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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good News for Neigborhood Taverns

Salt Lake City took another step toward toasting neighborhood bars on Tuesday as the City Council finalized a set of conditions for Andy's Place, a beer tavern at 479 E. 300 South that has requested a zoning amendment in order to serve liquor.

If stamped by the City Attorney's Office, the conditional use, permitting neighborhood bars in residential mixed-use districts, would take effect later this spring. The zone includes a 12-block swath just east of downtown -- roughly from South Temple to 400 South, as well as pockets of the capital, including near west Capitol Hill, 1000 South and Main Street and just south of the Salt Lake Bees' baseball park.

To pour spirits along with beer, neighborhood bars must fashion a security plan, add landscaping buffers, light parking areas and abstain from any outside amplified music. The more Draconian measures proposed by some council members
were scrapped. Such as mandating Breathalyzer tests, mounting cameras to record patrons and limiting a bar's business hours .

Besides Andy's, JAM
in the Marmalade district has submitted a similar zoning amendment permit in order to stock booze above its beer taps. The city is expected to rule on that request later this year. Cheers!

- source salt lake tribune

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Local Coffee + Local Beer Makes Homer Something, Something

I luvs me a good coffee stout. If you duz too? then Sqautters has some roasty goodness to help you get both of your buzz's on.

Espresso Stout is on the nitro tap. It's made with our local Millcreek Coffee. It's got a blend Mexican and Guatemalan beans that were roasted, then given a 24hr rest. The beans were then slightly crushed, then hung in the stout for 9 days. The result is coffe-gazmic. Cheers!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Epic Brewery News

Last week the "Beer Gnerd of the Wasatch" ('lil ol' me) gave you the first news on Epic Brewery, Utah's newest craft brew endeavor that will be opening soon. Today brotha's and sista's I have some more specific info on it, it's truly a unique concept for this area.

As I mentioned last week the main thing that will separate Epic from the rest of our beloved brewpubs and breweries is it's commitment to create local beers that are all 4.0% ABV and above.

Also, no signature labels will be made. Most, if not all breweries have a standard beer that is always made to keep revenue steady. This will not be the case with Epic.

The newest tidbit of info takes the concept a bit further. I'm not sure how to word it, but for now let's call them "Boutique Breweries". The concept here is to have multiple small breweries set up around the state to allow for beer to be made fresh and localized for the various regions of Utah.

So for instance you'll have a small brewery in downtown SLC, that will make a few different rotating beers. Then soon after you'll have another open up in the south end of Salt Lake County-Then another in Park City-then in Ogden and so on.

The Epic breweries could be making the same beers at the various spots with "personal touches" here and there or mix them up completely. Tasting rooms will be available as well as a beer store.

Local guy Kevin Crompton has been hired as Epic's Brewmaster. Kevin has worked for Uinta, Kona, the Utah Brewers Coop and most recently at Bohemian Brewery. Congrats my man!

I don't think Epic will immediately rewrite what our local brewers do. Utah does low ABV beer very well, I don't think that this will cut into that market too much. But as Utah's population increases and people from outside of the state relocate, I do think that the winds of change are upon us, and this may be a look at things to come... maybe sooner than would have thought. Cheers!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mmmm More Beer

Ok ya'll, It's time to get your panties in a bunch. The Bayou just got a shload of absolutely killer beers for you to coo over.

Some are not exclusive to the Bayou, but most are.

Eisenbahn Lust
- Beer Geek Brunch
- Beer Geek Breakfast
- Monk's Brew
- It's Alive
- It's Alright
- Simcoe IPA
- Warrior IPA
Geants Saison Voisin
Ridgeway foreign extra stout
- Blonde Farmhouse Ale
- Amber Farmhouse Ale
- Extra Farmhouse Ale
- Long Strange Triple
- Double Wide IPA
- The Sixth Glass Quadruple
- Saison
- Saison-Brett
EKU 28
Kulmbacher Eisbock

These are best shared, cause they ain't cheep! But well worth savoring. Cheers!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Brewery in the SLC

   Who's your buddy?... Who's your pal?... That's right, Mikey's got your back. I've got some more happy beer news to keep you beer-geeking for another day.

Todays tidbit? Well, it looks like there's a new brewery destined to set up shop in Salt Lake. Epic Brewing will be the first Utah brewery since prohibition began to only brew and sell beer that contains more than 4.0% abv. Definatly a unique concept for a Utah brewery.

The People behind Epic are reportedly beer geeks with sizable backing looking to test Utah's apatite for big beers.

This new brewery will reportedly do no signature labels. All the beers produced will be seasonals or will have limited availability. I don't know how that will work, but I guess we'll see.

It's apparently a pretty hot gig. Brewers from all over the U.S. Have been applying for it. It'd be nice if a local guy could land it.

No info yet on when production will begin or where the brewery will be located. But a years time is not out of the question.

What do you think. Will Utah's beer drinkers be able to sustain a brewery such as this? Will you be willing to drive to the brewery or liquor store to get these beers vs. Hitting your local Qwik-E-Mart for some quick 4.0% suds?
Or is it too much too soon?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moab's Desert Select Series

Here's some updated info on Moab's new series of beers.

- The series will be known as the Desert Select Ales.
- The first released will be the Black Imperial IPA.
- Second will be the Belgian Style Triple.
- The third will be a Scotch Ale (aged in French oak).

They're going to run you about $13 - $15 for a one liter bottle.
And for now they will only be available for purchase at the brewpub in Moab.
Moab Brewery has applied for the class 5 packaging licence, and as soon as that it issued you be able to buy unopened bottles to go.

All beers are hand bottled at the brewery and are bottle conditioned.
These are small batch series. only 800 (approx) per bottling.

More info as I get it. Cheers!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Moab's Triple & Black Imperial IPA

Sometimes breweries and brewpubs outside of the Wasatch Front tend to get overlooked in beer news. Well here's some good news for all regarding Moab Brewing.

Looks like our brothers and sisters in the desert are joining the high ABV revolution that's been going on in the state.

Within the next few weeks Moab Brewing will introduce two brand new ales, their first high ABV beers ever. The first is a Belgian style Triple and the second is a Black Imperial IPA. Black IPA's are the new, hot style around the country. Mixing the roastiness of porters with the leafiness of IPA's. You wouldn't think the two styles wouldn't meld very well together, but ohhh man they do! Trust me I had my fill of them this weekend. It'll be nice to have a local beer riding the crest of this trend earlier than later.

RedRock has one on tap right now that's quite tasty, go check it out.

I'm still gathering info, no word yet on where they'll be sold (brewpub or Liquor stores), or their names. But I do know that they are in the states distribution system.

Also new to liquor stores Full Sail Brewing's Keelhauler Scottish Ale. Should be available any day now. More to come. Cheers!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Double-Wammy from Wasatch

Wasatch's Summer seasonals are now available. They were scheduled to be released separately, but luckily for us, we got a spring double-wammy. Both Twilight and Summerbrau were released earlier this week.

Twilight is a 4.0% Kolsch that should be available at most grocery stores.
Summerbrau is a 5.6% copper-hued Czech-style pilsner that can be purchased right now at the Utah Brewers Coop and should be at state liquor stores shortly. I hear really good things about the Summerbrau. It's feeling warmer already. Prost!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beer Wars LIVE info for Utah

Just a reminder that the documentary Beer Wars LIVE premier is tonight at 6pm MDT.
Remember this film only plays once. So if you were planning on checking it out this weekend... well you'll be shit-out-of-luck.
There will be a live discussion after the film via satellite hosted by Ben Stein. Also be aware that ticket prices are around $16. A list of theaters is below.

Also, if your a fan of Deschutes' beers they'll be hitting the SLC market on may 1st. There's been no announcement on what lables will be available, but if I were to guess I'd say Black Butte Porter, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Inversion IPA, Obsidian Stout, Bachelor ESB and their Cascade Ale. If anyone has any info I don't have please let us know! Cheers!

Century 16 (Salt Lake)
125 East 3300 South @ State Street, Salt Lake City

(4/16) 6:00 pm.
Century 16 (Sandy)
7670 South Union Park Avenue, Sandy

(4/16) 6:00 pm.
Cinemark 16 (Provo)
1200 Town Center Boulevard, Provo

(4/16) 6:00 pm.
Cinemark 24 (Jordan Landing)
7301 South Jordan Landing, West Jordan

(4/16) 6:00 pm.
Cinemark University Mall
1010 South 800 East, University Mall, Orem

(4/16) 6:00 pm.
Tinseltown 14 (Ogden)
1038 Newgate Mall, Ogden

(4/16) 6:00 pm.
Tinseltown 17 (Layton)
720 West 1500 North Layton Hills, Layton

(4/16) 6:00 pm.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HB51 Home Brew Recipe

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that a hand full of Utah brewpubs were brewing up a special collaboration beer to commemorate the passage of HB51: The legalization of Home brewing beer and wine in Utah.

Each brewpub will put their own special spin on this brew and encourage Utah's home brew community to participate in making it as well. If your interested in making the HB51 beer here is the recipe.

5 Gallon Batch All Grain

6.25# Pale Malt 2-row
1.25# Munich Malt Weyermann
.75 # Cara Munich II Weyermann
Gravity 1.045 Plato 11.08
.25 oz Columbus 12% for 60 Minutes
.25 oz. Columbus 12% for 35 Minutes
.25 oz. Centennial 9% for 5 Minutes
Total IBUs 25.9

Extract with grains 5 gallon Batch

1.25# Briess Gold DME
3.3# Coopers Light LME
1# Munich Malt Weyermann
.5# Cara Munich II Weyermann
Gravity 1.045 Plato 11.12
.25 oz Columbus 12% for 60 Minutes
.25 oz. Columbus 12% for 35 Minutes
.25 oz. Centennial 9% for 5 Minutes
Total IBUs 25.9

6 Gallon Batch all-grain

7.75# Pale Malt 2-row
1.50# Munich Malt Weyermann
.75 # Cara Munich II Weyermann
Gravity 1.045 Plato 11.19
.25 oz Columbus 12% for 60 Minutes
.50 oz. Columbus 12% for 30 Minutes
.25 oz. Centennial 9% for 5 Minutes
Total IBUs 26.4

Use your Favorite ale yeast on any of these. You can buy your ingredients at the Beer Nut (thanks for the recipe Jamie!) or your closest home brew supply shop. Happy Brewing!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guinness 250 Anniversary Stout

Fergal Murray, Guinness' Brew Master has created a new beer in honor of their 250 years
anniversary. The maker of the world’s top-selling stout has come up with a new stout beer for the U.S. market, a maltier, fizzier version of its older, creamier beer that also has 5% alcohol compared to the 4.2% in Guinness Draught.

“This is more about refreshment and zing,” said Murray. The limited-edition Guinness 250
Anniversary Stout is scheduled to be available in U.S. bars and selected stores on Friday, April 24, the first new stout Guinness has exported to the U.S. since it began selling Guinness Draught here in the mid 1960s.

The anniversary stout will be available only in the U.S., Australia and Singapore. It's expected to be on sale for about six months. No word yet on if it's definitely headed to Utah, but odds are pretty good that we'll see it in the liquor stores a few weeks after it's nation-wide release. Cheers!

Monday, April 13, 2009

1842 in 2009

In 1842 the world was changed forever. The citizens of Pilsen in the Czech Republic not only built a new brewery but also hired Josef Groll, a Bavarian brewer to brew an experimental beer using bottom fermenting yeast. Groll had been experimenting a long time with new recipes for bottom-fermented beer and on the 5th of October 1842, Groll produced the first batch of Urquell beer, which was characterized by the use of soft Bohemian water, very pale malt, and Saaz hops.

The Beer industry in the United States was basically built on this beer. Due to it's drinkablity and it's longer storage life. Today, nearly 90 percent of the worlds beer is a variation of this original golden beer,
making pilsner most popular beer style in the world.

Last Tuesday at The Bohemian brewey in Midvale, Utah Brewers tried to replicate as an
authentic recreation of the original 1842 Czech Pilsner as close as possible, using truly authentic
imported Czech floor malt, from Weyermann Malting co. Mashed using a true triple decoction,
long 2 hr boil, three hop additions all with Czech Saaz hops, and fermenting with Bohemian's
Czech lager yeast.

The Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsner malt from Weyermann(R) is actually Hand Crafted in the last floor malting facility in the Czech Republic. It is produced from Tolar and Hanka barley varieties which have their genetic roots in Hanna barley, which was the variety used by Josef Groll to brew the first Pilser Urquell in 1842. The malting process used to produce this malt is very labor intensive and traditional and produces as an authentic "old" malt as you can find today.

So between the malt used and the mashing, brewing and fermentation method, it's as authentic of the Original Czech Pilsner from 1842 as they can recreate. Bohemian's 1842 Pilsner, should be more bitter and have more hop aroma than their normal Pilsner. It will ferment and lager for about 5-6 weeks and should be available around the 15th of May. Prost!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wasatch's Summer Seasonals

Well it's that time of the year, when we say Bon' Voyage to the winter seasonals as the weather turns warmer. Wasatch's new line of summer beers will begin their debuts next week. And as this is good news, I'm sad that their Winterfest beer will be going away for the season. What a great beer!

On Monday, April 13, Summerbrau Lager debuts it's a 5.6% German-style lager. It's straw in color, made with imported German pale malts and a generous amount European hops (Saaz, Hallertauer?). creating a crisp, clean, golden body, with a bitter finish.

The second, Summer Twilight arrives next month. It's a classic, golden-hued 4% German-style Kolsh Ale. First brewed in Köln, Germany These ales are light to medium in body with a very pale color with a hop bitterness that is medium to slightly assertive. It can also have a somewhat vinous and dry flavor.

Although these styles are very different they do have their similarities. I guess we'll have to wait and see how different they really are. Cheers!

Monday, April 06, 2009

RedRock Medals Down-Under

Red Rock Brewing Company recently won three awards at the 16th annual Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA). Held in Melbourne each year, the AIBA, Australia’s most prestigious beer event, has become firmly established on the international brewing calendar as a renowned and
recognized barometer of diversity in beer brewing across the world.

Red Rock took home medals for their Wit Bier, in the Witbier category, Nut Brown Ale and Red Rock Rêve, a barrel-aged Tripel that is currently
available at Red Rock for a limited time.

Attracting 1074 entries from 42 countries in 2008. The AIBA remains the largest showcase for
premium beer and brewing excellence in the Asia Pacific Region and has also been instrumental
in helping to promote the Australian brewing and related industries internationally. Entries are received from as far afield as Europe, USA and the Asia Pacific region, including China, Japan and Tonga - plus all states of Australia. Judging took place from February 9-19, 2009.
Nicely done RedRock!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Snowbird Brewfest

A local Brewfest will be held in conjunction with a Backyard BBQ Competition at Snowbird Resort on Sunday, June 21st. The brewfest will rap up the final days of the Grill on the Hill BBQ Competition & Brewfest.

The best pit men and women in the country will be battling it out in this Kansas City BBQ Society sanctioned competition, features top chefs vying for $10,000 in prize money. Mmmm BBQ. The brewfest will feature mostly local craft beer. No word yet on what breweries or brewpubs will be participating. BBQ and craft beer the perfect gift for Father's Day.

Note: this is not the Utah Brewers Festival. I've tried to contact the organizers, but have had no response as to the status of this festival.

More details coming soon.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Collaboration Between RedRock & New Belgium

There's a positive trend right now in the craft brewing industry where brewers get together from various cities and towns to collaborate on beers, just to try and make them better. De Struise/Allagash, AleSmith/Mikkeller/Stone. There are too many to mention.

Now comes word that our own Kevin Templin From RedRock will be working on a collaboration beer with Chris McCombs of New Belgium Brewery. The beer is scheduled to be made today at RedRock. Coincidentally, Kevin was voted by readers of the City Weekly as Utah's Best Brewer today. Congrats Kevin!

Anyway, I don't have a lot of info on what style of beer they're making. What I do know is that the beer will be called Paardebloem (Flemish for dandelion) and will be made with no hops. Instead Dandelions and other herbs or spices will be used for bittering. Sounds pretty cutting edge... or old-school depending on your perspective.

Kevin will travel to Fort Collins next to New Belgium's place to assist on the creation of the brew there. Obviously this will be a special brew, no word yet on when it will be ready.

Also, in other RedRock news. Part of this years batch of Rêve: Belgian Style Triple will be poured over Utah cherries and re-fermented for one year before it's release early next year. Yum!

It's looking to be a good year for RedRock. Cheers!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

MADD in Utah is Drunk with Power

--Keeping a record of everyone who enters a bar.
--Mandating surveillance video and requiring bars to keep tapes for 180 days.
--Keeping hotel bars out of public view in lobbies
--Banning bars from restaurants.
--Selling beer, wine and liquor in state liquor stores only at room temperature.

Each of these was laid out in a position paper that MADD's Utah chapter circulated to lawmakers during the legislative session that ended March 12 as the only way to change the state's unique liquor laws without endangering public safety.

The Utah chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving advocated for those changes and more as lawmakers debated "normalizing" the state's notoriously quirky liquor laws earlier this month so that customers wouldn't have to fill out an application and pay a fee for the right to enter a bar.

But an Associated Press review of national MADD policies shows nearly every proposal on a list of the Utah chapter's "must haves" for the liquor law overhaul are not endorsed by the national MADD organization and never should have had MADD's name attached to them.

"We try to give some reasonable flexibility, but on matters of key issues, obviously, anything that would portray MADD inaccurately as a prohibitionist organization we have to be pretty clear on and we have to speak with one voice." said Chuck Hurley, MADD's national executive director.

Hurley sent chapter president Art Brown an e-mail on March 10 reminding him that local chapters must adhere to national policies. The e-mail followed an AP article that mentioned Brown suggested electronically tracking all bar customers, not just those who appear younger than 35.

In the 1990s, MADD founder Candace Lightner became critical of MADD for taking positions on reducing alcohol consumption that she said strayed from the organization's mission. Since then, she said MADD is back on track putting the focus on stopping drinking and driving, not drinking in and of itself.

She laughed out loud when told of some of the positions taken by Art Brown.

"This is not at all in line with MADD's philosophy," said Lightner, who says she and most of the people she know occasionally drink. "His heart is in the right place and at least he's active in doing something, but I'm not sure this is the best way to go about it."

It's probably time for MADD to cut ties with Art Brown and let him form his own neo-prohibitionary group. The Utah chapter has obviously gone rogue and is just using MADD for it's political clout to suit it's own narrow agenda.

Sadly, no April Fools stuff here.

Cheers... i think.