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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Fisher Brewing Update

I got the opportunity to go and revisit the guys over at A. Fisher Brewing the other day. It had been a quite a few months since my last visit and boy have things changed. My last visit to Fisher showed
more chaos than the cozy brewery I was hoping for. That is not the case now. While there is still a small level of chaos, it's far overshadowed by the new bar and collection of new stainless steel brewing vessels.

The guys have been busy collecting relics from Fisher's past to add a little old to all of the new - reclaiming much of the
 charm from the old garage that the brewery now inhabits. They even acquired an old wooden ice box that will store all of the Fisher beer you'll be buying. It may look small but it's mounted to the breweries walk in cooler, so it will always be full.

A lot of you have been asking me, "why it's taking so long"? to get this place up and running. Well, simply put, Colby, Tom, Tim and Steve are doing everything that they can do by themselves. While that may not change the taste of the beer, it may make you appreciate it and the brewery more.

If the beer gods are all happy and smiling, the A. Fisher Brewing Company should be resurrected mid to late January. It will take a while to start filling the 18 tap handles, tanks, kegs and getting
the staff up to speed, but early 2017 looks to the perfect time to enjoy a beer at the Granary District's new brewery.

Fisher Brewing is located at 320 West 800 South in Salt Lake City. As the time draws near, I promise to fill you in. 



holly said...

So excited for this! It took forever for their tanks to arrive, but they did amazing work on the brewery while they were waiting. It is going to be awesome.

Aaron Saxon said...

Beuatiful! Looking forward to this blast from the past to come into the future! I walk by the A. Fisher Mansion almost every morning with the dog and it is a constant reminder of the history that once was. Good luck to the guys at A. Fisher Brewing!

William Salaz said...

1963 my good buddies and I used to borrow a couple of quarts off the back dock, one of our many adventures growing up in the area. 1967 we used to buy Fisher at Mel's store on 8th west, it's now ninth west,about 150 south south of the tracks, $ 1.00 a quarter, I sure miss high school. Great beer, I hope it's taste the same, Thanks for the memory,I will be stopping by.