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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Squatters 529 Oud Bruin

The Last few days have been very heavy with beer law and legislation. So, today we get back to the fun stuff. New Beers!

On the heels of the very successful release of Outer Darkness, Squatters announces their next big seasonal release. Squatters 529 Oud Bruin was inspired by a visit to Belgium's Rodenbach Brewery in 2004. Brewmaster Jennifer Tally was so impressed by the beer styles from the Flanders region of Belgium she decided to recreate some of the more popular styles.

"I started creating my Oud Bruin in July of 2008. After I removed my 1st Fifth Element I laid down 529 in oak. It has taken 18 months to get this beer to where I want it and now it is time for bottling.

Jenny and Jason are are blending the oak aged 529 with a two month old 529 to marry the acidity and malty sweetness to produce one quaffable sour ale.

Oud Bruins are light to medium-bodied, deep copper to brown in color. They are extremely varied, characterized by a slight vinegar or lactic sourness and spiciness to smooth and sweet. A fruity-estery character is usually apparent with no hop flavor or aroma. Low to medium bitterness.

529 refers to the number of days spent in the barrels (18 months). 529 should be available sometime next month for Pub and to-go sales.

Speaking of oak aged Belgian style beers Jenny will be removing the second edition Fifth Element Saison from the oak and sending it into the bottle for conditioning next week. She plans on releasing the highly regarded Saison in early spring.

Also Squatters has launched a new - updated website. Check it out.



Douglas said...

Awesome. This sounds so damn good. Also, the Outer Darkness is now sold out. If anyone has any extra bottles, I need a few more. I'll hook you up.

Soggy Coaster said...

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Mikey said...

Ok Soggy, Done!

Anonymous said...

(poor college student) will they sell this at the liquor store?