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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is the Zion Curtain Going Away, Again?

Looking over some of the liquor related bills before the legislature, we identified some language that appears to suggest that the state may be finally doing away with the dreaded and embarrassing restaurant barriers known as the "Zion Curtain".

The stricken language on page 26 of HB0228S01 appears to show that it's being removed from the current law. I'd like another pair of eyes to look it over, to see if my interpretation is correct.

Also, please take a look at H.B. 240. It appears to do away with the food requirement for pre-dinner drinks and adds the language "intent to buy food".  Looks like legislators are seeing the light.

Finally, there is proposed legislation that has not been published yet that may do away with the "no beer samplers" regulation, titled: Alcohol Beverage Control Act Sampling Amendments. We'll let you know what this bill says as soon as we see it published. 

While these modification appear to be good news, there's still the chance of a lot of bad coming before this legislative session ends. That's just the way it is.

Don't forget to buy your sweetie a beer today! If you don't have a sweetie then you can buy me a beer. Hell, even if you do have a sweetie, buy me a beer. Trust me, my wife won't mind. I think....

Thanks to Dave Cole for the info.


Photo: New York Times 


Ben said...

My reading of them agrees with you on both House Bills - that'd be great if they were voted into law!

Barley's Angels Utah said...

Whoa. They're doing something that makes sense? I think it's a TRAP!!! haha.


Plang said...

I feel badly for all those folks who have build restaurants over the last few years and have built them around the dreaded curtain. Of course, for some it wouldn’t take much at all to actually start using their bar. But there are a few places out there that build the bar strictly for show and would have to sink more money to actually make it functional. That said, I doubt many in the industry would complain about that problem (at least not out loud).

Ray said...

A little off subject, don't know if you follow Deschutes on Facebook, they posted a beer they just bottled called River Ale, it's a 4.0% golden or blonde ale.

Mikey said...

That's the one. Not sure when that or those will be ariving.

Ray said...

Website says it's a Blond / Golden, and will be released March 4.

Ben said...

According to The Trib, HB218 (separate liquor license for "fine-dining restaurants") passed out of committee with a unanimous vote earlier this week.