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Monday, March 09, 2015

Aztec Brewing - Coming to Utah

Welcome to Monday. Right about now your body is is probably pitching a fit in regards to the loss of precious sleep. While nothing can adequately compensate you for that hour, I'll try and soften the blow with some new beer news.

Originally the Aztec Brewery was started in Mexico during Prohibition. When Prohibition ended, the brewery was moved to San Diego and became known as ABC - Aztec Brewing Company. In 1953 the brewery was purchased by a competitor from the Midwest. The brand was later retired and disappeared from San Diego. In 2008 the brand was resurrected and located in Vista, California where it has thrived in San Diego's competitive craft beer scene.
Utah Craft Beverages now has Aztec Brewing Co.'s craft beers available for special order through the UDABC in 22oz bombers! here are the beers Utah Craft will have available.

Noche de los Muertos Imperial Stout - An intense Imperial Stout with a hint of cinnamon spice. Big, rich and black as night. Dark roasted malts add complex character to the flavors, with a balanced
bitterness and mouth feel.

Chipotle India Pale Ale - Smoked jalapeño peppers known as chipotles add a smokey kick without excessive heat, giving this beer a complex, lingering lightly spicy finish. Cascade hops provide a clean, firm bitterness, to balance the sweet malt character. Hoppy but clean
citrus/grapefruit nose.

The Hop Serpent Imperial IPA - is a deliciously drinkable IIPA with plenty of hop aroma and flavor.

Aztec Sacrifice® Red IPA - Big, bold malty red India Pale Ale with a wallop of citrus hops and specialty malts. Rich toffee and caramel notes with a hint of roasted barley and firm hop bitterness. This is how red ales are done on the west coast!

Hibiscus Wheat Beer An unfiltered wheat beer inspired by the Mexican Hibiscus tea “Jamaica.” Brewed with Hibiscus petals, ginger and allspice. This refreshing hefeweizen has a light slightly spicy floral citrus flavor with fruity tones. Pairs well with fish - especially

Aztec's beers will be available in the coming weeks at popular beer bars and restaurants.



Matthew Benish said...

Their Chipotle IPA was outstanding!

utahcraft said...

Beer Bar and The Barrelhouse should have these beers available in the next few weeks...............