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Friday, November 08, 2019

New Beer Friday 11/8/19

Before we get into New Beer Friday I have some news about one of the state's oldest adult institutions, the Cotton Bottom. If you're not aware, the Cotton Bottom is a tavern located in an area of the City of Holladay known as Knudsen's Corner (6200 s.). The tavern was originally a general store operated by the Knudsen family until 1966 when Helen Chlepas bought the property and turned the store into a tavern. The Cotton Bottom has been a staple in the area ever since, noted for being the first Coors bar west of Colorado, its infamous garlic burgers and of course it iconic Bugs Bunny looking sign.

The property has been in a state of flux after the passing of Chlepas, changing hands between her heirs and the current owners of the property the City of Holladay. The city has had many plans for the property, including a park and fire station. Luckily for us the city has chosen to keep it as the Cotton Bottom.

Now comes word that the City of Holiday and Cotton Bottom's current owner, Ashley Chlepas are selling the land, the bar and and some of the adjacent parcels to the owners of Salt Lake City's Bar X and Beer Bar. All the players in this deal seem to have a great respect for what the Cotton Bottom is and want to see it thrive going into the future. I spoke with the new owners last night, who expressed their delight in acquiring the Cotton Bottom and noted the importance of maintaining the spirit of the tavern.

Personally I think the Cotton Bottom is in great hands, and I look forwards to its new future. We'll have more news on this as it becomes available. Now It's beer time!    

Toasted Barrel - Hazy Session IPA: I missed this one, but I'm hearing good things about this new Hazy. Look for big tropical sweetness combined with citrus and light bitterness. 5.0% - Available at Toasted Barrel.

New Holland - Dragon’s Milk: Some roasted malt and vanilla with a touch of coffee. As in the nose, milk chocolate is dominant followed by the oak & bourbon from the barrel. Vanilla is more prominent than the aroma leads you to believe. There's a lot going on here. Complex and excellent. Available at Beerhive 11.0%

Modern Times - Space Ways:  The aroma has mango, hints of pine along with some lemon peel. Somewhat juicy taste with mild piney resin and an earthy character. Tropical fruit profile takes on notes of mango and a hint of pineapple. Available at Beerhive 6.7%

Modern Times - Orderville: The aroma is mostly papaya, mango and orange with some pine resin  as well. The grapefruit, orange and mango notes dominant the taste. Like the aroma there's the slightest dose of pine resin. Very fruity and not bitter at all. 7.2% - Available at Beerhive.

One of the advantages of the ABV hike is that we're getting access to kegged beers that we normally would never see. The Bayou managed to get their hands on some Bacchus Oud Bruin and De La Senne - Taras Boulba. These are supposed to arrive today. Both are 4.5%.



luke0006 said...

Which bar(s) carry Modern Times?

Matthew said...

Modern Times Orderville is available at a number of DABC stores too.

Unknown said...

Please don't change the burgers, best in the state.
Congrats 🍺🍻