a touch of funk. There a Balsamic vinegar twang that is weighty and somewhat puckery on the palate. The beer closes with a long finish, leaving distinct sweet and sour fruit residuals. Probably my favorite beer from Toasted Barrel. Get on this one. 9.7% - Only at Toasted Barrel.

    Kiitos - Red is the New Pink (Pink Boots Beer): Pours a deep, dark, ruby red coloration with a large, creamy head. Smells of bready, caramel malt and notes of citrus and red berries, with just a hint of pine. Taste follows the nose, with a great balance of bready, caramel malt and piney, bitter citrus hops as well as a good dose of red berries, with notes of toffee, grapefruit, currant and pine. Finishes with a strong bitterness and some citrus and pine lingering in the aftertaste. Smooth mouthfeel with a medium body and carbonation. Very nice. 5.0% - Only at Kiitos.

    Red Rock - 25th Anniversary Begian Quad: Dark plum color. Aroma is sweet with cola - prune and plum, some vegital notes as well. Taste has some dark fruit flavors, mild phenol, cola, grape and plum. This wins with its late nutty finish, its malty base, its caramel sweetness, and an overblown 12.5% ABV that slowly uncoils its wallup. Only at RedRock.


    Friday, March 27, 2020

    New Beer Friday 3/27/20

    No clever jabs at pop culture or current events for this week's New Beer Friday. Today it's all about honoring those who were our hosts when we used to go out to dine or imbibe. I personally miss you all. Heather, Ryan, Cardi, Gretchen, Dave, Mindy, Barry, Katie, Spencer, Amanda, Alec and so many more. I know I speak for others. Hang in there, and we hope to see you soon! If you'd like to help out your pals in service industry hit this link. https://downtownslc.org/tipyourserver

    Level Crossing - Space Oddity: This Hazy IPA was brewed with orange blossom honey and an outer space themed blend of Comet, Galaxy, Apollo, Ekuanot, Strata and Enigma hops. You get a very explosive aroma, full of citrus peach and pineapple. The taste follows with the addition of grapefruit pith and some hints of mango. the pith carries into the finish creating some bitterness at the end.  8.8% Only at Level Crossing starting at 11am today.

    Talisman - Spindrift Hazy IPA: Another hazy for Ogden's beer nerds. This one pops with  pineapple, mango and subtle pine with that smooth and creamy haze body. You can get this to go in growlers, crowlers, and grumblers. Hit Talisman up! One of Northern Utah's greater beer makers. From 12-8pm. 5.0% ABV

    Rogue - Cherry Choctabulous: Chocolate and vanilla pop in this milk stout. There is a tartness to it, but it doesn't necessarily come across as cherry - maybe, citrus? regardless of the flavor, it seems to work well enough. Seems a little boozy for style, but tasty. 8.4% - Found at DABC.

    Rogue - Shavasana: Rogue calls this an "Imperial, Granola Blonde". Look for flavors of granola, honey, coconut and black tea. Low floral hop bitterness. It's not as weird as it sounds. Again, probably stronger than it needs to be. 8.0% - Found at DABC.

    Dogfish Head - The Perfect Disguise: A straightforward Kölsch with a crisp Kölsch yeast and traditional German malts and hops. A quick sniff and you’re greeted by the double dry-hopping of an American Double IPA, with nearly 4 lbs. of German and American hops per barrel. It brings tropical flavors of citrus, tangerine, mango, gooseberries and peach. 8.0% - 8.0% - Found at DABC.


    Pictured above: Beer Bar's Heather Perry

    Friday, March 20, 2020

    New Beer Friday 3/20/20

    They may be down, but Utah's brewers are definitely not out. If you were expecting that there would be no new beer this week you are sadly mistaken. In the words of the immortal Mikey Muad'ib, "the beer must flow". 

    Also, in an attempt to keep us all up to date on the happens with Utah's brewers and their respective retail outlets, the brilliant crew at Uinta has put together a website called Utah Beer Store. Here you'll be able to keep tabs on what happening, where and when - all in one place. Now on to New Beer Friday.

    2 Row - Blackberry Sour: Lactic sourness with a generous amount of blackberry puree. First gulp greets you with lemon from there it's all blackberry. 2 Row's fruited sours are always wonderful this is no exception. 6.1% - Only at 2 Row.

    Bewilder - Irish Red: Missed this one. Look for sweet, fruity malts along with citrus and pine forward malts. Bewilder can fill growlers right now, so hit those guys up. 5.0% - Available only at Bewilder.

    Uinta - Birthday Suit (Blackberry Lemon Tart): There's already a lemon tartness from the base beer but there's some fresh lemon peel to drive it forward. Lactose adds a bit of sweetness adding lemon glaze  flavors. Blackberry drives it home with a please freash berry profile. 5.0% Available at Uinta. 12-6pm, Tuesday - Saturday (not vegan friendly).

    Epic - Imperial Pink Ale: This is the first beer released as part of Utah's Pink Boots Society beers. This is a Imperial Red Ale brewed with the Pink Boots special hop blend. The malts are sweet and fruity with some berry notes. The hops are fruity as well, push toward citrus and tropical. Pine in the finish. 8.0% - Available only at Epic Brewing starting today. 

    Please get out and support these and other local breweries in any way you can. Cash of course is always best.


    Monday, March 16, 2020

    Support Your Locals, However You Can

    The world got very different over the weekend. All of a sudden, shit is upside down and human social interactions are massively frowned upon. Those of us who have looked to Utah's hospitality industry for a brief respite in our lives, are finding curb service instead or in some cases closed doors all together.

    In this tiny corner of the internet, we keep the news and discussion to Utah's beer industry. It's all been going pretty well as of late; breweries are booming, selection is up and interest is at an all time high.

    While you are cloistered over the next couple of weeks, please take the time to hit up the local beer section of your grocery stores and visit brewery stores, when and if it's deemed appropriate. If you're favorite restaurant or pub is temporarily shuttered, keep in touch with them over social media to reassure them that they are missed, and of you eagerness to return.

    As news pertaining to the local hospitality scene evolves, we'll spread the word of the modified hours and closures over our social media to help you plan you lives and garner support. Stay safe and thirsty and as always, cheers!   

    Friday, March 13, 2020

    New Beer Friday the 13th - 3/13/20

    No hoarding of the New Beer Friday! There's plenty to go around. If you choose to go out into the scary world on this Friday the 13th you'll be met with shloads of great beer. Not an unlucky day at all!

    Red Rock - Don't Murder Me: Aroma is mostly roasted malts, with notes of toast, coffee, and slight hint of smoke. Taste is more roasted malts, creamy milk chocolate, mild coffee, and cocoa. 6.7% Available

    Bewilder - Irish Stout: Aromas of mocha and coffee, with coffee bean and some chocolate milk.
    Flavor is strong with coffee notes...smoked, dark roast coffee and a nuttiness. The finish is smokey with tastes of roasted coffee. Some lingering char as well. 5.0% - Available at Bewilder.

    Shades - Imperial Lager: Quite fragrant for a lager. Strong malt/grain smell. A bit of orange peel, grass and pear. The taste showcases a sharp bitterness from the hops. The pilsner malt is evident in a larger, strong quantity too. It's like a triple czech pils. Lots of flavor. 8.0% - Available at Shades.

    RoHa - Zoltar: This pale ale features the Zythos hop blend. It has a big caramel base with citrus, and spicy pine bitterness. Slightly herbal in the finish. 5.0% Available at RoHa. 

    T.F. Brewing - Corduroy:  Looks like Sunny Delight! The aroma is extremely pungent, with pineapple, mango, guava, grapefruit. You can catch a whiff from the glass from a few feet away. Taste is very juice forward - grapefruit, orange, pineapple, perhaps others, with the addition of a light grassiness before fading into a sweet juicy mild pith bitterness. Mouthfeel is smooth and fairly full with a light tingling from carbonation. Very Nice. 7.7% - Available Saturday 3/14 only at T.F. Brewing. (not vegan friendly)

    Squatters - Rye Of The Tiger: This hazy IPA was made with Mosaic, Simcoe and of course some rye. Light in color, super cloudy and fruity AF. 5.0% - At Squatters Brewpub SLC. 

    Heber Valley - Electric Avenue: I missed this new Double IPA. It's hopped with Mosaic, Citra and Centenial. 8.0% - Avaiable at Heber Valley.

    Pipe Works - Blood of the Uincorn: Really fresh and aromatic. It opens with a surprisingly prominent malt body. Hints of citrus, grapefruit rind, cane sugar and grass. Big hop bite towards the end accents a brew that's mostly got great balance between citrus and resin. Real drinkable too. 6.5% - Found at Slackwater (Ogden)

    Pipe Works - Select Schwartzbier: Missed this one. 6.3% - Found at Slackwater (Ogden)

    Pipe Works Donut Soup:  This is an imperial stout. Lactose and vanilla are very evident on the nose, with periodic hits of coconut and coffee as it warms. Taste leans more on the lactose, coconut, vanilla, and coffee, with some supporting cocoa and bready malt, but again really sweet, cloying on some sips.   10.5%  - Found at Slackwater - Ogden (not vegan friendly)

    Pipe Works - Infinite Citra: Huge Citra aroma of tropical fruit and citrus. The taste has a burst of tropical fruit with notes of pineapple, passion fruit, orange, and grapefruit. Some biscuity malts as well. 7.3% - Found at Slackwater (Ogden)

    HaandBryggeriet - A Dashing Rogue: This is described as a nordic oud bruin sour macerated with raspberries and cherries. 6.8% - Found at the Bayou.

    La Sirène Brewing - Paradoxe: This is described as having a classic grape characters and juicy yet tangy green fruits that dominate with the bracing acidity that delivers a dry, creamy and refreshing finish. 5.0% - Found at the Bayou

    The following are part of Hopkins Brewing's Small Batch Series 

     #TRENDY: This New England style pale features a fruity blend of late
    addition hops. Hearty hop aroma without heavy bitterness, and
    topped with Kveik yeast, you could say it's as trendy as it gets.

    BRUNCH ALE: Brewed with lactose, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and
    maple. This blonde ale is inspired by french toast. (not vegan friendly)

    : The German weiss style features mosaic hops.

    GALENA PALE: This SMASH pale showcases both Solstice 2-row grain, as well
    as Galena hops.

    IRISH SODA BREAD: *may contain traces of nuts* This dry pale ale is brewed with
    salt and raisins. Inspired by a St. Patrick's Day staple.

    IRISH RED: This Irish Red is exactly that, lots of malt character with a touch
    of hop bitterness.

    : Brewed with coffee and Irish whiskey, this robust stout is
    inspired by the Irish Coffee cocktail.

    CARBOMB STOUT: Brewed with lactose, cacao nibs, coffee, vanilla, and Irish
    whiskey. This stout is inspired by the Irish Carbomb shot. (not vegan friendly)


    Friday, March 06, 2020

    New Beer Friday 3/6/20

    If New Beer Friday is my ailment, I don't want to be well. If you need some weekend medicine, we have you covered.

    Silver Reef - Fresh and Juicy: I missed this one, I hope to have notes on this later. 4.2% 5.0% found at the Bayou

    Avenues Proper - Sir Bain's London Porter: A nice roasted malt aroma with a good dose of roast in the taste as well. It's quite powerful and almost comes across as ash. The is some dark cocoa and espresso as well, with little in the way of malt sweetness. 5.0% - Available at Avenues Proper

    Bewilder - English Brown Ale: Caramel and toast in the aroma. Taste-wise it starts with a cola-like sweetness with a vague vegetable flavor. It's sweet but malt flavor is low with very subtle toasted malts. 5.0% Available at Bewilder.

    Wasatch - Barrel Aged Belgian Pale Ale: Missed this one. I hope to have tasting notes on this later. This Belgian style pale was aged in Wyoming Whiskey barrels. This is very limited and only available at Wasatch's Sugar House location. 5.0%.

    Melvin - Mind Bloom: A hazy peach color with tangerine, mango, pineapple lemon and grapefruit zest. Taste wise you get more of the same with papaya, pineapple, tangerine up front with nice caramel, grapefruit, and berry backing it up. 7.0% found at BeerHive.

    Wildflower - Solera (Pull #4): This sour hails from Australia. This foudre sour is a spelt beer with notes of citrus, dark fruits and some balsamic notes. This is very limited and exclusive to the Bayou. 5.0%.

    Revision - Smoke And Mirrors: This NEDIPA has a healthy dose of Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic hops. This gives it flavors of orange, tangerine and melon up front. Apricot, pineapple and berries round out the back end. Found at the Bayou - 8.0%

    Revision - Planet Lovetron: Starts slightly grassy and herbal, opens to tropical fruit, passion fruit, mango, and a hint of pineapple, citrus, lemon, tangerine, and grapefruit, with an underlying resinous bitterness, biscuity malt, and caramel sweetness. 6.5% - Found at the Bayou.

    Odell - Witkist White Ale: Normally witbiers are made with orange peel. This one uses grapefruit peel. It doesn't alter the citrus quality too much, however the yeast is super phenolic (clove, bandaid) and it comes across as a super chewy saison. Just kinda, meh for me. 5.0% Found at Beer Bar.