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Friday, July 26, 2019

New Beer Friday 7/26/19

Did that mid-week "holiday" screw up the rhythm of your week? It sure did with mine. To help you get your groove back there are three new saisons and a pils that are (for the most part) light and kind for these high temperature days. Happy New beer Friday!

2 Row - Czech Pilsner: This new lager has a that classic floral aroma with a light, crip body and crystal clear appearance. Up front is a grassy and peppery hop feel with some balancing sweet and  toasty malt. It finishes slightly dry. This pils has a nice broad palate and is pretty enjoyable. 5.3%. Available at 2 Row starting today. 

Saltfire - Saison de Femme Fatale: This collaboration with the Hop Bombshells Homebrew Club utilizes the Pink Boots society's special hop blend and makes its debut today at Saltfire. 6.7% - Available at Saltfire. 

Mad Fritz - The Lion and Other Beasts: This farmhouse beer is a Belgian style beer known as a grisette. It's earthy and round with nice brett notes along with a good dose of cracker and dough. There's some spicy yeast as well that play off of the very subtle grassy Euro hops. 5.6% - Found at The Bayou.  

Mad Fritz - The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs: This saison has some really nice apple and pear notes with a good deal of yeast spiciness. Herbs, oak and orange peel round out the back end with a bit of white pepper in the finish. Alcohol seems slightly high. 7.0% - Found at The Bayou.


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