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Friday, May 28, 2010

New Beer Friday 5/28/10

It's Friday. You made it! Now you deserve a beer. To help celebrate we have three new additions to family to help ease you into the holiday weekend.

First is Eggenberg's Mac Queen's Nessie. This is a smoke beer made with Scottish Highland Whiskey malts. It has a relative low ABV of 5.0%

Het Anker's Gouden Carolous "Cuvee Van de Keizer Blauw" this an 11% Brown Belgian Strong Ale. Malt, fruits and toffee in the aroma. Full bodied powerful vinous fruity flavor with some acidity.

Van Honsebrouck's Bacchus. It's a Flemish Sour Brown Ale aged in Oak. A typical Flemish beer with a pleasant wine-like taste and a rich past. This dark brown beer, which is matured in oak casks, has a slightly acid aftertaste.

All three are at the Bayou.

Also released today is Epic's Imperial Red Ale. Brown Rice Ale & Sour Apple Saison. Should be available this afternoon - at the brewery.

Don't forget that the Mountain Brewers Festival is a week from tomorrow (6/5/10). Tickets locally are at Uinta, Bohemian and Roosters. They can also be purchased at the fest.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Around Town 5/27

If you've been interested in grabbing some of Uinta's New Crooked Line beers, wait no more. They are defiantly available at the wine store on 1700s. & 300w. and a few other liquor stores.

From personal experience the store employees will likely not know what the hell your talking about. They'll look at you like you have a second head growing out of your chest. Be calm, explain exactly what they look like and ask if they could please check in the back. It's not the clerks fault, the local beer phenomenon is still new to most of the liquor store employees. The most Knowledgeable beer people are at 1615 Foothill Blvd, (Wine Store) 255 South 300 East and (Wine Store) 280 W Harris Ave.

If you live outside Salt Lake County ask your stores manager if they could please order some.

There should also be Select Epic Brewing labels available at the state stores by now. And speaking of Epic, three new beers from the new brewery should be available today or tomorrow at the brewery, bars and liquor stores. They include.



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Help Congress, Help You!

Taxes are an inevitable and essential part of our society, they should be fair and they should be smart. The fault lies upon we the taxpayers if our representative fail to do the right thing on our behalf.

Recently the subject of beer taxation was heavily debated in Washington D.C. Whatever your stance on beer is you can't ignore the fact that beer is one of the most highly taxed commodities in America.

Each beer you drink contains Malted Barley - Hops - Water - Yeast - Federal Excise Taxes - State Excise Taxes - Normal Sales Taxes and some other kind of beer-specific or alcohol-specific sales tax. The United States Congress currently needs to hear from you regarding two bills pertaining to beer taxes.

This isn't about the taxes that beer drinkers pay directly, it's about the taxes that brewers pay to ship and sell their product. The nature of the brewing industry has changed vastly in the past thirty years. The tax codes have not. The objective of the current movement in Congress is to update the codes and bringing them inline with the realities of today's brewing industry. If you enjoy your suds you should let Congress know that you support the proposed changes.

Currently, there are two bills before Congress. In the House of Representatives, HR 4278. In the Senate, S 3339. Please contact your representative in congress and urge them to cosponsor or vote for legislation that would benefit our local breweries.

Here are links to help you find your Representative and our Senators.


Source: Washington Beer Blog

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 Snowbird Beerfest

"A dad needs what a dad needs"

Hey, we all know you gave your dad more grief than any one man deserves. So in penance for all the shit you gave the poor ol' man over those many years growing-up, treat him properly this Father's Day and haul his ass up Little Cottonwood Canyon to the Second Annual Snowbird Beerfest.

A dozen Utah breweries will be pouring two to three different beers. Snowbird will provide food stations, live music from Good Gravy, The Nate Robinson Trio and the B.D. Howes Band. There will also be crafter/vendors pedaling their wares.

The Beerfest will be on Saturday, June 19, 2010 and run from Noon - 8 p.m. (beer will be sampled until 7 p.m.). The only cost is $1 for a 3 ounce sample.

Breweries Pouring this year include:
Bohemian Brewery
Desert Edge
RedRock Brewing
Uinta Brewing
Ruby River
Four +


Monday, May 24, 2010

Hoppers' Pils Gets an Upgrade

Hoppers has a new release due out soon in their Storehouse Reserve line. This is the Pilsner may be a familiar name to you if you frequent Hoppers. It's the name of their multiple gold medal winning lager. The name may be the same but this brew is something more.

It's a bigger version at 5.5% abv, more malt, more hops, more IBU's, and a beautiful rich gold color, crisp flavor, and a long lasting creamy white head. All German hops, malt and yeast strain. Very beer is very German in taste and aroma.

You'd never know it by looking outside this morning, but Summer is on the way. Your going to need another good local lawnmower beer... This is the Pilsner.

Brewmaster and Secret Agent Donovan Steele says, "it Should be available for purchase at the brewpub - in six packs in the next two weeks".


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crooked Line Beers Available

Three of the four Crooked Line series of beers from Uinta will be available staring today at the Bayou & Beerhive.

Labyrinth Black Ale is made with liquorish aged in Rye and Bourbon barrels, and is 13.2% alcohol by volume. If you Like Bourbon Barrel aged Imperials stouts you'll like this one. Officially Utah's highest alcohol beer to date (made in Utah).

Cockeyed Cooper Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine is basically a re-branding of the Uinta Bourbon Barrel Barleywine (BBB). It's 11.1% alcohol by volume, and is a wood-aged version of the XVI Anniversary Barleywine. Spent six months on Bourbon/wood. You'll still find some of the old BBB labels out there. Might be worth holding on to if you can find them.

Lastly is the Detour Double India Pale Ale it's brewed with four hop varieties. Has big citrus and floral notes and has 9.5% alcohol by volume.

We're still waiting on the State to approve the Tilted Smile Imperial Pilsner. I was able to try a sample of this one. It's a great Pils. It's 9.0% ABV is deceptively hidden. Be careful with this one.

If my two-cents are worth anything, get on the Labyrinth and the Detour Double IPA. They're all yummy but those two really shine.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More New Beer 5/19/10

Remember last Friday when I said "there was new beer for you"? well I didn't know the half of it. Here are some of the yummy additions to that incomplete list.

Chambly Noire: a smooth and creamy dark beer with a beige and persistent head. Its torrefaction aromas and slight bitterness enable it to perfectly accompany various fish dishes, strong cheeses and chocolate desserts. (Bayou, State)

Full Sail Hop Pursuit: A crisp blonde extra pale ale with a medium malt body. The malts are chased by a ton of hop flavor and a zing of bitterness. (Bayou, State)

Konings Hoeven: Its flavor is full, mild and pleasantly bitter. From one of the seven beer producing monasteries. (Bayou)

Le Merle Saison: A rustic ale, pale in color, inspired by the rich brewing traditions of the Flanders region. Abundant hops and a Belgian yeast strain contribute exotic aromas and tropical fruit notes. (Bayou)

Meantime London Porter: Aroma is chocolate malt, coffee, roasty. Good medium body with easy drinking roasty malt, chocolate and sweet creamy roasty finish. (Bayou)

Rogue Double Mocha Porter: Has an aroma of dark chocolate, roasted, malts, and notes of vanilla. Very smooth an silky. Finish brings a lingering chocolate flavor. (Bayou)

St. Feuillien's Saison: . Lemon, orange and dusty Belgian yeast aromas. Sharp with sweet citrus upfront, turning peppery in the middle into a nice, mild hop bite. (Bayou)


Monday, May 17, 2010

American Craft Beer Week in Utah

Get ready, today is the first day of American Craft Beer Week. To Celebrate locally there are specials and events going on at most breweries and brewpubs around the state of Utah.

The biggest of the weeks events has to be the grand opening of Epic Brewing Company's brand new brewery in downtown SLC. Epic will officially debut 9 different artisan beers labels starting today. Sold cold in 22 ounce bottles at the brewery and various bars and restaurants around the state.

Now I know most of you are already aware of most of this but here it is again

EPIC's series will be broken down into three tiers: Classic, Elevated and Exponential.

The Classic Series is EPIC’s line of consistent American-style craft beers. These are the standard labels and will not change.

The Elevated Series consists of unique recipes that will vary from batch to batch and season to season. Limited in quantity, each release will be numbered. Detailed batch information and brewers notes will eventually be found the brewery’s website.

The top level of EPIC beer is the Exponential Series. These are the "wild card" beers. Expect beers that cutting edge, selective and highly creative.

Epic is located on 825 south State Street.

Also to celebrate this week Uinta Brewing is offering $3 pints, all day, all week. Bottled beer sold through the Brew Pub will also be discounted. Additionally they will be giving free nightly tours starting at 5 p.m. Copies of the Declaration of Beer Independence will be available for all Brew Pub patrons to sign.

Uinta's new "Crooked Line" line of beers may see liquor store shelves by the end of the week as well. The DABC moves at it's own speed, so nothing is for sure, keep bugging them!

Look for the Labyrinth Black Ale - Cockeyed Cooper Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine - Detour Double India Pale Ale & Tilted Smile Imperial Pilsner.

As more specials and events are revealed we'll pass them along.

Cheers and Happy Beer Week!

Friday, May 14, 2010

New Beer Friday 5/14/10

One of my favorite things about Friday, besides the fact that its Friday is that it's also new beer day. Today there are quite a few new offerings around town.

First is Unibroue Quelque Chose. This one hasn't been around for quite a while. This is actually a very versital beer. It can be served hot to 160ºF or it can be cool. It can also be served on the rocks, as an aperitif. It's full of cherries that are soaked for months in slightly bitter ale before being blended into the fresh beer. Quelque Chose is made with dark roasted malts. The most original of the Unibroue line. Quelque Chose is available at The Bayou and Select liquor stores.

The following are only at the Bayou. Mark gets these special orders every now and then and they're usually very limited in quantity so don't wait too long.

First off there are the Mikkeller Single Hop IPAs. If your new to IPAs or want to get to know your hops better, these are the perfect beers to try. Most IPAs are made with more than one variety of hop. All of these beers are exactly the same except for the Hop bill. If you want to teach your pallet the difference between the different hops styles these are a good teaching tool.

The Bayou has Nugget IPA, East Kent IPA, Chinnok IPA, Centennial IPA, Cascade IPA, Warrior IPA and Simcoe IPA. Also available from Mikkeller is the Stateside IPA, Nelson Sauvin IPA, Big Worst Barlewine.

Also, at the Bayou is Sierra Nevada's Southern Hemisphere Harvest. This is the first (known)time that an American brewer has put out a beer with fresh-picked hops from the southern hemisphere. The inaugural ale features fresh Pacific Hallertau, New Zealand Motueka and New Zealand Southern Cross hops, all from New Zealand.

Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noir is a dark Saison that is naturally cloudy, bottle conditioned with Caramelized malt, wild yeasts, sour-dough bread, ginger, spices, and a touch of hops. It also has a bit of sourness that is rather crisp and dry. The finish is drying and then has a lingering sour.

Is that enough to help you get your beer on this weekend?

And don't forget about the beer garden at the Fisher Mansion this Saturday from 5-9.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beer on Hold in Roy

If your reading this you are most likely an element of society that the city of Roy has concerns with.

No stores in Roy will be getting a new beer license for up to six months. The city council has voted unanimously to stop issuing licenses until officials decide how to regulate how licenses are approved and distributed.

The council is concerned about the number of beer-selling stores popping up near schools and churches. "I'm less concerned about the density and more concerned about the proximity to churches and schools," said Councilman Michael Stokes. "It's similar to the check-cashing stores. It brings in an element."

Yes, there's that word again, Element.

Apparently convenience stores like restaurants have to sell a certain percentage of food over alcohol to get a beer license. The council wants to figure out how to monitor that.

I'd like to remind the council that we do still live in Utah (I was surprised to find this out as well), and the local majority will always keep the status quo. So I wouldn't worry your pretty lil' heads over it.


Source: Rachel J. Trotter Standard-Examiner

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The 2010 Mountain Brewers Festival

For nearly the past decade we've been referring to the Mountain Brewers Beer Festival in Idaho Falls, Idaho as Utah's best beer festival. It really is. It's proximity to northern Utah and wide range of participating breweries makes it a great one-two punch.

As if all that good beer wasn't enough to get you to IF, the Fest is also home to the The North American Beer Awards. The Awards are a unique event sanctioned by the North American Brewers Association. The competition provides an opportunity for the beers you love to be judged by qualified judges against the best beers in the country. Last year over 1,200 beers were judged!

This years beer fest will be held rain or shine on June 5th, 2010 at the Sandy Downs. Besides beer there will be tons of food, music and free shuttles to take you to and from the fest.

Advanced tickets for the beer fest are available now at the Bohemian Brewery, Uinta Brewing and Roosters Brewing. Tickets are $20 ($25 at the door) Also, the breweries have asked for cash only for ticket sales.

If you think your going to make it, post a yea or nay in the comments section or on the Forum. It's by no means an RSVP. I just thought it'd be nice to give people an idea of who to look for there.


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Come Celebrate the Historic Fisher Brewery

In the early 1870s a man named Albert Fisher immigrated from Germany to the United States and eventually settled in Salt Lake City. Albert was a brewer by trade and he quick put his skill set to work shortly after arriving in Utah.

In 1884, Albert Fisher purchased 15 acres of land on 200 South on the east bank of the Jordan River (1206 West) where he established the A. Fisher Brewing Company.

The Fisher Brewing Company quickly became the largest brewery in Utah and in 1893 he constructed a grand residence adjacent to the brewery along the banks of the Jordan River.

Salt Lake City, which now owns the historic mansion will be hosting an open house May 15, 2010 from 5 – 9 p.m . The Fisher Family and Red Rock Brewing Company will host the Albert Fisher Beer Garden on the mansion grounds. This is a great opportunity to get to know this great piece of Utah's beer history while enjoying great German food and local craft beer on the beautiful riverside mansion property.

All proceeds go to Celebrate the City 2010 and to the Salt Lake City’s Historic Preservation Fund. The Fund supports restoration and preservation of the City’s historic buildings and places. Come Celebrate the City is an annual community event celebrates Salt Lake City’s grand historic buildings and the eras they were built.


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Uinta Walks a Crooked Line

Uinta Brewing Company announced last week it's producing a new line of beers. The Crooked Line series will be a limited edition tier of the Uinta brand consisting of special 750 ml cork - finished bottles of unique, high alcohol beer.

The Crooked Line describes beers that may not follow stringent style guidelines. Such diversions empower brewers to draw on their experience in exploring new beers and brewing techniques.

The initial release of the Crooked Line includes four beers, the names of which play upon the word "crooked." Labyrinth Black Ale is aged in rye and bourbon barrels, and is 13.2% alcohol by volume. Cockeyed Cooper Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine is 11.1% alcohol by volume, and is wood-aged for six months. Detour Double India Pale Ale is 9.5% alcohol by volume, and is brewed with four hop varieties. Lastly, Tilted Smile Imperial Pilsner measures at 9% alcohol by volume.

Uinta intends to brew other varieties of Crooked Line beers, including single-production varieties, or beers that are available only for a short period of time, perhaps either for a special occasion or to satisfy a brewers creative whim.

Look for the Crooked Line series within the next couple of weeks at bars, liquor stores and eventually the brewery. This is just more proof of Utah's ever changing craft beer landscape. This is looking to be Utah most diverse beer year ever!


Monday, May 03, 2010

Anchor Brewing to be Sold

When I first heard that Fritz Maytag was selling Anchor Brewing after 45 years, my heart sunk. Fritz, how could you sell off this piece of history? especially to an investment and consulting company that focuses on multiple alcohol brands.

Well after listening to this interview from KQED in San Francisco, my fears were lessened. But I have a feeling the craft beer community will keep a constant eye on the Griffin Group to make sure sure they don't screw up an American Institution.

Here's the entire interview. It's worth checking out.