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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Squasatch Hoppy Pils and Oskar Blues Arrives

I'm glad the folks over at the Utah Brewers Cooperative have finally embraced the moniker "Squasatch" in their marketing. Squasatch if you can't tell is a marriage between the names Squatters and Wasatch. It's been a nickname for the UBC in Utah's beer scene ever since the two breweries first joined forces well over a decade ago. It only made sense that the name deserved it's own special beer to bring it into the public light.

Squasatch Hoppy Pils will be made with three different German hops for bittering, aroma and authentic German hop characteristics and  lagered for supreme drinkability with 30 IBUs and an ABV of 4%.

The mythical creature on the label belongs to the UBC's very own Douglass "Chopper" Styer who has worked for the Utah Brewers Cooperative for five years. Chopper is a well-known figure around Salt Lake and is also a noted musician in the city's underground music scene.

Squatters Squasatch Hoppy Pils is due in mid-spring and will be available year round.

Also, the UBC sister company Oskar Blues will be debuting their beers along the Wasatch Front and Back in the first days of 2016. The beer arrived at the distributor yesterday and it could be hitting the beer bars as early as this weekend.

Look for Dale's Pale Ale - Pinner - Old Chub - Mama's Little Yella Pils and G'night in DABC stores in the coming weeks. Oskar Blues is also releasing Beerito Vienna Lager. A brand new beer that will be on tap handles soon and to grocery stores in the coming weeks.

As today is New Year's Eve bottle shops will be closing early, so plan ahead. I believe Epic's bottleshop will be open til 11pm. That's the latest one that I know of. I'll throw more info as I get on the Utah Beer Facebook Page and Twitter.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Epic's 2016 Utah Session Series Line-Up

You may have already had a chance to sample some of Epic's new Session Series of beers at some of your favorite watering holes by now, but what is out there is only the tip of the beer iceberg as far as Epic is concerned. These beers will not be released all at once and not all of them will be available in bottles. Some will be nitro conditioned and those will be available on special nitro taps. Here's their new 2016 Line up.

Session Series - IPA (available now)
Golden Ale (available now)
Wit Beer  (available now)
Roggenbier Lager  (available now)
Pils Lager 
Mountain Malt Ale 
Brown Ale
Irish Red Ale (Nitro)
Milk Stout  (Nitro)
English Summer Ale  (Nitro)

Utah Orchard Series
Raspberry (Brewed with Raspberry) - available now
Farmhouse Apple (Brewed with Raspberry)
Peach (Brewed with Peach)
Cherry (Brewed with Cherry)
Blackberry (Brewed with Blackberry)

Sour Series
Sour IPA
Berliner Weisse

The Annex by Epic Brewing is your best bet for trying what's current right now.


Thursday, December 24, 2015

New Beer Friday...er Thursday!

Since it's Christmas tomorrow, we'll have New Beer Thursday! Note: LIQUOR STORES WILL CLOSE AT 6PM TONIGHT.

Uinta Stomping Grounds - It's a stout, so it looks "stouty" of course. Coffee is all over the nose a bit of malt trying to poke it's way through. Big coffee dominates the taste. Some chocolate and caramel round it out. It's pretty simple. If you're into coffee - you'll love it. Not so much? then I'd still give it a try. Who doesn't love coffee???? 8.1% ABV @ Uinta for now.

Uinta Snowbasin Amber Rye - Nice ruby hue. The nose is mostly pine and toasty malts. The taste starts malty and nutty with some rye spiciness. Big pine and a hint of citrus peel round it out. Finishes quite dry. Kinda reminds me of Cutthroat with rye. 4.0% ABV @ Uinta & Snowbasin Resort (for now)

Lagunitas Copper Fusion - I haven't tried it. If you have? tell us and share your thoughts on it here, please. This is Lagunitas' only draft beer available in Utah. 4.0% ABV @ Beer Bar, Spedelli's

Pelican Umbrella IPA - Fragrant nose of citrus and berry. The taste starts with a bit of malt sweetness. Some passion fruit and pear flavors come next. The fruitiness transitions to citrus peel and it ends with a bitter smack. Finishes moderately dry. Lighter in body, very drinkable. 7.4% ABV @ Bayou

Ommegang Game of Thrones - Iron Throne -Not tried this yet. Described as a Golden Blonde Ale with Noble hops. Iron Throne is certainly fair in color and soft in appearance.

Utah Brewers Cooperative  UT-X Series 1 - Not had this yet. It's descibed as unfiltered and light in color like a pale ale, with a sweet pear, light lemon and citrus flavor. 4.0% ABV @ Squatters/Wasatch Locations

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hopworks Strikes Utah Distrobution Deal

Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) has announced the expanded distribution of their world-class, sustainability brewed beer into Utah. Hopworks is partnering with General Distributing beginning this month to supply 16 oz. cans, 22 oz. bottles, and draft offerings throughout the Salt Lake City metropolitan region and outlying areas.

“General Distributing Company is very excited to partner with Hopworks Urban Brewery,” said General Distributing President Andy Zweber. “Their high-quality craft beer brewed in Portland, Oregon’s most sustainable brewery will be well-received by beer drinkers in environmentally-conscious Utah.”

Brands such as HUB’s award winning Organic Hopworks IPA and their seasonal Organic Abominable Winter Ale are available at bars, restaurants and liquor stores. HUB’s lower alcohol offerings, Organic Totally Radler and Nonstop Hef Hop, fall below Utah’s 4% alcohol limit and should be available in grocery stores served by General Distributing very soon.

Hopworks is no stranger to Salt Lake City. For years Beer Bar, a leading bar in identifying and bringing top craft brands to Salt Lake City, has sold a variety of Hopworks brands. “Hopworks holds a special place in our bar and our hearts,” says Duncan Burrell, Owner of Beer Bar. “I moved from Portland to Salt Lake City with a goal to get HUB’s beer here. Rich, the other owner, was on board immediately and the rest is history. We are excited to have their beer available on a regular basis.”


Monday, December 21, 2015

UT-X Series from Wasatch and Squatters

Hey all, I'm back from vacation. It was a great week off and there's plenty of new brew news to get to. To start the week, Squatters and Wasatch breweries have announced the creation of a new specialty series called UT-X (short for Utah Experimental). This new series of beers will be made monthly utilizing a base recipe, with the only change for each version being the hop selection. “There are a lot of hops out there and a lot of experimental unnamed varieties that we can play with,” says Brewmaster Lee. “This gives us the chance to taste a variety of hops and provide unique brews to our customers with high frequency.  We’ve come up with a great malt base and bitterness targets to provide the foundation, and then each release will feature a brand new stand-alone hop, utilizing one hop variety from start to finish.”

The UT-X series will only be available at Squatters and Wasatch Brew Pub locations and also at The Beer Store. With the series changing every four weeks, guests are encouraged to try each release to compare the different flavor profiles. UT-X #1 is currently being served in Park City and in SLC.  This first batch has been brewed with Calypso Hops, and is unfiltered and light in color like a pale ale, with a sweet pear, light lemon and citrus flavor. Beer lovers who are fans of Squatters Chasing Tail will enjoy the malt profile of UT-X #1 and those who are Wasatch Ghostrider fans will appreciate the citrus notes.

Also, Uinta's Stomping Grounds Coffee Stout was released on Saturday. It's available at the brewery. I haven't had a chance to try it yet. Hopefully today!

And Oskar Blues should be close to hitting the market. Likely the week after Christmas. Look for Dales Pale Ale, Pinner, Mama's Little Yella Pils and Old Chub


Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Beer Friday: Star Wars Edition

Payette Twelve Gauge Bourbon Imp StoutBig, sweet bourbon nose with vanilla and toffee as well. The taste starts with caramel, vanilla, toffee, bourbon, hint of char The end has butterscotch and oak. Alcohol is fairly well hidden. Quite nice! 10% ABV @Beer Bar, BeerHive,

Bohemian CzechUlator Dopple Bock The nose is nutty, chocolate, clean notes of malty sweetness. Some toffee and caramel in there as well. The flavor starts off similarly with some notes of traditional chocolatey, nutty, and toffee malts. As the flavor develops on the palate, though, I get some berry sweetness towards the end. Easy drinking and enjoyable. 7.6% ABV. A limited release that is only available at Bohemian's Brewery.

Rogue VooDoo Mango Astronaut Ale - I haven't tried this yet. It's described as having a cloudy copper color with a mango juice aroma. Taste has a noticeable mango flavor, with hints of vanilla. Not too sweet, but very flat body. Overall, its not too bad, mellow fruit flavors, easy to drink. 5.5% ABV @DABC

May The Force Be With You!

Friday, December 11, 2015

New Beer Friday 12/11/15

Okay, There's a shload of new stuff today, so we're just going to get right to it.

Anchor Brewing Our Christmas Ale 2015 - Pours dark mahogany color with Carmel colored head. The nose has nutmeg and toffee notes. There's a nice balance nutty chocolate, gingerbread spices up front with earthy hops and roasted bitterness rounding out the back.The finish is quite bitter. Overall, this is one of the better years for this beer.  A great Christmas ale. 5.5% ABV @BeerHive, DABC

Sockeye Brewing Winterfest - The nose is sweet and fruity with herbal hops orange peel and a bit of vanilla. The taste starts sweet with vanilla and fruity alcohol notes. The English-style ale peeks through underneath with that distinct sweeter malt edge. Herbal hops come next balancing out the sweetness of the malt. Toasted malt and sweet orange peel come next rounding out the back end. Lingering resinous hops on the finish. A really nice winter warmer. 7.0% ABV @ DABC

Shades of Pale Beer X White IPA - Cloudy straw color. The nose is tangerine with some coriander & clove. Tastes with orange peel, a bit of tangerine and lemon peel. A little doughy sweetness comes accompanied by coriander spices. 7% ABV. @ Shades of Pale

RedRock Furlong Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout - I hope you like Bourbon. Because this beer comes with a shload of it. It's very whiskey forward upfront, with some nice caramel and roasted malts punching up from beneath. The finish is herbal and quite bitter. This beer is not blended. It went from barrel to bright tank to bottle. It's raw and unapologetic. Sadly it sold out on the first day of the release. However, it is available at RedRock locations for in house consumption and it's at most better beer bars as well. 10.2% ABV

To Øl Jule Mælk - I haven't tried this one yet. This is a 15% ABV Milk Stout. Yeah, I know... me too! @ Bayou

Hive Apricot Eau Da Vie Brandy - This elegant brandy opens with a wonderful warm apricot nose, transporting you to a warm summer day standing next to an apricot tree full of ripe fruit. A distinct, but not overpowering, apricot flavor makes this a perfect spirit for sipping. @ Hive Winery

Hive Blackberry Eau Da Vie Brandy - Proudly made from Blackberries  picked fresh at Frost Farms in Layton, this clear spirit has a fresh blackberry nose with slight floral undertones.  A light pleasing blackberry flavor dominates the profile of this smooth and pleasant brandy. Enjoy it neat in a brandy snifter, or using it in place of vodka in a “screwdriver” for a delightful berry twist on an old classic. @ Hive Winery

Hive Sisterwives Sparkling Bing Cherry Wine - A delightfully sweet, subtly sparkling wine featuring a full, rich, sun ripened dark cherry flavor with pleasantly understated earthy undertones, reminiscent of a good port. Perfect addition to any Holiday Celebration; try it in place of a standard Champaign in your favorite holiday drinks. @ Hive Winery

The DABC finally let the Bayou have their shipment of Holiday beers. Here's what's available today.

Mikkeller Winbic
Mikkeller - Santa's Helper
Mikkeller From/To
To Øl Frost Bites Holiday IPA
Bourganel - Biere aux Marrons (Chestnuts)

Ridgeway Brewing Beers:
Bad Elf
Very Bad Elf
Lump Of Coal
Santas Butt
Warm Welcome
Reindeer Droppings

Serafiijn Christmas Angel
Sruise Tsjeeses 
Thiriez Noel

Also today, Squatters and Wasatch are now serving some of their "high point" beers in Crowlers! They will have 3 Wasatch beers – Ghostrider White IPA, Devastator Double Bock and a seasonal offering, which is First One Down Winter Warmer. The Squatters beers are Hop Rising Double IPA, Off Duty IPA and the Seasonal offering, which is currently Takeout Rye IPA.

They will be filling the Crowlers every morning and will only fill a certain quantity for the day in order to keep the product fresh. Since they are Crowlers, they will be filled off their tap lines, then purged and sealed, which makes it possible for them to stay fresh for a longer period of time. The price will be $5.50 per Crowler. As these were just approved yesterday, I'd call ahead before making the trip. Capiche?


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Santa Visits RedRock!

If you have ever wanted your picture taken with Santa Claus while your surrounded by beer - all while helping people who are in need - boy, do I have great news for you!

Head over to RedRock Brewing Company's production brewery located at 443 North 400 west in SLC from 3:00 - 6:00pm and your Santa/Beer fantasy will be made into reality. Please bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the Utah Food Bank or an unwrapped toy to donate to the Christmas Box House. Kids are welcome at the brewery and refreshments for young and old will be provided. Just don't forget your camera!


Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Utah Session Series - Tap Takeover Tonight

If you missed the debut of Epic Brewing's new Utah Session Series last Friday, you now have two more chances to check out what they're bringing to the table. Here's a little refresher on what it's all about.

The Utah Session Series will initially consist of five, 4% ABV beers, including a Mosaic and Simcoe hopped Session IPA, a single-hop Golden Ale featuring Centennial hops, a spiced Wit beer, an Orchard Raspberry Ale and a kettle soured IPA which will be the first sour beer in Utah grocery stores. Epic’s exponential creativity and passion for variety will fuel future additions to the series including an entire lineup of Orchard fruit beers, inspired by the fruit stands along US-89, and a rotating lineup of unique sour beers

The Utah Session Series beers will be available on draft at bars and restaurants as well as in Epic’s signature 22 oz. bottles.  Bottles will be available at grocery and convenience stores throughout Utah starting January 2016. Epic will be partnering with General Distributing Company, Utah’s craft-focused beer distributor, who will be distributing across the Salt Lake Valley.

There will be a special tap take over tonight at the Beerhive Pub, 128 Main St., Tuesday Dec. 8th, 6:00 – 9:00 and another at Poplar Street Pub, 242 S. 200 W. Thursday Dec. 10th, 6:00 – 9:00


Monday, December 07, 2015

Huge Brand Exspansion Planned at Uinta

You may have noticed a huge increase on our reporting of Uinta Brewing Company's new push to expand their portfolio of beers. It seems like at least once a week they're adding a new brew to their schedule and I've been informed this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Not only is the state's largest brewery looking at a huge label expansion they are also getting into the funky beer game. Wild beers are already maturating in oak and will be filling bottle sometime in 2016.

Here are two more new beers that will be coming from soon from Uinta. Up above, you can see the new Gose style beer that will be coming soon. Called Flamingose - this Gose will be brewed with pineapple and coriander to compliment the base beer's lemony/salty smack. Gose beers are generally light in ABV so this will likely be available on tap in grocery stores.

Also coming Uinta's Bière de Mars. These beers are somewhat similar to a Bière de Garde and a not-too-distant relation of Belgium's saisons. These beers were traditionally made by French farmers in late winter or spring for relatively quick consumption—the 'Mars' in the name refers to the month of March. This take on the style will be aged in Chardonnay wine barrels to add more depth and complexity. It's s good bet we'll be seeing this 7.2% ABV beer sometime in March.

Stay close, more breaking news on all of these new beers (Uinta and others) will be coming at a steady clip.


Friday, December 04, 2015

New Beer Friday 12/4/15

I made this meme for "New Beer Black Friday" that should have run last week. As I didn't have anything new last week and I was slacking on my meme making duties, your stuck with my out dated attempt. The beers however are not outdated.

Hoppers Blonde Patersbier - This new seasonal has all the traditional fruity Belgian Trappist yeast flavors and aromatics. Hopper's version is unfiltered and well hopped with Pacifica hops, giving it a pleasant aroma of wildflower a and tropical fruit. The grains used include oats for a smooth yeast textured mouth feel. The flavor starts off crisp citrus with a honey like sweetness, then finishes dry with a lingering complex flavor of mango, strawberry and rich malt. 4.0% ABV @ Hoppers

Boulevard/Cigar City Collaboration #5 Tropical Pale Ale - Tropical fruit and berries in the nose. The taste is nice and fruity as well. More berries with a bit of mango and tangerine. Finishes slightly woody. A great balance of malt and topic-esque fruitiness. Defiantly Worth your quatloos. 7.2% ABV @ Beerhive

Deschutes EHOP - The nose has a bit of anise and cocoa malt. The taste starts with a sage/tyne spice combo that blends nicely with the malts. The end has coffee and a bit chocolate. Finishes with lemon bitters. Interesting beer spiced beer. I'm a bit on the fence about it though. 8.0% ABV @ Beerhive

These Epic beers have technically been around, but have been reworked so their sorta-kinda new. Epic will be debuting them as a series tonight at a tap takeover at The Hogs Wallow. They are all 4% ABV

Epic Session IPA - A Mosaic and Simcoe hopped IPA that has powerful and juicy nose and nice citrusy body.

Epic Single-hop Golden Ale - Featuring Centennial hops that gives it floral and citrus qualities.

Epic Witbier - a spiced Wit. Typically made with coriander and orange peel.

Epic Orchard Raspberry Ale - Tart raspberries with some coriander spiciness from the yeast. 

Kettle Soured IPA - Big lemony tartness, with equally large grapefruit peel bitterness.


Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Utah Session Series by Epic Brewing

Epic Brewing Company is releasing a newline of session beers, that will be exclusive the the Utah Market. The Utah Session Series will initially consist of five, 4% ABV beers including a Mosaic and Simcoe hopped Session IPA, a single-hop Golden Ale featuring Centennial hops, a spiced Wit beer, an Orchard Raspberry Ale and a kettle soured IPA. 

Epic’s exponential creativity and passion for variety will fuel future additions to the series including an entire lineup of Orchard fruit beers - including a Session Peach and a Session Cherry. These will be inspired by the fruit stands along US-89, and a rotating line-up of unique sour beers.

This isn't Epic's first foray into the session beer game. Gone is the much troubled Unsacred line of beers that Epic launched back in 2013. While Rimando's Wit was a huge hit the other beers in the series had trouble gaining traction. 

Epic will be taking over the taps at The Hog's Wallow this Friday (tomorrow) at 6:00pm. Come raise a glass to help them celebrate. 


Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Uinta FarmSide Saison

To be honest, I'm a little Saison'd-out. The phenolic nature of the yeast used in these beers can be a little rough on my system. That being said, I'm really looking forward to this new "berry forward" Saison coming from Uinta in early 2016.

FarmSide Saison will be brewed with white grape must and gooseberries. It will be packaged in 12oz. bottles and will dial in at 5.6% ABV. At this rate I'm going to need a second website just to deal with all of Uinta's new releases. FarmSide Saison should be available late January or early February.


Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Talisman Brewing Update

We have an update on the status of Ogden's Talisman Brewing Co. It looks like owners Dusty and Joann Williams are looking at a late January 2016 launch. The brew house is making it's way into the brewery and the fermenters are due sometime next week.

You'll notice their initial lineup above. They've decided to launch with two 4.0%  beers initially to have a greater reach. Both the Uplifted Scottish Ale and The Kreation Krystalweizen will be low point. Not sure if they'll add to those offerings down the road or not. Bel's Fury Red Ale - The Dagda IPA - Iron Age Oatmeal Stout and Promontory Pale Ale will be "high point" for now.

Talisman is currently working with Ogden City on the tap room. They'll be required to have a small restaurant in order to offer tastings - an educational permit is in the works as well. This will allow those who only want to taste samples while touring the brewery.

The tap room's opening date is still up in the air for now, due to "unique" design issues with the Ogden City. We'll keep you updated on their status as the opening draws near.


Monday, November 30, 2015

RedRock's Furlong Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout

I hope everyone had a great, long holiday weekend. Now that it's time to get back to the grind, we have some great news on a special release from RedRock Brewing. 

Over the past year, a special batch of RedRock's Drioma Imperial Stout has been quietly aging in bourbon barrels - waiting for it's timer in the light. It looks like that day coming very soon.

The Furlong is brewed with roasted barley to impart notes of coffee and dark chocolate. RedRock's brewers used rich dark malts for bold flavor and then age it all in freshly used Kentucky Bourbon Barrels for a year. 

Furlong will go on sale to the public on December 9th.  There will be a 6-bottle limit at the RR Beer Store. Stay close for updates.

‘Na zdorovie!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Uinta Stomping Grounds Coffee Stout

Uinta is officially out of control! The state's largest brewery just keeps-on-keep'n-on with new brews being added to their portfolio. I think this makes this one the seventh or eighth new release from Uinta since August.

This latest beer will be part of Uinta's Crooked Line of beers. It's a coffee stout that will be made with Salt Lake City's Publik Coffee Roasters. The beer looks to be a Foreign/Export stout at it's base and will dial in at 8.1% ABV. Foreign/Export Stouts are typically found in the tropical regions of the world and have higher alcohol with a very pronounced roasted character. I had a chance to to sample one of the experimental blends last week. It will likely be coffee forward, but the coffee won't encompass the entire beer.

As the beer's coffee blend is still be formulated, it's probable still a few weeks away from being released. As soon as it's release draws near we'll tell where and when.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Uinta Cutthroat+ (Plus)

What's that? Another new version of Cutthroat you say? Bring it on! It looks like Uinta is continuing to breath new life into their tried and true flagship brand.

This newest incarnation of appears to be called Cutthroat+ (plus). It uses Cocoa Nibs, Orange Peel & Cayenne Pepper in it's recipe. Sounds like a peppery Chocolate Orange stick... I love Chocolate Orange sticks!  Look for this 4.0% ABV beer to be packaged in Uinta's new 22oz bottles and it should be hitting grocery store shelves and tap handles in the next few weeks. Stay close for the official release date.


Friday, November 20, 2015

New Beer Friday 11/20/15

There are some really wonderful offering today. Your tongues will not be disappointing this afternoon/evening. Join us for the radio edition of New Beer Friday around 3:30pm on KBER 101. We'll be discussion these new brews and other local beer happenings. 
Uinta Port O' Call Belgian Dark - Pours a mahogany color with ruby high;lights with a small-ish head that fades quickly. The nose has some dank dark fruit aromas with with a bit of musty grape skin. The taste starts with a bit of sweet plum and a hint of spicy dates. This transitions into a more prune-like tartness that compliments the Port and Cabernet wine character that raps up the back end. Nicely fruity and complex. Let it warm up a little for the best experience. 9.4% ABV Available now at Uinta's Brewery Pub, Bottle Shop, better beer bars and soon to select DABC stores.

Uinta Brighton Revolver Session IPA - This year's version of the Brighton Revolver IPA features Ella and Calypso hops. It pours a somewhat hazy golden straw color with a firm two fingers of foam.  The nose has mostly tangerine peel in the nose with a bit of malt sweetness beneath. The taste starts with great lemon, grapefruit and orange peel notes that explode on the tongue. Next come a bed of creamy caramel malts that feel round and full in the mouth. The end has a bit of grapefruit bitterness. Finishes moderately dry. Holy Shit! This is the best Session IPA I've had in months! It has a great body for it's low ABV. A must try while it's super fresh. 4.0% ABV @ Uinta Brewery pub on tap right now. Soon to grocery and convenience store and where you'll find Uinta seasonal taps.

Epic Big Bad Baptist Beer Bar/Bulleit Barrel  - Pours black with soem nice copper hued foam. The nose is big with rich coffee aromas. The tastes follows with great coffee flavors to start. A bit of char and roasted malt comes next. Some molasses sweetness creeps in and traditions into subtle vanilla bourbon sweetness. The sweetness from the Bourbon keeps the harsher notes from the coffee and roastiness in check. Great balance, highly drinkable for big beer. 12.3% ABV  This version of Big Bad Baptist can only be found at The Beer Bar in Salt Lake City.

Anheuser Busch Best Damn Apple Ale - I've haven't had a chance to try this, though trusted beer geek Craig Folkman has. He describes it as having a clear golden straw color with a small white head that dissipates quickly to a small white ring, no lacing. Aroma of a green apple jolly rancher. Flavors of candy apples, sugary, plastic, finishes sweet. Not too bad. 4.0% ABV @ Most Grocery and Convenience stores. Craig, thanks for letting me hi-jack your review!

Shades of Pale Mischance White IPA - Pours a murky off white/straw color with a large pillowy head. The nose is fresh with citrus meat grapefruit. The taste fallows with citrusy hop that have some berry like qualities as well. Thin bready malt round out the hops proving a bit of doughy sweetness. A nicely refreshing and light White IPA. 4.0% ABV @ Shades of Pale's Tap room.

I got some bad info on yesterday's post on the Beer Bar Big Bad Baptist. The whiskey barrels used were not Bulleit but Buffalo trace. When reading it just swap those whiskeys and add Frankfort, KY instead of Lawrenceburg KY. My apologies.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Beer Bar & Epic Collaboration Beer

The info given on the whiskey barrel for the following beer is  wrong. It's my fault for not double checking my source. My apologies. Buffalo Trace is the maker of the whiskey and barrel. 

Bfeen to Bar X lately? If you have you may have noticed that they love whiskey - Bourbons in particular. Bar X's owners love Bourbons so much that they often travel to various noted distilleries around the country selecting specific barrels that they can call their own. 

Last year Bar X/Beer Bar co-owners  Duncan Burell and Richard Noel traveled to the Four Roses Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky where they make Bulleit Bourbon. There, the two sampled multiple barrels of the high rye content whiskey until they found some that "spoke to them". The distillery customized labels for Bar X packaged the bottles and sent the whiskey and the spent barrels to Salt Lake City. Those barrel are the heart of this story.

Spent Bourbon barrels are a hot commodity right now. A decade ago their best use was to become garden planters or artsy-fartsy coffee tables. Today they fetch top dollar so that breweries can age their barleywines, stouts or "whatever" in them. Rich and Duncan - who are also huge beer fans, did the math and searched out a local brewery to fill their empty barrels. Epic Brewing Co. was their final choice.

A local version of Epic's famed Big Bad Baptist was chosen to fill the Bulleit Barrels. Made with coffee from SLC's Blue Copper Coffee, the barrels created a special 1-off batch of Big Bad Baptist that will be exclusive to Beer Bar. Now comes the fun part.

This evening, Beer Bar will be having a release party from 6:00 - 8:00pm. Epic and Blue Copper will be there to talk about and answer any questions about the coffee/beer and there will be free samples of Blue Copper's cold brew that was used in the beer. Beer Bar will be selling 6 and 8oz. pours of the Baptist along with samples of the exclusive Bar-X Bulleit Bourbon.

Coffee, Bourbon and Beer? I think this will be a good day.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Port O' Call is Here

Uinta is releasing their highly anticipated Belgian Style Dark Ale, Port o' Call. What makes this beer unique from a average Belgian dark is it's time spent in Port Wine barrels. For the past six months, the ale developed vinous characters blended with toffee and caramel malt notes. With a distinctly Belgian nose, Port O’ Call pours a dark copper with a creamy head accenting spicy yeast with hints of clove and banana and has an ABV of 9.4%.

Port O’ Call will be released in 750ml cork and caged bottles and is a small seasonal release that for Utahans can only be purchased at Uinta's Brewery (to take home) or at some of the better beer bars along the Wasatch Front. I hope to have a full review for you by Friday. The Holidays are indeed looking bright!


Monday, November 16, 2015

!0 Years on Utah Beer

"you ever notice that your shit is 'stuff' and everybody else's 'stuff' is shit"? George Carlin coined that phrase back in the 70s and it's still a brilliant observation on how we as individuals compare the things we each hold dear. There are many who think my overly enthusiastic appreciation for beer and Star Wars is moronic and a waste of time - as I may find someones super fanaticism over Baseball statistics coma inducing. I guess what I'm saying is, I don't know why I chose to bore you with all of this Utah Beer crap, but I did it and I'm very appreciative that you bother to waste your bandwidth here.

It was 10 years ago today that I got a weird hair up my ass and decided to commit myself to the cause of promoting Utah's beer culture. This blog was and still is a mostly therapeutic exercise for me. Being a beer geek in Utah a for that first twenty years of my beer drinking life was a bit oxymoronic. For most of that time the words "Utah" and "beer" were as synonymous as "fish" and "bicycle" to most beer lovers outside of our boarders. Thank to our growing craft beer community - that perception is changing.

I hope this doesn't come across as self congratulatory. I'm just glad some of you have found my therapy, critiques and rants useful in some way... and if you think about it - ten years talking about any narrow/niche subject is pretty cool - no matter what the subject is. I don't know if I have another ten years of "beer geek'n" left in me, but as long as any one person gives a shit, I'll try to do my best. Thanks again for bothering to visit.


Photo Credit: Fransisco Kjolseth | Salt Lake Tribune

Friday, November 13, 2015

New Beer Friday 11/13/15

Congratulations, you've made it this far. Now you just have to take it! No worries though... there no trap - just good beer and cider in this week's New Beer Friday. Just a reminder that New Beer Friday has it's own radio segment now on KBER 101 Fridays at 3:30pm on Mick and Allen's show. Tune in if you have the time. 

Bohemian Session Bock - Bohemian Brewery’s latest Brewer’Stache is made from the second runnings of their upcoming Doppelbock. Meaning, after collecting enough strong wort for a high alcohol Doppelbock there was enough sugar left in the mash to make a second session beer.  The Session Bock is unfiltered with a hazy reddish brown appearance.  The flavor is sweet and toasty with hints of toffee and caramel.  The beer finishes with rich malts and hints of dark fruit from the German lager yeast. The 4.0% Session Bock is available on draft today at the Brewery and we'll of course keep you up to date on the new BoHo Dopplebock as it's release date get near

Upslope Blood Orange Saison - Pours a clear golden, cider color with a thin but tight white head. The nose has oranges peel with some spices. The taste starts with oranges and some spicy/estery yeast. some thin doughy wheat flavors come next with notes of coriander and white pepper rounding out the back end. 6.0% ABV @ Slackwater Soon to DABC

Mountain West Ruby Hard Cider - Pours a brilliant clear golden color with a nose of dry apple. The taste follows the nose with subtle apple sweetness combined with some minor green apple tartness. Finishes nicely dry. This is my kind of cider. Brilliant! 6.8% ABV

Squatters Rye Chai -  This beer is a chai tea infused dark rye ale that is served on nitro. 4.0% ABV @ Squatters Downtown Brewpub.

Squatters Rauchbier -  A rye a ale that is brewed with smoked malt.  This imparts a smoky dryness to the beer  that is meant to complement the sweeter malts in the brew. 4.0% ABV @  Squatters Downtown Brewpub

Returning Favorites

Wasatch Winter First One Down - The former Wasatch Winterfest, pours a clear ruby color with a moderate fluffy off-white cap of foam. The nose is bright with citrus and pine with subtle spicy caramel malt beneath. The flavor starts out with grapefruity hops and a bit of orange zest. Next comes a faint hint of gingerbread then transitions to a rich maltiness. I think there may be a little roastiness in there as well. Very nicely balanced with a well hidden 7.1% abv.

New Belgium Accumulation: The nose is a hoppy blend of grass, grapefruit and lemon with a touch of earthiness. The taste is similar, tart and grassy, but more earthy and with a pleasant spiciness as the flavor lingers on the tongue. Better than most White IPAs, still not better than Ghostrider. 6.2% ABV
@ Bayou, soon to DABC

Full Sail Session Fest: Pours a nice shiny copper color with just a bit of haze. Little bit of eggshell colored head makes a brief appearance. The nose is of toasted grain, slight caramel & floral hops in the background.  The taste starts with biscuits and toast alongside some caramel malty goodness make for a nice refreshing brew. Hops add just a bit to florals to balance things out. Mouthfeel is light, crisp, and refreshing. Flavors don't exactly 'wow' you but it's still got enough going on to keep it interesting. @ Bayou - DABC

Also, Congrats to Epic and Uinta for medaling in the 2015 Brussels Beer Challenge. Uinta's Cutthroat came away with a gold medal for best Bitter and Epic's Big Bad Baptist came away with a silver medal in the coffee beer category. Shades of Pale's Tap Room is finally opening. Head on over to the brewery tomorrow and check it out. They'll have food truck(s), music and of course Beer!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

The 2015 Holiday Beer Tasting

 Damn, that was fast! We are all filled up for now. Please contact me to get on the stand-by list. There are always cancellations.

There are many ways to celebrate the Holidays. Around here we like like to share great beer. If you're of like mind then I encourage you to RSVP - right now, for the 2015 Holiday Beer Tasting. I guarantee you will not find a better selection of national and international beers to sample in the west.

This is the only invite to the gathering. Too often I get people saying, "nobody told me"! This party is a "thank you" for bothering to visit the Utah Beer Blog and being a proactive member of Utah's craft beer community. So, if your reading this, you know about the party. If you missed it - I'm sorry. Social Media isn't conducive to having an intimate party of this size.

The Holiday Tasting is held at a private home and it's location will be given out only to those who RSVP. We will have to put a cap on the number of people attending due to the size of the venue. So get your RSVP in ASAP. It fills up very fast.

A lot of very generous people offer up some of their prized bottles and favorite creations. So we ask that this be limited to "Beer People". People who know beer or are interested in learning more about craft beer. Please feel free to bring a guest if you don't want to come solo. Speaking of "Beer People". Some of our local craft brewers will be in attendance as well as industry professionals. It'll be a nice opportunity for you to get to know them - and they you.

RSVPs will be limited to two people this year. It's all about giving everybody who wants to attend the opportunity to attend.

First off - This is not a "shit show" so, bring your A game. If you can't handle your drink, then you should probably pass. Also, plan your ride home - There's no sleep overs.

Second - Bring a nice bottle or two of beer, cider or mead to share. You don't have to bring Pliny the Younger, but something out of the ordinary would be nice. Home Brew and Kegs are welcome as well. If you do bring a keg, let me know ahead of time.

Third - Bring a proper tasting glass. We'll have some plastic cup if you forget, but I'd hate for you to use them.

Forth - Food will be provided, but if you would like to bring something to share that would be great.

Please RSVP to utahbeer@gmail.com (we filled up in less than 24 hours last year)

Absolutely no one under 21.

Where: Draper, Utah

When: The evening of Saturday December, 12th

Don't hesitate to RSVP or ask questions! Again, this post is the only invite to the gathering. Any questions?


Monday, November 09, 2015

Mountain West Cidery Open Today

The Title says it all, Mountain West Hard Cider is now open for business and selling their debut label Ruby. Mountain West is owned and operated by a husband-and-wife duo, along with their head cider maker, Joel Goodwillie. As a team, they share a passion for the mountains, locally-owned business, and obviously: good times with good friends. Relying on Joel’s award-winning years of experience as a wine and cider maker, the three of them are ready to show people that The West isn’t just for beer anymore.

The trio uses local ingredients from the Mountain West to craft everyday, seasonal, and artisan hard apple ciders. Ruby is just a taste of things to come. Please welcome these folks to Utah's craft beverage scene by heading over to the cidery - located at 425 North 400 West in Salt lake City, UT - just two doors south from RedRock Brewing Company. Their doors open at 11am. Welcome to the family!


Friday, November 06, 2015

New Beer Friday 11/6/15

There's a ton of goodness today on New Beer Friday - This week there will be a special radio version of New Beer Friday as well on KBER 101. Should be on around 3:30pm. We'll be spreading the "beer love" to the masses. Tune in if you can!

Uinta Holiday Cutthroat - looks like good ol' Cutthroat. The noses spicy with cinnamon and nutmeg some piney hops as well. The taste starts with more spices - cinnamon and spruce tips. Clove comes in next with a bit of malt. The end is all pine bitterness. Finishes quite dry. 4.0% ABV @ Uinta now and should be popping up at grocery stores and bars with a Uinta seasonal tap

Annex Session Razz - This is the third version of Epic's successful Brainless on Raspberries Ale. The second version is Lil' Brainless Raspberries a 5.2% version - now we have the Session Razz a 4% Session Ale. Session Razz Pours a clear ruby/fuchsia color with an average pinkish cap of foam. The fruit and the yeast are the stars here. First off - you get subtle tart raspberries up front. There is some hint of thin malts as well. Spicy/estery yeast take it from there, providing a nice counter to the berries. Refreshing and satisfying for a low abv fruit beer. highly recommended. 4.0% ABV @ The Annex - Beer Bar

Squatters Rauchbier -Not tried this one yet. 4.0% ABV

Squatters Hazelnut Brown - Not tried this one yet. 4.0% ABV On Cask

Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat - Pours into a hazy amber/orange color with an off white head. The nose was spicy with cinnamon and nutmeg. The taste follows the nose with heavy nutmeg and cinnamon with a fair amount of wheat and malt balance. For what it is, this is this not a bad pumpkin ale. You could do much worse in the market. 4.0% ABV @ Grocery/Convenienc Stores

Zion The Local Peach - Described as a Saison with tart peach character. Some funky yeast spiciness as well. 4.0% ABV @ Zion Canyon Brewpub

Zion Pumpkin Please -Described as being subtly spiced with a thin to medium mouth feel. 4.0% ABV @ Zion Canyon Brewpub

Epic Session Series IPA - This is a new series that will be coming from Epic. This Session IPA is basically a 4% version of Escape to Colorado. It has a wonderfully, pungent citrsy nose with a light quenching body. All mosaic hops in this beer. 4% ABV @ The Annex - Beer Bar and pubs with Annex tap handles.

Estrella Damm - Pours a pale straw color with a medium white head. The nose is mostly grain and malt. The flavor starts with grassy hops then transitions to malty sweetness. It's semi dry in the finish. Not to bad for an adjunct lager. 5.2% ABV @ Beer Bar

Estrella Inedit wit
- Pours a hazy straw gold color with a spicy nose of coriander and cloves, banana, sweet malt. The taste follows with more coriander and light clove, The end has a healthy dose of sweet maltis. Fairly light body. Pretty good but not mind blowing. 4.8% ABV @ Beer Bar

RedRock Dortmunder
- Pours a deep golden color, with an inch and half thick head. The nose is bready,  followed by small amounts of aherbal grassy hops. The taste starts with strong malts and toasted bread, then finishes with a mild grass bitterness. Medium bodied, yet very crisp and refreshing, smooth feel alll the way through. @ RedRock and better beer bars
Returning Favorites

RedRock Secale - This barrel aged lager has a bock base with some rye malt spicing up sweetness. And if that wasn't enough, they finished it off in High West Rye whiskey barrels. This is one damn fine barrel aged bock. Don't miss out on this one. 

Deschutes Jubelale - As basic spiced holiday ales go, this beer delivers on all levels. Chicory, molasses and figs. Oh yeah!

Sierra Nevada Celebration - It's not the holidays at Utah Beer Central without this yearly favorite. Straight forward, wonderful American IPA.

Ninkasi Dawn of the Red - Get this while they're still fresh. Citrusy hops, fruity malts - delicious!

Uinta Yard Sale lager - A clean and semi-malty amber lager.

RedRock Secale - Malty and spicy with a rye whiskey backbone. Brilliant!


Wednesday, November 04, 2015

RedRock's New Dortmunder Fest Beer

RedRock Brewing has added a new beer into their "high gravity" line up! The Dortmunder Fest beer is a classic German style lager is know as a working class beer that was first conceived of the 19th century. Dortmund style lagers are pale golden in color with a dry hoppy/biscuity nose that exhibit a classic clean character full-bodied with a subtle maltiness and a sturdy mouth-feel. They're akin to the traditional German Pilsner with a with an overall dry tone and presence.

RedRock's is made with 100% German Pilsner, Munich and specialty malts from Germany's Weyermann Maltsters. It dials in at 5.4% ABV. and is availble now at RedRock's Beer Store (443 N 400 W).

I'll try to have a review on it by Friday.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wasatch Front Brewery Updates

As the beer landscape keeps changing here in Utah, we here at the Utah Beer Blog are constantly looking for updates and the newest information for Utah's drinking culture enthusiasts. We have four notable things to bring to your attention today.

Mountain West Hard Cider's new Cidery was recently rewarded their final licences and permits to officially start making local cider. In the next few weeks we should all be enjoying new batches of SLC cider. Mountain West Hard Cider is located at 425 n. 400 w. in SLC one door south of RedRock's Production Brewery. Now that's a great one/two punch!    

Proper Brewing Company announced that their new facility will be opening for business Presidents Day weekend 2016! Proper Brewing is a sister brewery of SLC's Avenues Proper Restaurant and Publick House. It is located 857 S Main Street, Salt Lake City. Just a block from Epic Brewing Brewing Co. Another great one/two punch!

Talisman Brewing Co. in Ogden continues to make progress on Ogden's next big thing and is scheduled to open in early 2016. Talisman Brewing is located at 1260 South Gibson Ave Ogden, UT

Maple Mountain Brewery in Provo continues to make progress on Utah Counties first brewery in well... forever. Maple Mountain is located at 861 s. 170 e. Provo, Utah


Picture Courtesy - Utah Stories

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Death of Utah's 3.2 Beer May Be Near

Utah and Oklahoma share a lot of history concerning alcohol and the way it's governed. For many years our liquor laws were virtually identical in application and enforcement. Recently Oklahoma has began stepping away from Utah's more sharia-esque approach to alcohol giving way to laws that now allow "high point" beers on draft in bars and restaurants.

Recently Oklahoma has been creating a buzz in the beer industry as Oklahoma's legislature is in favor of new legislation that would do away with their states 3.2 beer laws. Currently, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Utah and Minnesota still have 3.2 beer laws on the books with Oklahoma consuming most of the 3.2 beer produced. If this Oklahoma law were to pass next year, it could change the dynamics of how the big breweries make and market their 3.2 suds. 

With a huge segment of their market disappearing, there is a real possibility that the mega breweries might have a change of heart in producing “small batches” of 3.2 beer just for the three remaining states that rely heavily on them. That would mean they would have to change their laws or go without.

In the case of Utah, it's anybody's guess on what would happen if there was no more 3.2 beer to be sold. In my opinion, our Mormon lead legislature would not suddenly open the flood gates and let all of the high point beer flow into grocery, convenience stores and bar taps. It is more likely that they will raise the 3.2% ABW cap to 5% to 5.5% ABV ceiling,  then take away a current drinking liberty that we now enjoy. This would open up some options for out of state draft beers to enter the market and allow some locally made higher alcohol beers onto tap handles as well. But these are all theories that exist in my tiny mind.

It could be an interesting turn of events that could reshape Utah's alcohol landscape much sooner than people (my self included) had originally envisioned. We'll keep an eye on what develops on Oklahoma and pass on relevant updates. 

Here are a few article from Oklahoma one the proposed laws



What are your thoughts, is this game changing or just a flash in the pan? Please share.

Image courtesy - Pat Bagley/Salt Lake Tribune


Monday, October 26, 2015

Is Cutthroat No More?

I came across this image the other day of the iconic Uinta Cutthroat label missing one important thing. It doesn't say, Cutthroat! This immediately sent me into panic mode. There has only been one other instances in the past decade that has sent Utah Beer Blog Headquarters (my basement) into Beer-Defcon 3 status - the other was Rooster's Höpfner pizza beer a few years back. After I managed to pull myself out of the fetal position, I manage to contact Uinta to express my outrage.

Lindsay Burke, Uinta's Marketing Director - managed somehow to talk me off the ledge. She informed me that there was no damn way that Uinta's flagship beer was loosing it's beloved name, only that Uinta is looking to spread the love of Cutthroat beyond Utah's boarders.

You see, many years ago, the name Cutthroat was caught in a bit of a tug-of war between Odell Brewing Co. and Uinta Brewing. Odell already owned the name Cutthroat Pale Ale even though Uinta had gone to market with their pale ale first. The breweries came to an agreement - Uinta could keep using the name, but only within Utah's boarders (even though Odell has long since discontinued their own Cutthroat pale ale).

That's how Uinta Pale Ale came to be - same beer, a slightly different label that all of America can now enjoy. Hissy-fit avoided!

Speaking of Odell, it is rumored that they will be entering the Utah market sometime in 2016 - I'm thinking their Cutthroat Porter will not be crossing the Utah/Colorado boarder.


Friday, October 23, 2015

New Beer Friday 10/23/15

If coffee is your thing, this week's New Beer Friday will fill you with all sorts of java happiness.

Desert Edge Coffee Stout - This stout is brewed with fresh Mill Creek Coffee Roasters coffee.  It has a big coffee nose as well as coffee flavor which melds well with the roasted barley and chocolate malt flavors. Creamy Delicious on the nitro tap. 4.0% ABV @ Desert Edge

Ninkasi Noir - Another coffee infused beer. This one is a milk stout. The nose has roasted malt, cocoa and coffee. The taste is similar with cocoa powder, coffee bean and sweet cream. Though it is slightly sweet the finish does have some dryness from the hops and the roasty bitterness.7.6% ABV @ Beer Bar Beerhive

Hoppers Dunkel Lager - A copper/brown colored lager made with mostly light toasted Munich malt and dark kilned Munich malt. The flavor is well balanced and they drink lighter and more smoothly than would be expected for a dark beer. Flavors of a toasted barley, light chocolate, bread and subtle German hood. The aroma is of a rich malted barley and caramel malt with a nice fresh hop aroma. 4.0% ABV @ Hoppers

Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose should be popping this weekend at some Smith's Stores. And when I say, "some" I mean "some" not all. And I have no idea which ones will have them. So if you happen to come across them this while your out and about please share wher you found them. Next week you should start seeing them at Maverik stores and some Harmons

Oskar Blues - We have an update on the arival of Oskar Blues. You should start seeing them in limited distribution in early December. Look for Dales' Pale, Lil Yella Pils, Old Chub and Pinner. Other labels will soon follow.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Salt Lake City Wants More Breweries

Salt lake City's Mayor and City Council are looking in to creating new ordinances that would ease restrictions on where breweries and brewpubs can operate within the capitol city. Right now beer making establishments are limited as to where breweries of specific sizes and capacities are allowed to operate. These new ordinance changes are designed to lift the umbrella surrounding breweries that currently has a one size fits all approach.

Basically this means more smaller breweries and specifially brewpubs for city than zoning currently allows. One great example of this is Avenues Proper. They operate within the Avenues neighborhood Salt Lake City making beer and serving food. The operation is small enough and the impact of the business on the area is so slight, that if you know nothing about the pub you'd never know beer was being made there. Of course there are many in the community that think there too many breweries in the city and appose any changes.

This ordinance change is still in the proposal stage. The SLC Council has scheduled a public hearing on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. I urge anyone who supports these changes to attend this meeting and let your voices be heard.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Anderson Valley Brewing Events This Week

Anderson Valley Brewing Company is re-introducing themselves to the Salt Lake market with a couple of "get togethers" designed to reacquaint Utahans with their beer. Anderson Vally has been in Utah for quite some time - nearly fifteen years to be exact. The were partially responsible for giving Utah's beer drinkers a good idea of what the taste trends were like on the west coast, opening up our appreciation for the new trends.  

At the Beerhive this Wednesday from 5p-7p – Andersion Valley Reps will be serving Boont Amber Ale, Hop Ottin’ IPA, Poleeko Pale Ale, Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout, Seasonal, Brother David’s Double, Brother David’s Triple, and Wild Turkey Barrel Aged Stout.

On Thursday from 5p-7p - The Beer Bar will be pouring all of the beer above plus Kimme the Yink and the Holy Gose and Blood Orange Gose on draught.  These are great opportunities for the breweries to get to know what you want from them, so they can better serve the market. Hope to see you there!

Also, you will also be seeing these Gose beers popping up in Grocery stores very soon.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Uinta Port o' Call Belgian Dark

Yea! More new beer from Uinta Brewing is coming our way. This new offering is described as a Belgian-style Dark Ale that has been aged in Port Wine barrels. Get it? Port Wine/Port o' Call? Anyway this new beer will dial in at 9.4% ABV and will be "ready when it's ready" - probably in the next 3-4 weeks.

It will be packaged in 750ml corked and caged bottles and will only be available in SLC at the brewery and local watering holes that choose to stock it. It will also find it's way around to most of  the U.S. It's nice to see all of these new brews coming out of Uinta at such a steady pace. We'll spread the word when it debuts.


Friday, October 16, 2015

New Beer Friday - Tiger Beat Edition

Oh, you're gunna feel like 14 year old girl again after you get your hands on this week's New Beer Friday selections. If only we had a little Ralph Macchio action to go with it!

Breakside Wanderlust - Not tried this one yet. It's described as having a murky golden-yellow color with a nose of citrus fruit and tropical fruit aromas. The taste has citrus fruit and citrus zest flavors on the finish. There is a mild amount of hop bitterness on the palate with each sip. This beer has a lower level of carbonation with a slightly crisp mouthfeel. Overall, this is a good beer with a tasty mix of citrus and tropical hop qualities. 6.6% ABV @ Beer Bar. Note: This likely wont be available until mid afternoon on Friday.

Breakside Passion Fruit - Not tried this one yet. It's described as being a 100% sour fermented wheat ale, inspired by German Berliner weisse and conditioned on passion fruit.4.0% ABV. @ Beer Bar. Note: This likely wont be available until mid afternoon on Friday.

RedRock Ori-Gin - Pours a murky apricot color with a nose of juniper berries and spicy yeast. The taste starts with tart juniper and citrus peel. bready malts come complimenting the berries. The end has a blend of  tropical juice flavors that are pleasant and refreshing. Wonderful beer - drink this today! This technically isn't a new beer beer but it has a much fuller taste than in previous years, so I think it's worth your attention again. 4.0% ABV @RedRock Downtown

2 Row Random IPA #2 - The #2 version has Mosaic and Simcoe hops. The nose has a spicy nuttiness, and the distinct fruityness brought on by the Mosaic hops. The taste starts with slightly toasted caramel malt sweet flavor front that gives way to the aforementioned spicey nut-esque flavor and is rounded out by somewhat bitter hops with hints of orange and pineapple. Has a slightly crisp and prickly, smooth finish. 8.5% ABV. @ 2 Row Brewing's bottle shop.

Returning also this week: RedRock's Griswald's Holiday Ale and you can now get Epic's Big Bad Baptist at DABC stores. Available at: Downtown, Foothill, Avenues, North Temple, 33rd, Wine Store, and 3rd W Wine Store - Provo, Bountiful, Murray, Ogden & Riverton 


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bohofest and Biketoberfest this Weekend

If you're looking for something to do this weekend we have a few suggestions that will likely meet you beer needs. 

First off - there's Biketober. In celebration of the 300 South 200 West Bicycle Intersection Completion, organizers are shutting it down for cars and bringing together the community to bike down and have a uniquely great time!  There will be local beers from Red Rock Brewery, Squatters Brewery, Bohemian Brewery & Grill, Moab Brewery, Wasatch Brew Pub and , Desert Edge Pub and Brewery

=====LIVE MUSIC=====
Bonneville - Noon
Sink the Seas - 1:00pm
Suburban Birds - 1:30pm

 BEACHMEN - 2:30pm
Vinyl Tapestries - 3:30pm

Bicycle Obstacle Course - 12:30pm
Bike Team Relays - 1:30pm
Bike Hoop Toss - 2:30pm
Last Bike Standing - 3:00pm
Freestyle Competition - 3:30pm
Bike Polo Exhibition 4:00pm
Teams encouraged, prizes rewarded.

Cafe Shambala
Freestyle Foodie

=====PROCEEDS GO TO=====
Utah Brewers Guild
Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective
Revolution United

Next there's the 3rd Annual Bohofest. This event is held at the brewery's back parking lot and features Bohemian's unique styles of old world lagers - including Boho's Oktoberfestbier and brats. The fest runs from 2pm-7pm and is open to all ages. But bring your i.d. if you want beer. 

Both events run Saturday October, 17th only.


Monday, October 12, 2015

RedRock Session Holiday Ale

RedRock has will be adding a new Holiday beer to their bottled beer portfolio in the coming months. This new Holiday Ale is a little brother to Giswald's Big Holiday Ale that RR offers every year. Holiday Ale is session beer brewed with cinnamon, coriander, ginger, clove and orange peel. Look for it in RedRock's 500ml bottles. 4.0% ABV.

RedRock has a deal with Harmon's Grocery stores to sell their beer. I'm not sure yet if this beer will also be exclusive to Harmon's. We'll let you know.


Thursday, October 08, 2015

New Beer Friday - House of Cards Edition

The Mormon Francis Underwood's star may be on the rise, but that doesn't mean he has to piss all over your weekend. Here are some tasty, barley based treats to keep your spirits up!
Green Flash Jibe Session IPA - pours it clear golden color with a nose that is floral with some citrus and grass. The taste is piney and earthy upfront with toasty malt notes. The end is mostly piney with some floral bitterness.  Finishes quite dry. Overall this IPA is thin, even for Utah standards.  If you're a fan of Green Flash then it's definitely worth your time. 4.0% ABV @Smith's & Harmon's Grocery Stores.

New Belgium Fat Tire - This is the new 4% version that is mow available in Utah.  I haven't tried it yet,  should start showing up at most grocery stores and convenient stores around the state.

New Belgium Pumpkick - Pours a deep but clear amber color. The nose is mostly pumpkin pie spices. The taste has more of a yam character rather than pumpkin. She does not force the spices are subtle though. Drinkable but not my favorite of the pumpkin beers  that I've come across. 6.0% ABV @Bayou, Beer Bar, BeerHive

Descutes Zarabanda Saison - Pours a clear dark gold with a thin, dissipating head. The nose is full of spices and citrus. Lots of yeast, malt, lemon lime, pretty complex. The flavor is spicy yeast, pepper, very herbal, grass, grains, citrus lemon and lime. The finish is clean, crisp, very drinkable. 6.1% ABV @ Bayou, Slackwater

Rogue Pumpkin Patch Ale - Pours a dark amber/orange color. The nose has vanilla, pumpkin spices, clove, allspice, and nutmeg. The tastes starts with vanilla, clove, cinnamon, and pumpkin flesh. Caramel malts come next with some hop bitterness and coriander rounding it out. It's okay, but thinner than expected 5.6% ABV @ Bayou

Sea Dog Sunfish Wheat - Pours a pale straw color with a medium thin head. The nose is big with floral notes and heavy peach. The taste starts out very sweet with flavors of orange and peach, then some mild breadiness comes in from the wheat. It's alight beer but the peach is quite overwhelming. 4.6% ABV @ Bayou

Upslope Brown Ale - The nose is a nice mix of nuts and roasted malts with a little hint of caramel and molasses. The nutty maltiness from the nose  continues through to the tongue with just enough caramel in there to weigh the beer down and a mild, bitter twang at the end. The finish is long toasty. 6.7% ABV @ Bayou, Beer Bar

Mother Earth Belgian Quad - Pours a mostly clears amber/brown color. The nose is a bit boozy with dark fruits and a hint of whiskey. Taste wise this is more akin to a barley wine than a Belgian quad. deep toffe notes and dark spicy fruits create an almost English barlewine feel. The alcohol for the most part is masked nicely. 12% ABV @ BeerHive

Green Flash Soul Style IPA - Pours clear golden color with a finger of head. The nose is strong with citrus, floral and some malty sweetness. The taste gets more complex with some melon flavor up front then more resiny flavors of citrus and floral. Finishes nicely with bitterness of hops dominating but some sweetness from malt. Overall, a nice IPA. 6.8% ABV @ Slackwater