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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Strap Tank's Lehi Brewery Opens Soon

Utah's next brewery will soon be open and the natives couldn't be happier. On Monday, August 5th this grand craft beer palace on the northern most end of Utah County will open it's doors, bringing local suds to Utah's bustling technology corridor.

The Lehi brewery is a pretty remarkable achievement; mixing carnival, garage and theatrical themes. It's defiantly one of the most unique craft beer spots that you'll find anywhere in North America.

Once Lehi's brew house goes online, look for head brewer, Shawn Smith to get his core brands on tap before he has the opportunity to get his "passion projects" to you. Strap Tank Lehi, has a restaurant license so bring your appetite; or at the very least plan on ordering an appetizer with your beer.

I think the opening of this new brewery is very telling in regards to Utah's changing attitudes on beer and where entrepreneurs are choosing to spend their money to bring it to the masses.

Congrats to the Strap Tank gang and to Utah County beer nerds in general on their newest craft watering hole. Strap Tank: Lehi is located at 3661 n. Outlet Parkway.


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