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Friday, February 15, 2013

Birthday Suit: Sour Brown Ale

In celebration of their 20th Anniversary, Uinta Brewing Company introduces 20th Birthday Suit, a Sour Brown Ale.

Following the release of their 19th Birthday Suit in March of 2012, Uinta began research and development on this year's Sour Brown Ale.  Birthday Suit will be packaged for the first time on Valentine's Day and will be bottle conditioned before being released to the market.  Just in time for their 20th Birthday.

Birthday Suit is scheduled to hit shelves in Utah in late February and nationwide in mid March, 2013. Birthday Suit Sour Brown is a limited, single release brand, only 2,000 cases were produced for distribution. 

This bottled conditioned American Style Sour Brown Ale flaunts significant acidity balanced by flavorful Abbey and Chocolate malts and a modest amount of hops. A distinct tartness on the palate combines with notes of toffee and earthiness. 20th Birthday Suit Sour Brown Ale has an ABV of 7.4%.

Keeping with Uinta's Crooked Line tradition of supporting local art talent, Birthday Suit's label art was produced by Travis Bone, a local show print artist (Furturtle Show Prints).  Travis is also the creative force behind the art adorning Uinta's Cockeyed Cooper bottle as well as the label art from 2012's 19th Birthday Suit.



Michael said...

I am looking forward to this one.

Someone help me out here, but is this Uinta’s first true sour?

I remember last year’s Birthday suit was some cherry concoction, it wasn’t really sour, and it wasn’t all that great either.

Douglas said...

Looks like Brainless on Raspberries is out