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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2011 Snowbird Brewfest

If you thought that we were done with beer festival info, then my guess is you've been spending more time under your bed than Osama Bin Laden's porn collection.

The 2011 Snowbird Brewfest will feature a dozen of Utah finest local breweries including Bohemian, Desert Edge, Red Rocks Brewing, Uinta, Hoppers, Ruby River, Moab, Wasatch, Squatters, Roosters, Four +, Park City, Shades of Pale and Epic Brewing.

The breweries will be pouring two to three different beers, plus food music and other vendor's will be on hand. $1 per 3 ounce sample (prices vary for beer above 4.0%)

Saturday, June 18 and Sunday, June 19, 2011 is the date for one of the most picturesque beerfests around. This as usual takes place on Father's Day weekend. So prove to the old man that you still love him. He did raise you for Christ's sake... and even if he didn't, at the very least - let him know you appreciate the fact that he still let's you pretend that your that Ninja drifter wannabe you still obsess over and crash in his basement. More info to come.



Anonymous said...

$1 per 3 oz. is unreasonable!!!

Anonymous said...

i cant wait to stand in line to get in stand in line to buy tickets and stand in line to get beer and no refund on extra tickets 2011 snowbird waitfest

Anonymous said...

Or you can just enjoy being out having fun tasting new beer... :) 3oz sounds like a cup half full to me...