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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Radius Returns!

 Radius is back! Desert Edge's wet hopped/local/harvest/community beer makes it return this week. Friends of the brewery including, relatives, workers, brewers, home brewers, beer enthusiasts and many others come together to help make this truly "local" beer happen by helping to pluck hop cones from what seems like miles of of vines. Without their help the Radius would not be possible.

All the ingredients for Radius come from within 150 miles of the brewery. Radius is a golden ale with locally grown wild, wet hops added. That mean the DE gang gathers wild Utah hops from the area and pitch them into the beer with in 24 hours of picking. This wet hopping gives the beer a different hop character than you have in most hoppy beers.It has a more pollen or lupulin flavor and aroma.

Because the hops are "wild" Radius tends to have a unique hop profile every year, get over and enjoy a pint or two before it's all gone.



Diamond Mind said...

mmm, that crispy lupulin flavor....just like mom used to make!!

Joe Snow said...

do they do growler fills?

Ed said...

Yeah, they do