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Friday, March 30, 2018

New Beer Friday 3/30/18

Congratulations, We're having a New Beer Friday!

Shades of Pale - Mojito:  The aroma here is full of citrus-like tartness and mint. The taste is slightly tart, with oaky white rum adding a little bite. Fresh mint then carries the beer's flavor profile to the end with a bit of rind bitterness in the finish. The beer's natural carbonation provides a nice spritz in the mouth, adding to its cocktail authenticity. Although the base is more lemon than lime, the rum and mint help sell its mock-abilty. 4% ABV. Available today at Shades of Pale - 11am.

Utah Pink Boots Society - Mash the Patriarchy: The Pink Boots Society is a beer industry group that is designed to inspire and educate women who work in the U.S. beer industry. On International Women's Day women from many of Utah's breweries gathered at Roosters in Ogden to collaborate on a new beer that will be served at participating and non participating breweries and brew pubs around the Wasatch Front, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Pink Boots scholarship fund. That beer is finally done and hitting brewery guest taps as speak. This Cascadian Dark Ale has a nose that is very roasty and somewhat fruity. The taste follows, but, here I'm getting dark cocoa and grapefruit grapefruit. There is also sweetness, brown bread crust, and mild bitterness, but the overriding flavors are of the cocoa and fruit. Mouthfeel is slick and medium. Finishes semi-dry and refreshing. Easily crushable. 4.0% ABV. Available at Kiitos, Fisher, Proper, RoHa, UBC Store, Uinta, Zion Canyon, Roosters, Beer Bar, Slackwater and Angry Goat.

RoHa Brewing Project - Nights Out:  This Belgian style stout has aromas with lots of dark chocolate and espresso with clove dark fruits coming through. The taste opens up with some dark candi sugar giving off notes of dark fruits. a dry and dark bakers chocolate comes in before being nudged by a breath of cloves. The phenols don't completely take over but they do help push that taste away from any usual stout flavors. It finishes with faint notes of espresso. Available at the RoHa Brewing Project. Soon to better beer pubs.

Epic/Odell - Double D’s Double IPA: This special beer was made for Colorado's Collaboration Beer Festival. It's only being served at the festival this Saturday (tomorrow). All of those tropical notes are present including pineapple, papaya and a shload of citrus notes. It's 9.5% ABV but drinks like 7%, so be careful. It's highly drinkable. Epic released a very limited amount of this beer yesterday, in growlers at the SLC brewery. Don't wait.

Roosters - Limited Release Amber Ale: This is a new high point amber ale. I havn't tried it yet as it is being bottled as I write this. It will be available this afternoon at both Roosters locations in Ogden and Layton. 7% ABV.

Hoppers - The Jenny: A hibiscus flower, rose hip and strawberry flavored ale. Lightly hopped with Hull Melon. Maris Otter and Vienna base malt. Tart and crisp with a fruity finish. Pours a hazy strawberry color. 4% ABV.  Just tapped at noon. Only at Hoppers. 

Melvin - Chuck Morris: Tropical fruit aromas hit the nose first, mainly pineapple and alcohol soaked mango. There is also citrus fruit, grapefruit, orange and a good amount of pine. The taste pretty much follows. A good dose of resiny and oily hops give the juice its run for the money. Dry finish with a long bitter linger. 9.5% ABV. Available at Beerhive, Bayou, Dick n Dixie's, Slackwater


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

SLUG Mag's Brewstillery

On May 12 at the Gallivan Center, SLUG Mag's Brewstillery: A Local Beer and Spirits Festival will be SLUG's second all-local beer festival and first-ever all-local spirits festival—all in one. Two awards will be given for exclusive brews that will be at Brewstillery. 

Attendees will vote for their favorite exclusive brew for the People's Choice award, and SLUG "Beer of the Month" columnists Chris and Sylvia Hollands will be the judges for the Best New Brew award. There will also be awards, given to distilleries, to be determined. Visit SLUGMag.com for more information about Brewstillery, and read up on the exclusive offerings at the festival below! 

Proceeds benefit the Utah Brewers Guild

Ticket Information
Drinking Adults - $20 in advance, $25 day of (Includes a commemorative mug and 5 beverage tokens)
Non-Drinking - $5
Kids 12 & Under - FREE 

Participating Breweries
Bohemian Brewery & Grill
Bonneville Brewery
Desert Edge Pub and Brewery
Epic Brewing Company
Fisher Brewing Company
Hoppers Grill & Brewing Co.
Kiitos Brewing
Moab Brewery
Mountain West Hard Cider
Proper Brewing Co
Red Rock Brewing
RoHa Brewing Project
Roosters Brewing Co.
SaltFire Brewing Co
Squatters Craft Beer
Strap Tank Brewing Co.
Talisman Brewing Company
Uinta Brewing
UTOG Brewing Company

Vernal Brewing Company
Wasatch Brewery
Zion Brewery

Participating Distilleries
Alpine Distilling
Beehive Distilling
Black Feather Whiskey
Dented Brick Distillery
Distillery 36
Hammer Spring Distillers
Holystone Distilling
Kid Curry Spirits
Ogdens Own Distillery
Outlaw Distillery
Sugar House Distillery
Waterpocket Distillery

What a cool event! I'm really looking forward to checking this one out. This ain't the SLC of old - that's for sure.


Friday, March 23, 2018

New Beer Friday 3/23/18

Epic Brainless Passion Fruit: Passion fruit shines here with a somewhat fruity nose with a hint of Belgian yeast. The taste follows with more pleasantly tart fruit and a base beer that doesn't get lost behind the fruit. In fact the spicy yeast adds to the fruit making it more complex. 8.8% ABV. Available today at Epic brewing 

Bonneville 5th Anniversarye:  A blend of special malts give a rich malty character while malted rye lends its distinctive earthy/spicy snap. Experimental #06297 hops contribute bursts of citrus, berries and even a hint of vanilla. 4.0% ABV. On tap at the pub Tooele.


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New Brews Soon for You: Red Rock and Epic

I found some new entries for this week's New Brews Soon for You feature. In this is edition well examine  two new beers that will finding their way into your fridges in the coming months.

Fist we have Big Bad Baptist Reserve from Epic Brewing. What makes this one "Reserve"? Apparently it's because this version is a blend of the best, of all three barrels from all three 2017 Big Bad Baptist variants. It's said that crazy flavors were not the focus here, simply the smoothest blends  that Epic has to offer. This will be a pretty limited batch when it hits. Only 600 cases will be produced. Big Bad Baptist season is still a ways away; maybe this will arrive sooner because of it's reserve status. At least now you can start planning your attack strategies sooner than later.

Our other beer comes from Red Rock Brewing Company. This is their Lime Gose. If you frequent Red Rock's pubs you're probably very familiar with this beer. It's been a popuar staple on draft over the last year, now it's making it's way into bottles and Harmons' grocery stores. This is a killer warm weather beer, I imagine it will hit late April or May. 4.0% ABV

Stay close for their releases and other New Brews Soon for You beers.


Friday, March 16, 2018

New Beer Friday 3/16/18

All I can say about this New Beer Friday batch of beers is that they are all full flavored beasts. If you like your beer subtle and light, these will not make you happy. Let's proceed.

Bohemian SIMPL (Session India Munich Pale Lager) - This very hoppy lager has a huge grassy and spicy nose. The taste has a huge blast of herbal, grassy and spicy hops that play off the mildly sweet toasted grains. I love lagers like this, the Mandarina Bavaria and Hallertauer Blanc hops create a incredibly complex flavor profile. If you like hoppy lagers, you love this. 4.0% ABV. Available at Bohemian

Squatters Chasing Tail Orange - I hope you like orange, because that's what you're going to get with this new brew from Squatters. It starts with a orange soda like flavor. Not as cloying as orange soda but it has that syrupy feel. As you get through to the end more orange peel comes through with a bit of pith. 5.2%  ABV. Available at Squatters/Wasatch locations now - soon to DABC stores.

Rogue Paradise Pucker - Sour and tart dominate both the aroma and flavor. The addition of passion fruit, orange peels, and guava work well with the lacto tartness. The result is a nicely tart and fruity concoction. 6.0% ABV. Available at select DABC stores

Mother Earth/Melvin Four Seasons Collaboration - This beer is massively hoppy and dank as shit. From the aroma to the palate you're senses will be assaulted with big chewy citrus and tropical fruits. The bitterness is high as well, countering the moderate amount of malt sweetness. There are six different hop editions here, featuring Citra and Mosaic and Lupulin Powder. 8.5% ABV. Available at Slackwater, Beerhive and The Bayou.

Proper's Mr. Wolf - This is a pale ale that features Styrian Wolf hops. These have subtle floral flavors like rose, orange blossom, and geranium, and also has a pleasing amount of earthy dankness. 4.0% ABV. Available at Proper Brewing.

Proper is also re-releasing  Czech Your Head - Only difference this year is that Proper is introducing some Mountain Malt along with the pilsener and adding some Tettnanger along with the Saaz hops. This will be a year-round beer, and it will be in Proper's bottle shop shelves today. 5.6% ABV

Remember, If your out and about this St. Patrick's Day, please avoid the green beer and embrace something craft.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Utah's Pink Boots Collaboration Beer

Last Thursday on International Women's Day a group of Utah ladies got together to brew a special collaboration beer. The Ladies belong to Utah's newly formed chapter of the Pink Boots Society: a group that aims to raise awareness of women working in the brewing industry. Pink Boots also brings opportunities for women interested in brewing to network with one another.

Officially the event was called International Women's Collaboration Brew Day. For this special collaboration women from local breweries including: Kiitos, Epic, Uinta, RedRock, RoHa, Wasatch/Squatters, Proper, Talisman, Roosters and the in-planning Branagan's Brewery gathered at Roosters Brewing in Ogden and brewed a 7 bbl batch of a Cascadian Dark ale using hops that YCHHops made available for the event. This special hop blend included Palisade®, Simcoe®, Mosaic®, Citra® and Loral® hops. 

When finished this beer will be served at participating and non participating breweries and brew pubs around the Wasatch Front, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Pink Boots scholarship fund. As soon as Rooster's gives me the word, I'll pass it along to you and where you can find it.   

The ladies were kind enough to share some photos with me. It looks like it was quite a party.

Friday, March 09, 2018

New Beer Friday 3/9/18

 Have you heard about our Lord and Savior, New Beer Friday?

Talisman Adventures in IPA - A nice aroma of citrus peel and tropical fruit. The taste follows with more citrus like juices along with notes of mango and and a hint of pineapple. A damn tasty offering from Talisman. 6.0% ABV. Available at Talisman and Slackwater

Epic Club Lounge -  You only need one word to describe this one, Manhattan. It has flavors that are reminiscent of all of the ingredients in the cocktail right down to the whiskey, vermouth and bitters. Very tasty. On sale Saturday 3/10 at Epic’s Brewery, 10am.

Shades of Pale Aphrodite -  This Belgian style Blonde ale Has a nose of spicy caramel and apple peel. The taste is more akin to cookie dough with the added spiced caramel and herbal hops. This Belgian is less phenolic then some you may have tried, this has the added benefit of making it super drinkable. To me it’s more of an abbey ale, which I’m rather fond of. 6.5% ABV. Available at Shades of Pale.

Cigar City Guayabera -  This pale ale has a very nice citrus peel aroma, with a tiny bit of pine. The taste starts with more citrus peel that transitions into some tangerine sweetness. The end is massively better, which completely dries out the finish. This is a nice IPA, but it’s not a very good pale ale. The can does warn that it is “massively hopped up with citra hops”,  so at least you’ve been warned. 5.5% ABV. I had it at Beer Bar, It's also at the Bayou.


Thursday, March 08, 2018

Grid City Brewing Poised to Reinvigorate SLC's West Side

Utah's beer scene has been blowing up as of late. Not only are Saltfire and Toasted Barrel breweries weeks away from going online, but there are breweries scheduled to open in Ogden (UTOG Brewing) and St. George (St. George Brewing) by this summer as well. Those four breweries, plus the quartet of new 2017 breweries (RoHa, Kiitos, Salt Flats and Fisher) will see our local craft beer option multiply in factors that haven't been seen since pre-prohibition days.

If eight new breweries in two years isn't enough of a boom for you, what about a possible ninth brewery? Grid City Brewing Company is a new production brewery planned to be built on the southwest corner of 800 w. and S.Temple. The multi level brewery will have a tap room and kitchen that will serve a small menu, with a catwalk that wraps around the perimeter of the brewing operations to accommodate brewery tours and allow a birds eye view of the operations. A beer garden will offer patrons a view of Folsom trail in the Euclid neighborhood of SLC.

Grid City will be helmed by Justin Belliveau and partner Drew Reynolds with Head Brewer, Jeremy Gross running the beer operations. Gross has been a staple in the Utah scene, hwving worked at Uinta Brewing, Bohemian Brewing and the High West Distillery.

As the brewery takes shape, I'll feed you all the updates. Congrats, boys and thanks for helping to make Utah a more livable place. 


Source: Buildingsaltlake.com
Images courtesy: Grid City/Buildingsaltlake.com

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Latitude 33 Brewing Debuting soon in Utah

It looks like Latitude 33 Brewing Company out of San Diego has inked a deal to bring their suds to Utah. The brewery opened in 2012 in Green Flash Brewing’s former facility in the city of Vista. It has one of larger production brewhouses in the county and plans on leveraging that capacity to grow its distribution footprint.  Latitude 33 Brewing Company is dedicated to producing American and European-style craft ales and lagers.

Utah Craft Beverages is their distributor for our region, the beers are just awaiting DABC approval before hitting bars and shelves. As soon As that happens, I'll spread the word. Here is what you can look forward to.



She may be sweet as honey, but this daring brew packs a punch. Honey Hips conjures aromas of making her seductively drinkable.
This lady has a fierce passion for unparalleled craft and is bold enough to make your head turn.clover honey and refreshing citrus with a touch of sweetness,



Like the perfect crew, Blonde Cartel has a perfectly balanced cast of characters. It’s a flavorful blonde ale with the right amount of bitterness.
At first you’ll experience a floral hop character then a slightly biscuit-like malt flavor. Taste for yourself how this blonde is pulling off unparalleled refreshment.



In tribute to our southern neighbors, we crafted an unparalleled contrast of sweet and heat with Mangoveza. Fruity bitterness upfront followed by a burst of habanero warmth provides a well-balanced IPA—unlike any other spicy ale.
Come explore the uncharted territories of this invigorating IPA.



On our relentless pursuit to bring the world unparalleled craft, we discovered a hidden treasure with our Blood Orange IPA.
As blood orange stands above everyday citrus, it is not your typical citrus infused IPA. With a crisp entry and slightly sweet finish, Blood Orange IPA has fans raving.


Monday, March 05, 2018

New Brews, Soon for You: Shades of Pale

In this edition of New Brews, Soon for You, we're featuring new stuff from Shades of Pale Brewing Company. Owner/Head Brewer, Trent Farger and Cellerman/Biologist/ Brewer, Marcio Buffolo want you to know they're serious about their commitment to bring high end craft suds to Utah's beer nerds. Beginning this week, the South Salt Lake City brewery will be introducing four new beers that will range from cocktail-like to barrel aged.    

Aphrodite: Belgian Style Blonde Ale - Low but present bitterness, light to medium body, spice and fruit esters. Easy drinking beer. 6.5% ABV.

Cerberus: Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale - The base beer here has appeared before in SOP's Bourbon Barrel Quad. This an opportunity to get to know the solo act. This beer is amber in color, with caramel, raisin, plum and stone fruit flavors. Smooth but boozy with 13% ABV.

Mojito: A Mojito inspired barrel aged beer - This beer is inspired by the traditional Cuban cocktail of  the same name. It's a slightly tart beer, aged in rum barrels with mint and lemon peel added. Refreshing and intense. Like a mojito. 4% ABV.

Brett Saison Gin barrel Aged - French saison barrel aged in Gin barrels with Brettaromyces for 14 months. Smooth, slightly tart, dry but with a lot of spices, fruits aroma. This new barrels aged beer is said to have many wine like qualities with sourness you can only get from long months of barrel time. This one is highly anticipated by sour beer fans. 6.5% ABV.

All indications are that Aphrodite will be the first to be released (sometime this week). The other three will gradually hit the market throughout March and April of 2018. I'm really looking forward trying these. What are your thoughts on these new additions?


Labels provided by Shades of Pale

Friday, March 02, 2018

New Beer Friday 3/2/18

2 Row Apricot Sour - There's a medium dose of lemony tartness with some noticeable apricot. Apricot is a little subtle for the level of tartness here, but if you like 'em tart this, you'll love this. 7.9%. At 2 Row and better beer pubs.

Full Sail: Session EZ IPA -  This session NE style IPA has a great fruity profile with a nice dose of citrus. Can’t go wrong here. 4.8%. Had it at Beer Bar.

Kiitos NEIPA - This new addition to Kiitos’ lineup is super tropical and fruity as well. It’s super fresh and it has Kiitos’ pop top can. 7.3% at Kiitos.

Deschutes Swivel Head Red IPA - I have not tried this one yet. 6.5%. At select DABC stores.

Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA - Again, Another solid NE style IPA. This one has a slightly more better finish than the previous IPAs mentioned. Very nice. 6.7%  I had it at Beer Bar.

RoHa Brewing Project Belgian Pale Ale - This has the typical farmhouse nose, but is easy on the pallet. Not overly fruity and drinks like a pale ale.  If you want to introduce your taste buds to a mellow Belgian beer, this is the ticket. 4.0%. Available at RoHa.