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Friday, February 22, 2019

New Beer Friday 2/22/19

The theme for today's New Beer Friday is "limited". If you want today's beer you need to hit the road sooner than later and avoid throwing those elbows. Have a great weekend.

Bonneville - AnniversaRYE: This beer changes every year (less the rye), this year’s take might be a true original for our market; it’s the area’s first Brut Rye Pale Ale. The rye adds a distinctive earthy, spicy character that plays with an experimental hop: EX 10416, which has its own spicy and herbal character offset by a punch of fruity citrus. The beer is pale in color with an aroma of lemon, tangerine and hints of rye. The sweet fruitiness is offset by the dry spiciness of the rye and the ultra-dry finish. Bittering hops were not used, as the complete fermentation leaves no cloying sweetness.4.0%.
Raise a glass of the 6th AnniversaRye to celebrate 6 years of Bonneville Brewery!

Kiitos - Tangerine Dream: This fruited IPA is a breakfast lovers dream and is probably one of the best brunch beers around; I'd go as far to say it's a 'beermosa'. It's full of all of the qualities that you want from a hazy IPA with the addition of citrus juice. You can tell there's real juice (not just juicy hops) by the way it lights up your salivary glands. This one is going fast, don't wait, it may not last the weekend. 

Uinta - Old Ephraim: This Flemish style brown is tart vague berries, a little metallic and lightly tart. Fruity malt character with more berry-like qualities. Nice bretty sourness, though it’s pretty subdued. I like this but seems like it was stretched a bit thin to yield more bottles. Worth snagging a bottle or two if your a fan of the style. 7.0%

Uinta Single Barrel Migrator: When Uinta originally released Migrator last November it was a blend of many barrels into one large batch. The best tasting single barrel was set aside, allowed to mature a little more and is now ready for you to try. This is a very limited run of 160 crowlers from Barrel #27. As you may recall: this bourbon barrel aged dopplebock is full of rich caramel and toffee. Next up you get a hint of roasted malts, then the bourbon kicks in adding complex vanilla and wood flavors. Finishes a tad sweet with not too much heat. Medium mouthfeel. The previous version came in at 8.0%, the single barrel dialed in at 10.5%. This goes on sale today 11am at Uinta.

Fisher - King Fisher: to celebrate the brewery's 2nd anniversary Fisher is releasing their 6th "high point offering an amped-up version of their Fisher Lager. Look for an unfiltered beer that has a  bolder malt and hop profile. Lager nerds won't want to miss this one. Along with this beer there will be other brewery events happening all day Saturday. Check out Fisher's social media more info. 6.6%. available at Fisher starting 10am??? 

Toasted Barrel Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel Aged Chocolate Stout: No notes on this one, the name says it all. There will be a limited released tomorrow (Saturday 2/23), with the full release coming next week.  

Deschutes - Fresh Haze: Nose is marmalade and honey, but could have been bigger. A pretty solid IPA with flavor that leans toward orange and a hint of pine. Honestly, Hopped with Mandarina Bavaria, Amarillo and Simcoe. Overall, a pretty decent beer. But if Haze is your game you may come away wanting. 6.5% - Available at DABC.


Friday, February 15, 2019

New Beer Friday 2/15/19

I promised some great beer news the other week in regards to a new a brand coming into the state. Earlier this week The Bruery from Orange County, California became available due to the efforts of Beer Bar's Richard Noel and Duncan Burrel. These super heroes managed to bring in eight new labels with more to come. Happy New Beer Friday! 

Shades - Kveik 7:  The strawbeery is blended perfectly with the tart base. One of the best of the Kveiks yet. 5.5%. At Shades. 

SaltFire Saison de Trahison: This saison features black currents and black cherry. It's desribed as having a great balance of tart and sweet. It debuts at 3pm today at Saltfire . 6.3%

Fisher Amarillo K├Âlsch: Spritzy and citrusy with very a light toasted malt profile. 4.0% - Available at Fisher.

Fisher Full Nelson Pale Ale: Light toasty body that has a nice hop profile that is mostly tangerine peel along with vague berry notes. 4.0% - Available at Fisher.

Fisher Hoppy Commotion: Toasty and dry with minimal malt sweetness. Good dose of hops which are citrus like, but mostly piney. 4.0% - Available at Fisher.

RoHa Keifer Sutherland Hop Dust Pale Ale: Very resiny with pine notes and some citrus peel. There's a good amount of malt sweetness and it finishes nicely bitter. 4.0%. At RoHa.

RoHa - Sour Brown: I'm told this could debut today or tomorrow. We'll let you know when it does. 4.0%. At RoHa.

Strap Tank Sweet A’s: Sorry no notes on this. 4.0% Available at Strap Tank

Strap Tank Suave Guava: Sorry no notes on this. 4.0% Available at Strap Tank

Toasted Barrel Tropical Sour: Sorry no notes on this. 6.0% Available at Toasted Barrel

The Bruery - So Happens it's Tuesday: This stout has a nose that is full of cherries, raisins with oak, vanilla and hints of bourbon.  The taste is dark and heavy with cherry and raisin. There is some dark chocolate, alcohol and oak in the background. Finish has a mild alcohol astringency but is mostly intense dark fruit with hints of chocolate and bourbon 14.6%. Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery- Or Xata: Aromas of cinnamon, vanilla beans, and spices. Taste followed suit, but with a sweet malty undertone. Tastes sugary rather than bready. The cinnamon is quite dominant throughout 7.2%. Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery - Orchard Wit: Nice hit of lemon peel-like tartness with an added touch of subtle sourness, notes of oak and spice, finish has lingering notes of orange peel, mix of tart and sweetness. 5.9% Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery - Mischief: Nuce funky esters in the golden ale. It’s got a nice citrus and melon hop thing happening. 8.5%. Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery  - Bakery Coconut Maroon: Coconut and bourbon shine here. This one is definitely chewy and boozy at 13.0%. Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery - Terreux More Room For More: Tart stone fruit with wheat dough and funky Barrel tannis. Think: Barrel-Aged fruited weissebier. 5.7%.  Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery - Frucht Fruit Punch: Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery - 11 Pipers Piping: Taste of big caramel, brown sugar, toffee, raisin, plum, prune, cherry and fig. This would have killed over the Holidays. 11.0%. Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

The Bruery - The Bramble: Missed this one. It's described as an American sour ale was aged in oak barrels with fresh raspberries which impart a sweet-tart flavor complimenting the sour ale base. Pleasantly sour wit a crisp and refreshing taste. 8.7% .Available at Beer Bar, Bayou

Golden Road Wolf Among the Weeds: Missed also. 8.0%. Available at DABC.


Friday, February 08, 2019

New Beer Friday 2/8/19

Did you survive the latest winter blast? I narrowly did, and need this New Beer Friday badly! Lucky for you this week has all the major food groups: malty, hoppy, dry and sour. I feel much better now; please enjoy!

2 Row - Passion Fruit Sour: Starts with grainy wheat malt. Passion fruit emerges next with hints of  mixed tropical fruits. Acidic lactic notes and domestic citrus round out the flavors with earthy hoppiness. Easy to drink with a nice spritzy body and feeling to it. hint of sulfur in the finish.

Roosters - Wrong Side of the Tracks: Nice and toasty with mostly caramel and amber malts; almost nutty but not quite. Hops are very light, hint grassy with mild bitterness. Mild sweetness leads to a light crisp lager. It finishes fairly dry with slight grassy/spicy hops. 4.0% -Available at Roosters' B-Street Brewery

Toasted Barrel - Utah Double IPA: Fresh floral nose with just a hint of the malt sweetness. Light on the citrus peel aromas and lightly dosed with pine. Malt sugar sweetness starts off with light citrus hops with more of an orange and lemon fruit character than grapefruit and citrus peel.8.0% - available at Toasted Barrel.

Fisher - Kitchen Sink: This rye pale ale is malty with a good does of spicy rye that gives a butt load of character. Citrus peel bitterness adds the perfect bitting element. Tasty! 4.0% - at Fisher.

Kiitos - Double Dry Hopped: This version is a fruit salad of tropical-esque hops the result is a tasty hop forward pale that is huge on hop flavor. So damn tasty! 4.0% - at Kiitos.

Oskar Blues/Cigar City - Bamburana: Brown sugar, figs and dates start things off. Chocolate comes next and it brings raisin flavors and prunes along with it. There is a hint of bourbon floating around in the back but it's pretty subtle. Alcohol heats swirls around your head. Thick and chewy for sure. 12.2% - Found at Beerhive, Bayou

Odell - Wolf Picker: Aroma has spicy pine and caramel. The flavor is citrus, berry and slightly sweet mango. Complex tropical fruits with a bitter/tart finish. Much more interesting than your average IPA. 5.5% - Found at the Bayou and DABC.

Rogue - Rolling Thunder: I missed this one and I'm really sad about it because it sounds really interesting. This Imperila Stout is aged in barrels that  previously held Rogue's Dead Guy Whiskey (whiskey distilled from Dead Guy Ale). , add notes of whiskey and vanilla to Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout. Rogue describes it as having "deep sherry notes accentuated by brown sugar and vanilla, held up against a dark roasted malt backbone with earthy hops". 12.8% - The Bayou has it and prepare to open your wallet.

Also,  SB132 (raises the 4% beer to 6%) passed unanimously in it's first committee hearing yesterday. The Utah Brewers Guild officially opposes the bill (though some member breweries are in favor of it) because it opens the door for big breweries to dominate the market and doesn't offer enough protection for local beer interests. The bill now goes to the full senate for a vote. Stay close for updates on this bill.


Wednesday, February 06, 2019

SB132 Looks to Increase Utah's Beer ABV

Your 2019 Beer legislation has been drafted and assigned a bill number. SB132 doesn't do much, beside raising the current ABV from 4.0% to 6.0%. "Heavy beer" or liquor as the state refers to it would be anything above 6.0% and would continue to be wrangled at DABC stores. Keg beer would also slide up to 6.0% ABV,; again just moving the markers up the field again.

This is all fun and good and it looks like it will help a little; reality and experience tell me this will not make it past the House or will never come up for a vote. The best case scenario in my opinion is that SB132 will be neutered in committee and reduced to around 5.0% ABV. That I believe is the best case for 2019 legislation.

I'd love to hear your comments.

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Uinta Brewing Recall

SALT LAKE CITY, UT; January 29, 2018 – Uinta Brewing Company today announced a voluntary recall of select varieties of 12oz. cans and bottles due to the presence of a foreign yeast that could cause a package integrity issue over time and under certain storage conditions.

The recall comes after extensive testing by the brewery and external third-party analysis confirmed the presence of the strain of yeast that could cause refermentation in the bottle or can, building up pressure that could cause the packaging to fail. Beers affected by the recall are listed on the brewery’s website at uintabrewing.com/recall.

“While a majority of the beer in question has yet to even see retail shelves, we take quality and consumer safety extremely seriously,” said John Lennon, CEO of Uinta Brewing Company. “We’re issuing this recall out of an abundance of caution, and we will be working closely with our wholesalers to replace the beer with non-affected batches as quickly as possible.” To date, there are no consumer reports of incidents involving a packaging failure with the beers being recalled.

There are no consumption risks associated with the foreign yeast, although a batch may exhibit a slight off-flavor or aroma. Since its discovery through a post-release sensory analysis, the brewery has taken immediate steps to improve testing and prevent any further cross-contamination with its house yeast strains. The original source of the foreign yeast is still under investigation; it is a naturally occurring strain that is occasionally used for brewing specific styles of beer.

Consumers who have recently purchased one of the beers identified on Uinta’s website are entitled to full compensation of the retail purchase price. Instructions for requesting a refund, along with information about the disposal of the beer, are posted at uintabrewing.com/recall. No other Uinta beers, other than those listed on the site, are affected by this recall.

Friday, February 01, 2019

New Beer Friday 2/1/19

Many of the out of state craft beers that you enjoy were made possible by the efforts of a hand full of beer pubs that dot downtown Salt Lake. Breweries like Cascade, Mother Earth and Brewery Ommegang likely wouldn't have distribution here, if it wasn't for the efforts of the Beerhive, Bayou and Beer Bar. The Newest acquisition comes to us from SLC's Beer Bar, and I think this one will make many of you happy. As of Wednesday a half dozen of AleSmith Brewing Company's beers hit the Beer Bar's fridges. And if you think that's great news, just wait 'til next week so stay tuned for that announcement. Happy New Beer Friday!

T.F. Brewing - Dry Hopped Passion Fruit Berliner: The aroma has a tartness with tropical hops. The taste starts with a good dose of passion fruit sweetness. It's a nice balance with the lemony tartness from the base beer. It's pretty subtle. The end is fairly hoppy. 4.0% - Available at T.F. Brewing.
Uinta - Clear Daze IPA: The aroma starts off with tropical fruit-driven hops; pineapple, mango and tangerine smells swirl around. Taste wise tropical fruits get it started again with pineapple and mango flavors; the tangerine and big, fleshy orange show up in the middle, but not before that softly sweet, almost lactic, sugar-cookie sweetness hits. Quite light and tasty. 6.0% - Available at Uinta and better beer pubs

RoHa - Stewpid Sexy Flanders: This is basically a sour pale ale with a slight dose of tartness from acidulated malts. This slight tartness plays well off of the sweet malts and gives it an almost berry like fruitiness. The end is noticeably bitter. Finishes slightly dry. 4.0% - Available at RoHa

Fisher - Kitchen Sink Rye Pale Ale: Missed this one. 4.0% - Available only at Fisher

Talisman - Adventures in IPA: This beer was created using a Special limited release Blend of hops called “The Veterans Blend” that was created by Yakima Chief Hops. A percentage of the proceeds from the purchase of this blend were given the the Semper Fi Fund. The Semper Fi Fund is dedicated to providing urgently needed resources and support for post 9/11 combat wounded, critically ill and catastrophically injured members of the United States Armed Forces and their families.

Adventures in IPA pours a light copper orange color with big frothy slight off white head. You will get lots of aroma including earthy pine and resin complimented with big fruity notes like papaya, passion fruit, strawberry, pineapple and mango. The taste is very similar to the nose with ripe fresh fruit on the front balanced with an earthy pine dankness on the finish followed by a mild but assertive bitterness. Great mouth feel, creamy and effervescent with excellent lacing."

Toasted Barrel - Mango Tart: Missed this one. I'm guessing the name says it all. 6.5% - Available at Toasted Barrel

Epic - Maximum Cowbell NE IPA: This is part of Epic's Thursday Growler program. Cloudy orange with a fat finger of creamy off-white head. Peach, mango and orange in the nose. Same in the taste with a definite sweetness but light citrus bitterness and distinct yeast character, too. Full bodied with nice soft carbonation. An excellent IPA. 7.0% - Limited availability at Epic Brewing.

Wasatch - NE Style Double IPA: I missed this one. This part of Wasatch's new Kick-Back Series that are brewed in at the source brewery in Park City. 8.0% - It can only be purchased to-go at Wasatch's Park City brewery; however, it can be enjoyed in-house at most Wasatch and Squatters locations.

Red Rock - Peaches and Steam: I was expecting a good dose of peach flavor in this beer and was happily surprised to find the fruit here very subtle. The taste is doughy and caramel-like with lightly toasted malt and grassy, floral hops that turn more herbal towards the end. Mild notes of peach and berries round it out. Finishes with some lingering toasted grains. 4.0%. Available at Red Rock locations and at Harmon's Grocery.  

Hoppers - . Viennese Lager: A light amber colored lager with flavors of premium German malts, hops and lager yeast. Made with toasty Vienna malt and Munich malt. Hopped with German Tradition hops that have a fresh floral, spice, earthy and straw notes. Medium hoppy flavor, bright, crisp and refreshing. 4.0% - Available at Hopper starting today.

Melvin - TGR - Pilsgnar: Melvin partnered with Teton Gravity Research on this beer. It has a pale straw a nice fruity/grassy aroma. The flavor follows the aroma; excellent mild sweetness infused with a good dose of herbal and pine hop bitterness. Finishes crisp with a semi-dry mouthfeel. 4.5% - Found at Beer Bar.

AleSmith - IPA: Pours a hazy golden color with a thick foamy head. Head retention is good. Lacing is great. Has a grapefruit aroma with a good piney hop. There is a hint of caramel. Not as fresh as I would like it but still good. Nice juicy taste with grapefruit and a good transition to a piney hop. There is a mild lemon tartness at the end. 7.2% - Available exclusively at Beer Bar.

AleSmith - Speedway Stout: Pours black with copper foam. Aromas of chocolate, coffee, alcohol, and roasted malts. Tastes of roasted malts, chocolate, mild coffee, and with some alcohol. Medium-heavy in body and medium in carbonation, with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. Nice beer a little boozy though. 12.0% - Available exclusively at Beer Bar.

AleSmith - Sublime Lager: The nose is malty, slightly herbal and bready. The taste is solid with toasted malt, sweet grains and herbal hops. Medium body, ABV is well hidden. A tasty Vienna/Mexican lager. 5.2% - Available exclusively at Beer Bar.

AleSmith - Nut Brown:  Aromas of caramel malt and toasted nuts The taste follows the nose with toffee and malty nuttiness a semi-sweet caramel malt finish. medium carbonation with a medium/thin body. A drinkable light brown ale .5.0% - Available exclusively at Beer Bar.

AleSmith - Horny Devil: The nose is citrusy with banana with hints of melon and clove. The taste starts with a grape-like sweetness and citrus. Sharp cloves in the middle with some vague spices. A bit of sharp, fruity alcohol in the finish and in the lingering aftertaste. 10.0% - Available exclusively at Beer Bar.

AleSmith - Spezial Pils: Grassy hops, grainy pale malt, and lager yeast esters on the nose. Taste is honey and pale malts, with a slightly bitter hop finish. Medium body. 4.9% - Available exclusively at Beer Bar.

We'll discuss these beers and other beer related topics today at 3:30pm with Mick and Allen as we do New Beer Friday on KBER-101