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Monday, December 05, 2016

More Previews from the RoHa Brewing Project

As promised we have more of what's to come from The RoHa Brewing Project's all new portfolio of beers.

Named for the street RoHa resides on the Kensington Grand Saison will pack a little more punch than the typical Saison. Look for flavors that will be somewhat tart and complex with the spicy coriander accents that the yeast is famous for. Look for an ABV of 6.8%

Three Deep American Ale is dedicated to the founders of The RoHa Brewing Project. Light golden wheat in color this American Ale will be bright with American Malt and hops that will likely be full of all those citrus and pine notes that have made American Ales so popular around the world.

The final preview is for the Thirsty Thursday IPA. If you have beer tasting tradition or routine then you understand the name from which this hails. For the RoHa guys is all about varity being the spice of life for you it's about zip of
hops. Look for an ABV of 6.5%.

It's hard to say, when you'll be enjoying some of these new beers. Odds are pretty good they'll be out of the fermenters by February. When days get closer we'll have a better idea.


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