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Friday, August 30, 2013

New Beer Friday 8/30/13

Beer wise, we're in a transion phase as far as beer goes. We're at the end end of the summer offerings and at the begining of the Autumn seasonals. Today on New Beer Friday we have some great examples of summer and fall beers, both local and national.

Sierra Nevada - Flipside Red IPA: This brand new offering from Sierra Nevada prominently features tropical fruit and citrus hop flavors from the use of whole-cone Citra, Simcoe, and Centennial hops. These hops are used both as finishing additions and in the Hop Torpedo, a proprietary Sierra Nevada device that captures more hop aroma and flavor, but not bitterness, during the fermentation process. The interplay of pale, caramel, and chocolate malts firmly roots Flipside Red IPA and supplies its rich color. With just the right gusto—6.2 percent ABV and 60 IBU—this seasonal beer is perfect for the final flash of summer. @Liquor Stores

Boulevard - Reverb Imperial Pilsner: Pours a clear sunny color, with a bright white finger of head. Aroma was biscuits and pilsner malt, crackers, grassy hop notes. Tastes of crackers, and biscuits, sweet malts, grassy hops and a fruity yeast note. Body has a creaminess to it, medium body, adequate carbonation, not too airy, not to slick. @Bayou - Select Liquor Stores

 Avenues Proper & Restaurant & Publik House - Fever Pitch Summer Saison: This session-strength version of a traditional country beer from Belgium/France is brewed with rice and wheat malt in the mash for a very light crisp body.  Nelson Sauvin (NZ) and Hallertauer (German) hops in the boil as well as a dryhopping period with the Nelson Sauvin give the beer a balanced bitterness and a fruity, wine-like finish. A light straw color and hazy from the wheat and the dryhopping period, the beer is also brewed with Grains of Paradise in the boil which have a bright, peppery flavor accented by the dry, slightly funky saison yeast. @Avenues Proper

Hoppers - Helles Festbier: a Munich style helles lager made with German pale and Munich malts. Spalter Select and Saaz hops. Secret Agent and Brewmaster Donovan Steele is also offering this beer unfiltered in a cask conditioned firkin tonight only. the tapping is at Hoppers - 4pm. One beer - two ways - one night.

We try and get you today's Firkin offering in the comment section as soon as the info comes in.

Also, Congrats go out to Tiffany Steele, she is this week's AHA Homebrewer of the Week. She's brilliant!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Squatters' Snowbird Dunkelweizen

Last year Alta Ski Resort celebrated their 75th birthday. To help honor their three quarters of a century in the Ski Business the Utah Brewers Cooperative created a new beer for the occasion, Alta 75th Anniversary Ale. The beer will be sticking around even though the anniversary has past.

Now comes word that Squatters has come up with a new beer for Alta's Little Cottonwood Canyon cousin Snowbird Resort. This 4.0% Dunkleweizen doesn't appear to celebrate a milestone at Snowbird as far as I know, it just appears to be a new brand for Squatters and something that Snowbird can sell to tourist and visitors.

This is likely for sale very soon. Hell, it may already be filling mugs at Snowbird's Oktoberfest. Has anyone seen it yet? 

I love Dunkles, but what are your thoughts on this new offering?


Monday, August 26, 2013

Lagunitas High West-ified Cappuccino Stout

The beer pictured above has a lot of people, "freaking the fuck out". It appears that Lagunitas Brewing got their hands on some of our locally made, High West Whiskey barrels and aged some of their Cappuccino Stout in them.

People have been asking me all weekend (if and where) it will be available in the state. I'd have to say, no it will not be for sale in Utah. It's likely High West's place in Park City will get a few bottles for sale or for the enjoyment of the distillers, but by the looks of the label, it's a "Ridiculously Limited Bottling" and that generally means, "not a chance in Hell - Utah"!

If anyone does happen to see some of this floating around, a little nudge in the proper direction would be helpful. Lagunitas has become one of the more popular breweries to enter the market in recent years, hopfully we will see more local collaborations with them.


Friday, August 23, 2013

New Beer Friday 8/23/13

Just two new beers this week. One nice thing about them.... if your downtown, you'll only have to walk about a block to try them both.

Squatters Red Ryder: (Not to be confused with Tenaya Creek's beer Red Ryder) Starts with dry floral hops with hints of toffee and caramel. The rye adds a nice spiciness to the finish. @ Squatters locations

RedRock Origin: The flavor is a rich unique combo of berries, lime, lime and orange, on a saison-esque base beer. Very smooth and drinkable. @ RedRock Locations


Thursday, August 22, 2013

New RedRock/New Belgium Collaboration

It seems like we're fresh off the heels of the Paardebloem release and we're already talking about the next new RedRock/New Belgium project. Just like Paardebloem this new collaboration will be a style bending beer that will be hard to categorize.

Dubbed Nora's Ale, the beer will barrow from German influences as well as Belgian. I have no idea what the finished product will produce, but be certain it will be different and different it always good.

We'll keep you up to date on it's status.


photo: RedRock Brewing
Above: Kevin Templin (RR), Chris McCombs (NB), Chris Harlin (RR) 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Squeaky Bike Coming Soon

Moab Brewing continues their canned assault in the grocery store isles with the coming release of their Squeaky Bike Nut Brown Ale. A long time staple in Moab, this malty, toasty, nutty American brown will be a welcome addition to the local fall lineup.

It has a nose of rich toffee with a touch of roastiness. The flavors starts with hints of chocolate and a toffee that carry through to a piney hops bitterness in the end. Very well balanced. Light bodied, with a clean, crisp finish. The aftertaste is rich, sweet, and roasted. Very good beer and very sessionable.

It should start popping up where other Moab labels are available in the next couple of months.


Friday, August 16, 2013

New Beer Friday 8/16/13

Hurricane Malt Liquor: I don't spend a ton of time over at the malt liquor section of the cold case, but this caught my eye and it's new to me. So, I'm taking one for the team.

Pours a very clear darkish gold color, some head in the bottle. This was, as malt liquors go, not bad. It was sweet and adjuncty, but not over the top, and alcohol was not kicking you in the throat the whole time. Mouthfeel is neutral. Very cheap, not a good experience, but not terrible. I need a hug.

Schöffhofer Grapefruit: Pours an attractive hazy whitish yellow color. The nose is pure "grapefruit soda". The taste is a nice mix of grapefruit with a pale malt backbone. The flavor is much more grapefruit juice than beer, but has a nice tartness to the finish that makes it far more refreshing than any cooler on the market. And the 2.5% ABV is absolutely perfect for hot weather activities

I hesitate to call this a true "beer", it may blur the line between a fruit beer and malternative beverage. I think its's probably closer to a shandy. Either way, it's quite drinkable. I found it at Harmon's.

Haas needs hop help again! Chris Haas head brewer at Desert Edge Brewing needs help gathering wild hops for his Radius ale. The date is Wednesday, August 21. They will start at 8 a.m. and go into the evening. Info is here.  


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Two Oktoberfests - One Weekend - No Waiting

The Utah Beer Festival isn't the only option for the intermountain beer geek this weekend, a much older tradition also begins this weekend, Snowbird's Oktoberfest. I've been writing about the Bird's Oktoberfest for years, not much has changed, except for the beer. Every year the beer options get better and better.

So choose a day over the next dozen or so weekends get your ass up Little Cottonwood Canyon to enjoy one of the most picturesque festivals in the west. Oktoberfest is every Saturday and Sunday from noon to six.

Remember to bring your mug from previous years, they'll still fill 'em!

Also today, the Bohemian Brewery is releasing their seasonal Oktoberfest beer at the pub in Midvale. Get in on a Brewery tour and Bohemian Mug w/fill for $10 at 6:30pm. This beer will be poured at Oktoberfest as well.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The 2013 Utah Beer Festival Preview

A reminder of that this year’s Utah Beer Festival is coming up this Saturday, August, 17. This year's event will feature more than 125 local, regional, national and international beers from some 30 breweries including:
Wing Nutz
Avenues Proper
Gordon Biersch
Tenth & Blake (Miller Coors)
Desert Edge
Samuel Adams
Stella Artois
Leffe Blonde
Negra Modelo
Pilsner Urquell
Firestone Walker
Shades of Pale
Red Rock

You’ll need to be at least 21 years of age and purchase an entry ticket ($15 in advance, $25 at the door), which includes admission, a souvenir tasting mug and five beer tokens. You can purchase additional tokens for $1 each. A 12-ounce pour is three tokens ($3) and for full-strength, higher-alcohol beers, expect to spend four to eight tokens, depending on the beer.  

The tickets are broken up into three tiers: The Standard ($15),  The Earlybird (25) & the VIP ($50) . The Earlybird gets you in an hour earlier than the Standard & the VIP gets you  early admission and access to the VIP lounge with special beer tastings and food pairings.
The starting time for Standard ticket holders is 3PM and goes to 8PM.

Gallivan Center
239 S. Main
Saturday, Aug. 17, 3-8 p.m.

Any other Questions?  


Friday, August 09, 2013

New Beer Friday 8/9/13

Zion Apricot Ale: Tastes like a standard hefe but with major focus on apricot rather than citrus. You get wheat, apricot, and spice. The apricot flavoring is moderate. Aftertaste is mellow with wheat. @Zion Canyon Brewing

Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin:
There’s a nice side taste of tingly rich fruits. The after taste is slightly bitter, with a sweet caramely/bready linger.

Wychwood Brewery Scarecrow Organic: The nose is malty with a little sweetness and some bready notes. The taste is a bit malty sweet with a slight herbal hoppiness. Mouthfeel is light to medium bodied.
Many have asked me to include meads, ciders and fruit wines to New Beer Friday. Cool! 

The Hive Winery Plum Wine: A bright, clean wine with a soft medium sweet finish. This wine has a subtle floral nose with a slight earthiness in the back notes. The slightly acidic finish on the wine accents the pleasing fresh plum flavor.

Today's Firkin Friday offering at the Bayou is Desert Edge's Rye aged in Chardonnay Oak. Tapping at 3:00.


Thursday, August 08, 2013

New Squatters Cans

If you go back a few years you may recall seeing Squatters Chasing Tail & Provo Girl in cans. They weren't around too long, they may have been ahead of the game or they may have been stuck with the old "can stigma". For whatever reason they're gone, but the Utah Brewers Cooperative will soon be breathing new life into the Squatters/Wasatch can program with the debut of the brewery's new canning line.

Look for two new canned brands to hit shelves sometime in the next few months Full Suspension Pale Ale & Hop Rising. I believe this is the first canning line at the UBC, the previous canning program was packaged out of state.

Uinta, Bohemian and Moab has all seen great success with their canning lines, what other Squatters/Wasatch brands would you like to see in cans? 


Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The 2nd Annual Bucket Homebrew Competition

The Bucket Home Brew shop in Vernal is holding their second annual amateur Homebrew Competition on September 14. The competition will be held on a 135 acre place above Steinaker Reservoir outside of Vernal where camping is available (some full hook-up for $40 and endless tent camping for $20).  

There are 8 categories:  5 beer categories, red and white wine and mead

The judging this year will both be by popular vote and will also have master brewer, Bart Bollington and his brew crew from the Vernal Brewing Company as judges.  

The general public can attend for $10.00, but they must be 21 or over.

There will be fun prizes and opportunity for home brewers to have their beer critiqued.  

Folks can contact Connie Gordon for entry form and rules or contact The Bucket for more info on  Facebook. Phone is 435-781-2739The Bucket is located at 510 e. Main St. Vernal, Utah.

Monday, August 05, 2013

2013 Beehive Brewoff Results

Over the weekend we managed to make our way through 598 incredibly well crafted home brews for the 5th annual Beehive Brewoff. Every year the entrants technical prowess and creativity surpasses the last making the judges tasks more difficult and more enjoyable.

Here are some of the outstanding beers that were honored for 2013. Congrats to all!

Best of Show

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Chris Detrick
Co-Brewer: Kyle Trammell
Jack Mormon Sour Monk 16E: Belgian Specialty Ale The Brewing Network
2nd Sean Landis Twin Peaks Doppelbock 5C: Doppelbock Lauter Day Brewers
3rd Mike Hahn Russian Imperial Stout With Spanish Cedar 22C: Wood-Aged Beer zz hops

BOS - Cider

No entries are eligible.

BOS - Mead

No entries are eligible.
Table 1: (1402) 1 - Light Lager (14 entries)
Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Conor Papineau Cervesa 1B: Standard American Lager
2nd Lawrence Ostroski Rasenmaher 1A: Lite American Lager
3rd Mike Horner Helles 1D: Munich Helles

Table 2: (1502) 2 - Pilsner (15 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Travis Grimm Wild American Pilsner 2C: Classic American Pilsner ZZ HOPS
2nd Mark Albrecht Brohemian Pills 2B: Bohemian Pilsener Lauter Day Brewers
3rd Brad Cooley Seditious 2A: German Pilsner (Pils)

Table 3: (1502) 3 - Euro Amber Lager (14 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Vince Stuart Oktoberfest 3B: Oktoberfest/Marzen Lauter Day Brewers
2nd Bart Hansen Loosen Der Leaderhosin 3A: Vienna Lager O Town Hop Heads
3rd Conor Papineau Vienna Lager 3A: Vienna Lager

Table 4: (1402) 4 - Dark Lager (13 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Justin Kingsford Der Teufel Dunkel 4B: Munich Dunkel
2nd Travis Grimm Grimmbrau Schwarzherz 4C: Schwarzbier ZZ HOPS
3rd Scott Hunt Brazilian Black 4C: Schwarzbier

Table 5: (0701) 5 - Bock (6 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Sean Landis Twin Peaks Doppelbock 5C: Doppelbock Lauter Day Brewers
2nd Scott Hunt Telefunken U-47 5B: Traditional Bock
3rd Mike Johnson Traditional Bock 5B: Traditional Bock ZZHOPS

Table 6: (1001) 6a,c - Cream Ale & Kolsch (9 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Eric Fredrickson
Co-Brewer: Casey Hemmis
Kappa Kolsch 6C: Kolsch
2nd Mike Mirabella Cream Ale 6A: Cream Ale Lauter Day Brewers
3rd Vince Stuart GP LITE 6A: Cream Ale Lauter Day Brewers

Table 7: (1402) 6b - Blonde Ale (13 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Mike Horner Blonde 6B: Blonde Ale
2nd Trent Bangert Blonde 6B: Blonde Ale The Brewing network
3rd Chris O’Bryant Big Titty Blonde 6B: Blonde Ale

Table 8: (1201) 6d - American Wheat/Rye (12 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Dean Volungis White Wheat 6D: American Wheat or Rye Beer
2nd Branden McIntyre American Wheat 6D: American Wheat or Rye Beer
3rd Benjamin Jones
Co-Brewer: Robert Willingham
Iron Wheat 6D: American Wheat or Rye Beer

Table 9: (0701) 7 - Amber Hybrid (7 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Zach Adams Alt 7A: Northern German Altbier The Brewing Network
2nd Travis Grimm Steamroller Lager 7B: California Common Beer ZZ HOPS
3rd Hoyt Brewster The Altstadt 7C: Dusseldorf Altbier

Table 10: (1402) 8 - English Pale Ale (14 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Jared Young YES (Young’s Extra Special) 8C: Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale)
2nd Paul Deschamps School Night 8A: Standard/Ordinary Bitter
3rd Jared Young Brigham’s Best 8B: Special/Best/Premium Bitter

Table 11: (2202) 9 - Scottish & Irish Ales (22 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Davo Mahaffey Yummie Scotch Ale 9E: Strong Scotch Ale ZZHOPS
2nd Trevor Gowans Bollocks Be The Irish Red 9D: Irish Red Ale
3rd Andrew Ayers Holy Haggis 80/- 9C: Scottish Export 80/-

Table 12: (3703) 10a - American Pale Ale (36 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Josh Turner Pike’s Pale Ale 10A: American Pale Ale
2nd Paul Gailey Suck It, Valentine No. 2 10A: American Pale Ale Lauter Day Brewers
3rd Hoyt Brewster Crosseyed & Painless 10A: American Pale Ale

Table 13: (1502) 10b - American Amber Ale (15 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Patrick Bourque
Co-Brewer: Bryant Gordan
Pale Gone Amber 10B: American Amber Ale N/A
2nd Lennie Mahler Amber Ale 10B: American Amber Ale
3rd Lanny Derby Up Weight 10B: American Amber Ale

Table 14: (1602) 10c - American Brown Ale (16 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Clay Turnbow Baseline Brown 10C: American Brown Ale Lauter Day Brewers
2nd Cort Sessions Grand Jury 10C: American Brown Ale
3rd Terry Seyler Buddy’s Brown Ale 10C: American Brown Ale

Table 15: (1301) 11 - English Brown Ale (13 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Lanny Derby On The Button 11A: Mild
2nd Trevor Gowans
Co-Brewer: Josh Gowans
MR F 11C: Northern English Brown Ale
3rd Robert Rys Yallery Brown 11A: Mild KC Nanobrews

Table 16: (0801) 12 - Porter (8 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Davo Mahaffey Davo’s Baltic Porter 12C: Baltic Porter ZZHOPS
2nd Trent Bangert Passy McPassed Out Porter 12B: Robust Porter The Brewing network
3rd Danny Kunimura East Kent Porter 12A: Brown Porter No Affiliation

Table 17: (2202) 13 - Stout (19 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Joe Aruscavage Kief’s Extra Stout 13D: Foreign Extra Stout ZZhops
2nd Chris Detrick Jack Mormon Stout 13B: Sweet Stout The Brewing Network
3rd Bonnie Barlow Matrimony MilK Stout 13B: Sweet Stout

Table 18: (1202) 13f - Imperial Stout (11 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Dallas Barlow Dirty Hippie Celebration Ale 13F: Imperial Stout
2nd Chris Detrick Jack Mormon Imperial Stout 13F: Imperial Stout The Brewing Network
3rd Jordan Smith
Co-Brewer: Steve Kirk
Winter Solstice 13F: Imperial Stout

Table 19: (3604) 14 - India Pale Ale (36 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Chris Detrick
Co-Brewer: Shawn Margetts, Daniel Schulz, Greg Robinson
Jack Mormon Double 69 IPA 14B: American IPA The Brewing Network
2nd Mike Hahn English IPA 14A: English IPA zz hops
3rd Mick Cummard Big Rock IPA 14B: American IPA

Table 21: (2202) 15 - German Wheat and Rye (22 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Scott Hunt Banana Hammock 15A: Weizen/Weissbier
2nd Mike Johnson Weizenbock 15C: Weizenbock ZZHOPS
3rd Wes Bowen
Co-Brewer: Ro Erb
Hefeweizen 15A: Weizen/Weissbier

Table 22: (0901) 16A- Witbier (9 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Scott Hunt
Co-Brewer: Mick Cummard
Manneken Pis 16A: Witbier
2nd Marc Kiesel Lemongrass Belgian 16A: Witbier class bravo brewing
3rd Zachary Crawford Get Wit It! 16A: Witbier none

Table 23: (2002) 16c,d - Saison and Biere De Garde (18 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Ray Madsen Saison D’ Madsen 16C: Saison
2nd Patrick Bourque
Co-Brewer: Bryant Gordan
Summer Is Coming... 16C: Saison N/A
3rd Zach Barrows Miel Ble Saison 16C: Saison

Table 24: (2002) 16e - Belgian Specialty (19 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Chris Detrick
Co-Brewer: Kyle Trammell
Jack Mormon Sour Monk 16E: Belgian Specialty Ale The Brewing Network
2nd Bryan Gordon BG’s Grisette 16E: Belgian Specialty Ale O-Town Hop Heads
3rd Jeff Nicholson Monks Cut Patersbier 16E: Belgian Specialty Ale ZZHOPS

Table 25: (2202) 17 - Sour Ales (22 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Dallas Barlow May Love Never Sour (Wedding Berliner Weisse) 17A: Berliner Weisse
2nd Josh Van Jura Oud Bruin 17C: Flanders Brown Ale/Oud Bruin ZZ Hops
3rd Wes Bowen Oud Pank 17F: Fruit Lambic

Table 26: (3303) 18 - Belgian Strong Ale (32 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Patrick Bourque
Co-Brewer: Bryant Gordan
Belgian Strong Ale 18D: Belgian Golden Strong Ale N/A
2nd Robert Frazier Belgian Dark 18E: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
3rd Ray Madsen Two Monks Belgian Dubbel 18B: Belgian Dubbel

Table 27: (1402) 19 - Strong Ale (14 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Clifton Winter A Mad God 19A: Old Ale
2nd Bob Trewartha Hairy Belly Bob’s 19C: American Barleywine
3rd Kirk Hofeling Fireside Contemplation 19C: American Barleywine

Table 28: (3003) 20 - Fruit Beer (28 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Rob Rutledge Wisconsin Belgian Red 20A: Fruit Beer ZZ Hops
2nd Robert Rys Jubilee 20A: Fruit Beer KC Nanobrews
3rd Michael Pezely
Co-Brewer: Tim Cantwell
Haole Coconut Brown Ale 20A: Fruit Beer Lauter Day Brewers

Table 29: (4004) 21 - Spice/herb/vegetable beer (38 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st DJ Benway CPPA #2 21A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
2nd Scott Hunt
Co-Brewer: Mick Cummard
Schism Juniper Rye Ale 21A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
3rd Trevor Gowans Roasted Poblano Cream Ale 21A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

Table 30: (2202) 22 - Smoke and Wood Aged Beer (22 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Mike Hahn Russian Imperial Stout With Spanish Cedar 22C: Wood-Aged Beer zz hops
2nd Steve Mott Bourbon Barrel Oatmeal Stout 22C: Wood-Aged Beer none
3rd O-Town Hop Heads
Co-Brewer: B. Gordon, C. Fonnesbeck, T. Shivers, R. Ellis, B. Parsons, P. Winslow, G. Bevenger, E. Byrd
RIS Barrel Project 22C: Wood-Aged Beer O-Town Hop Heads

Table 31: (2703) 23 - Specialty Beer (24 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Michael Pezely
Co-Brewer: Tim Cantwell
Tropic Thunder (Wild Ale) 23A: Specialty Beer Lauter Day Brewers
2nd Josh Van Jura Rye’d Divide 23A: Specialty Beer ZZ Hops
3rd Patrick Bourque
Co-Brewer: Bryant Gordan
Go-Go Gose! 23A: Specialty Beer N/A

Table 32: (1802) 24, 25, 26 Meads (18 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Karl Hansen Cheery Mead 25C: Other Fruit Melomel
2nd Bryce Schulzke Lady Of The Holy Trinity 24C: Sweet Mead
3rd Bryce Schulzke 1st Braggoteer 26B: Braggot

Table 33: (1502) 27, 28 - Ciders (13 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Chaz Smith Elder. Cider 28B: Fruit Cider
2nd Alun Thomas
Co-Brewer: Craig Teerlink
Scrumpers Natural 27B: English Cider
3rd Lennie Mahler Dry Cider 28C: Applewine

Table 34: (0801) 16B - Belgian Pale Ale (8 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Hans Groberg Gewoon Pale 16B: Belgian Pale Ale
2nd DJ Benway Brightown Belgian 16B: Belgian Pale Ale
3rd Jeremy Llewellyn Belgian Pale Ale 16B: Belgian Pale Ale Lauter day Brewers

Table 40: (1902) 14c - Imperial IPA (19 entries)

Place Brewer(s) Entry Name Style Club
1st Dallas Barlow Cold Hop Water "With A Smack Of Hops" 14C: Imperial IPA
2nd Mike Horner Pliny Ala Mike 14C: Imperial IPA
3rd Dennis Brown Plenty Good Beer 14C: Imperial IPA O-Town Hopheads