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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Beer Geek Game

The other night I was hang'n out at the Bayou (I know honey, big surprise) and I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of nice guys who brought a board game to the bar. (Sorry Guys I sorta tied-one-on that night and forgot your names). Normally I would stay clear of people who bring board games to bars, but this one was kinda intriguing. Called Brewmaster, the object of the game is to brew the best beer and win awards for them. The player with the most awards at the end wins. Using mechanics similar to rummy, players combine cards to brew six beer styles including ale, stout and Belgian. In doing so players will use some of the 90 cards representing real beer ingredients. The game is influenced heavily by event cards, which players draw after brewing beer. The event deck represents some of the real triumphs and tragedies that have taken place in the microbrewery world. The game is great for two to five players and generally takes less than an hour to play. No beer knowledge is necessary, as this is not a trivia or drinking game. Indeed it is the perfect game for settings involving beer and non-beer fans alike.

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