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Monday, November 30, 2009

Uinta's Bourbon Barrel Barleywine Returns

Well, I guess you just can't keep a good beer down. Just months after it's initial first release Uinta has gone ahead and secretly aged a whole new batch of Utah's heaviest hitting ale.

After a year in the barrels, this beer is set to be released in the next week or two. If you've tried the original batch this version will be somewhat different.

First off, batch #1 spent two years in the barrels vs #2's one year. So the bourbon profile will be different. Second the #1 batch saw some time in sherry barrels; not this time. Third, BBB #1 was aged and bottled years before it's initial release to the public, in that time the bottle aging gave it a smoother profile, Vs. the "from barrel - to bottle - to consumer of batch #2". Should be yummy!

One of the problems consumers had with purchasing the BBB earlier this year was the allocation of the BBB to specific Liquor stores. This was a consumers nightmare. Uinta tells me that this will not be the case this time around and liquor stores should be receiving about 60 cases. As of now it looks like the three bottle limit will be enforced. That may change.

More info as it comes.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1842 Pils Returns

Back in April of 2009 The Bohemian Brewery together with Geoff Fischer of Crosby & Baker, got together and made a special pilsner.

What made this pils so special was it's ingredients and the attention to detail. The Pilsner named 1842 is a faithful reproduction of the original pils created by Josef Groll in 1842.

The boys used a special Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsner malt from Weyermann Specialty Malts, crafted in the last floor malting facility in the Czech Republic. It is produced from Tolar and Hanka barley varieties which have their genetic roots in Hanna barley, which was the variety used by Josef Groll to brew the first Pilsner Urquell in 1842. The malting process used to produce this malt is very labor intensive and traditional and produces as an authentic "old" malt as you can find today.

Yesterday Fischer & Head Brewer Bobby Jackson brewed another batch of the 1842 Czech Pilsner. Using Czech Saaz hops and Bohemians own Czech Yeast. This was one of my favorite beers made in Utah in quite some time and should be on tap in about eight weeks.

Pours a hazy straw color with a nice, sturdy two fingers of foam. The nose is crisp and clean with nice spicy Saaz hop aromas. Toasted malts are also strong in the background. The taste is pleasantly crisp with a firm Pilsner malt body that lets the spicy hop notes shine in the finish. Well balanced. There are some peppery notes that hang in there for a short time but then leaves the palate clean. Light to medium body, but it does possess a sturdy mouthfeel. It's gentle carbonation makes it feel almost creamy.

This is dangerously drinkable. We'll give you a heads up when it'll be on tap. Trust me, if your a fan of the Czech Pils, you'll be in heaven.

1842 won a gold medal weeks after it was tapped in the Czech style Pils category at NABA.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Beers '09

Here it is, just days before Thanksgiving and we're already "fat" with Holiday & seasonal beers. Here's a list of brews that the Bayou has received to help you get through the rest of the year.

├ślfabrikken Kloster Jul
Mikkeller Santa's Helper
Mikkeller From/To
De Ranke Pere Noel
De La Senne Xmas Zinnebir
Serafijn Christmas Angel
Struise Tsjeeses
Jenlain Noel
Delirium Noel
Anchor Christmas
Anderson Valley Winter Solstice
Big Sky Powderhound
Deschutes Jubelale
Full Sail Wassail
Full Sail Wreck the Halls
Samuel Smiths Winter Welcome
Wasatch Winterfest
Wasatch Pumpkin
Fantome Hiver
Fantome Saison
Four+ Punkn
Samuel Smith's Cider
Wandering Aengus Cider

Ridgeway Beers
Bad Elf
Very Bad Elf
Seriously Bad Elf
Criminally Bad Elf
Insanely Bad Elf
Warm Welcome
Santa's Butt
Pickled Santa
Reindeer's Revolt

That's a damn fine list and to make it even better; Mark has created a "real-time" beer list on the the Bayou website. So check the website before you leave or hit your smart phone while your there.


Friday, November 20, 2009

2009 Holiday Tasting Info

This is a beer tasting, if you've never been to one the concept is pretty simple. Bring beer; a bottle or two of something that you like; to share with the group. It doesn't have to be rare - expensive or outrageous; just something you like.

We're looking into providing some beer for those who attend. I want to keep this as inexpensive as possible for everyone. There's no reason for anyone to spend more than $15-$20 on this tasting.

If the provided beers fall through we may ask that you also bring a sixer of something. The reason for this is simply to have something that you know you'll like on hand. Since the "tasting beers" are shared, the pours per person may only be a couple of ounces to make sure as many who want to try them can.

It looks like there will be a decent turnout, from the amount of responses that we've received. Plastic cups will be provided but I'd hate for anyone to have to use them. If you have a tasters glass or a piece of stemware please bring it, you'll be glad you did.

Homebrew is absolutely welcome! If you've got something that you'd like to share please bring it. Give us a heads up if it's kegged so we can make sure we have the appropriate amount of room.

The Tasting will be held at the Irving Schoolhouse located at 1155 e. 2100 s. in Sugarhouse.

We'd ask that this be limited to "Beer People". People who know beer or are interested in learning more about craft beer. Please feel free to bring a guest if you don't want to come solo. But please don't bring cousin Ted because "he's fun and knows how to get his drink-on".

Speaking of "Beer People". Some of our local craft brewers will be in attendance as well as industry professionals. It'll be a nice opportunity for you to get to know them - and they you.

Absolutely no one under 21.

So here's what we have.

What: 2 bottle for tasting - 6 pack? for back up(maybe) - tasters glass or stemware - some snacks provided.

Where: The Irving Schoolhouse located at 1155 E 2100 S in Sugarhouse.

When: Friday December 11th at 7:00pm

questions: utahbeer@gmail.com


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Gift Pack at Squatters

Tomorrow 11/20 begins the annual return of Squatters' Holiday Nut Brown Ale. This is quite a tasty American brown ale. The Holiday Nut Brown has a more of an assertive hop profile than most brown ales you may have tried; while staying true to it's malty/nutty roots.

Special for this years release is a cool gift pack that goes on sale along with it. For $12.99 you receive a commemorative Holiday Nut Brown Ale - flip top 1 liter growler (filled with Nut Brown Ale) and two pint glasses with the Nut Brown Ale logo on them.
Not a bad deal, eh?

Also on tap there is still some of Squatters' award winning Black Forest Schwarzbier, as well as Hop Riot.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Utah's Liquor Reform is Stalled

We had a good year as far as liquor reform goes. Earlier this year former Governor Huntsman abolished private clubs and the childish - ignorant curtain restrictions in restaurants went away as well.

Not bad, those were pretty big steps; especially for a ruling body who's idea of a good high is a Prozac cocktail with a Red Bull chaser. We got our pound of flesh from legislators, they recommend we take it and go home.

This is still Utah, the people in charge still want you to know that they are and that they're not going to back away from their position on what they feel is a necessary evil. "there's a fear that if there are more changes so soon, we would be retreating from our alcohol policy," said Rep. Greg Hughes, R-Draper, who sponsored the big changes in the last session.

Another big reason that reform will be stalled is Gov. Gary Herbert's first official run for Governor next year. Trust me, this man wants to keep his job and will make no ripples in Utah's political puddles.

Even a "no brainer" like lifting liquor license restrictions will not be discussed next session. Sen. John Valentine, R-Orem, said he fears that the limited number of licenses is evidence that the state may have gone too far in loosening restrictions last legislative session.

So if we're lucky and we've been good little boys and girls we'll see liquor reform return in 2012, just in time for the Earth to transform into Jello and for Jesus' triumphant return.


Monday, November 16, 2009

RedRock's Dandelion Ale

Last April we told you about a collaboration beer between RedRock and New Belgium called Paardebloem(Flemish for dandelion). This is an old school attempt at making beer without using any hops. Instead Dandelions and other herbs or spices are used for bittering.

Chris McCombs of New Belgium Brewery. Spent some time in Salt Lake last April and Kevin Templin traveled to Fort Collins a week later to New Belgium's place to assist on the creation of the brew there.

NB released their version of Paardebloem last May and RedRock's has been aging in oak ever since. Well the wait may be over soon. Kevin tells us that his Dandelion Ale will be hitting the bottles on November 20th. He's not sure exactly when it will be on sale, but by the end of the year is an optimistic guess.

It's been a wile since I tried NB's version, but I imagine RedRock's version will be noticeably different. I know a lot of people have been looking forward to this beer for a long time.Also RedRock's Harvest ale was released last Friday. This is one of my favorite RR beers. Harvest Ale is made only once a year. It's made with whole leaf Amarillo Hops, using almost 32 lbs. per batch. Then more are added post-fermentation for a very floral, somewhat citrus like aroma and flavor. Malt character and body is medium, in this unfiltered beer. It's truly a beautiful thing.

Finally, plans for the Holiday tasting are moving along nicely. I'll have the full info for you this week. Any questions? don't hesitate to drop me a line at utahbeer@gmail.com.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Home Brewers' Wife Jailed for Assault.

* Utah Beer Satire* Provo, Utah (UB) - A Provo woman is in jail tonight for assaulting her 31 year old husband after she allegedly became fed-up with his apparent lack of Home brewing prowess.

Wanita Conchita Bavario, broke a glass carboy over the head of Husband Clay Bavario after his latest home brew creation came up short - once again. "Every few weeks, he'd make a big production about his latest - greatest 'Imperial Oak-aged Uber hop bomb'. Every one of his Goddamn beers tastes exactly the same—like really thick, shitty beer. I'm fed up!"

Clay Bavario is recovering at Utah County Regional Hospital, with cuts and a minor concussion. Provo Police aren't commenting on the assault, but are looking into filing charges against the Provo home brewer for "daring to go against community standards". Provo Police Lt. Grover Green said. "Assault is one thing, but when you try to be different in Provo, that's a whole different enchilada".

Police confiscated the remaining home brew in the household and placed it into the Police Cheif's fishing boat for "safe Keepin".


Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Utah Holiday Beer Tasting

Okay, It looks like the evening of December 11th, 2009 (Friday) is the popular day for our first ever Holiday Beer Tasting. Thanks to local beer savant Eric Wells, we have acquired the Irving Schoolhouse, a cozy - spacious clubhouse to hold the event.

Going this route we will be able to enjoy whatever beverages we desire without the restrictions that bars impose. Right now we have about 15 attending, including local brewers and industry professionals.

Please throw out suggestions for discussion. We have plenty of time.
Contact me at utahbeer@gmail.com


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shades of Pale

Where am I? I'm not sure. I recognize this place. It seems like Utah... but there are all of these breweries popping up. I'm getting dizzy...

After months of quietly crossing T's and dotting I's comes word that Utah - Park City to be specific, has a new craft brewery.

Shades of Pale Brewing Co., is the brainchild of Trent Fargher & his fiancee Alexandra Ortiz. The two relocated to Summit County five years ago from the Breckenridge, Colo., area.

Trent found that there were just "fairly limited" choices in local beers and decided to up the ante and enter the craft brew game in Utah.

Shades of Pale, which was launched in mid-2009, plans to start with a line of three or four beers, including a Belgian, a stout and an Indian pale ale.

Fargher says he hopes to start producing beer and distributing the product in kegs by early 2010. He plans to start a bottling operation as early as the middle of 2010, depending on the demand for the beer. Construction inside the building could start as soon as next week, he says.

Shades of Pale will be located at 1950 Woodbine Way, near the Park City Cemetery. Fargher says he eventually wants to move from the Woodbine Way building, with the intent to opening a custom-made brewery someday.

This has all happened fairly quietly. Greg Schirf, the founder of the Wasatch Brewery was unaware of the Shades of Pale plans until early in the week. Schirf says there is "plenty of competition" in the industry, and he expects the new brewery will compete with his own.

Well there you are. Wadaya think?


Photo: Grayson West/Park Record
Info: Jay Hamburger

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scientists Discover that Mormons Like Beer.

SALT LAKE CITY (UP) - After four weeks of rigorous observation and field testing a team of three sociology professors from the University of Utah announced Monday that solitary LDS men do in fact like beer.

According to the team's report, the evidence conclusively shows that chief researcher Prof. Parley Pope's LDS brother-in-law likes beer. Pope, along with colleagues Dr. Gary Balls and Dr. Haywood Jablome, formulated a hypothesis that Pope's brother in law - a former missionary who served in the Las Vegas LDS Mission, would drink beer if he was at least 10 miles away from another Mormon.

"We're extremely pleased with the results of the experiment," Pope said. "It has exceeded our highest expectations, and we're confident that our findings will have far-reaching implications for the coming Holidays."

After scouring the Utah countryside for a place where no Mormons would congregate the team struck gold with a little lake located within the Uinta National Forest.

The first round of experiments began in late August. Pope's Brother-in-Law (who identity is being withheld) was administered a sampling of six economy-priced beer brands in 12-ounce increments at the rate of two units every 1.5 hours over several successive Saturdays.

While the scientists said the 37-year-old LDS man showed no clear preference for any one brand, the subject tended to "pound" Pabst Blue Ribbon at the fastest rate. Followed by Natural Light, Coors and lastly, Keystone Light.

Pope and the team said they will continue their work in the burgeoning field of LDS–Alcoholic Beverage Interaction. "Our research raises tantalizing questions and opens the door to new areas of scientific inquiry," Balls said. "Does our LDS friend like mixed drinks? Cocktails, such as Fuzzy Navels, Slippery Nipples and the ever popular Sex on the beach? It's all very, very exciting."



Monday, November 09, 2009

A Pleasant Faux Pas for You

A faux pas at Utah's Department of Alcohol Beverage Control is actually benefiting you - right now! Somehow the Bayou ended up with 5 cases of North Coast Brewing's Red Seal Pale Ale. I assume it came in place of something on Mark's regular order.

This beer has been called one of the "finest pale ale available nationally." There is a chance that we will be seeing this beer on a more regular basis. For now, 5 cases is all we have and they're all at the Bayou.

Pours a chill-hazed amber-red with a good two fingers of off-white head that dissipated quickly. The nose is of light grapefruit, tangerine and some florals with a little caramel in back. The taste starts with nutty caramel, a touch of citrus peel. Next comes earthy pine notes mixed with brown sugar. Finishes on the bitter side. At 5.5% abv this is an extremely drinkable session ale. 5 cases won't last long.

And I'm just going to throw this out there and see who bites. I'm toying with the idea of putting together a "Holiday Beer Tasting". I though it might be fun to get ya'll in the same room put some faces to your names and enjoy some good beer.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in please leave a noncommittal "Yea" or "Nay" in the comments along with a preferred Friday or Saturday in December and we'll get the ball rolling.


Friday, November 06, 2009

Two Dollars Pints!

Yup that's right, through the month of November Roosters in Ogden and Layton will be offering all its beers for just $2 a pint. All Beers, all Day, all Month! And if your a member of their "Mug Club" you can get your personalized mug filled for $3 this month.

The seasonal taps include Indian Summer Nut Brown Ale and The "Ogtoberfest" - (a malty marzen lager that's dry-hopped). If you've never been to Roosters this is probably the perfect time to get your asses to Weber or Davis counties and sample all they have. At two bucks a pint they'll be gone soon.


Photo: Jeremy Brooks

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Outer Darkness Cometh

Mormonism teaches that a person is destined for one of six places depending on what he has done or what he has believed. These are: outer darkness (for Satan, his demons, and extremely wicked people) or one of three "kingdoms" known as the telestial, terrestrial or celestial kingdoms. Within the celestial kingdom are three levels.

Why are we talking about LDS mysticism? Well today my fellow craft beer lovers we're headed for "Outer Darkness" or should I say Outer Darkness is headed our way.

A few days ago Jennifer Talley announced on her blog that she and supermodel Jason Stock had decided it was about time to create Utah's first official Imperial Stout. A Russian Imperial Stout to be specific. They're calling it Outer Darkness. Hence the LDS lesson.

These are the kings of stouts. Inspired by brewers back in the 1800's to win over the Russian Czar, these stouts boast high abv's and plenty of malt character. Low to moderate levels of carbonation with huge roasted, chocolate and burnt malt flavors. Often dry. Suggestions of dark fruit and flavors of higher alcohols are quite evident. Hop character can vary from none, to balanced to aggressive.

Squatters Outer Darkness hit the kettle on October 29th and went into the fermenter at 27° Plato. Jenny & Jason were also inspired to use some molasses at the end of the boil so it should have great kick and body. Jenny expects their newest edition to be released the 2nd or 3rd week of December. Most definitely before Christmas day.
It will be in 22oz bombers for sale at the downtown pub, Park City pub and out the door sale at the downtown pub.

A perfect stocking stuffer! Hint, hint.

Na zdorovje!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Winterfest Returns & The Abyss

One of my new favorite winter beers is back, and that means Mikey is happier than a pig in.... beer.

Wasatch Winterfest debuted this time last year to rave revues and most recently won a Bronze medal at the 2009 Great American Beer Festival. If you never got a chance to try it last year, this is your opportunity.

Pours a clear ruby color with a moderate fluffy off-white cap of foam. The nose is bright with citrus and pine with subtle spicy caramel malt beneath. The flavor starts out with grapefruity hops and a bit of orange zest. Next comes a faint hint of gingerbread then transitions to a rich maltiness. I think there may be a little roatiness in there as well. Very nicely balanced with a well hidden 7.1% abv.

Last September I was ecstatic to report that Deshcutes' incredible Abyss Imperial Stout was on it's way to Utah for the first time. Initially It was only going to be available to our two local beer emporiums the Beerhive and the Bayou. Now it looks like it will be available at Utah liquor Stores as well. The Abyss should be arriving in the next couple of weeks. This beer ages well, buy a few and put some away for while.

Also, arriving from Deschutes is Hop Henge Experimental IPA. This one is also new to the state. Deschutes describes it as having several pounds of Centennial & Cascade hops in each barrel with a heavy dry-hop presence to top it off. A blend of crystal, pale and caraston malts creates an overall biscuity characteristic that is dense and muscular, building the alcohol base to support the monstrous hop profile.

Hope Henge will hit shelve in Utah this January.


Monday, November 02, 2009

A New Website for Desert Edge

Actually it's their first website. Why so long in coming? Well... let me try to put this in a way most people will understand.

Some asshole/Douche-bag decided to squat on the the Desert Edge domain name for quite a while, making it difficult for our friends at Trolley Square to properly create and market their brand. Well apparently they've resolved it because they're online now baby! And it's about damn time.