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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Beer Boomerang of Love

Building on the huge momentum of a great beer year, Utah's local brewers are full of enthusiasm and optimism for the coming year. It's a great time for a fresh start and a chance to reboot the old processes.

There will be a lot of great craft beer success stories to come this year, of this I have no doubt. Every time a new seasonal beer rears it's head, people are literally lining up for them. In some cases even before Bartenders/servers even know they're for sale. Seriously this happens!

One of the most enthusiastic brewers you will ever meet is RedRock's Kevin Templin. Weather he's eyeballing a new batch of yummy bugs in his microscope or taking delivery of oak barrels it's hard not to get swept up in this beer yogi's groove.

"I am excited and privileged to be in the middle of a brewing orgasm!!! The Utah beer scene is blowing up and if I was not a part of it I would be Bummed. New beers everywhere, people pushing for exotic perfection... It's nuts"!

This "beer boomerang of love" that Kevin is lobbing out to us means great things for you and RedRock's first quarter.

Twenty brand new casks of new French and Classic American oak have just arrived to house some new craft beer creations.

RĂªve, Redrock's oak aged Belgian style Triple is said to be the best it's ever been and will be bottled by the end of the month in 750ml bottles. So look for it late February early March... Christ, I'll just tell ya when it's out.

Kevin says he's also sitting on a new unnamed sour beer that'll be ready "Whenever it wants to be ready".

Fresh off the success of Paardebloem, talks of acquiring the early sweet greens for the Paardebloem's sequel are already in the works.

And most of all the RedRock crew is excited about putting on the gloves for a Knock-out double IPA in 1/2 liter bottles for an early spring release.

"I am stoked for all my bro's that are being inspired to move forward and try new things. We will just keep trying to make high quality beers and keep our nose to the rock". Templin says. I say, Amen to that!



Anonymous said...

Any word on whether RR is going to sell any of the new bottled beer "to go?"

Mikey said...

As of now there will not be any "to go" sales. I believe RR has the proper liecence to do it, but for some reason managment chooses not to.

If there are any RedRock Peeps reading this, we'd love to know why?

Douglas said...

"And most of all the RedRock crew is excited about putting on the gloves for a Knock-out double IPA in 1/2 liter bottles for an early spring release."
Surely this would be for take out? It sounds great.

Anonymous said...

As far as I understand it, and I could very well be wrong, is that the State requires the Manufacturer, in this case Red Rock downtown, to sell their beer to everyone for the same price. Meaning they have to sell bottles to go, to you, me, the guy off the street, the Bayou, The Beerhive and their own location in Park City bottles of beer at the same price.
What this means is that the location in Park City would have to buy bottles at the retail price and then mark them up to resell them to people to drink at that location. This presents problems in that the SLC location would be selling bottles for one price and the Park City location for a higher price. So to avoid this problem they simply choose not to sell any bottles to go.
The other issue is that if they begin to produce these higher alcohol beers at the production brewery instead of the downtown pub they cannot sell them to go from the pub since they would not have been produced on premise and as far as I know there is no plans to obtain the class 5 license for the production brewery so there will be no beer to go from there either.
Whatever the reason I am just happy that they are expanding their offerings. I for one do not have any problem with having to go to a pub and enjoy a beer.


Douglas said...

Good points Geoff. Yet, drinking a 750ml Double IPA is a bit much for most people out in public.

Anonymous said...

Douglas, I agree with you on that but I think that is why Mikey said they are putting the double IPA in 500ml bottles ( 1/2 liter ) that is only 16.7 oz...the perfect pint...Cheers

Josh said...

I love Red Rock, but I don't know how excited I can get over another DIPA at this point. Hop Rising is by far the best DIPA I've ever had, and honestly the only one I'd ever want to buy regularly. Dogfish Head and other well known examples are nice once in a while, but nothing I'd keep as a staple, and certainly nothing I'd want to have on premise somewhere from a bottle. On tap, sure, if that were possible here. I'd buy one just to try it, but that's probably it. I'd rather see RR be like Squatters and sell their bottled beers at the state stores, and also at the pubs. As for the price argument, if it's actually correct, if they would need to mark it up a bit for the PC location, just charge the extra 40 cents or so in SLC as well. None of us would mind too much.

Usually a Malthead Andy said...

I'm very excited for RR's DIPA. I think they've always had fantastic hop flavor profiles in their Jr IPA and Black IPA and also their pale ales. I think they'll do the double very well. The Hop Rising is a fine beer, but i think it could definitely be complimented by a second take on the style in our beer market. There are several IIPA's out there in other markets, different from each other and also from the Hop Rising, and I tend to crave the more California-esque, citrusy piney examples (i.e. Green Flash, Russian River, etc). I'm glad somebody else is doing one, because honestly, the Hop Rising doesn't fulfill all of my IIPA needs.
Of course, unless RR's ends up getting distributed to the state stores, it's going to be hard to scratch my itch with it all that often anyway.

Mikey said...

I'm a big fan of IPAs & DIPAs. And I agree with Andy that more is better and that hop profile in RR's hoppy beers is incredible. Uinta is rumored to have a DIPA on the way sometime this year as well. Can't have too many.

Anonymous said...

Geoff: I totally agree with you, I'd much rather enjoy a beverage at the establishment. The caveat is that many people in the state don't live within a short walk/drive of downtown SLC. For example, I live in Logan, I only get down to SLC once every two months. I am usually busy running errands or picking someone up from the airport and it's obviously not a good idea to gulp down a high-gravity bev before hopping in the car for the 1.5 hour drive home. In most states, there would be other options closer to home (especially in a "college town"), but here in Logan, most of us have gotten used to enjoying beer at home (or a friend's house) rather than at the pub.

I relayed this story to Jenny at Squatters, just after the new law passed, and she completely understood and happily put the wheels in motion to start letting her beer walk. This can't be good for RR, because when I stopped in a month ago to pick up a Paardebloem and was denied, I just went over to Squatters and picked up 6 Outer Darknesses instead. I sent RR the same email I had sent Jenny the year before, but haven't heard anything back yet.

Ricky H. said...

I'm with the guy above me on the fact that I would rather sit down and have a beer at a bar, but it isn't always in the cards. I do live in Salt Lake, but when I am near Red Rock I am usually out and about paying bills and running errands. So, wanting to try a new limited release beer I usually stop by the liquor store or at squatters and take it home to share with the wife over dinner or something.

I just don't always have the time to sit down, drink a couple beers, sober up and then drive home. I more often enjoy the beers at home and sober up watching a movie or something. Not letting your beers be sold out of the pubs is a very easy way to eliminate a large portion of your sales and send them elsewhere.

I know that they must think that if they force people to drink it there, they will have a meal with it and spend a lot of money. I feel like that is an over simplification, we are used to having to jump through hoops here in Utah to get a good beer but this is not one of those hoops.


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Jon said...

Yeah!...Don't mess w/ The Boomerang of Love because it will come back to chop your hand off, Mr.Get Rich! Like in Road Warrior...
This is a beer forum not a scam forum..mmmhmmm

James said...

The last two comments are positive *proof* of why I love beer and the geeks/fans/drinkers that defend against the Close Encounters of the Lame Kind.LOL

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