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Friday, November 20, 2020

New Beer Friday 11/20/20

Last Monday we we pleased to announce the Utah Beer Blog's 15th Anniversary and promised four new collaboration beers to help celebrate. Today I'm happy to say two of those beers are available purchase. I'd like to thank 2 Row and TF Brewing for allowing me to stink-up their respective joints and allowing the charitable beers to be made. On top of those beers there's thick selection of local brews hitting this week as well. Too much good stuff for a single week. 

2 Row - Mikey's Citra IPL: While not new, proceeds from this beer will be going to the Utah Food Bank. We originally released this beer in 2016 as an alternative lager for those that don't like traditional pilsners. It's light and crisp with a nice tangerine feel that boasts a medium bitterness and dry finish. It's the definition of crushable. 5.5% - Available Today in 12 ounce bottles at 2 Row. 

TF - Alt Riedel: Altbiers are one of my favorite German beer styles. Toasty, malty and a balancing bitterness; Alts just seem to be the complete package. Big thanks to everyone at TF for their enthusiasm and dedication to making this charitable beer a reality. 

Aroma is of darkly toasted brown bread, toasted walnuts and hazelnuts, slight black tea, very faint herbal European hops, and malty sweetness. Front of palate picks up toasted dark bread and nuts, cocoa, even a bit of coffee. Mid-palate features spicy European hops and tannins similar to black tea. Spicy European hops alongside decreased toasted bread, nut, and cocoa round out the backend with a lingering aftertastes of toasted bread and nuts. It has a nice dry finish, perfect for or current weather. 5.0% on draft and crowlers to-go at TF Starting today. 

Saltfire - Bigger in Japan: Nice citrus aroma, but this really shines in the palate with a big dose of tropical fruitiness and medium bitterness. There's some alcohol smack, but this is a 9.1% Double IPA. There's nice lingering fruity finish. It kinda falls in between NEIPA and WCIPA. Good stuff! At Saltfire.

Ogden River - Derailment: Missed this new Hazy IPA from ORB. Look for a citrus nose with notes of tangerine and mango. 5.0% - Available now at Ogden River Brewing.

Roosters - Pecan Pie: Caramelized light brown sugar, along with a sorta fig/date dark fruit taste. Pecan does have a little influence in the back of the taste. The beer finishes a little more balanced, almost like the opening of a normal English nut brown ale. 5.0% - Available at all Roosters locations. 

Uinta - Was Angeles:  The nose has a strong grassy/herbal smell with sweet pale malt smell beneath. The taste is similar to the nose. The taste begins with toasty crackers, some lemon and floral hops. A light malty sweetness comes next - that sweetness fades as a spicy/herbal bitterness creeps in towards the end. The finish is mostly dry with a hint of sweetness. 5.0% - Availble at Uinta. 

Grid City - Thanksgiving Cream Ale: This has subtle flavors of cranberry and blood orange – the cranberry dominates for the most part. You never loose the base beer and you get all of that malty/nuttiness of the style. Very limited. Only at Grid City.

Bewilder - West Coast IPA: No notes on this one. It's hopped with bru-1, Sabro and El Dorado. This will be available in 16 ounce cans later this afternoon. 6.5% 

Bewilder - Cranberry Sour: No notes on this one. Sounds pretty self explanatory though. This will be available this Saturday.

Toasted Barrel - Strawberry Milkshake DIPA: No notes on this one. Sounds pretty self explanatory though. 8.0% - Only at Toasted Barrel. Not vegan friendly.


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