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Thursday, May 10, 2007

What are you Drinking?

Last month at the Craft Brewers Conference in Austin, Tx. A survey was released in regards to what kind of person buys craft beer. The report delves mostly into socio-economic backgrounds, styles and brand loyalty. It's not surprising that money is a factor on who buys what. Since craft beers cost at least a few bucks more than most macro brews, it’s not surprising that the buyers of the craft labels skew toward higher-income households. And that they’re more-likely to be college-educated.

However a higher level of education doesn't necessarily translate in to brand loyalty. “People are loyal to the "craft" category but trade between brands,” Nick Lake of ACNielsen told brewers. So, what are craft beer drinkers buying, style-wise?

According to Information Resources Inc. American pale ales are the most popular craft style at supermarkets, with sales of $79 million last year. Next are seasonal brews, at $65 million, amber ales at $51 million, wheat beers at $39 million, India pale ales at $28.6 million, strong lagers at $23 million and light beers at $20.7 million.
Pilsener, the most popular style produced by the major breweries, and are ranked only 15th among craft beers, with only $4.5 million in sales. However, even this category is on the rise, up 45 percent over the previous year.

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