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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Benefits of a H.S. Education

Ahh children... You raise them, nurture them, give them the benefit of your knowledge, (or lack there of) send them out into the world to find their way. When they do find their way back hopefully they will bring back knowledge, experience and good beer. Well, we raised our kid well. On a recent whirl-wind trip of Italy my freshly (high school) graduated daughter knew to forgo the Gondolier T-shirt and Colosseum paper weights, and bring back the ol' man Venetian suds.

Pedavena poured a clear yellow gold color with a firm two fingers of thick foam. The nose was light and grassy, with just a hint of sweet malts. Maybe some mild yeast undertones as well. The taste started with dry biscuit notes with a lite fruitiness. Sharp grassy hops dominate the rest of the way finishing slightly dry. 5.0% abv with high/moderate carbonation. It was OK... I've never had a stellar Italian beer so my expectations for Pedavena weren't too high. But the kid did alright. Ollie my cat seemed to like it, gave it two paws up! Wadaya want, he's a wine drinker...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ava Lee Belgium Style Triple (review)

Last month I mentioned that Squatters had released a one-time-only Belgium style triple. This month I have to say "get out and try it before it goes." It really is quite tasty, and you'll be a sad, sad lil' beer geek if you never get to try it.

Poured a clear golden orange with a finger of white foam. The nose was yeasty and fruity with apple bready malts and hint of orange. The taste started with apple and mango. Next comes dry banana notes with some biscuit notes. The end was tart, spicy and dry. Carbonation was moderate. Nicely complex, not as sweet as I was expecting. It’s 9.0% abv is well hidden. Looks like Squatters has another winner.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets

Everyone has those dirty little secrets about themselves that they like to keep hidden. You know, parts of your personality; that if were to get out would destroy or taint what little credibility you have with your friends and family. You know like... like... liking ABBA. Okay I said!!!
I-like-ABBA, so fuck you!... Now before you start tuning-out let me get on with my point. In the world of the beer-snob there are all kinds people with little dark secrets. You know, that guy who only drinks true Belgium beers, but keeps a "Natty-Light" hidden in the back of the fridge "just in case" someone comes by. My dark beer secrets are PBR and Blue Moon. Again, fuck you!

I can't help you with the PBR. There are thousands of alternatives to hide your proclivity for cheap beers, but if your embarrassed to show up with the Blue Moon or simply want an alternative to it, I have a great and somewhat better alternative in Hoegaarden. Some would say this is the Witbier that all others are judged. I'm not sure about that but it is quite good and widely available around the Wasatch Front.

Poured into a branded Hoegaarden glass a dull, cloudy yellow color with a frothy two fingers of head. The nose is sweet and fruity with banana, pear and sweet melon. Taste starts with sweet spices, banana, melon and some coriander. Next comes notes of bready wheat, but the fruit flavors dominate. The finish was very mild with light, floral hops. The mouthfeel is light with moderate carbonation. 4.9% abv. This is a great summer session beer. Very drinkable because of it's light body, well-balanced; smooth and creamy flavor. Mama-Mia!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Lightning

Well it looks like summer has finally found us. If your looking to get out of your summer-beer- rut, I'll do my best to profile some great alternatives that you may not know are out there. First off is offering from the U.K. Hop Back's Summer Lightning is a nice English bitter that pours a light golden straw color with a slightly off-white foamy head that faded to a thin cap The nose was biscuity with hints of vanilla, grassy and lemony notes. The taste started with peppery/ grassy hops and light toasted malts. more spicy/honey notes come next with a light grapefruit 'smack' rounding out the end. This is smooth and light bodied. Very drinkable and quite refreshing - a nice summer quencher. 5.0% abv. Overall, a decent beer... nothing too exciting but very drinkable. Defiantly worth trying. Cheers!

Friday, June 13, 2008


19 Medals! That's what Utah's suds-meisters managed to compile at this years Mountain Brewers Festival in Idaho Falls, Idaho. From Smoke to Root Beer, our brewers dun-did-us-prowd! Here's a list of the local winners and a link to all medalist. Congrats to all!

Bronze: Bohemian Brewery - Czech Helles.
Gold: Desert Edge Brewery - Anniversary Amber.
Gold: Hoppers Grill & Brewing Company - This is the Pilsner.
Silver: Moab Brewery - Scopian Pale Ale.
Bronze: Moab Brewery - Merrimack.
Gold: RedRock Brewing Co. - Bamberg Rauch Bier.
Silver: Red Rock Brewing Co. - German Pilsner.
Bronze: Red Rock Brewing Co. - Bohemian Pilsner.
Bronze: Ruby River Steakhouse and Brewery - Ruby's Root Beer.
Bronze: Four Plus Brewing Co - Monkshine.
Gold: Uinta Brewing Company- Kings Peak.
Gold: Uinta Brewing Company- Blue Sky Pilsener.
Bronze: Uinta Brewing Company - Solstice Kolsch.
Bronze: Uinta Brewing Company - Bristlecone Brown Ale.
Gold: Wasatch (Utah Brewers Cooperative) - Squatter's Hefeweizen.
Silver: Wasatch (Utah Brewers Cooperative) - Wasatch Evolution Amber Ale (Irish Red).
Silver: Wasatch (Utah Brewers Cooperative) - Wasatch Polygamy Porter.
Bronze: Wasatch (Utah Brewers Cooperative) - Squatter's Organic Amber Ale.
Bronze: Wasatch Brew Pub - Polygamy Porter.

Rodney Scores a bottle of Grand Tetons' Double Wheat Utahns represented a good portion of the crowd

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Did You Know???

In my neck of the woods, the beer selection at my (not very) local liquor store is pitiful at best. When I want a special "heavy" beer I often have to call around to every outlet within fifty miles just to see if they have what I'm looking for. Nine times out of ten I end up at the state's best beer outlet; downtown SLC's wine store. Even then there's no guarantee that I'm gunna find my special brew.

But did you know-there is a little known way to increase the odds that you'll find what your looking for. And that it's been available to you for many, many, many years. The best kept secret retail outlet is the DABC's warehouse.
Located at 1700 south and 900 west, all alcoholic bevs over 4.0% begin their statewide journeys at the already overcrowded booze hub. It's not a perfect place to do your shopping but it does give an alternative option for the person who needs that special brew yesterday.
Some of the cons: Only open from 8-5 mon-fri. And there's no browsing. You need to know what want and they'll grab it for you. To help you with your shopping, the state's website provides a list of all bevs that the state carries. And the warehouse people swear that it's updated daily. Here a link to the states beer selection. Use it wisely. Use it for good. Cheers!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Writing a beer blog is a lonely pastime. My days mostly consist of sitting in my refrigerator box beneath the Fourth south overpass. Scratching notes onto a used bar nap with my fist full of yellow crayons(regular, not Perma); Doing all I can to spew-forth all that is good for the inter mountain beer faithful. Thankfully this month I'm not alone. Angela Brown editor extraordinaire at SLUG(Salt Lake Underground) Magazine decided to pull her box up next to mine a publish Slug's first ever beer only issue. "The Beer Issue" consists of everything a beer lover could want to navigate they're way through "green jello'd" hued landscape that is Utah.
From reviews to brewers insights to rants from yours truly, It's a must read. Available throughout the month of June in the along the Wasatch Front as well at Slugmag.com

Monday, June 02, 2008

Coming & Going

For most of my adult drinking life Uinta Brewing's beers have been a staple in my fridge. I'm quite fond of most of their beers and I'm quick to pimp them to whom ever will listen. Well stand by for some pimpin' especially if you live in Georgia or Colorado. Uinta has had a great year so far, expanding into the east coast and most recently into one of the more competitive craft brew markets in the country. Brewing is big business in Colorado, it's currently home to 24 breweries(including Coors) and 72 brew pubs! Colorado is serious about their beer. The state ranks number one in terms of gross beer production, producing over 23,370,848 barrels in 2006. That being said, it's no easy thing to break into a market with such stiff local competition. Add in the fact that a good majority of Uinta's line will be at 4.0% abv, you've got yourself a tough task. It's tough enough around here for people to get past the Utah beer stigma, hopefully Colorado beer lovers will be more open-minded.

And as we give we also get to take. In this case a long time bootlegging favorite of many Utah craft brew lovers finally comes to our stores legally. Big Sky Brewing out of Missoula has started shipping Moose Drool Brown Ale, Scape Goat Pale Ale and it's Big Sky IPA. I spoke with the brewery this morning. They said they shipped out an order last week, so we should see bottles in our liquor stores with in the week. Hopefully! Things aren't exactly swift over there at the DABC. If you see them let us know where. Cheers!