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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Vernal Imperial Stout and IPA

Back in 2011 when we first became aware of Vernal Brewing Co.'s plans to bring locally made craft brews to Eastern Utah, the owners always stated that they intended to package their beer for wider state distribution. Well, it looks like they're about to make good on that promise. I've received information that two new bottled beers are on coming on the horizon.

Vernal Brewing Imperial Stout and Vernal Brewing 50 Caliber IPA are in the planning stages and should be headed our way in the next few months. These are are both brewed to style ales (high point) and will be available at DABC stores in the coming months. We'll keep you up to date as to when they're going to be available.



Dave Bastian said...

Stopped in there not long ago and loved it. Very classy place. I'll be trying those the moment they arrive up here in El Norte for sure.

kent said...

Thanks for commenting Dave. I was going to ask if anyone had been out there.

DPS said...

What hops are used in the IPA?

Mikey said...

DPS, Not sure if the beer has even been brewed yet.