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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A True Red Beer

Have you ever had a red beer? Not just red in color but a true red beer. Some call 'em Montana Red Beers, others call them tomato beers. Essentionally, it's tomato juice added to a light beer or lager. Some use it for hangovers, some just suck 'em down when they're "all beered out". My dad has been drinking them for years. Anyway there's a brewery in Niigata, Japan that's taken it one step further. Producing a tomato-based, low-malt beer. It's called Tomato Bibere. It combines the sweet taste of tomatos with the bitterness of hops. It doesn't say anything about other ingridiants or alcohol content. It does say that one tomato is used per 330-milliliter bottle. I'd try it, but i don't imagine it being too palatable. By the way if you want to try a "red beer" it's simply 1 glass lager and 2 oz. tomato juice.

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