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Friday, July 30, 2010

Elephant IPA and Other Beer News

Earlier this year RedRock Brewing Co. erected a new brewing facility to help expand their brewing operations out side of the pub and give the boys in the brewhouse a little extra elbow room.

Designed primarily for the commercial aspects of the business the new brewery has for the most part been helping to keep up with their kegging demands and storage of oak barrels.

Now the new brewhouse is finally moving into high gear. With addition of a new bottling line RedRock is moving forward with new beers to add to the new Utah beer landscape.

To christen the new bottling line RedRock "Beer Yogi" Kevin Templin has developed Elephant a new Imperial India Pale Ale that's big on hops without stripping the enamel off your teeth.

Imagine plucking a tangerine off tree, ripping it open and... and just crushing in your mouth. That's how juicy the hop profile is on this som' bitch! Medium to full bodied malts and an 8% abv will get you to your happy place pronto. Should be available next week sometime at around $5 a 16 oz. bottle.

RedRock also has a great Saison on-tap a the brewpub right now. This one is all thirst quencher. Great spicy notes up front with a huge lemony finish - all thanks to a brilliantly blended yeast cocktail. Very limited, only ten barrels made - won't be around for more than a few days.

And if that wasn't enough from the RedRock camp, plans are underway for a third RR Brewpub to be located at Fashion Place Mall, near the Cheese Cake Factory. No set open date yet, possibly by years end.

Okay, as you can see the RedRock guys have been busy. Squatters has got some good beer news going on as well.

Starting today (Friday July 30) Squatters is selling their Big Cottonwood Amber at the downtown pub. Out the door sale will be done at the bottle shop (brewery door).
The bottle shop hours will be Monday, Wednesday and Fridays noon - 3pm. Jenny appoligizes for the limited hours, but they have to make them work around the brew schedule for now. $5/22 ounce. 1 case per person per visit.

This is part of their Small Batch Series so the quantity is limited. Right now their just selling the Big Cottonwood, but starting September 1st they'll be selling 529 and Fifth Element for $12.95/750ml.

In other beer news batch #4 of Epic's Hopulent IPA is in the breweries cold case and the Bayou is selling Hoppers' Double Black Lager.

Have I given you enough?!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shades of Pale Update

Getting a brewery off the ground is a huge endeavor. From brewing equipment to supplies to city ordinances it can be a daunting task. Now try to imagine doing everything by yourself. That's what's happening at Shades of Pale Brewing Co. Trent Fargher's one man band brewery has been slow getting off the ground, but considering Trent's tenacity and love for brewing the end result should for make for happy Utah beer lovers.

Since Trent got his license to brew he has spent more time giving away samples of his brews at area beer festivals than he's sold (which is zero). The beer festivals are an important tool to help tweak recipes and get feedback from colleagues.

After the Mountain brewers festival and based on input from festival judges, Trent redesigned his anchor beer, Parley’s Pale White Ale. "Based on the feedback of the judges I redesigned the beer. I believe it to be a much better - easy drinking adult beverage that will have you wanting more than one. It is nice and refreshing with a light flavor profile.

Shades of Pale is also close to finalizing recipes for two other beers, a Kolsch named A Perfect Stranger and a yet to be named Espresso Stout. "I will have a batch of the Kolsch ready sometime this week for sampling and feedback". As far as the Stout goes Trent will "dry coffee" (like a dry-hop) for addition aroma and flavor during the secondary fermentation. That should make the stout "perfectly robust". The recipe is based on a Russian Imperial grain bill but scaled back to 4.0% abv.

Shades of Pale is also going to produce a small batch series of beers called EXP SOP the X factor "We plan on having a monthly release where we get customer feedback based on a limited production. Most likely one of a kind beer from very small batches. This will be beer that will be all over the board, no holds bar".

Initially Trent's plan was only to keg beer. Now the plan is to have a small bottle shop as well. "We'll do that after we start lining accounts up for distribution as we understand our supply chain and make sure we meet demand".

The bottler is on the list of need to purchase Items. "I held off on it to see how much room we have once the 7bbl system is in place. It might have to go upstairs on the second floor. Once I know the amount of space we have to play with I will be seeking either a bottler or a small can line".

Hopefully all will be in place within the next month or so, if you can't wait Shades of Pale will be pouring some of their beer at the upcoming Festival of Flavors at Brian Head Resort on August 21st. Good thing he's making beer... he's gunna need one.

In other Utah Beer news. Uinta Brewing is finally opening their long awaited Bottle shop at the brewery today. Now you can get every beer that Uinta/Four+ makes, cold right from the brewery. Don't get me started on why it's taken so long... Today's post is long enough. Just thank the boys and girls at Uinta for figuring out a solution and bring the bottle shop to fruition.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Good and Bad of Cold Beer

I get it... it's summer - it's hot you want your beer cold to help quench your thirst. But how cold is too Cold?

Last week the City Weekly's cover story focused on "The best places in Utah to order a cold one". Now I'm not opposed to a frigidly ice cold beer on the right occasion, but given the option, I'd much rather taste my beer than flash freeze my taste-buds with it. And let's face it some beer is better not being tasted.

I was going to write up some comments about City Weekly's Coldest Beer Issue, but Mark Alston of the Bayou beat me to it - and frankly did a better job at it than I would have. Mark is the number one purveyor of suds in Utah, so I invite you to please check out Mark's keen insight on the matter at his blog on the Bayou's Website.

I give the City weekly's staff credit for getting out there and dipping their thermometers in beer statewide and not just keeping it localized to Salt lake City. I understand it's good work if you can get it!

One thing is for sure, properly refrigerated beer will be pouring at the City Weekly's Beerfest on Saturday September 11th. The Beer fest will be held at Washington Square (SLC City/County Building block) and run from 1-6 PM. Please put it on your calendar.


Friday, July 23, 2010

2010 Evanston Brewfest

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the 2nd Annual Evanston Brewfest. Here's some basic info, if you wish to attend.

There are two different admissions: $25.00 – includes wristband, souvenir tasting mug (4 oz) and unlimited tasting or $5.00 (wristband) + $1.00 per token (each token is good for one taste) – for those that don’t want to drink a lot.

The Fest runs from Noon until 10:00 PM on Main Street in Downtown Evanston. Microbrews from Noon until 5:00 PM and then street party until 10:00 PM!

Here's a list of the participating breweries.

Bohemian Brewing Co.
Deschutes Brewing Co.
Grand Teton Brewing Co.
New Belgium Brewing Co.
Odell Brewing Co.
Snake River Brewing Co.
Suds Brothers Brewing Co.
Alaskan Brewing Co.
Big Sky Brewing Co.
Blue Moon Brewing Co.
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Also, New beers in SLC today!
Check out Hop in the Dark from Descutes. This beer has subtle coffee undertones born from a blend of oats with dark, Munich and crystal malts. Classic IPA flavors and aromas are due to courageous additions of Cascade, Citra and Centennial hops.

Full Sail's Spotless is a true Northwest style IPA – richly hopped with Willamette and Zeus hops. A deep golden color, bright bitterness and a definite fruity finish.

Both are at the Bayou, Beerhive and some Liquor stores


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Better Beer Ordinances in Provo?

We all know that it's a little tougher to get a beer in the ultra conservative city of Provo than it is in other Utah communities. The huge number of churches and schools make it difficult to accommodate businesses that want to sell beer.

Currently the distance between a store selling beer and a church, school or library is 500 ft. with such tight restrictions it's impossible for new grocery and convenience stores that want to sell beer to open in the city.

Well the Provo Municipal Council agreed Tuesday to consider rolling back that ordinance from 500 to 200 feet. The proposed ordinance would only affect convenience stores and grocery stores that sell beer, not bars.

With the Utah County Convention Center coming, it is important for the city to adopt more reasonable standard as prospective businesses start looking to expand in the city.

The council will vote on the matter at its Aug. 3 meeting. If you live in Provo and this affects you, it may be worth your time to attend this meeting and voice your opinion.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tracks Brewing is Still Open for Business

Last month we reported that Tracks Brewing Company had closed it's doors and was up for sale. The latter is true, Tracks Brewing is for sale. However, it is still open for business.

We were misinformed about their status and we regret that we gave out info that may have had a negative impact on Tracks' day to day business. We also apologize for our lack of diligence on fact checking.

Beers for the Pioneers

Here's a bit of topical humor From Bill Frost's column The Ocho in the current issue of the Salt Lake City Weekly.

Eight new local commemorative microbrews arriving just in time for Pioneer Day 2010:

8. End of Days Pale Ale: No aftertaste (but there is afterlife), dry-hopped for the apocalypse and filtered through the tears of Glenn Beck.

7. Gary Herbert Hefe: A flavorless, predictable, ultimately forgettable wheat beer best served before Nov. 2, 2010.

6. Immigration Amber Ale: An undocumented, medium-bodied ale that takes the jobs no other beers want (unavailable in Arizona).

5. Chevron Stout: A dark (black, actually), thick stout with a petroleum-slick finish, served chilled and/or spilled.

4. Birther Brau: A crisp, suspicious lager with Hawaiian and Kenyan malts that may or may not have been brewed in this country. Tank certificate not available upon request.

3. Hipster Pils: A lukewarm, light beer best drunk through an ironic mustache (real or tattooed on finger), painstakingly brewed to taste exactly like a PBR tallboy.

2. Lonsberry Lager: In remembrance of recently-canceled “local” talk-radio host Bob Lonsberry, a flat lager with an anticlimactic finish.

1. City Weekly “Sorry” Seasonal: The beer we’ll be buying for everybody inevitably pissed off about our “Coldest Beer” issue.

Speaking of City Weekly, still no updates on their planned Beer Festival on Sept 11th.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Zoo Pub!

The other evening I was sitting on my porch enjoying beer and I thought to myself, "This beer is great - but you know what would really make it great? to drink it in the company of an Asian Tiger". We'll the folks at Hogle Zoo must have been reading my freak'n mind!

On August 5th, after all the lil' kiddies have have left, Zoo Pub opens for the adults. Zoo Pub will offer up to 15 different beers, including selections from Hoppers, Uinta and other local favorites. The ticket price is $40 and includes Zoo admission, bratwursts and snacks courtesy of Taste of the Wild Catering and of course the beer!

Zoo Pub is for adults, 21 and older, and valid ID must be presented at check in. The Zoo will admit guests 30 minute prior to the start of the event. Parking will be in the South Parking Lot behind the Zoo, just off Wasatch Blvd. Zoo staffers will guide you to the Asian Highlands exhibit from there.

The Hogle Zoo is a great place and it could really use you support. For more info on how to purchase tickets, call Guest Services at 801-584-1769.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oxfordshire Triple B

Some of you may have already seen this already but it caught my eye the other day at Smith's Marketplace, so I thought it might be worth looking in to.

The Oxfordshire Triple B comes from the Oxfordshire Brewery on the outskirts of the village of Marsh Gibbon in the U.K. The village has long been associated with beer making and brewing with records tracing back as far as 1850.

It seemed like an odd find at a Utah grocery store of all places, then I caught the ABV on the side of the bottle then it all made sense. The Triple B is a true session beer in the purest terms. It's 3.7% ABV is dinky even by Utah standards. However it gives you an sense about the nature of real British ales. That they are for quenching not just for getting piss drunk.

Poured a clear copper color with very little - to no head. The nose was of tea, wood and some spices. The taste starts with tobacco and tea - well-hopped with Golding hops? Next comes big, sweet bready malts with a dry, herbal hop finish. A little thin in the mouth with low carbonation.

Worth checking out if your in the mood for a balanced English pub ale. Available in 16 oz bottles.

Also, I updated yesterday's post on Squatters' Big Cottonwood. Check out the new labels for their "Small Batch Series".


Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Cottonwood Amber Ale

Squatters will be releasing a new beer soon, based on an old favorite. Big Cottonwood Amber Ale is a 6.4% version of Squatters popular Emigration Amber Ale. "I have always wanted to make my Emigration Amber at a higher level of alcohol - and since Emigration was the first beer brewed at Squatters twenty one years ago, I thought a higher alcohol Amber would make a perfect beer for first release on my new filler."

The filler that Jenny is referring to is a new 2 head beer filler that will allow the Squatters staff to get their high abv beers in the bottles quickly and more efficiently.

Anyway back to the beer. Big Cottonwood Amber is made with all fresh whole flowers and they're using a new whole flower dryhop technique that gives it an amazing hop character. So it is definitely brewed for those who like their Amber Ales on the hoppy side.

Big Cottonwood will be sold in 22 oz bombers and is at 6.4% abv with 49 IBUs. The cost will be $5 and will be sold out of the brewery door to customers for packaging store price. Restaurant/table price will be more than $5, but the exact restaurant markup has not been decided yet.

The release is tentatively scheduled for July 19th. That could change.


Friday, July 09, 2010

New Beer Friday 7/9/10

Wahoo! More new beers. All are at the Bayou.

Samuel Smiths Stingo
is a traditional strong ale originating in the north of England, is mentioned in literature before 1700. Samuel Smith's Stingo melds the fine history of this style with the signature elegance of the brewery. Brewed from British malt and multiple hop varieties, Stingo is fermented in open-topped stone "Yorkshire Squares," with the Samuel Smith ale yeast strain. It is then aged for over a year in oak barrels that previously held cask-conditioned ale, gaining complexity and depth from the wood. Bottle conditioning - bottling the beer with live yeast for carbonation - produces soft conditioning as well as a fruity aroma and finish; it also allows Stingo to age and develop in the bottle for many months.

Only 2000 cases of Singo are brewed each year.

Pinkus Organic Jubilate Dark Lager

History Jubilate was first brewed in 1966 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Pinkus Brewery. Crisp and with some caramel notes from dark malt, this beer pays tribute to German lagers of the early 19th century. Deep amber-brown color with great depth and richness; a medium-to-full-bodied celebratory lager with an elegant hop finish.

Lindemans Faro

Faro is a Flemish classic, served throughout pubs in Brussels but uncommon outside Belgium. Historically, sugar or sugar syrup was sometimes added to young, unblended lambic by a bartender - it helped balance the lambic's tart acidity - and eventually lambic brewers began to bottle faro.

Samuel Smith's Organic Ale

Samuel Smith's Organic Ale is reminiscent of the early 20th century brews not only in the brewing process and flavor, but label design as well. Certified organic by the USDA-accredited UK Soils Association. A delicately flavored golden ale in which subtle fruity esters from the Samuel Smith yeast strain interact with a background of maltiness and fresh hops.


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Bar X Closes

If your fond of glass tankards of 3.2 Bud & peanuts I have some very sad news for you. Bar X one of Salt lake City's most infamous dive bars will be closing it's doors tomorrow (7/9/10).

Building owner Gary Tedesco, whose grandfather Feno opened the bar near the end of prohibition has decided not renew the lease to current Bar X owner Charmayne Clingman and the bar is to be no more.

The influx of full service bars with microbrews and hard liquor make for a tough sell, when looking for other locations for a tavern that serves up bowls of peanuts and nothing stronger than 3.2 Budweiser

One of the things that made Bar X so infamous over it's long tenure downtown was it's "No Women Allowed Policy". In 1986, a judge ruled that anti-discrimination statutes applied to clubs. The owner at the time, Mayne Clingman, was so angry he refused to install a women’s restroom until forced by the state Health Department.

Charmayne, his daughter and namesake, contends the addition of a women’s room had more to do with the demolition of the kitchen, which provided enough room for a single stall and a wash basin.

Still, former longtime bartender Clyde Triptow, who worked into his 80s, often ignored women who happened in for a beer. That pugnacious stance didn’t get him into trouble with his boss. Mayne Clingman didn’t care much for women customers either, said current bartender Lynda Anderson.

He supposedly thought women would steal the Bar X’s thick tankards, one of its main measures of fame. Over the years, many a man downed icy cold beer poured into the thermos-like glasses.

If you'd like to say goodbye or visit a piece of local history one last time, Bar X is located at 155 E. 200 South in downtown SLC.

And a reminder that tonight is Erica Palmer's last night tending bar at the Bayou. Go in and send her off right.


Source: Salt Lake Tribune/ Photos courtesy Chris Detrick | The Salt Lake Tribune.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Silver in Sigapore

Last month Epic Brewing won a silver medal for their Galloway Porter at the 2010 Asia Beer Award Competition in Singapore. They were in good company, Stone Brewing Company's Smoked Porter took the Gold and Southern Tier Brewings' Porter got the bronze. Congrats Epic! Here's the complete winner's list.

Also Epic has worked out a Recycle/Reuse program with Cali’s Natural Foods. Take your empty and rinsed Epic bottles in the box to Cali’s at 1700 S 389 W and get 10% off on that visit. They offer Local and Organic products and will reuse the bottles. Even if you don't normally shop there, it beats tossing them into the landfill.


Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bye-Bye Erika

About a decade ago I decided that this craft beer thing that was happening around the country "had me written all over it" and I need to emerge myself in the almost nonexistent beer culture that existed in SLC at the time. I frequented all the Brewpubs of course but I needed a broader view; eventually I found the Bayou. A great beer selection with a cozy atmosphere and the staff didn't suck.

That's where I became reacquainted Erika Palmer. I was aware of Erika from places like Port o' Call, The Zephyr and Uinta Brewing but had never really gotten to know her. From my time at the Bayou we became fast friends. She indulged my thirst and I became the greatest pain in the ass she ever encountered.

Soon this "Beer Witch" got into my head and started providing me with beers I didn't know I wanted - before I knew I wanted them. If I got a little crazy and ordered a Fizzy yellow beer, she'd give me that stern look one gives a puppy that's just shit the carpet to set me straight.

After a few years, with Mrs. Mikey's permission. We named Erika our sister wife and were to be joined together in the celestial beer garden forever. But all good things must come to an end.

Erika is leaving the Bayou for great things and we wish her the best. If you know Erika and would like to wish her well, her last day tending bar at the Bayou will be July 8th, but we'll be celebrating her all week starting today.

I personally would like to say it's about Goddamn time. Get out of my head, witch! Take your "magic beer juju" and cast your spells on some-other poor, unsuspecting beer nerd and give me a chance to buy you a beer for a change.

Cheers to you Rika!