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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The New American Beer

Well it's official InBev's offer to purchase Anheuser Busch was approved by AB's board last week. So what will this mean for the average consumer? Well for the most part not much.
You will most like see an influx of other Inbev brands into the U.S. and perhaps better prices. The industry itself will most likely see minor cutbacks with some workers loosing their jobs and
AB's satellite breweries for the most part will not close(we hope). Possible pro's of the merger could mean
a greater influx of other Inbev brands into the U.S. and perhaps better prices. I guess another question would
be "what about AB side ventures ie: Amusement parks and festivals. My guess is they will most likely be sold-off
or closed they seem the likely places to trim the fat. And finally if your one of those guys or gals
that had to go with "Freedom Fries" over french fries after 9/11 looks like your going to have to do a
Little soul searching. If drinking only "American Beers" is a must for you... beware!
Of the Big American Three. Bud, Coors and Miller. All three are no longer American owned. Samuel Adams is now America's
Largest Domestically owned brewery. So start looking toward them. Or better yet! Start Looking toward your regional,
and local craft breweries. You should be doing that anyway.


Anonymous said...

Yep, if you want to drink 'American' you should go to your local micro/craft brewer. You should have been doing so anyway, since their beers are bound to be better. And they don't only have dark beer, or whatever, most of them make lagers like Bud.

Wes Jones said...

Craft brews are the best, especially in Utah where we have great local breweries. It has been along time since I bought a Budweiser anyways.