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Monday, December 12, 2005

RedRock's Dunkle

REROCK BREWPUB has a couple seasonals available for you to sample for the holidays. First, is they're holiday brew. I think it's called Grizwalds. It's your traditional spice ale with all the flavors of the holidays. Ginger, nutmeg and clove. This one is always available this time of year, my wife really loves it. The second is RedRock's Dunkel Weizen. It has a great nose of light banana and chocolate. It's nice and malty upfront, but the malts soon dissapear behind heavy hops. Clove and banana are noticeable but are squashed by the bitterness. I'm a fan of hoppy beers but it doesn't work well with this style. If anyone thinks i've got my head up my ass, share your oppinion. Both of these are available at RedRock in Downtown SLC or at The Bayou
also located downtown. Cheers!

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