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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Uinta's Detour Double IPA to be Downsized

It looks like Uinta Brewing is making a change to one of their Crooked Line beers. Detour Double IPA is getting a makeover - moving from it pretty corked and caged 750ml bottle to a more managable and user friendly 12oz bottle.

From a profit and consumer standpoint I think this is a win win. I know I will personally be drinking more Detour now that I don't have to commit to 3-4 solo servings. Plus it'll be more affordable in the 12ozer.

Look for different labeling as it will need to conform to Uinta's compass style bottles and theme.
As the sign says, "February 2014" - However the DABC won't stock the new 12 ozers 'til all of the 750s are gone, so drink up!  Thanks to Matt Hanson for the info and the photo. The pic above was taken at the Foothill liquor store.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Utah Beer Blog 2014 Beer Based Prediction Engine

I've seen a lot of statistical data being spewed about in regards to the upcoming Super Bowl Between the Seahawks and Broncos. Most of them rely on "facts" and "numbers" (scoff). This game is looking to be a tough one to predict. You have the number one scoring offense vs number one scoring defense - number one total offense vs number one total defense match-up of Number one seeds.

Given that these teams are so evenly matched up, there is only one true way to gaze into the future and know for certain which team will prevail. I present to you the Utah Beer Blog 2014 Beer Based Prediction Engine.

Beer will be the number one consumed beverage at most Super Bowl gatherings, so it's influence will be substantial. We've come up with a highly developed formula that we spent minutes devising. It is as follows.

Using data compiled from the Brewers Association, Ratebeer & Beeradvocate we will use the following formula. The number of licensed beer manufacturers in the city named for the teams (Seattle/Denver) x each State's per capita beer consumption ÷ the number of home brew shops in the state ÷ that number by 2 (conferences)  = winner.

(46 Denver Breweries) x Results for Colorado 33.4 gallons per year ÷ 25 ÷ 2 = score
(32 Seattle Breweries) x Results for Washington 27.9 gallons per year ÷ 24 ÷ 2 = score

We get a score of

Broncos.   46 x 33.4 ÷ 25 =  61.4 ÷ 2 = 31
Seahawks 32 x 27.9 ÷ 24 =  37.2 ÷ 2 = 19

Colorado is a beer juggernaut and Seattle is no slouch in that department as well, but the pints don't lie. Though these teams are evenly matched, beer's influence in the given markets will bring glory to the Denver Broncos.

As in previous years; if this formula proves successful, I will take it globally and use it to predict all aspects of life and become a living god among men. If it fails? It was your lack of faith in beer!    


Friday, January 24, 2014

New Beer Friday 1/24/14

This month has been a pain in the ass for this poor, dry beer boy. Luckily my self imposed beer hiatus is nearing the end. Trust me, my appreciation for beer has never been greater and today's New Beer Friday is like lemon juice on a paper cut. Please drink one or four for me.

Uinta Brighton Revolver: This is the second version in this rotational IPA offering from Uinta. The debut IPA killed, it was extremely drinkable and fresh tasting. Round two is a Black IPA. I don't have much info on it as I'm still on the wagon. :( It's available at Brighton Ski Resort of course and and some of the better beer bars around town. This also, being served from a Firkin at the Bayou. 4.0% ABV

RedRock White IPA: This is a new offering from RedRock. This White IPA was developed by RR brewer Chris Harlin and was just tapped yesterday. Only at RedRock downtown. RedRock's Poor Red Ale is back on tap as well. Both are 4.0% ABV

Avenues Proper Fire-pit Porter: This smoked chocolate porter was brewed with chocolate from APs neighbor, Hatch Family Chocolates! @Avenues Proper. 4.0% ABV

New Belgium 1554: Pours black. The nose is of toasted corn with dark chocolate and coffee. The taste is very, very dry, with coffee, the middle holds lots of sweet dark chocolate. 5.6% ABV

New Belgium Blue Paddle Pilsner: Pours a clear and golden with a dense white head. The nose is grassy and floral with hints of honey. Malt is slightly sweet off the top, then grassy hops come in along with some lemon zest and apple. The finish is crisp and smooth. Aftertaste is grassy with notes of lemon. 4.8% ABV

New Belgium Shift Pale Lager:
The Nose Has soft grains and spicy, grassy hops. Nice flavor. The grainy bite of a lager met with the grassy hops of a pale. Maybe a touch of honey as well. Softly bitter, very clean, smooth and drinkable. 5.0% ABV

New Belgium Sunshine Wheat: The nose is zesty with lemon, coriander, citrus and malts. The taste follows suit with lots of spices, lemon and citrus. Some pear and banana notes in there as well. Light malt backbone and light hop flavors round out the end. 4.8% ABV

These New Belgium beers have been seen at a few DABC stores. Draper in particular. If you've seen them elsewhere please share.

Returning beers of note.

Desert Edge Brewing All The Way Alt is back. This one is a brilliant copper color with a strong malt flavor without being sweet.  It also has a nice bitterness to pair with that malt flavor and end with a medium hop flavor. 4.0% ABV

Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball: It's good to see the Lagunitas seasonals are flowing into the market with some regularity. Hairy Eyeball has been absent from the Utah scene since 2011. I'm happy to see it back. Tastes like malt and fig with some chocolate notes. Finishes with some alcohol and some citrusy hops. It doesn't mesh as well as it probably could. Still, it's pretty damn tasty. @Beerhive - DABC? 9.4% ABV


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Beertown, Utah

What city do you live in? Does it have a brewery? It may not now, but once upon a time there was likely a brewery in your neck of the woods. Breweries once dotted the Utah landscape before the uber-richeous destroyed our much beloved beverage during prohibition. Every corner of the state had a regional brewery to take care of the needs of thirsty pioneers and settlers.

Just for the Hell of it, I'd thought I'd wax nostalgic about Utah's beer past as others try to wedge their heels into the throats of our present.You may be surprised by the location of some of these breweries.

Alta, Utah:
Wm. Nichnitz Brewery          1877-1884
Charles Thied Brewery          1884-1888

Beaver, UT:
Geo. Buchner Brewery          1874-1877
A. A. Fischer Brewery           1877-1880
Jas. Valentine Brewery           1880-1884

Bingham, UT:
Albert Uebel Brewery            1875-1877
Wehrsitz Brewery                   1877-1878

Corinne City, UT:
N. Amsler Brewery                 1874-1880
Baier & Dehler Brewery    1880-1884

Emigration Canyon, UT:
Henry Wagener Brewery         1874-1875

Frisco, UT:
John Savior & Co Brewery 1879-1880
John C. Reher Brewery            1880-1884

Hot Springs, UT:
Crossley & Co. Brewery    1874-1877
James Crossley Brewery            1877-1879

Logan, UT:
Jacob Theurer Brewery              1886-1887
Theurer & Bloom Brewery    1887-1888
Cache Valley Brewing Co.          1888-1912
Henry Worley Brewery               1879-1884
Hermann Vogel Brewery             1884-1893
Logan City Brewing Co              1893-1901

Milford, UT:
M. Ormond Brewery                   1882-1884

Minersville, UT:
Dupax & Keisler Brewery    1874-1877
G. Kiesche Brewery                    1877-1878

Murray, UT:
South Cottonwood Brewery         1888-Unknown
Mayfield & Co. Brewery       1893-Unknown

Nephi City, UT:
Samual Coulson Brewery               1878-1884
Becker Brewing & Malting Co.    1892-1918
Beckers Products Co.                    1934-1962
Becker Brewing Co.                       1962-1965
Brickmiller & Wells Brewery   1874-1879
Ransom A. Wells Brewery              1879-1882
Ransom A. Wells & Co Brewery    1882-1897
M. Brickmiller Brewery                   1874-1875
Richter & Frey Brewery          1874-1882
John J. Frey Brewery                      1882-1884
Richter & McCarthy Brewery   1884-1886
L. Schmidt & Co. Brewery       1886-1890
Schellhas Brewing Co.                     1891-1891

Ogden, UT
Becker Brewing & Malting Co1893 - 1954

Ophir City, UT(Ghost Town near Stockton, UT):
Benedict Brewery                             1874-1875
Hall and Beyer Brewery                    1874-1875
Henry Horning Brewery                    1875-Unknown
Nestler Brewing Co                          1904-1904

Salt Lake City, UT:

James Burns Brewery                        Unknown-1878
Joseph Dudler Brewery                     1874-1875
A. Fisher Brewing Co.                       1884-1918
Fisher Brewing Co.                            1934-1960
Lucky Lager Brewing Co.                  1960-1964
General Brewing Corp                       1964-1967
William Fuller Brewery                       1874-1875
Fred Heime Brewery                          1875-Unknown
Harry Joseph-Becks Hot Springs Brewery    1933-1933
Richard B. Margetts Brewery               1878-1881
Richard B. Margetts' Estate Brewery    1881-1895
A. B. & S. H. Margetts Brewery   1895-1900
Utah Brewery                                       1900-1913
Utah Brewing Co.                                 1913-1918
Mayetto & Donse Brewery           1874-1875
Jacob Moritz Brewery                          1871-1874
Moritz & Co Brewery                   1874-1877
Keyser & Moritz Brewery             1877-1882
Keyser & Cullen Brewery              1882-1884
Salt Lake City Brewing Co.                   1884-1918
Moritz & Johnson Brewery            1874-1875
Nestler & Co Brewery                  1903-1904
Pfaudler & Co. Brewery                1874-1875
Henry Wagener Brewery                       1864-1894
Wagener Brewing Co. Inc                     1894-1897
Henry Wagener Brewing Co.                 1897-1915

Sandy, UT:
Joseph Schuler Brewery                       1874-1877
Maria Schuler Brewery                         1877-1882
Geo. Martin & Co. Brewery          1882-1884
John Hardcastle Brewery                      1884-1886
Riley H. Graves Brewery                      1886-1888

Silver Reef, UT (now Leeds, Ut):
B. Noebling Brewery                           1879-1879
P. Welte Brewery                                 1878-1884
Leo Welte Brewery                              1884-1888

South Cottonwood, UT:
R. Winkler Brewery                             1878-1879
John Arnold Brewery                           1879-1884

Springville, UT:
Geo. Dallin Brewery                             1875-1877
John Dallin Brewery                              1877-1884

Vernal, UT:
Joseph Dudler Brewery                         1890-1891

I'm sure some breweries are missing. Record keeping wasn't always the best and some towns flat out try to omit the fact that breweries and distilleries ever existed in their little corners of the state. And just a reminder that Utah's 2014 Legislative session begins next week, we'll do our best to filter all the relative adult beverage happenings to keep everyone informed of what going on in our little beer universe.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mother Earth Brew Co. Arriving Soon

New beers will soon be entering the state via the Beehive. Del Vance (owner) informed me that he has struck a deal with Mother Earth Brew Co. out of San Diego to bring some of their portfolio of beers to the Beerhive.

Mother Earth Brew Co. was founded in 2008 with the goal; to create distinguished, hand crafted beers that stimulate sensory conversation and to promote the art and science of craft beer making.. Their brewery not only houses a 6,000 sq. foot Tap House but also has it's own Homebrew Supply Store.

Del tells me he's getting two of their nine IPAs, a Vanilla Cream Ale and one of their Stouts. They should be arriving at the Beerhive any day, we'll let you know when.

Note: There are two breweries in the U.S. that use the name "Mother Earth". These are the San Diego beers not the North Carolina brews.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New "12er" From Bohemian

From the brewery that specializes in "Old School Brew" comes a new multi-12 pack with an old school look. I've seen that box before when I was a wee boy; it looks like something out of 1960, circa Alta, Utah. There's something comforting to me about packaging that harks back to the days of the old Fisher and Becker Breweries.

Anyway, there's nothing new inside but it feels new. The new boxes should start popping in the coming days.

And don't forget, Bohemian's new Altbier (5.3%) and Export Lager (6.0%) are just around the corner. We'll keep you posted.


Monday, January 20, 2014

New Brewer needed at Vernal Brewing Co.

Think you've got some mad homebrew skills? Been in the game for a while, but are looking for a change of scenery? Then Vernal Brewing wants to hear from you.

Vernal Brewing Company has an immediate opening for a brewmaster/head brewer for their 10 bbl system with production line. Please send resume to vernalbrewing@gmail.com or PM. VBC is a brewpub/brewery with emphasis on craft beers.

Don't let people of Vernal suffer longer than they have to! Locally made craft beer is too precious a commodity to be without! 


Photo: Chad Kirkland/SLUG Magazine

Friday, January 17, 2014

New Beer Friday 1/17/14

In an effoert to try and broaden all of our horizon we're going to try to mix in some more ciders and meads into tthe mix when available. The Hive Winery has a new Melomel in their line-up this week. Melomels are basically meads that contains fruit (such as raspberry, blackberry or strawberry).

The Hive Winery's Preacher's Son Blueberry Honey is rich, flavorful, blueberry dominates the front flavor with delightful delicate notes of clover honey. sure to live up to it's slogan. This is a very limited release with less than 177 full size bottles.

Returning  Beers

Double Black Lager is back on at Hoppers . It pours a dark brown with garnet highlights just a hint of cocoa powder or dark chocolate in the finish, yet creamy smooth and dangerously easy to drink. All German except for the water and the brewer.

The Avenues Proper's Hopspital IPA returns as well, but with a twist. This latest batch was hopped exclusively with Simcoe hops so it should have a nice tangerine smack.  

RedRock has the firkin today at the Bayou. This afternoons offering is RR's Organic Zwicklebier with citra hops. A traditional lager with very nontraditional hops. 


Friday, January 10, 2014

New Beer Friday 1/10/14

Just to let it be known... I'm not a happy camper. My ass has been on the wagon since the year began and I still have a couple to go. Which means, even though I'm still writing about beer - the lack of it is turning me into a whiny lil' bitch. So while I may not have had some of the new beers available this week, some people who's opinions I trust have.  Here's my best interpretations of their drunk'n slurring remarks.

Uinta Tinder: This one I have had! The first whiff in the nose gives off hints of smoked pork. The smoke definitely comes through in the taste as well. I got much more subdued smoke in the taste - along with dark caramel malts with hints of cocoa in the finish. The hops are grassy and spicy. They add to the nice lager bite. 6.5% ABV @Uinta Brewing

Roosters Hellevation IPA: My friends that have tried Hellevation (feel free to chime in) have mixed reactions, and by mixed reactions I mean, they either hate it or love it. Here are some of their brief thoughts. 7% ABV @Roosters Brewing & other better beer bars

New Belgium's "Hop Kitchen Series" Rewind: This the Second in the Hop Kitchen Series that Utah has recived. This one is is described as more of an English IPA with hops that lean more toward the floral end of the spectrum with citrusy hops backing them up. 7% ABV @Beerhive

For Firkin Friday, Wasatch's Park City 50th Anniversary w/ Styrian Goldings hops is being poured at the Bayou at 3pm and I believe at Poplar St. Pub.

Some fine beers have also returned this week as well.

Epic Santa Cruz Brown IPA: One of my favorites from Epic. Nice malty and toasty bed with a decent dose of pine and citrus. Yum!

Uinta Yard Sale: A great toasty amber lager full of Nobel hop goodness. Always in my fridge. Formerly Gelande Amber Lager. 4.0% ABV. Available everwhere

Lagunitas Brown Shugga: Basically a barleywine, this is an excellent beer with a nice balance of hops against a sweet malt bill. Hop flavor is on the the piney side but finishes with grapefruit notes. 9.99% ABV @DABC and better beer bars

Lagunitas Sucks Brown Shugga Substitute Ale: Brown Shugga's little brother has a nice candy sweetness paired against lots of tropical fruits. Toasty towards the end  - but it takes away nothing from the juicy tropical hops. 7.85 ABV @DABC and better beer bars


Thursday, January 09, 2014

Strong Ciders Now on Draft

If I were to ask any of you what your biggest gripe is, in regards to Utah's beer scene is - most of you would probably say the ban of "high point" beer on draft. This has been a point of contention for many beer drinkers in Utah since the end of Prohibition, why should it matter what type of container your beer is poured from as long as the state collects the tax on it.

Those that frequent many of the newer drinking establishments around Salt Lake may have noticed that some places are now pouring wine from draft along with bottles. Now as most drinkers know wines are generally in the neighborhood of around 11% ABV, that's far above the average beer ABV that's about 6.5% to 7%.

What's the difference? they're all made the same way, wine is fermented grapes - beer is fermented grain. But there is another pub beverage out there that sometimes gets overlooked that's made from basic fermentation, Hard Ciders. Like beer and wine - ciders are a simple fermented beverage that occupy the same ABV range as beer. The only real difference is the ingredients. But the state of Utah sees a huge difference in these three fermented beverages, for some reason high point beer is just too fucking dangerous to be poured on draft at bars.

Starting today, you will start seeing high point ciders (Strongbow) - along with wine flowing from taps in some Utah bars in all of their high gravity glory. How does this contradictory shit come about? It gives me a migraine every time I try to wrap my head around the DABC's logic on these matters. Partially it revolves around highly uniformed people writing laws for an industry they barely tolerate and do their best to sweep under the rug.

Don't get me wrong, any little crumb of normalcy we can snatch up from the carpets of  Utah's liquor chaos is more than welcome in my world, I just pine for a little consistency. So congrats to you, Utah adult beverage consumer - for the freedoms you have that you never knew you got (until they figure it out and take 'em away again) . Welcome to Utah 2014!  


Pictured above: Strongbow Kegs courtesy of Whiskey Street

Monday, January 06, 2014

Wasatch Proposes Brewpub for Sugarhouse

It looks like Sugarhouse is becoming the the go to place in SLC for food and drink. Places like Fiddler's Elbow and the Tap Room have been staples in the Sugar "Hood" for many years - now with the addition of places like, Sugarhouse Pub, The Annex and Campfire Lounge the south end of the city is really taking off. So much so, the oldest brewpub in the state is looking for a new place to operate. The Wasatch Brewpub.

The problem is Wasatch needs a proximity variance. They're proposed location on 2120 s. Highland Dr. is too close to the Sprague Library to operate an alcohol related business.

There is a public hearing coming up on Friday Jan, 10th at 4pm at the Sprague Library to get input from the community. Any thoughts on Wasatch's new venture?


Friday, January 03, 2014

New Beer Friday 1/3/14

In today's New Beer Friday, Firestone Walkers continues with "strong" offerings and the first batch of beer from the Annex is on tap now and looking to fill your glass. 

Annex Single Hop Golden Ale (Lemon Drop): The plan for this regular offing is to use different hops in every batch. Considering the size of the seven barrel brew system, this is likely to change quite often so stay on your toes. 4.0% ABV. @Annex

Firestone Walker Pivo Pils: A great, clean, simple lager with huge hop bitterness. Starts with peppery hops and biscuit. Toasted grain and crackers come next with subtle floral and lemonrass rounding it out. This is a really nice dryhopped pils. If you've stayed clear of Pilsners for a while it's time to come back. 5.3% ABV @Beerhive

Firestone Walker XVII Anniversary Ale: Big Bourbon up front. Toffee, chocolate, brown sugar, vanilla, , toffee, fig and molasses follow. It's got quite a full body and has a abv of 13.3%. It's a little young, could probably use a couple months in the bottle. @Beerhive and eventually Liquor stores

Roosters Up a Kriek: An interpretation on a light, tart cherry lambic. @Roosters

Today's Firkin at the Bayou is courtesy Unsacred Brewing. Today the are pouring their Unfaithful IPA dosed with Chipotles. Tapping is at 3pm.