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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Polygamy Nitro Porter in Bottles

Nitrogen and Irish stouts have always seemed to go hand in hand. Draft offerings are always readily available and nitrogen conditioned bottled and canned beer have been around for consumers for quite some time. Nitrogen isn't a naturally occurring gas in beer so it doesn't absorb into the liquid as easily as carbon dioxide does.

So breweries have had to get creative in order to effectively deliver the gas into the beer. Back in the sixties Guinness patented a delivery system called a "widget" to get the nitrogen into their bottles and cans. Basically they use a plastic gas filled ball that ruptures when the container is opened releasing the gas into the beer. It's not the most cost effective way to get it done but it works quite well.

Ever since the widget's inception breweries have been trying to come up with a way to effectively deliver nitrogen into into a bottle or can without the floating plastic balls. Left Hand Brewing out of Longmont, Co. was the first to perfect and go to market with a non widget nitro beer. Now that the technology is available we'll probably start to see more and more nitrogen beers hitting store shelves.

Wasatch's Polygamy Porter has been a staple in Utah for well over a decade. Until recently it was only conditioned with CO2 gas. Over the last year or so, Wasatch has been offering it on nitro taps for their various accounts. It's proven to be a big hit. Now Polygamy Porter is getting the full nitro treatment and an ABV boost in Wasatch's new beer Polygamy Nitro Porter. This Polygamy Porter is slightly different coming in at 5.5% ABV.

This beer was just bottled so I have no tasting notes on it yet. The original Polygamy Porter will still remain, there are no plans to change anything to it's original recipe. It's for sale at the UBC's Beer Store today.

Also available today is Rooster's Iron Rooster Imperial Stout. For now it's for sale at both Ogden and Layton Roosters locations.


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