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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oh for the love of.....

(AP) It will be a little while longer before anyone receives a license to serve beer in Syracuse. The City Council tabled proposals to grant two licenses because a referendum petition could reverse the city's decision to allow restaurants to sell alcohol.
The applicants for class B beer licenses are Wingers and Glen Eagle Golf Course. Wingers could locate in Syracuse as part of a movie theater complex planned for the town center. Glen Eagle Golf Course already operates within city limits.
Petition sponsors say they have collected 1,200 signatures, more than the 944 required to hold a referendum. They seek to reverse a February decision in which the council voted three-two to allow eateries in the city to sell alcohol.

1 comment:

Gigi said...

They think a resturant selling beer with hurl the community into a depraved tailspin.