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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Policy King's Brewing Compny Debuts Today

Cedar City's Policy King's Brewing Company is officially the state of Utah's newest brewery today. The first beers out of the gate are one of the obscure IPA varietals. Simply called India Pale Ale, the beer is described as west coast style and has an ABV that is "to style". It goes on sale today from 10:30a to 7:00pm.

Other beer coming from Policy Kings include: N.E. Style IPA, Porter, Wheat Ale, Piisner, Stout and a Pale Ale. Policy Kings is located 223 n. 100 w. in Cedar City (I've included it in my Utah Beer Map above). The brewery's pub is still a few weeks away, stay close for that announcement as well.

Congrats to Cedar City's first brewery in well over a hundred years!

Photo Courtesy Policy Kings

Friday, October 12, 2018

New Beer Friday 10/12/18

I don't see what the big deal is. I mean brewers are artists; they create works of art that are immediately put through our own personal shredders, which are then (usually) discarded unceremoniously away from prying eyes. I submit to you the following works of art for you to do as you will. I'd recommend drinking them.

*Just added  Uinta Saddleback Brut IPA: light hay in color very clear with a hint of chill haze. The aroma is mostly light tangerine peel with floral notes. Very little in the way of malt sweetness, but you can tell it’s there. The bitterness is mostly citrus peel with more herbaceous hops and a hint of pine in the finish. Very dry, with prickly carbonation. 4.0%. Just released at Uinta’s pub in cans and on draft.
Toasted Barrel - Fresh Hop IPA: Sadly I missed this new fresh hop. I guess they used four pounds of fresh local hops in the whirlpool plus a healthy dose in dry hopping. The hops were provided and grown by James at Solstice Malt. It's described as a "very light, fresh and hoppy ale". 4.0%. Available at Toasted Barrel.

Toasted Barrel - Young Bruin: This sour brown ale is not your typical Oud Bruin, hence the name. The tartness has a lemony citrus twang with a moderate dose of toasted and caramel malts. It's not as fruity as you'd expect, but it does provide an adequate balance of tart malt. 5.9%. Available at Toasted Barrel, Beer Bar.

RoHa - Fuzzy Pucker: I missed out on this one. This a peach sour ale. 4.0%. I will have tasting notes for you later today at 3:30pm on KBER101 with Mick and Allen.

RoHa - Tile of Life: This is RoHa's Pale ale with Mosaic hops. As with the Fuzzy Pucker I'll have tasting notes at 3:30pm on KBER101. 

Talisman - Nut Brown Ale: Aroma is of toasted, nutty malt, chocolate, cacao and some piney hops. Body is light and slightly crisp. Taste is similar to aroma. Finish is long and semi-dry. Good session ale. Only on draft at Talisman

Squatters - Juicy IPA: I found this on draft at Beer Bar yesterday. It starts out like any other Juicy IPA with lots of nice tropical flavors then it switches gears with creamy milk sugars adding sweetness and body. I guess it's more of a milkshake IPA. Very tasty. 4.0%. 

Shades - Kveik #4: This is similar to Shades' gold medal winning Kveik #1, however this one was made with Galaxy, Mosaic and Citra hops vs #1's Nelson Savin hops. It also slightly sweeter which gives it a little more balance between malt and tart. Very nice sour. 6.3%. Available at Shades.

Boulevard - Love Child #9: Peppery cherry with balsamic sourness mixed with a medley of various berries. It's semi-dry, puckering and nicely balanced with a good dose of oak in the finish. Sour fans will like. 8.4%. Available at Beerhive and Bayou. 

Boulevard - Whiskey Barrel Stout: There’s a good dose of chocolate and roasted malt up front with slight coffee notes. The Barrel has a nice presences with complimenting vanilla. There is a bit of alcohol heat in the finish. Nice. 11.8%. Found at the Bayou.

Great Divide - Heyday Modern IPA: Citrus sweetness with a medium amount of caramel provide a nice platform for a generous amount of tropical and grapefruit bitterness. Finishes dry and slightly bitter with resinous pine. The alcohol is a comfortable 5.8%. Available at the Bayou.


Monday, October 08, 2018

A Templin Family Brewing Company Preview

At Salt Lake City's up and coming Templin Family Brewery beers are fermenting away in the new brew house, slowly maturing for their late October - early November debut. Owner and brewmaster, Kevin Templin  has a full book of new recipes; perfected and ready for our eventual enjoyment.

If you're curious, I have a preview of a small sampling of what you can expect in the coming months.

First we'll start with the Granary Kellerbier (pictured above). Granery; named for the brewery's neighborhood - which is looking to become the city's new brewery district is the perfect name for one of Templin's first brews. The Kellerbier style is one of the older German styles, dating back to the Middle Ages. Look for unfiltered lager that's rich in vitamins from the yeast with an agressive hop profile and sessionable alcohol. This will be offered on draft and in 1 pint cans.

I'm pretty sure it's a 'beer sin' not to offer at least one IPA. One of T.F Brewing's first of likely many hoppy ales will be the Ferda DIPA. Ferda is named for a hockey term that has its origins in Canada. When someone does something for the benefit of his teammates or pals it's known as a Ferda. Templin Created Red Rock's popular Elephino DIPA; this will be different from that but familiar in the ways you'd expect from a double IPA. Ferda will be 8.2% and offered in 1 pint cans.

The third preview beer is for T.F.'s Albion Trippel. Named for Utah's Albion Basin; located up Little Cottonwood Canyon, this beer will be a Belgian style Trippel Ale that will posses all of the complexities you'd expect from this sweet, spicy and alcoholic strong ale. This beer will dial in at 10.2% and will find itself placed into 1 pint cans as well.

Our last beer is the Ethereal Leichte Weisse (basically light wheat). The overall character of this beer will be cleaner and softer on the palate with more subtle banana like phenols - and of course that lovely hints of lemon. look for it on draft and in - you guessed it, 1 pint cans.

These are a just a sample of what's to come and a good indication of what you can expect from SLC's newest beer spot. Stay close for updates on T.F.'s official opening.


Images found at Shipcomplient.com   

Friday, October 05, 2018

New Beer Friday 10/5/18

Fisher -"Yet Unnamed Lager": As of yesterday this beer had no name. It's a toasty and clean lager with pine like bitterness along with malts that lean towards caramel and almond. Kinda like a Altbier. 4.0%. Available at Fisher.

Saltfire - Wet Hop Lupulin Dew: I missed this one, but I hope to have tasting notes for you on this later today on New Beer Friday's segment on KBER101. That's at 3:30pm with Mick and Allen.

Toasted Barrel - Doll Face White IPA:  This Belgian influenced white IPA is described as being brewed with orange peel and coriander to compliment the tropical hops. This compilation creates a smooth, hoppy finish approaching a NE style IPA.

2 Row - Roll Out: This a new oatmeal Stout from 2 Row. It's 4.0% and sadly i missed it. It's only on draft at 2 Row, so bring your growlers.

Ballast Point/Western Standard - Saloon Lager: This barrel aged lager is a collaborative beer between Constellation Brands' Ballast Point Brewing and High West Distillery. It starts with a good dose of oak, marshmallow and bourbon. Some lager graininess emerges in the end. finishes semi hoppy. Don't judge this session barrel aged lager against the bigger bodied ales. Knowing this, you can now proceed. 5.2%. Available at The Bayou and select DABC stores.

Elysian - Punkuccino: I was really looking forward to this one; anticipation is always better I guess. A good dose of pumpkin spices start you off with some gourd flavors as well. After that you get mostly thin acidic coffee and a harsh bitter finish. 6.0%. I found it at Beer Bar. 

Elysian - The Great Pumpkin: Much better than the previous Elysian Pumpkin beer. Look for great pumpkin pie spices: nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon and perhaps a touch of clove. There's a generous amount of malt backing this all up. 8.1%. Found at Beer Bar.

Odell - Jolly Russian: This Rum barrel aged Imperial Stout has notes of sweet rum followed by some heavy oak. Raisins, figs, tobacco and brown sugar.  Other rum notes make for a sweet offering, but the warming alcohol does a nice job of balancing the heavy sugars. 13.3%. Found at Beer Bar.

Odell - Double Pilsner: Toasted bread with grainy crackers start you off. From the you get a slight mineral bite that leads you to grassy and citrucy hops. Alcohol is evident put it is an Impy Pils. 9.0%. Found at Beer Bar

Stone - Enjoy By 10/31/18: These never seem to disappoint; some may be better than others, but IPA fans can usually agree that these are pretty decent beers. This one is no exception. It has great citrus notes with a fair amount of tropical-fruit-like hops. The malt balance is spot on with a descent amount of citrus peel and pine bitterness. It's damn yummy. 9.4%. Available at Beerhive, Bayou.


Friday, September 28, 2018

New Beer Friday 9/28/18

Apparently today is National Drink a Beer Day. This being the case, I've found a nice round selection of local regional beers to help you accomplish this sacred national obligation.

It's also worth mentioning that Utah has two new breweries that have gone online and are now fermenting beer. Policy Kings Brewing located in Cedar City started brewing last week and will hopefully be selling their suds to our brothers and sisters in Southern Utah in the coming weeks. The Templin Family (TF) Brewery went online yesterday and hopes to be serving beer at their Granary neighborhood spot by the end of October. Congrats to Utah's newest beverage playgrounds!

Fisher Purple Power Sour: Black Currents were added to this new brew. They give it a deep purple color that is tinged towards the red. The taste is lemony tart as you'd expect, with a good amount of berry fruitiness. One of their better sours for sure. 4.0%. Only at Fisher

Fisher Best Fresh Citra Pale: The name says it all - whick means this probably won't be around very long. There's a good amount of citra hops in here, which gives it that nice tangerine zing. The malts are equally pronounced giving it an all around balance. Tasty! 4.0%. Only at Fisher 

Kiitos Barrel Aged Barley Wine: This new 13.0% Barley Wine is being released tomorrow to celebrate Kiitos' one year anniversary. Look for big toffee, tobacco and dark fruits combined with bourbon and oaky vanilla. Boom!

Kiitos Fruit Milkshake: A bright red fruit blast, mostly raspberries with some blueberries and plums as well. Kiitos used over 1.5 pounds of fruit per gallon of beer and it tastes like a smoothie. Available in cans and on draft. 4.0% Available 9/29

Kiitos Marzen: is an amber lager and is their take on an Oktoberfest style beer. The beer is malt forward and very crisp. Available on draft only. 4.0% Available 9/29

Kiitos Session Brut IPA: is very light and dry with high carbonation allowing the citrus hop flavors to shine with no bitterness. Available in cans and on draft.
4.0% Available 9/29

Red Rock Fallen: This non traditional Dunkle is dark brown in color with aromas of dark malts, some cacao notes, banana and a touch of resiny hops. Taste has a somewhat spicy quality due to the ginger. The malts are semi-sweet and bready with cacao, banana, clove and lemon. It finishes with some citrusy hops. Medium/light body and carbonation. A nice twist on the Dunkle style, I think you'll like it. 4.0%. This should be hitting Harmon's Grocery stores anytime. 

Zion Pecan Nut Brown: A medium amount of sweet malts combined with toasted grain and pecans make this brown ale the perfect autumn companion. I fell in love with beer on the first sip. Very  satisfying and appropriatly complex for it's 4.0% ABV. Available At Zion Canyon's Brewpub and at Beer Bar for a limited time.

Wasatch Clothing Hoptional: While this beer isn't technically new, the use of the wild Summit County hops keep it different every year; so let's call it new. The addition of local malt makes it a true local beer. This beer debuts Saturday, 29th. at Wasatch's original Park City brewery.   
Desert Edge Fresh Hop Ale. This is an unfiltered pale ale brewed with farm fresh Citra hops used within 24 hours of harvest. Using fresh undried hops bring out subtle floral qualities usually lost in the drying process. This beer has light malt character and low bitterness to let those fresh flavors of peachy, citrusy, goodness stand out. 4.0%. Available at Desert Edge.

Desert Edge CitraNali Pale Ale: This unfiltered pale ale is brewed with lots of Citra and Denali hops for a bold hoppy ale full of bright grapefruit and tropical fruit flavors. Light malty background with high bitterness and dry finish. 4.0%. Available at Desert Edge.

Deschutes Hopzeit Autumn IPA: It starts off with toasted/bready malts and light caramel. The citrus and tropical flavors from the from the hops blend nicely with malts making it very drinkable. The finish has a nice dose of spicy/herbal bitterness. 7.0%. Available at DABC and better beer pubs.

Silver Moon Mango Daze: This is a new brewery to hit our market, it quietly slipped in from Bend, Oregon. It opens orange zest and mango. Tropical and citrusy hops dominate though, creating a nice fruit salad effect. The mango adds to the hop character in a way that seems natural and purposeful.   Mid way through you get mild toast/caramel notes with a finish that is mildly dry and acidic. Nice beer. 6.0%. Available at DABC and better beer pubs.

Dogfish Head Fruitful Fort: This beastly fruit beer dials in at whopping 18%. I don't want to over describe this beer's complexities because there's a lot going on here and it's not going to be everyone's jam. Look for chewy molasses along with concord grape, blueberry and raspberry. Calling it full bodied would be an understatement. It finishes super boozy and astringent. I'd grab some of these and cellar them for a few years. A little time in the bottle will hopefully mellow this fucker out. I found this at Beer Bar.

I'll be discussing these beers and other random beer topics this afternoon with Mick and Allen on KBER101 at 3:30pm. Please tune in.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

New Brews Soon For You: September 2018

In today's preview of new brews that are coming soon for your consumption we have what looks to be a shload of new IPAs; guaranteed to cuddle your inner hop fiend. The breweries creating these beers have not officially announced release dates on these, but trust I will let you know when they hit shelves/taps. 

Saltfire We Hop - Lupulin Dew: That gorgeous label pictured above is for Salfires new Wet Hop Ale. Wet Hop IPAs require that hops hit the brew in less than 24 hours from the time they were picked. This can be expensive due to overnight shipping costs but the taste is well worth it.

Saltfire Frankly Mr. Shankly: This IPA is Saltfire's entry into the Hazy IPA game. Look for low bitterness, a high amount of tropical/fruity hops and alomg with a good dose of malts. 

Proper Hopothetical: This experimental IPA series from Proper will feature - whatever the hell the
boys and girls at Proper want. This "mad scientist" beer will hit whenever with whatever. Hopefully sooner than later.

Vernal Autumn Harvest: I love Harvest ales! They're always so fresh and bright and they seem to add more flavor than the typical beers especially when the air outside tends to get a little crisp. This won't be your typical harvest beer. This one will dial in at a hefty 10%. Boom!

Talisman One-Off Ale: You're not going to get a lengthy description here. The name says it all; look for another whatever/whenever beer from high to low ABV. I do know that whatever these beers turn out to be, they'll be in 22 ounce bombers. Seriously, It's a great thing when breweries invest in experimental one off beers. 

RoHa Shambo: Another New England style is headed our way. Shambo is a the RoHa brewing Project's ante into the hazy IPA poker game. This one will come in at 7.0% ABV and should feature a fruit salad of tropicaL and citrus delights. All that and a handy 12 ounce can.

Uinta Pack it Out: This new IPA from Uinta describes itself as being "unfiltered" not hazy so you can
take that to mean whatever the hell you want. Uinta does a pretty good job with their IPAs, even at session strength. They hope you'll take this 4.0% beer with you when recreating in the greatnewss that is Utah. Remeber to pack it out after you pack it in. 


Images found at Shipcomplient.com

Friday, September 14, 2018

New Beer Friday 9/14/18

Kiitos Pumpkin: Typical pumpkin spice aroma with some faint hops. The taste follows with an adequate amount of spices followed by a little bit of vanilla and caramel. There is a small dose of  medium bitterness in the finish. 4.0%. Available at Kiitos and Oktoberfest at Snowbird. 

2 Row French Saison: Missed this one. It’s only available at 2 Row’s brewery as part of their Utah Food Bank donation drive. Only available for a limited time. 4.0%. 

2 Row New England Citra IPAMissed this one. It’s only available at 2 Row’s brewery as part of their Utah Food Bank donation drive. Only available for a limited time. 4.0%.

Proper Rye Geist: It’s cloudy like a Hef but takes on more earthy hues. The aroma is faint with malt along with light banana esters. The taste starts with caramel and spicy rye malt. The yeast kick in from there adding banana and clove esters. Low bitterness in the finish. 4.0%. Available at Proper Brewing. 

Fisher Mosaic Kölsch: Tropical and citrus aroma. The taste follows with bright fruity hops that range from grapefruit to pineapple. Malts a lightly sweet and toasty. Nice hoppy Kölsch. 4.0%. Available at Fisher. 

Fisher Black Kölsch: If you like your Kölsch to look and taste like a porter this is the beer for you! Nothing about this beer screams Kölsch. However it is a very nice roasted porter; full of chocolate and coffee notes. Very tasty. 4.0%. Available at Fisher. 

Epic Brut IPA: Big fruity tropical hops in the nose. Not as dry as some Brut IPAs that I’ve had, but it does have a low amount of malt sweetness. The citrus and pine and mango qualities of the hops really shine from the Mosaic-like hops. 4.7%. This beer is only available in Epic’s high point growlers

Gordon Biersch Full Pressure Pils: The malts are sweet and toasty which give it a nice authentic taste.   The hops are assertive without being overly bitter. They provide just enough balance to bring it all together. Worth trying. 5.0%. Spotted at Gordon Biersch’s pub at Salt Lake International. 

Budweiser Copper Lager: I haven’t tried this, but I am curious. Anyone tried this? Please share. 6.2%. Available at DABC. 


Thursday, September 13, 2018

$3.00 Growlers at 2 Row for a Simple Donation

Starting today (Sept 13th), 2 Row Brewing Company will begin their first ever Food Drive for Beer. Simply bring in three food items and your favorite (clean) growler then 2 Row will fill it for just $3.00. Yup, that's right: three smackers - buckeroos - clams or doubloons will get you a maximum of 64 ounces of 2 Row's finest 4% draft ales for your home enjoyment.

And if that's not enough of an incentive; two brand new exclusive beers will be offered with this charitable food drive. Besides hIPAcrit IPA and Inevitable Amber Ale you also get the choice of 2 Row's French Saison and newly concocted New England Citra IPA.

So, just to recap: That's 3 cans or non-perishable food items for one of your 64 ounce (self cleaned) growlers (max four growlers a day). This offer does not apply with 2 Row's high ABV growlers. The beers will be available until Sept 22 or until they run out.

This is an incredible deal and it's a great incentive to help 2 Row meet their goal of 1000 lbs of food for the Utah Food Bank. What a great idea.


Friday, September 07, 2018

New Beer Friday 9/7/18

Happy New Beer Friday! We're IPA heavy this week and the options pretty much run the gambit in regards to the style, this should make most of you very happy. Have a great weekend and don't forget to check out New Beer Friday on KBER101 with Mick and Allen later today at 3:30.

Kiitos Brut IPA: The nose is simple and fresh with citrus peel and waves of lemon and lime, backed up by honeydew melon. The flavor boasts with light grain sweetness and a hint of toast. From here the hops dominate adding a twang a various zests that carry on to the end. It finishes very dry and spritzy. 6.1%. Available at Kiitos, Beer Bar

SaltFire Citra Singularity: Dank orange citrus pith, has earthy and musky undertones with brighter points of tangy juice. Medium mouthfeel, smooth with a slowly gripping bitterness. Moderate sweetness and soft carbonation. Very nice. 7.3%. Available at Saltfire.

2 Row Constant Haze: Starts with big chewy tropical flavors along with a fair amount of sticky malts. This is definitely a full bodied IPA. As you work your way into the back end of the beer yuo get  more mango flavors along with a descent blast of citrus peel and pith. Noticeable alcohol in the finish. 10.5%. Available at 2 Row and most of your favorite better beer pubs.

Squatters Bike Week Amber: Smells of caramel and bready malts with some floral hops. The taste starts with more bready and toasty malts along with faint caramel that adds a bit of sweetness. Back end is toasty with a honey and a floral hop bitterness. light body. Solid all around. 4.0%. Available at Squatters and West Side Tavern.

Odell Cloud Catcher IPA: This "milkshake" IPA has lactic sugars added to give it that creamy sweetness. It has all the elements of a New England IPA. a big hop profile featuring grapefruit rind and mango. A lot of malt and tropical fruitiness in the end. Medium body with a finish that is lightly bitter. Not bad. 6.8%. Available at many of your favorite beer pubs.

Odell Oktoberfest: The aroma is full of caramel malt, spicy hops and a hint of rye. Tastes of big  caramel and wheat malt with some vanilla and hint of nuttiness. The hop profile is low but noticable with some grassy/spicy hops. This a a pretty solid Marzen/Oktoberfest that hits all of the marks.6.1%. Available at many of your favorite beer pubs.


Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Uinta Looks to Close-Out 2018 in a Big Way

In the beer world it's all about the fourth quarter. This is generally the time of year when the breweries begin to bring out their heavy hitters and and most coveted beers. As I began my research into what is "on tap" for later this year, I found quite a few intriguing options from Uinta Brewing that I thought you might be interested in.

Pictured above is Uinta's Single Barrel Series. This is more of a special edition label than a specific beer. This label looks to be an outlet for Uinta's R&D department. It's designed to give you an idea of  what Uinta is working so that you can provide feedback into what you'd like to see from the brewery.

Next up is Migrator. This is a Dopplebock aged in Bourbon Barrels. Bocks and bourbon are a perfect pairing the sweetness of the beer provides fertile ground for the whiskey to build upon. This beer will dial in at 8.0% and be available in 12 ounce cans.

As we get into harvest time in natural that the breweries feature fruited beers that reflect the autumn months. This label for Valley Orchard Wheat looks to feature cherries and could likely involve other fruits as well. This will probably be a 4.0% beer that could be
more than just a seasonal beer. This will also be offered in 12 ounce cans.

Brut IPAs are going to be the big thing in the next couple of months. Uinta was a little slow in the hazy IPA game, but it's looking to get into the brut game toot-sweet. If you're not familiar with the style yet, Brut IPAs are just as they sound, bone dry. Most of the fermentable sugars are fermented out leaving a minimally sweet very hoppy and dry beer. Saddleback Brut IPA will likely be at session strength and will be available in 12 ounce cans.

Old Ephraim really has me excited. This beer is an Oud Bruin; basically it's a Belgian style sour brown ale. These typically have a dark fruit sour profile that I find to be the most enjoyable of sour styles. This beer will be in Uinta's corked and caged 750 milliliter bottles that are reserved only for the breweries funky and barrel sour beers. it will have an ABV of  6.7%.

Uinta also has an  "Oktoberfest style lager" coming out. I have no image for this other than a keg collar. This will be a high point offering that will hit at  5.3%. Still waiting to see if this will be packaged in cans or not. Stay close on this one as it's getting to ne the time of the year for this style of beer.

All of these may or may not be hit in the fourth quarter so be patient and i'll get the info on these as they get it to me.


Images found at Shipcomplient.com

Friday, August 31, 2018

New Beer Friday 8/31/18

Damn! August flew by fast. To help wrap it up, I came across bunch of great local options fine tuned for the coming autumn months. All of these are limited seasonal releases so don't wait to long before pulling the trigger on these.
Toasted Barrel American Farmhouse Ale: Nose consists of yeast, bread and slight fruit aromas.
For the flavor, I get yeast, a slight barnyard notes, lemon and apple. Some bready malt rounds out the back end. 6.2%. Available at Toasted Barrel.
Toasted Barrel Belgian Dubbel in Peach Bourbon Barrels: The aroma has familiar wild ale aroma that has a aromas of acetone peach and bourbon. Flavor begins sweet with notes of peach, toffee and light honey. Vinegar and moderate sour funk come next with a dose of lactic character. This moves into a middle with notes of oak, a faint acetone flavor, peach and honey-like sweetness. Finish is sweet, with sour peach and oak. Unfortunate acetone off-flavors. 8.5%. Available at Toasted Barrel.

RoHa Grapefruit Pale Ale: Tropical fruit, spicy pineapple and light tangerine twang overwhelm the palate. Round pale malts with hints of melon and lime following. These flavors are all wrapped up with a powerful dose of bittering grapefruit and pulp. Finishes with some chewy pith. 4.0%. Available at RoHa Brewing Project.

RoHa Wet Hop Pale Ale: Aromas of caramel and pine. The taste is immediately toasty with a subtle dose of caramel. The hop in with a dry pine character with some orange-ish notes. Finishes dry. 4.0%. Available at RoHa Brewing Project.

Proper SMaSH Pale Ale: This version of Proper's reoccurring SMaSH (Single Malt, Single Hop ) beer has an aroma of herbal grass and orange peel. The taste follows with the Wia-iti hops adding more herbal and lemon grass notes. Finishes dry. A nice pale ale made with local solstice malts. 4.0%. Available at Proper Brewing.

Strap Tank Roccozella Plum Saison: Missed out on this one. Jenni Curtis Shafer of Utah's Crafty Beer Girls says it has, "Great yeast character with subtle plum tartness and a dry, yet sweet finish". 4.0%. Available at Strap Tank. Thanks, Jenni!

Uinta Nobel Nectar: This Belgian style Golden Strom Ale is full of spicy phenolic yeast. The malt component is sweet and caramel-y with nice honey sweetness. The spelt adds a nice nuttiness giving it more dimensions. Finishes sweet and slightly boozy. 8.5%. Available at Uinta.

Squatters Arnold Palm Ale: Squatters recently did a draft version of this beer based on the Arnold Palmer drink. LOok for lemonade and tea to be major components. This goes on sale tomorrow morning (9/1) at Squatters downtown. 5.5% in 16oz cans.


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Mad Fritz Hits Salt Lake

Mad Fritz Brewing out of California's Napa Valley region will be debuting their beers along the Wasatch Front and Back this week. Mad Fritz beers are made with their own house malt and ingredients found within the region of the brewery. All of the beers are barrel aged in various woods for unique flavor profiles and developmental features. The brewery touts their beers as being "not brewed to style" and all beers undergo secondary fermentation in the bottles and kegs.

I haven't had a chance to try any of these beers yet - here are some of the brewery's descriptions of what's available in Utah.

Mad Fritz The Wind and Sun - Golden Ale: Our rendition of a Belgian Strong Ale with Saison styling offers the spicy notes derived from the yeast without late hop additions. This beer is fermented in stainless steel and is aged in 3rd use French oak Chardonnay barrels for about 1 to 2 months which gives the beer a subtle vinous character and oak tones. Our Golden will age beautifully for months and potentially years to come due to its low terminal gravity that also makes it crisp, lean and deceivingly potent.

Mad Fritz The Eagle's Nest - DIPA: We opted not to dry hop as we feel there is adequate punch from the whirlpool/knock-out steep. After a warm fermentation we racked to a 3rd use Chardonnay barrel for aging for two to three weeks only.  This highly aromatic beer is bright with hops as well as subtle barrel tones and a rich yet dry texture terminating at 1.006 to 1.008 and alcohol at 8.4 to 8.8 % v/v and 85 IBUs.

Mad Fritz The Kite, Frog and Mouse Rye Ale: The generous spice and lift that Rye malt brings an aroma that is completely seductive as well as the synergy with the Ivanhoe heirloom hop this beer seems to get better and better with age. Aged in Bourbon barrels for about two weeks and is unmistakeably intense. We partnered up with The Bounty Hunter and their great source of Bourbon to make this happen. This batch will be available for a very short time although its possible a few bottles may leave the brewery and could end up in your glass.

Mad Fritz The Lion and Other Beasts - Grissette Ale: This Belgian Style ale called a Grisette that is somewhat of a lost beer style named for the coal miners wives that would serve this up after the long work day in the mines.  It is typically a low alcohol ale at 4 to 5% by volume with low bitterness and aromas of yeast-spice as well as subtle hop notes.  Our resulting beer is bright with light fruit tones, yeast spice, dry and clean. Clocks in at 5.7% v/v alcohol by volume and was aged in chardonnay barrels for one month. Our more recent bottlings have been aged in neutral French oak for 1 to 2 months with varying levels of ABV although typically landing at 5.5%.  We sometimes refer to this beer as a mini-Saison or even a Belgian Pale Ale in style.

Mad Fritz The Larks in the Corn - Blue Corn Pale Ale: The idea behind this beer is to single hop with our locally grown Cascade and have a grain bill with approximately 30% micro malted blue corn to craft a refreshing style while showcasing some of the color and flavor you get from the corn. The barrel age program is limited with another hop addition prior to racking for bottling. The result is a crowd-pleaser that parallels many milder IPAs yet offers aromatic beauty of one of the greatest hops currently cultivated.  The flavors of this beer are incredibly unique due to the layering of malted corn, cascade hops and yeast esters offering lots of stone fruit.  The color tends to be dictated by the blue corn and has a light red-blue hue to it.

Mad Fritz The Old Man and Death - Imperial Rye Stout: This Imperial Stout recipe pulls from our experience with past stouts with an added twist of rye that makes up about 14% of the grain bill. It has slightly more nutty/biscuit flavor and works well with the spicy notes from the rye and the roasted malts. We racked this beer into a French oak wine barrel for aging. This beer has it all from layered aroma profile to a fully textured palate even with a low terminal gravity of 2 Plato (1.008 SPG) and 8.1 to 8.4% v/v Alcohol

Mad Fritz The Fox and the Leopard - Dopplebock: This richly styled lager is perhaps far from a traditional Doppel Bock due to the use of  freshly emptied first use Petite Verdot French oak barrel from 2012 where it aged for another two months.  The aromas are very bold and bright showcasing the impacts of the barrel while the power of this 9.1% Alc. v/v lager pushes back both with flavor and palate texture.

Mad Fritz The Fox Grapes: We made two batches one with some variations and aged both in a combination of French Chestnut wood and a older Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrel.  After 7 months of aging we had a very dry beer (mostly due to the wild cultures of yeast and natural wine bacteria).  We did some light blending and the result is...well.. 'Wier'... The bright fruit aromas and flavors from the grapes are almost Rose' wine like yet the core of it is a beer rich smooth beer with light bitterness then dry crisp and carbonated with subtle chestnut and oak spice.  This beer continues to evolve and each year we push the amount of Petite Sirah we can get into the beer.

These beers are very "hands on" in the way their made and the price is going to reflect that. If you find them at your favorite beer nerd pub, plan on opening up a line-of-credit for them. You likely will not see them in DABC stores. If you've tried any of them, please share your experience.


Friday, August 24, 2018

New Beer Friday 8/24/18

New Beer Friday is precious. One day to rule them all! 

2 Row Sour IPA:  Lemon, orange zest, and herbs in the aroma. The flavor starts with lemon, some grapefruit, and piney/herbal undertones. It's light and dry in the mouth with almost no bitterness, and balanced tartness. Finishes quick and dry 6.1%. Available at 2 Row and better beer pubs

Fisher IPA #3: This is Fisher's third high point limited IPA release. This version features Denali, Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic hops. The nose has good dose of citrus fruit, citrus zest, pineapple juice, and berry. The taste is much the same with candied citrus zest, tropical fruit, and grapefruit juice flavors in the end. the finish is bitter and lightly dry. A great west coast style IPA. 7.0%. This goes on sale tomorrow (8/25) at 10am. This probably won't last the day.  

Fisher Galaxy Kölsch: Aromas of bready malt and some fresh fruitiness - mostly grapefruit and melons. Starts off with some toasty malts and a bit of fresh fruitiness quickly giving way to the citrus peel hops. The finish is lingering and dry. The hops take this Kolsch and transform it into a session IPA. 4.0%. Available at Fisher.
Fisher Bright Lights Pale Ale: This pale ale goes a little old school with Cascade & Simcoe hops. The aroma is malty, with caramel and toasted bread, plus some piney hops. The taste is the same. Sweet malt honey-like flavors, some toasty bread, and some tangerine flavors. There is some grassy bitterness in the finish. 4.0%. Available at Fisher.
Fisher Glacial Pace IPL: A very pleasant tasting hoppy beer - a hint of citrus/fruity hops, but the  resinous/piney/grassy hops drive the show for the most part. Sticky, dry aftertaste. Very nice! 4.0%. Available at Fisher.

Lagunitas Passion Grass: Citrus, passion fruit, in the nose. The taste follows with the addition of lemongrass up front along with light grapefruit and passion fruit. The end a bit drying with heavy lemongrass. Finishes dry and puckering. 4.6%. I found it a Beerhive. 

Innes & Gunn Bourbon Barrel Scotch: The nose has mostly sweet malt and vanilla and bourbon. The taste follows with sweet burnt toffee, wood and light bourbon flavors. metallic notes come next providing that typical old world ale flavor. The finish is sweet with roasted notes. 6.6%. Found at Beerhive.

Ommegang Fruittanomyces: I missed out on this one. It's described as having tropical and orchard fruits along with citrus and a tart bretty base. 5.3% Available at the Bayou.

Rogue Dead 'n' Dead: It's that classic malty and toasted dead guys with the addition of oak and whiskey flavors. A very nice ale. 8.2%. Available at the Bayou.
Stone Idolatrous IPA: Just came across this one. it's described as being piney and bitter with resiny hops that dominate the palate along with notes of lemon, grassy notes. 7.0%. Available at the Bayou.
What did I miss? Please share!

Friday, August 17, 2018

New Beer Friday 8/17/18

I guess the big news this week was the debut of Dogfish Head in our liquor stores and bars. If this was concert bootleg? I'd say, they're playing many of their hits along with a few deep cuts. Also A reminder that the Utah Beer Festival is going on this weekend. Hope to see you there. Have an excellent New Beer Friday!

Desert Edge Azacca Pale Ale: Starts with light pineapple, mango, grapefruit and tangerine. finishes with a nice dose of pine and floral bitterness. Great body for 4.0%. Available at Deseret Edge

Kiitos Barrel Aged Coconut Stout:  The nose has a good amount of bourbon. The taste starts again with bourbon and a little bit of roasted barley. You lose the coconut behind the whiskey, which is fine because the flavors are complementary. It’s thin for a barrel aged beer, but as you get into it the body starts to feel a little more round. 4.0%. Available at Kiitos Brewing 
Mother Earth Primordial IPA:  The aroma has a medium amount of tropical notes. As it hits the tongue it’s full of citrus floral and Pine. This one is pretty damn dank  with a ample amount of malts. Finishes slightly boozy and bitter.  9.5%. I found it at beerhive.

Dogfish Head Sea Quench Sour Ale: This has your basic lemon/lime tartness with a fair amount of malt sweetness for balance. Brine pops in next with barley a hint of coriander beneath. It's a fine Gose. 4.9%. Available at DABC/better beer pubs.

Dogfish Head Flesh and Blood IPA: Fresh hops with tropical fruit, blood orange, lemon, grapefruit and herbal notes, nicely balanced with a dry cracker backbone, fresh bitter orange/grapefruit finish. 7.5%. Available at DABC/better beer pubs.

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA: Starts off with sweet juicy malt and a good dose citrus hops. Tangerine, lemon and grapefruits are all there. The finish is lightly bitter, but it leaves nice biscuit notes as an afterthought. Probably one of their better beers. 6.0%. Available at DABC/better beer pubs.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA:  The nose has a good dose of fruity hops. The taste begins with citrus and floral hops with a little bit of carmel.  It’s similar to the 60 minute but it doesn’t have the balance. The hops seem a bit muted with a fair amount of bitterness.  Finishes semi dry. 9.0%. Available at most better beer pubs and DABC.

Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA:  The nose is full of candied sugar, malt, pear and pungent booze.  The taste starts with big barley wine sweetness that Tries to hide a big explosion of alcohol. Next comes a healthy dose of fruity, citrusy and piney hops.  Overall: it’s an interesting beer. It’s not really my thing, but it’s a good example of what can be done with super yeast strains.  18.0%. Available at better beer pubs.

Dogfish Head Lupu Luau:  The aroma is full of citrus and coconut. This taste starts with citrus than the coconut comes in, it plays off of the malts pretty well. Next comes the citrus peel and pine from the hop selection. It all fits together pretty well. If you’re a fan of coconut and IPAs you will like this.  7.3%. Available at better beer pubs and DABC.

Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron: This brown ale has a nice malty and woody aroma.  The test starts with molasses, vanilla, malt and oak.  Dark cocoa and currents round out the end.   I love the barrel notes and the toasty feel of the grains in this. 12.0%. Available at better beer pubs.

Dogfish Head Wood Aged Bitches Brew:  I missed out on this one. It is described as a fusion of a Russian Imperial Stout aged in American oak and an Ethiopian Tej Honey Beer Aged in Palo Santo wood. 9.0%. Available at better beer pubs.

Dogfish Head Burton Baton: This oak aged Imperial IPA  has aromas of vanilla, caramel, oak and pine.  The taste starts toasty with subtle caramel, grapefruit and plum. Next comes oak and vanilla with a piny finish. If you are into more traditional IPAs I think you will enjoy this one  if you are into more traditional IPAs I think you will enjoy this one.  10.0%. Available at better beer pubs.

Dogfish Head Liquid Truth Serum: Aromas of tangerine pine and grapefruit. The taste follows with more tropical fruits along with guava and pine.  Overall: this is a fine IPA a lot of tasty fruity flavors, would try again. 6.8%. Available at better beer bars.

Dogfish Head Mixed Media: This mix of grape and grain has a little bit of Brett, apple, grape and cereal in the nose.  The Tatian reminds me of a farmhouse ale with serial white grapes and spicy yeast. Some bread rounds out the back end. Finishes medium dry. 7.5%. Available at better beer pubs.

New Belgium Hemperor:  Missed out on this one. It’s described as having a lot of hemp like qualities that play off of the citrusy hop selection. 7.0%. Available at the DABC and better beer pubs.

Rogue Hot Tub Scholarship Lager: Starts with grainy malt, soda crackers with hints of honey, a touch of apple peel. It ends with grassy and floral noble bitterness. A nice but unremarkable Helles. 5.4%. Available at DABC/better beer pubs.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Keep Dogfish Head and Kiitos on Your Mind Today

As promised, I have info regarding the initial releases of Dogfish Head's foray into the SLC market. As of today you will begin seeing DFH beers hitting DABC shelves and specialty beer pubs. Just in case you're wonder what's available, I have that too.

General Listed:
Sea Quench Sour Ale
Flesh and Blood IPA
60 Minute IPA
90 Minute IPA

Special Order:
Lupu Luau
120 Minute IPA
Palo Santo Marron
Wood Aged Bitches Brew
Burton Baton
Liquid Truth Serum
Mixed Media

Basically, the general listed stuff will be in the DABC stores and the special order stuff will be in the bars. Of course all of this is subject to change. Happy hunting!

Also today, Kiitos is releasing their new Barrel Aged Coconut Stout. This version of the popular coconut stout was aged in Sugar House Distillery's bourbon barrels. This 4% beer is packaged in 16 ounce cans and should be available when Kiitos opens today. There will be release party/pinball tournament at the brewery starting at 5:30pm.

On a side note: The barrels the Kiitos used for this beer have gone back to Sugar House Distilling and have been refilled with bourbon to become part of SHD's Boilermaker Series: a special offering that features whiskey aged in barrels that previously featured local beers. Boilermaker #1 was aged in Uinta's Cockeyed Cooper barrels and Boilermaker #2 was aged in Epic's Smoked and Oaked barrels. These are great whiskies that are definitely worth picking up when their released.


Friday, August 10, 2018

New Beer Friday 8/10/18

All of this week's offerings feature a bit of tart and funk. I hope you guys like tart and funk!

Shades Kveik #2: This beer pours a purplish red color topped with a little to no head. The aroma has a fragrant sour cherry smell. Taste was tart and pleasantly fruity. Some warm spice notes in the end. The finish is very dry. Another winner from Shades' Kveik Series. 6.3%. Available at Shades Brewing.

Avenues Proper Brett Pale Ale 2:  Look for funky, earthy and tropical-fruit-like flavors in this dry and subtly tart take on the American pale ale. This beer is only available at Avenues Proper. 4.0%.

Rogue Combat Wombat: This sour Northeast-style IPA is brewed with blood orange and grapefruit. The taste has an ample amount of musty yeast tart tropical fruits, orange and grapefruit pith. It finishes with a good dose of piney bitterness. 7.2%. Available at select DABC.

Brewery Ommegang Queen of the Seven Kingdoms: Ommegang's latest beer in their Game of Thrones series features a base beer full of Belgian yeast, lemon tartness, apple and melon. The sourness is pretty light, it much more prevalent in the nose than on the tongue. A pretty smooth ale. 6.7%. Available at select DABC.   

In other beer news: Roosters Brewing Company will begin to unveil their new look and branding this Saturday at the Ogden Farmers Market from 9-2pm. There will be give-aways every half hour, from stickers and merch to gift cards and a private brewery tour of Roosters new B Street Brewery that is set to open this fall. The new brewery will feature a dining and tap room space along with an additional 6,000 sf of available space for retail and manufacturing, as well as an outdoor amphitheater and dining area.

From what I've seen the new B Street Brewery will be a beautiful addition to Ogden's craft beer scene. Stay close for further updates.


Monday, August 06, 2018

Oops. I Made a Mistake.

Last New Beer Friday I reviewed Salfire's new Summer Camp Crush. I believe I said that, "it missed the mark" and was out of style. A few of you contacted me and wondered what I had been smoking in regards to this review (including Saltfire). After thinking about it, I couldn't recall ever seeing the bottle with the beer that ordered so I poured a new verified bottle and found that my review was way off the mark.

Summer Camp Crush has a nice aroma of tropical and citrus hops. The taste started with bright oranges and tropical fruit is highlighted by lightly tart citrus pulp. It ended with light tart citrus hop smack with pith and pine. The finish was tropical and lingering.

There's no excuse for not verifying that I had the right beer before giving a review. Especially when I found it to be so far off the mark. My oligopolies to Saltfire and to those of you that choose to spend your precious time and bandwidth on the Utah Beer Blog.


Friday, August 03, 2018

New Beer Friday 8/3/18

I love a nice round selection of beers for New Beer Friday; that is exactly what you're getting this week. Nearly all of this week's beers are local. Enjoy!

Strap Tank Utah Valley Foraged Ale #1: Also known as "Treebeard" this version of Strap Tank's locally sourced ale has willow, spruce, juniper, local wheat, solstice_malt barley, and Bagley Honey. 8.0%. Available at Strap Tank.

Saltfire Summer Camp Crush: This pours a  straw color with soapy white head. The aroma is citrusy and herbal with some honey. The taste is light and grainy; like a pilsner but more hoppy. The hops are floral herbal and citrusy. Aftertaste is slightly bitter. Medium body with a good amount of carbonation. As a NEIPA this really missed the mark. As a very hoppy kolsch I give it high marks.7.1%. Available at Saltfire, Dick n' Dixie's, Beerhive.

Uinta Alpenglow: This was supposed to hit last week, however shit happens and now we have this week. This Wild Golden Ale is a blend of Uinta's soured wild ale with a brett dosed golden ale that been ageing for two years in oak. The result is a beer with a medium fruit like sour/tart profile combined with a small dose of funky Brett with perceived pineapple flavors & malt. Finishes with oak and a brut champagne dryness . It’s a winner! 7.0%. Available at Uinta

Toasted Barrel Blueberry Summer Wheat: Missed out on this one. The name says it all. 4.0%. Available at Toasted Barrel.

Squatters Umbrella Ella-Ella Nitro IPA: Fruity and herbal hops with light malt & toast. The nitro enhances the sweetness from the malt. You can't really appreciate how much bitterness CO2 gas adds to a beer until it's removed. Very light and tasty. 4.0%. Available at Squatters Brewpub.

Squatters Long Boat Red Lager: The aroma has a light floral hop presence with some toasted cereal. The taste is full and smooth with a well concocted malt presence. The hop profile is medium in strength with a spicy/herbal bite and flavor.This is a wonderful malty lager, I wish I had found this weeks ago. 4.0%. Available at Squatters Brewpub.

Hitachino Nest Anbai Ale - Ume Plum Gose: Missed out on this one. This is described as being infused with grown green sour plum (ume), and finished up with a pinch of Japanese sea salt (moshio). The balance of sourness, bitterness, comes from the plum and subtle saltiness. 7.0%. It's available at Takashi in downtown SLC. Takashi actually does a great job of getting great craft beers imported from Japan, that are exclusive to their restaurant. Check them out.  


Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Two New Breweries on the Horizon

Just when you thought the pack was at capacity, I bring word of two new players in the craft beer world that are vying for your hard earned beer dollars.

The first brewery is another addition to Ogden's beer scene. Cerveza Zólupez Beer Company will be a small batch craft brewery: Dedicated to Mexican-style artisan cervezas. Very small handmade batches will be the focus with limited beer selection and pequeño inventory. The brewery is owned by Javier Chavez Jr. an Ogden resident and attorney. His beer recipes will be influenced by the beer and food heritage de México. Javier beers will be using ingredients traditionally found in Mexican culture. Cerveza Zólupez's construction is  underway and received it's alcohol manufacturing license from the DABC yesterday. Javier plans to open Cerveza Zólupez later this year. Felicidades, Javier!

The other brewery was tracked down by Utah beer lover and photographer DJ Benway. DJ found a brewery called Emigration Brewing Company. By all appearances it appears to be appropriately located in Emigration Canyon and looks to be located at the old Santa Fe Restaurant - located next Ruth's Diner. Their website suggests that the owners may already be active in Utah's hospitality/restaurant industry and has some financial backing. 

As I get more info on Emigration and Cerveza Zólupez I'll be sure to pass it on.

And just in case your keeping score - Cerveza Zólupez would join Saltfire, Toasted Barrel, Templin Family Brewing and Saint George Brewing as Utah's 2018 new breweries. Assuming all goes as planned by the individual breweries.

In related news: Saint George Brewing received its alcohol manufacturing license from the DABC yesterday, the Templin Family Brewing received their liquor license from the DABC as well, and Policy Kings Brewery in Cedar City got their full-service bar license.


Friday, July 27, 2018

New Beer Friday 7/27/18

It's all about local tart and sour beers this week. That doesn't happen too often.

Epic Pie and Beer Day Sour Ale: This originally hit SLC on Tuesday it has aromas of dark fruit and oak. The taste is soured blueberries and boysenberries with some oak and red wine. Finishes with a good dose of funky yeast. Very nice. 7.7%. Available at Epic and Beer Bar.

Kiitos Cherry Berliner: This tastes a little less tart than some of Kiitos' other sour beers. This gives the cherry a chance to shine and really come through. Very nice. 4.0%. Available at Kiitos.

Uinta Alpenglow: This brand new wild ale from Uinta is being bottled this morning and should hopefully be ready sometime this afternoon. I should have tasting notes at 3:30 for New Beer Friday on KBER101. 9.4%. Available at Uinta.  

Toasted Barrel Grisette: This hoppy Belgian style is herbal with tea and a good dose of citra hops. 4.0%. Available at Toasted Barrel.

Deschutes Black Butte XXX: Missed out on this one. This Imperial Porter was blended using 8 different types of oak barrels, with notes of salted chocolate, whiskey and dried fruit.13.6%. Available at DABC.

Belhaven Scottish Ale: Missed out on this one. It's described as having a nutty, biscuit character, balanced with a subtle spiciness from Challenger and Goldings hops 5.2%. Available at DABC.


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The 9th Annual Utah Beer Fesival Preview

We're less than a month away from the Utah Beer Festival and this year's looks to be one of the biggest yet. To give you an idea of what will be poured at this year's fest I got my hands on the 2018 line-up. It's deep and you likely will not be able to sample everything, but I know some of you will try. There will be over fifty breweries/cideries with close to a hundred options to keep you happy. Here is the complete list. Enjoy and I hope to see you there.

Ace Cider - Angry Orchard - Ballast Point - Bohemian Brewing - Boneyard Bloody Brew - Bonneville Brewing - Boulevard Brewing - Deschutes Brewery - Desert Edge - Dogfish Head Craft Brewery - Epic Brewing - Fisher Beer - Great Basin Brewing - Guinness - Hoppers Grill and Brewing - Kiitos Brewing - Lagunitas - Mikes Hard Lemonade - Melvin Brewing - Moab Brewing - Mountain West Cider - North American Breweries

Odell Brewing - Park City Brewing - Grand Teton - Proper Brewing Company - Red Rock - Ritual Brewing Co. - Roha Brewing - Roosters Brewing - Salt Fire Brewing - Salt Flats Brewing - Samuel Adams - Sapporo - Shades Brewing - Shiner - SKA Brewing - Sockeye Brewing - Squatters - St. Killian - Stone Brewery - Strap Tank Brewery - Talisman - Uinta Brewing - Upslope Brewing - Wasatch - Western Standard - White Claw - Zion Brewing - Schofferhofer

As City Weekly's Beer Nerd, I will be floating around the beer festival Saturday doing "quality control". It's the burden of a beer writer. If you see me, please stop and chat, I'd love to hear from you. I'll be the guy with the beer in hand.


Photo Credit: City Weekly - Salt Lake Tribune

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Epic and Matumoto Brewery Collaborate on Sister City Beer

Did you know that Salt Lake City has a sister city in Japan? It’s true, our sister city is Matsumoto, Japan. For 60 years Salt Lake City and Matsumoto have been part of the Sister City Exchange, a program dedicated to promoting cultural exchanges, business and trade relationships along with community development. Matsumoto is roughly the same size as Salt Lake and shares many of the same geographic characteristics as well. It also has a kick ass brewery which leads us to today’s blog post.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of our two cities’ partnership, Epic Brewing Company and the Matsumoto Brewery have teamed up to brew a special brew to mark the occasion. Yesterday morning (7/23/28) Matsumoto Brewery Managing Director, Mr. Takahiro Fukuzawa, and Chief Brewer, Mr. Takumi Katsyuama Joined, Joined forces with Epic’s Jordan Schupbach, Director of Brewing Operations (and his brew team) to create a special beer that will be available both in the U.S. and Japan.

The collaboration beer that they brewed is a hop-forward double IPA inspired by Epic’s popular Hopulent but with a sweeter aromatic focus. The beer will highlight honey brought from Japan and
will possess Ekuanot, Motueka, and Mosaic hops. Epic will be utilizing some of the new techniques developed with their popular New England-Style IPA in a way that reflects current flavor trends in Japanese IPAs; a portion of the finished beer will be exported to Japan and highlighted at the Matsumoto Craft Beer Festival, September 14-17th.

The Japanese craft beer scene has been steadily gaining steam in recent years; Epic has been exporting their beers to Japan since 2012, so they’re already a known player in the region. Currently there are more than 200 craft breweries open nationwide and the Matsumoto Brewery has been leading the way in the Japan’s Nagano region.

It was a pretty cool day for beer in Salt Lake yesterday and it looks like everyone in the brewhouse had a blast. As soon as the this special IPA is ready, I promise to give you the heads up on the where and when.

And on a an Epic side note; today is Pie and Beer Day (or Pioneer Day if you prefer)! Epic has also created a special beer that will only be avaiable for Pie and Beer Day and it goes on sale later today. This is the only beer that I know of that was created exclusively for Pie and Beer Day. Feel free to thank my wife Krin for spearheading the production of this beer. The beer is part of Epic's Oak and Orchard series. It's a sour ale aged in oak barrels with Blueberry and Boysenberry. It a phenomenal sour ale that's a Utah exclusive and can only be purchased at Epic's SLC brewery or at Beer Bar. If you're into sours, you know your going to need this.

乾杯 Kanpai !