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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Ruby in St. George

*******************Ruby River Steakhouse has Closed in St. George***********************
There's a new option for craft beer fans in Utah's Dixie. Ruby River Steakhouse added it's sixth location a few months ago giving the beer parched area of the state a long needed craft beer boost. Ruby River is one of the more quite craft brewers in the state. In fact, I've talked to many that aren't even aware that they serve they're own brews.

As far as I know the St. George location doesn't brew on site. If your looking for an on-site brew pub in southern Utah you'll need to venture to the Zion Canyon Canyon Brewery in Springdale. Ruby River offers an American & English Pale Ale, Amber Ale, Porter, a Blonde, Hef and a Mexican Style Lager.


Water said...

Just moved to St. George. Can you give any good local recommendations for a good brew/pub/something?

Mikey said...

I'm afraid you moved to a bit of a craft beer wasteland. The nearest brewpub is Zion Canyon in Springdale. Looks like Mesquite, NV is going to be your best option.

Douglas said...

Yes, I'd just look to Nevada. Mesquite has a nice Lees Liquors and Vegas has loads of stuff. Just do a few trips a year and load up. You can special order through the State Store for as well. Enjoy the weather in St. George.

BrenBren31 said...

I'm visiting family in St.George was wondering if you know of any good restaurants that offer craft beer? Mind you I've been spoiled by The Bruery and other Orange County breweries...any suggestions?

Mikey said...

I'm in SLC and haven't been to St. George in a while, hopefully someone down there sees this and has info for you. I wouldn't be too hopeful though.

Unknown said...

Hi: Just heading to Mesquite for a golf trip... are you saying I can get craft beer there ? Any favorites you can recommend ?
thank you.