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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Ok, let's talk beer!
First of all let me say that i'm no beer expert or claim to be a fountain of knowledge on the subject. I do however have a great fondness of the worlds favorite elixer. So, God damn it if i want my own fucking beer blog, i'm damn well going to have one. There... it just had to be said. Hopfully, this will give people the opportunity to share their thoughts on brews, trends, culture or anything else that peeks your zymurgical interests.

Occationaly I will give my own beer rating and reviews of local, domestic and international beers. I don't do it because I have a big head. Just find it helpful to hear what other beer lovers thoughts and prefences are. This is a blog by adults for adults. I have a salors mouth and not much affends me, good hearted jabs are welcome and encouraged. I'm kind of a slacker with a full time job. Updates may be sporadic at times.
Class. Let's Begin.

Greg Schirf founder of Wasatch Brewery is well known for poking fun at Utah's cultural quirks and traditions. The creator of Polygamy Porter and St. Provo Girl has a new 'cause celeb'. It's newest message is geared tword fans of "intelligent design" who want the the creationist theory taught along side evolution in public schools. Schirf's penchant for jabs and theatricks is a subltle and humorous reminder that we all share this little jewell in the high desert, and that no single agenda or view represents us all.

Was that last part a little too sanctimonious? Probibly. It just gets so damn frustrating living under somone elses richeous boot it makes me happy that somone like Greg canshow the world that there is a little island of normality sanity in this very beautiful place. Evolution Amber Ale isn't new, it's the repackaged 2002 Unofficial Amber Ale. It poures a deep amber-ruby color, with a nose of nice floral hops and a fruitiness beneth. The taste starts with a nice caramel sweetness that feels slightly fruity. Citrusy hops soon follow providing a nice bite that balance the malts well. The finish is bready and dry. This is a well balanced amber that'll make a great session beer anytime. It has an ABV of 4.0%


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Farah said...

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Beerlover1 said...

Are you kidding me, this will be hot for the local beer enthusiasts and their dogs... I look forward to reading more about the local brews, and brew ha haas on this site. Now for a question, what would be the perfect beer for the holiday's? not to hoppy, but not to fruity either. Maybe a Bud Light??? ha ha


Mark Alston said...

Wow Mikey, you already have spam bot postings on your blog!

Anyway, any info on whether the new Evolution amber is the old 2002 recipe revisited in a new format? (For those in the know, rumour is that the new 2002 beer is actually the old Squatters Vienna beer recipe)


Mark Alston said...

Ok, I guess that I could read the whole entry before posting my comments. Duh.


Kristy Nichols said...

Tried this beer and really liked it. Would like to take some home with me... Do you know where can I purchase some?

Mikey said...

@kristy in Salt Lake City the best place is the beer store at 1700 s. 300 w.