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Friday, August 28, 2020

New Beer Friday 8/28/20

There's no need to scream. We've heard your cries, and in response we're giving you shloads of new beers to end your work week – along with some favorites that are making a return.

Toasted Barrel - Huckleberry Cream Ale: The aroma is mostly dominated by huckleberry. The taste starts again with the berries, some minor sourness and sweet malt. Slight nuttiness in the finish.  Light body, it's an overall enjoyable ale. 5.0% - Available at Toasted Barrel.

Saltfire - Master Control Program: Sadly, no notes on this one. This is being canned this morning and it goes on sale today. Super fresh! 7.1% ....end of line.

RoHa - Barrel Aged Porter: If there is ever such thing as a summertime oak-aged aged porter, this would be the one. Aromas of wood and whiskey. The taste begins with roasted malts and cocoa. Hints of bourbon and vanilla come next with a very nice oak finish rounding it out. 5.0% - in crowlers to-go only.  RoHa is now open for sit down business, with added outdoor seating and limited indoor seating. Check it out.

Fisher - Roating IPA: This week's new IPA is actually a double IPA and it probably Fisher biggest beer yet at 10.1%. This is a west coast style IPA, with big chewy malts and tangerine peel dominating at first. Grapefruit then joins in adding some pithy flavors. The end is mostly resinous pine with a bit of alcohol heat. There is a chance that this may be delayed today, so a phone call may be in order before heading over.

Fisher - Post Office Pale: The hop profile in this pale ale generates big flavor with assertive bitterness, adding significant citrus zest and cantaloupe fruit character. Lemongrass and herbal tea. Bitterness round it out. Nice pale ale. 5.0% - Available at Fisher.

Fisher - Recession Rye: This rye ale has a nice dose of rye that slightly spicy with malts that are on the lighter side. Hops are mostly floral with a hint of citrus. Very nice. 5.0% - Available at Fisher.

Bewilder - Schwartzbier: Dark body with huge roasty aroma and flavor with hints of coffee bean, subtle dark chocolate along with clean and crisp  biscuity malts. A slight hint of floral hops in the finish. 5.0% - Available at Bewilder. 

Lone Pine - Crush Puppie: Missed this one. Spotted at Maveriks in Davis County. If you've seen it elsewhere please share! 5.0%

Returning Favorites––––––––––––––––––––––––––

TF - Corduroy: This sold out in hours in its initial release. If you missed it, you get another chance.

Epic - Barrel Aged Pumpkin: One of the worlds best pumpkin beers, in my opinion. The whiskey makes it.

Epic - Imperial Pumpkin Porter: The original big, dark pumpkin ale.

Red Rock - Otto: A brilliant new world lager.

Shades Peach Cobbler Kveik: It's uncanny how they duplicated the pie flavor.

Hopkins Brewing has a new selection a very limited small batch beers for you to enjoy this weekend. 



Friday, August 21, 2020

New Beer Friday 8/21/20

 It's another locals only New Beer Friday. Surprisingly, there's only one hop forward beer this week. That's refreshing. Check out this nicely rounded selection. 

UTOG - Huckleberry Sour: Smells great. Some lemon, lots of huckleberry, some yogurt. Flavor is huckleberry, medium tartness, some lemongrass grass and bicarb. Light bodied with medium carb and a slightly wet finish. Pretty decent. Available at UTOG. 5.0%

Toasted Barrel - Bier de Garde: Aroma immediately hits you with whiskey, wood, red currant, toffee and biscuit. Taste is exactly as the smell would indicate, with a hint of brett, and a smooth sour and vinegar like pucker on the finish. 7.0% - Available at Toasted Barrel.

Strap Tank - Kismet: Missed this raspberry and plum smoothie. Sounds tasty though. 4.4% Available at Strap Tank (Springville). Not vegan friendly. 

Fisher - Peach Plum Sour: Plum and peach in the nose with a hint of aspirin. Medium bodied with a crisp mouthfeel. Ripe plums and a peach undertone on the palate. Finishes dry, lightly tart, and with plenty of fruit.

Red Rock - Black is Beautiful: Organized by Weathered Souls Brewing Co, Black Is Beautiful is a collaborative effort among the brewing community and its supporters who believe in bringing awareness to the injustices that many people of color face. Red Rock is donating a portion of profits to the Utah YMCA and the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center. Roasted flavors with milk chocolate and some sweet blueberry character up front. A bigger finish of milk chocolate, roasted flavors, licorice, tobacco, as well as some light sourness from the blueberries. A bold and lingering finish with roasted chocolate, tobacco, some hop bitterness and some hints of sweet-sour blueberries as well. 7.0%

Avenues Proper - Transform and Roll Out: This hazy pale ale has low bitterness with with a bigger than normal yeast profile. It's not estery at all but it's noticeable. Hops are tropical and slightly herbal. The malt comes across with pleasant and muted powdered sugar sweetness. 5.0% Only at Avenues Proper.

Mountain West Cider - Colada Be Kidding Me: This new cider mimics the classic pina colada – and it does so brilliantly. The pineapple and coconut never get out of hand and manage to keep the apple base in check. It tough to identify when the pineapple starts and the apple ends. The coconut is subtle and pleasant. Very tasty. This doesn't go on sale Monday Aug 24th. Only at  Mountain West's Cidery.


Friday, August 14, 2020

New Beer Friday 8/14/20

I'm not a doctor, but I play a beer doctor on the interwebs. If you're suffering from end of the week fatigue, Doc Mikey has his New Beer Friday prescription pad out and has provided a list of remedies below. Please follow dosage recommendations and have an excellent weekend.

Shades - Slurry (Peach Habenero): If your not familiar with Shades' Slurry series, It's basically at tart kveik yeast base with rotating fruits. This week's fruits a both potent enough to punch through the tartness but don't overwhelm the entire beer. the peach comes of green due to the tartness and the habenero is more scratchy in the throat than hot. Tasty stuff. 5.0% - Available at Shades.

TF - Cool Change: This is an IPL (India Pale Lager). It basically a pilsner that's been hopped like an IPA. TF's Starts off like an NEIPA but quickly diverts with a noticeable dryness that you get from the pilsner malt and the lagering. The dry hopping adds some welcome bitterness, making this a very crushable - hopped up lager. 6.9% - Available at TF starting today.

Fisher - Rotating IPA (Big Citra Bomb Tom): As of this writing, I don't think this one has an official name, but I was told that it's basically an amped-up version of Fisher's Citra Bomb Tom. There's a fresh aromatic burst of grapefruit, lemon, and lime. Tropical citrus. Piney accent. It just smells fresh and clean.
The taste is very "bright". Citrus immediately hits your tongue, with grapefruit and lemon zest, light-medium bitterness. Finishes with mango and a light malt. 6.9% - Available at Fisher in Crowlers to-go starting today.

Fisher - Black Lives Matter: A portion of the proceeds from this beer will go to non-profits that support Black Lives Matter. Nose of chocolate, char and malt goodness. The flavor brings more chocolate, yeasty breadyness, pumpernickel, rye and even some whole wheat. A very drinkable, smooth and satisfying dark lager. 5.0% - Available at Fisher on Saturday 8/15/20.

Wasatch - Top of Main Series (Belgian Double aged in Brandy Barrels): Nose is brandy, port, raisins, oak, and maybe a touch of spice. The taste is great. Tons of flavor exploding on the first sip. Lots of brandy - the most I have tasted on a beer aged in brandy barrels. Lots of grapes, oak, candy, toffee, bread, and leather. Mouthfeel is medium bodied, and the alcohol is well hidden. 10% - Available at most Wasatch/Squatters locations. I found it at the Co-op's Beer Store.

Wasatch - Landbier: I initially got a pretty healthy dose of toasty malts and sweet malts. I do get a bit of hops adding a subtle grassy note, but they are very supportive of the malts. The flavor is really clean and malty with toasty and sweet light caramel aplenty, but there is a welcome bitterness present in the finish . Overall the mouthfeel of this beer is medium to light with plenty of carbonation, so it comes across quite light. You could drink this beer all day and I really dig the unexpected hoppy burp. 6.0% Available at the OG brewery in PC - I found it at the Beer Store. 

Policy Kings - Dark Hustle: I missed this new coffee stout from the Cedar City brewery. If you've had it, please share your thoughts. 5.0% - only at Policy Kings.

Modern Times - Critical Band: Brewed with Denali, Ekuanot, Citra, and Centennial hops, Critical Band is a blast wave of pineapple, papaya, and pink grapefruit over a crisp, restrained malt bill, before wrapping up in a soft, round finish. 6.7% - Found at Slackwater.

Here's a list of the small batch beer available this weekend from Hopkins Brewing.


Thursday, August 13, 2020

New Brews Soon For You: IPA Edition

 We're all about the new suds here at Utah Beer. When we sniff out the possibilities of new suds, Utah's oldest beer nerdist site just has to spread the word. The following new brews that are coming soon for you are not yet available for purchase. Rest assured when they are you'll get where, when and hopefully some tasting notes.

Saltfire - Master Control Program: Our first beer preview is an homage to the classic Disney film TRON. The NEIPA will feature the Master Control Program from classic film. I think it goes without saying that this beer will pair well with the original TRON or the sequel Tron: Legacy. Hell, any video game would also be a good pairing. I hope to see this one soon. This will be 7.1% and will come in 16 ounce cans.

Uinta - Test Phaze: Our next IPA will be part of the second incarnation of Uinta's Test Phaze series. This is another NEIPA. In you missed it, the international beer consortium decreed that every brewery from now until the end oftime must make a hazy IPA. Well, that's obviously not true, but it sure seems like it sometimes, doesn't it? I' sure that this IPA will be perfectly on style, but I'll leave it up to the hazy purists to carve up the minutia. 6.5% and will be in 12 oz cans.

Epic - Creamsicle IPA: Epic's newest IPA rides the milkshake craze, but don't you dare call it one. This is a creamsicle IPA. It mimics the classic frozen treat with addition of orange and lactose to provide the dairy component. One of the things that I like about Epic is that they use real fruit whenever possible. I think this may be the case here. These lactose infused IPAs are hot right now and I suspect this will do quite well. This will dial in at 8.5% and be in 22 ounce bottles.

Once again, these are just previews so don't bug the breweries about the details. Keep checking back, because I have no life and your likely to see the details here first. 


All images found at Shipcomplient.com

Friday, August 07, 2020

New Beer Friday 8/7/20

Whoa! Easy on the bleach there, Mr. Clean. I spent a lot on that empty stadium product placement. Five bucks, is five bucks, right? Odds are pretty good, that you're much better at spending your hard earned quatloos than I am. Though, when it comes to New Beer Friday, frugality goes out the window. Have a great weekend!

Shades - Slurry (Mango Apricot): This is straight kveik yeast and fruit with no lactose - this is the case with all of the Slurry series beers. This one starts fairly tar with hard green peaches. Tastes like they plucked them green and straight off the tree. The mango comes in next with a subtle amount of flavor. This is kind of like a shandy on steroids full of flavor and tartness. Be sure to rouse the can to get all of the fruit that will likely be settled at the bottom. 5.0% - Available at Shades

Toasted Barrel - Pineapple Milkshake IPA: Comes across as iced cream with tropical flavors and pineapple with a nice dose of vanilla. They really capture the "smoothie" in this beer. 8.0% - Only at Toasted Barrel. Alcohol is very well hidden. Not vegan friendly.

Toasted Barrel - Oak Aged Lager: Apple peel with sweet grains and vague vegital flavors. The woodiness is pleasant and adds some toasted notes. 5.0% - Available at Toasted Barrel.

TF Brewing - Cerveza: This debuts today. Can't wait to try their take on the style. 5.0% Only at TF.

Fisher - Lemonade Stand: The base beer has a good dose of lemony tartness. On top of that add a little lemon zest and subtle strawberry and you get a nice hot weather sipper. I'd put the tartness factor at the high side of medium. 5.0% - Only at Fisher.

Fisher - NEIPA: The latest rotating IPA from Fisher features Idaho 7, Simcoe and Sabro hops. Moderate aromas of citrus and tropical fruit hops are present. The taste follows the smell and has flavors of orange citrus, mango, and passion-fruit. Very little perceptible bitterness. Very juicy on the palate with a moderate amount of carbonation. 6.1% - Only at Fisher.

Hopkins - Salty Lemons: This is a collaboration beer made made with the Hop Bombshells home brew club. This has a gose base with fresh watermelon and juiced lime added. Slight brine from the base beer adds a little zip. 5.0% - only at Hopkins.

Squatters - Black is Beautiful: The aroma has roasted malt, coffee, anise, a little chocolate. I get some yeast from the aroma. Something nutty, and something vaguely fruity. Taste is rich, lots of dark, almost burnt roast malts. Anise is the next thing that comes to mind, and the fruitiness from the smell turns into something slightly date-like. 10.0% -

Desert Edge has re-opened after a long Covid hiatus. Do us and them a favor, please hit them up, grab a few pints and tear into their delicious grub. We need them as much as they need us. Welcome back Desert Edge!