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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Hop Help!

Hop week continues! Chris Haas at Desert Edge is in need of your help also. They are in the process of gathering hops for their wet hopped ale.

They are picking hops Tuesday, and Wednesday. If you are interested and would like to help out, drop 'em a line at brews@xmission.com or come over the the brewpub. beer and some food provided.

If you can't help but still want a good beer. there plenty of goodness on tap.
All the Way Alt is a brilliant copper color and filtered lager that is higher in bitterness and has medium hop flavor. It is highly malty for a dry beer.

Also on tap is Edge's Special Bitter, Dog Days Kristalweizen, and Downtown Nut Brown.
As well as the standards; Utah Pale Ale, Pub Pils, Happy Valley Hefe and Latter Day Stout.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Hoppy Days

If your yard looks like mine, you've got thick vines full of cones waiting to be plucked. Hop vines all over the area are already starting to yield a wide varity of our favorite bittering tool.

I noticed a lot of people around the area were getting their "Hops-On" this weekend. Here are some of their photos.

Chris Haas

Chris Detrick

Ray & Carrie Madsen



Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hop to It, People!

Our friends in Park City need your help!

The Wasatch Brewpub is looking for a few good pickers to help stock-up the brewery with some fresh Wasatch Hops.

That's right, there's a local variety of hops that grow wild up there in the mountains of Summit County and they need to find a home.

On Thursday, September 9th @ 8:30 am Matt, Ray and the rest of the Brewhouse are headed out to gather the resinous cones to aid in the production of their next fresh hopped ale or lager. Maybe Hop Bandit?

If you'd like to help out or at the very least increase your beer karma, shoot Head Brewer Matt Beamer an email if your interested. Mmmm, there's nothing like a fresh hopped ale.



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best of Show Recipe

I got the opportunity to sample of lot of great homebrew over the weekend at the Beehive Brew-off. Many of the home brewers perfectly "nailed" the styles that they had entered. I talked to a lot of people that were shocked that a Smoked Beer could win best of show.

I get it, smokey flavors in beer are an acquired taste for many. But trust me, Ray Madsen's Smoked Porter was truly brilliant. The smokey profile was very subtle and balanced nicely with the malt of in the porter.

Unfortunately, Ray's last three bottles were entered into the competition so there are none to be had. However, Ray has graciously offered up his recipe for you; so now you can decide for yourselves. Thanks and congrats Ray!

So here it is, Ray's Smoked Porter.


Smoked Porter

1.5# Alder Smoked Munich Malt
10# Maris Otter Pale malt
2.0# Munich Malt
0.75# Cara-pils
1.0# Crystal 75
0.75# Chocolate Malt
2.0 oz. Roasted Barley

.75 oz Nugget 60 minutes
.50 oz Willamettes 30 minutes
.75 oz Willamettes 5 minutes

Makes 6 gallons

36.8 IBUs

32 SRM

1.070 OG

WYeast 1028 London Ale or your favorite ale yeast

Smoking Malt

Soak 2 cups of Alder wood chips for 40 minutes

5# Uncrushed Munich malt and 2 1/2cups of Distilled water soak for 15 minutes drain off extra water.

I used a heat element to the malt.

Smoked malt for 35-45 minutes.

Try to keep the smoking temp no higher than 150 degrees.

When finished smoking the malt put in food dehydrator or on a sheet pan in the oven on low or warm until dry. (Note: your house will smell like smoked malt)

When ready crush with rest of the grain.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

2010 Beehive Brew-off Winners

This past weekend 30 beer judges from all over Utah and Idaho spent the last two days sampling some of the most creative home brews to come out of a kitchen or garage.

The quality of the 364 entries really blew the judges away. I personally would have paid good money for many of them. So here they are, and congratulations to the the winners of the Second Annual Beehive Brew-off!

Beehive Brew Off Results
August 21 2010
Sponsored by The Beer Nut/ZZHOPS
364 Entries

Table 1 - 1 Light Lager (10 Entries)
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Standard American - Lager Standard American 1
Mike Horner SLC,Ut Dort - Dortmunder Export 2
John Hansen SLC,UT Backcountry Lager - Munich Helles 3

Table 2 - 2 Pilsner (10 Entries)
Bryan Van Winkle SLC,UT This is the Pilsner - German Pilsner 1
Mike Johnson SLC,UT German Pils - German Pilsner 2
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Classic Am. Pilsner - Classic American Pilsner 3

Table 3 - 3 Euro Amber Lager (11 Entries)
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Oktoberfest - Oktoberfest 1
Travis Grimm Sandy,UT Grimmbrau Festier - Oktoberfest 2
Tracy Johancsik Murray,UT Over the pond Oktoberfest - Oktoberfest 3

Table 4 - 4 Dark Lager (9 Entries)
Rob Kent WVC,UT Ebony - Schwarzbier 1
Tracy Johancsik Murray,UT Dawn's Dunkel - Munich Dunkel 2
Travis Grimm Sandy,UT Grimmbrau Schwarzherz - Schwarzbier 3

Table 5 - 5 Bock (7 Entries)
Zach Gildersleeve SLC,UT Inseminator - Doppelbock 1
Michael, Kris Baker, Merrill West Jordan,UT Hoppermaker - Maibock 2
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Bock - Traditional Bock 3

Table 6 - 6 Light Hybrid XX (21 Entries)
Doug Kirchner Park City,UT Ken's Blonde - Blond Ale 1
Travis Grimm Sandy,UT Grimmbrau Kolschner - Koelsch 2
Tom Shivers Brigham City,UT American Wheat - American Wheat/Rye Beer 3

Table 7 - 7 Amber Hybrid (9 Entries)
Weston Barhley Las Vegas,NV Mongrel - California Common Beer 1
Vince Stuart South Jordan,UT Northern German Altbier Alt - Northern
German Altbier 2
Ed Harrach SLC,UT Amber Hybrid - Dusseldorf Altbier 3

Table 8 - 8 English Pale Ale XX (17 Entries)

Jim Lauscher Sandy,UT Fuller ESB clone - Extra Special/Strong Bitter 1
Aaron Smith Murray,UT Special Bitter - Special/Best/Premium Bitter 2
Vince Stuart South Jordan,UT Draft Party Light - Ordinary Bitter 3

Table 9 - 9- Scottish and Irish Ale (12 Entries)
Mike Hahn SLC,UT Scotch Ale - Strong Scotch Ale 1
Michael Pezeley SLC,UT Ouglie Bastard - Scottish 80/ 2
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Scottish 80 - Scottish 80/ 3

Table 10 - 10A American Pale Ale XX (16 Entries)
Vince Stuart South Jordan,UT Freezer Douche - American Pale 1
Rory Matson SLC,UT Wedding Pale - American Pale 2
Jerry McPhie SLC,UT Pail of Pale Ale - American Pale 3

Table 11 - 10B American Amber (11 Entries)

Rob Phillips SLC,UT Reverse Camber Amber Ale - American Amber 1
Jerry McPhie SLC,UT Red-demption ale - American Amber 2
Brian Michel , Iron Man - American Amber 3

Table 12 - 10C American Brown (9 Entries)
Zach Gildersleeve SLC,UT Madison Brown American Brown 1
Alex Lemieux SLC,UT Biere Brune - American Brown 2
Vince Stuart South Jordan,UT Taste Like More - American Brown 3

Table 13 - 11 English Brown (8 Entries)
Trent Bangert Herriman,UT Blutty Brown - Mild 1
Ed Harrach SLC,UT Alt - Mild 2
Steven LaRue Ogden,UT Mild Mannered - Mild 3

Table 14 - 12 Porter XX (17 Entries)
Ed Harrach SLC,UT Porter - Robust Porter 1
Sean Meegan Sandy,UT Porter the Dog - Brown Porter 2
James/Connor Mancuso/Forbes SLC,UT Brown Porter - Brown Porter 3

Table 15 - 13 Stout XX (22 Entries)

Ricky, Quinn Hansing, Eskelson SLC,UT Sven the Spartan Imperial
Resistance Stout - Russian Imperial Stout 1
Dallas Barlow Bountiful,UT Dirty Hippie Celebration Stout - Russian
Imperial Stout 2
Stephen Anderson West Jordan,UT Mud - Foreign Extra Stout 3

Table 16 - 14A & 14B English & American IPA XX (19 Entries)
Tracy Johancsik Murray,UT Hoppy Ending IPA - English IPA 1
Erik Nordstrom SLC,UT IPA - American IPA 2
Zach Gildersleeve SLC,UT Hat Trick IPA - American IPA 3

Table 17 - 14C Imperial IPA (8 Entries)

Chris Detrick SLC,UT Hopgasm - Imperial IPA 1
Jim Lauscher Sandy,UT Canadian I Pee, Eh? - Imperial IPA 2
Kent Haynes Sandy,UT Impish IPA - Imperial IPA 3

Table 18 - 15 German Wheat and Rye (12 Entries)
Carlos Aguirre SLC,ut von Weizen II - Weizen 1
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Weizenbock - Weizenbock 2
Bert Ley SLC,UT Lost Flock Weizenbock - Weizenbock 3

Table 19 - 16A Witbier (8 Entries)
Doug French SLC,UT Wit O Honey - Witbier 1
Daren Wightman Murray,UT Witbier - Witbier 2
Dakota Broadhead SLC,UT 28 Fingereal Witbier - Witbier 3

Table 20 - 18 Belgian Strong XX (17 Entries)
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Tripel - Belgian Tripel 1
Tyler Makmell SLC,UT Belgian Strong Dark - Belgian Dark Strong Ale 2
Carlos Aguirre SLC,ut Seething Blond - Belgian Blond Ale 3

Table 21 - 19 Strong Ale (6 Entries)
Trent Bangert Herriman,UT 9-9-9 Barleywine - American Barleywine 1
Andrew/Brad Russell/Guiliano SLC,UT E.B. Farnum's Compromise - Old Ale 2
Brothers (Rio) Connelly SLC,UT Faultwine - American Barleywine 3

Table 22 - 20 Fruit Beer (7 Entries)
Rob Kent WVC,UT Old Limey - Fruit Beer 1
Rob Kent WVC,UT A3 - Fruit Beer 2
Daren Wightman Murray,UT Apricot Stout - Fruit Beer 3

Table 23 - 21 Spice, Herb, Vege XX (20 Entries)
Jim Lauscher Sandy,UT Sam Adams Summer Ale Clone - Spice, Herb,
Vegetable Beer 1
Cameron McFarland SLC,UT Chamomile Country Ale - Spice, Herb, Vegetable
Beer 2
Chris Detrick SLC,UT Jack Mormon Breakfast - Spice, Herb, Vegetable
Beer 3

Table 24 - 22 Smoke and Wood (8 Entries)
Ray Madsen Heber,UT Smoked Porter 2009 - Other Smoked Beer 1
Sarah Crane SLC,UT Smoked Porter - Other Smoked Beer 2
Trent Bangert Herriman,UT Oak 13 - Wood-Aged Beer 3

Table 25 - 23 Specialty XXX (32 Entries)
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Golden Touch - Specialty Beer 1
Zach Gildersleeve SLC,UT Reaper Rye - Specialty Beer 2
Jim Lauscher Sandy,UT Rye Not IPA - Specialty Beer 3

Table 26 - 24, 25, 26 Mead & Melomel (7 Entries)
Ricky, Quinn Hansing, Eskelson SLC,UT Brad the Braggart Braggot -
Braggot 1
Ricky, Quinn Hansing, Eskelson SLC,UT Your Peach Braggot is in another
castle - Braggot 2
Andrew Dalton SLC,UT Peach Mead - Other Fruit Melomel 3

Table 27 - 27, 28 Cider (6 Entries)
Andrew/Brad Russell/Guiliano SLC,UT Ebbel oi Sprudelnd - Common Cider 1
Tracy Johancsik Murray,UT Hangman's New England Cider - Other Spec. Cider/Perry 2
Tracy Johancsik Murray,UT Deseret Honey Cider - Other Spec.Cider/Perry 3

Table 28 - 16B, 16C, 16D Belgian Pale, Saison and Biere de Garde
(12 Entries)

Jim Lauscher Sandy,UT 1882 La Vielle Saison - Saison 1
Andrew/Brad Russell/Guiliano SLC,UT Third Nephite - Belgian Pale Ale 2
Stephen Anderson West Jordan,UT Wit & Wisdom - Belgian Pale Ale 3

Table 29 - 16E & 17 Belgian Specialty & Sour (13 Entries)
Alex Lemieux SLC,UT Vallee d'Or - Belgian Specialty 1
Brent Winkler SLC,UT Abbey - Belgian Specialty 2
Michael Pezeley SLC,UT Delbruck Weisse - Berliner Weisse 3

Ray Madsen Heber,UT Smoked Porter 2009 - Other Smoked Beer 1
Mike Johnson SLC,UT Golden Touch - Specialty Beer 2
Trent Bangert Herriman,UT 9-9-9 Barleywine - American Barleywine 3

Thanks to Jamie, Mark, Mike, all the stewards and everyone one involved for making the Second annual Beehive Brew-off a huge success.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weekend Happenings 8/21/10

The boys over at Bohemian have a new seasonal beer on tap that's perfect for this post monsoon weekend.

This new seasonal wheat beer is different from the Weiß that occupies a year tap at the brewery. This one has more of a hazy orange appearance with a nose of banana and spice. The taste is the same with a bit of lemony tartness and a dry wheaty finish.

Only available at the brewery in Midvale.

Don't forget that Brian Head Resort is hosting the Festival of Flavors tomorrow (8/21). Nearly a dozen local breweries Castle Creek Winery and High West Distillery will offer up their beverages for sampling.

Also happening this weekend, judging for the second annual Beehive Brew-off begins Saturday morning and goes through Sunday with the Awards Ceremony taking place at the Bayou, Sunday afternoon at 4:30pm. If you entered, it would be worth your time to show up. The Bayou is located at 645 s. State Street.

And... Oktoberfest at Snowbird begins on Saturday. There's no excuse not to safely enjoy a beer this weekend.


The Power of Beer

The St. George RoadRunners Professional Baseball Club, announced recently that they were suspending operations for the remainder of the 2010 Golden Baseball League season.

The reason, poor attendance. Why were people staying away? No beer.

Apparently when the Golden Baseball League was looking into setting up shop in St. George, they encountered opposition from the City and Dixie State College concerning beer sales at the ballpark and ultimately were denied a beer license.

This isn't the first time a baseball league has tried to establish a team in the Southern Utah town. Four different ownership groups have tried to provide professional baseball to the greater St. George community, and all four have failed.

"I know it was a controversial issue, but beer sales was critical to our success here, in terms of increasing attendance, increasing revenue, and as a factor in attracting necessary outside capital investment. It simply makes no sense to operate a minor league franchise without beer sales. Beer concessions comprise about 33 percent of total revenue stream for minor league baseball operations." said Will Joyce, CEO of Hot Corner Baseball.

"We felt strongly that the community would recognize the value of a professional baseball franchise, both to the local residents and to the local business community as a tourist attraction and as a source of community pride Joyce said. Apparently, we were overly optimistic."

I get it, the ballpark was located on a "dry campus". But if the citizens of these smaller Utah communities want to expand their quality of life and bring more entertainment options to their areas of the state, they're going to have to expand their tolerances and loose some of those anti-liquor biases.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Site Maintenance

We're doing site maintenance today. If you have a link that's pertinent to Utah's craft beer scene and would like it considered. Please email us at utahbeer@gmail.com/


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2010 Snowbird Oktoberfest

Believe it or not, Oktoberfest time is upon us! Snowbird Resort once again will host the 38th Annual Snowbird Oktoberfest beginning this weekend on August 21st.

The seventeen-day celebration (every Sat & Sun through Oct 10) Attracts over 50,000 visitors and has grown to become one of the largest festivals in the state of Utah. Oktoberfest includes Oktoberfest Halle featuring the tastes of Bavaria with entertainment from local and national yodelers, German bands and even Alpenhorns.

Of course beer will be available some of the local craft options include Uinta's Black Bier, Punk’n Harvest Ale, Cutthroat Pale Ale, Golden Spike Hefeweizen, WYLD Organic Pale Ale and Bohemian Brewing's Pilsner.

Also today Mark at the Bayou just received a shipment of Lagunitas Hop Stoopid. This is the first time Lagunuitas' beers have been available in Utah. Now that they're in the system, Mark is hoping he can start getting more of their labels.

If you couldn't tell by the name Hop Stoopid is an 8% Double IPA. It has big grapefruit, pineapple and peach notes with touch of pine and floral hops in the finish. It's quite delicious.


Snowbird Photo: Mandi Coleman

Monday, August 16, 2010

Beer For Your TV

Craft beer seems to be finding it's way into more pubs and home refrigerators every day. People from all segments of society are taking notice as more labels start popping up in every region of the country. Many are finding that with craft beer's popularity comes and opportunity to ride it coat tails and make some money.

Television has always been one of those vehicles that tries to cash in on popular trends. Since television's inception it's been a barometer of our cultures likes and interests. So I guess it would seem appropriate that given beers popularity now you should see more of it blazon across your flat screens.

And in the coming moths you will. Last February the Fox Network announced that it was producing a pilot episode for a new sitcom revolving around a family run Microbrewery. The comedy named Strange Brew (no relation to the iconic Bob & Doug Mckenzie movie) from "Will & Grace" creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick. Like most sitcoms that deal with such a narrow theme, I have a feeling that it'll exhaust all the cleaver beer jokes in the first episode then "flame out" from there. I hope I'm wrong. If done right it could really promulgate craft beer.

The Second series scheduled for production is the Discovery Channels "Brewed". The series will air this fall and will explore the culture, history and variety of beer. The show will feature Dogfish Head Brewery's Sam Calagione. Sam travels the world to experience what every culture brings to its own special brew.

In BREWED, Sam shows viewers the other side of the bottle, sharing the stories of beer sub-cultures as well as exploring life inside The Dogfish Head Brewery. BREWED goes behind the scenes at Dogfish Head as Sam’s band of creative brewmasters concoct new varieties beers.

Two very different show to say the least. Some in the Beer Industry are not exactly jazzed on the idea of brewery sitcom. Some say "it won't help craft beer's image". Or that "misrepresenting the technical aspects will diminish the brewers technical expertise". I say, "get over yourselves". Craft beer needs all the converts it can get.


Friday, August 13, 2010

New Beer Friday 8/13/10

Two new beers for you today.

First is Zatec Dark Lager from the Czech Republic. Roasted malt, chocolate, and caramel up front with an earthy hop bitterness that comes through nicely on the finish. A nice complement to the semi-sweet biscuity malt base. Available at State Liquor Stores.

Next is Boulevard's Two Jokers Wit. Herbal with coriander and a notes of chamomile tea up front with a strong toasted malt biscuit backbone through to the end. Available at the Bayou.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wasatch's Jalapeño Cream Ale

Ever find yourself in a "beer rut"? Can't find a beer or a style that provides you with the love that you so badly need? I have found your liquid rut buster, but beware it's not for the timid.

Wasatch's Jalapeño Cream Ale is the creation of Matt Beamer, Head Brewer up at the iconic Wasatch Brewpub in Park City. The beer is quite the hit with locals and is a perfect combo of flavor and spice.

The Jalapeño Cream Ale starts life as a basic English Pub Ale. Then Matt adds 50lbs of fresh Jalapeño to the mash and that English base becomes muy caliente... eh poquito. "When I blanched the Jalapeños in the brewery, the entire downstairs had an intense jalapeno aroma that lasted for hours"!

Now, even thought this is a Chile Beer it's not going scorch your mouth, though it's not a lawnmower beer either. There is an intense Jalapeño aroma and flavor, but not too much burn. The malty backbone from the cream ale provides a slightly sweet finish to back-up the burn off your tongue.

A beer spiced such as this is great for a couple of pints, but really shines when paired with most Mexican styles dishes and even Sushi.

This is a limited run, so Matt expects it to be gone in a few weeks. Available on draft at the Wasatch Brewpub and the Beer Store in SLC.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here Comes Santa Haas!

On any given day in downtown Salt Lake City you may encounter various mothers and fathers; schlepping about their beloved papooses in one of those comfy looking bicycle "kiddie coaches". It's a great way to get out and exercise while keeping the little rug rats close at hand.

My buddy Chris Haas has no children, but his "babies" never stray far from his sight, especially when he's delivering his craft beer.

You see, Chris is the Brewmaster at Desert Edge Brewing. It's a small operation, Chris takes care of his accounts personally. And when the days are nice and he's not hang'n from the night before, you may see Chris on the Desert Edge Beer Bike, making his weekly rounds. Think of him like Santa Claus.... with a Bike....except with beer. SANTA HAAS!

So if you happen to see Santa Haas bumping around downtown SLC on the Beer Bike with Kegs of his yummy craft beers in tow, Make room, say "Prost"! and offer that working boy a beer.


Pictured above. The Pilot: Chris Haas - The Keg: Dave Watson

Photo: Dave Watson

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Utah Getting Out of the Liquor Business?

Is the State of Utah Getting out of the liquor business? Believe it or not it's being discussed by some of Utah's state legislators.

Here's the idea. The state would sell all of it's liquor stores to the private sector, they would all be independently owned and operated. The state would still set prices and control amount of taxes.

Right now the tax on liquor, wine and heavy beer is 85%. That's pretty steep for an independent retailer. The state would have to drop the tax to a reasonable level to make it possible for a these newly privatized stores to make a profit and pay employees.

Beer has not mentioned in the plan. However, if I was buying a liquor store you could bet your sweet ass that I would provide refrigerator units inside for beer.

No word on what would happen to the DABC warehouse or if the distribution model would change.

Remember, this is very preliminary info. It's in the earliest phases of discussion.

Here's Fox13 report on the story.
What are your thoughts? Is this a good thing? - could it mean much higher costs at the liquor stores? - could it bring in retailers like Trader Joe's?


Monday, August 09, 2010

2010 Utah Beer Festival Information (Update)

Here is some updated info for the City Weekly Utah Beer Festival.

The 1st annual Utah Beer Festival will take place at Washington Square (the Salt Lake City & County Building) on Saturday, Sept. 11 from 1-6pm.

3 oz samples of over 40 of Utah's award winning brews will be available, including full strength brew varieties. 3oz tasters will be offered.

Ticket are available here or at Smithtix locations. prices are $25 Adv/$35 Day of, for unlimited pours.

The idea here is to provide a huge variety of craft beers for sampling and to get people interested in Utah's craft beers. It's not an excuse to get everyone shitty drunk.

A portion of the event proceeds will be donated to Local First , so come out to this truly local event and taste what Utah 's craft brewers have to offer.

As the event gets closer we'll try tell you, who will be pouring and what.

If your interested in becoming a food vendor, info is here.


Thursday, August 05, 2010

Greg Schirf Has a Chubby for You!

Anyone remember the Coors Party Ball? If you were of drinking age back in the late 80's you may have encountered one at your local Frat or basic weekend bash. The Party ball was a five-gallon disposable container of beer - packaged in a box with a plastic liner (to hold ice). It dispensed the equivalent of 55 12-ounce cans. It was quite ingenious and very popular at the time.

After a few years on the market the Party Ball was found to be a contributing factor in tragic accident and was pulled from Utah store shelves (along with all Kegged beer). Eventually, legislation was enacted that limited beer container sold to the public to no more than 2 liters.

Now remember, this is Utah. Here the legal definition of beer is "a fermented beverage that does not exceed 4.0% Alcohol By Volume". Anything above that is considered liquor by the state. That's why higher alcohol beers are sold in liquor stores.

Why am I telling you all this? Well... it seems that the statutes that govern grocery store beer don't apply to Liquor store beer. The container size limitation never really applied to heavy beer!

Enter Greg Schirf. Utah's modern craft beer pioneer. Greg noticed that some wine containers in state liquor stores far exceeded the 2 liter limit. And since wine and heavy beer are considered to be the same by the state, heavy beer should receive equal treatment. The Utah D.A.B.C. agreed.

So with The DABC blessing Schirf began developing the next big thing in Utah's craft beer scene. The Chubby. Now the Chubby is nothing new. It's the same 5 liter mini keg that have been around for sale outside of Utah for years. The Chubbys come with a spout and pours from the bottom via gravity and can also be used with a low cost pressurized tap.

Schirf will debut his first Chubby sometime in September. It will contain Wasatch's newly released Golden Ale, then eventually Squatters IPA (yesssss!) and Devastator Double Bock.

If your interested in purchasing one of the dispenser units for the Chubby's Schirf is working on selling them at the Beer Store. They are also available at most retail stores like Target, Walmart etc. Pretty cool, eh?

Writing about beer is my hobby, but I'm a photojournalist by trade. Yesterday my friend and Fox13 colleague Scott McKane visited Greg Schirf and the boys at Epic to do a story on Utah's beer economy. Here's what we came up with.  


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Few Beers to Help Beat the Heat

I've been getting my ass handed to me by the heat and humidity lately. And since there's not a hell of a lot going on right now, I thought I'd through a few under-the-radar "summer beers" at you.

RedRock Saison: Great slight banana and spicy clove notes up front with a huge lemony finish - all thanks to a brilliantly blended yeast cocktail. Surprisingly no spices were used.

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis: Full flavored, sweet from the bready yeast, tart from wheat acidity. There is are big lemon zest notes in the end with faint spicy hints of coriander and white pepper.

Boulevard Tank 7: Starts off with a light dry malt that are paired with spicy peppery notes. Mid-stream builds with floral notes then ends with grapefruity hops. Finishes grainy, dry, with a tad bit of funk. Fantastic!

Full Sail Session lager: This is a great, simple lager. Ever so faint pale malt sweetness and lightly toasted grain up front, crossing over to a minimal earthy and herbal bitterness right at the finish.

Firestone Walker 31: Hops are the star of the show here. A very tasty pale ale. Crisp, clean, floral and citrus (tangerine and orange) Light, but assertive. One of my favorite Pale Ales

Unibroue Blanche De Chambly: The taste starts with bitter citrus and Belgian yeast up-front then that fades into a touch of coriander and hop spiciness. Finishes quickly with a hint of bitter lemon peel. The malt is well balanced against the the citrus.

Anyone else have a good "under the radar" recommendations?