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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Uinta's 22nd Birthday Suit

Here's a preview of Uinta's new Birthday Suit label. This year's incarnation of the brewery's anniversary ale is going to be a "sour abbey ale" brewed with plums and an authentic Belgian abbey yeast strain that's full of all of the bold character that have made Abbey Ales famous.

It's described as having a playful combination of sour tanginess and subtle dried fruit esters. The sour plum Abby Ale is currently in the fermenter and will likely be released sometime next month. 7.6% ABV - 750ml corked and caged bottle.



Ches Jimmy said...

I was told there was a recall on this. Is this true I have one in my fridge I bought 2 weeks ago

Mikey said...

It's true. The second batch was recalled. Take it back to the brewery for a refund or a swap.

Ron Barker said...

Just picked one of these up. How can I tell what batch mine is?

Mikey said...

Ron, they recalled the first batch quite a while ago. You should be good.