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Friday, May 08, 2020

New Beer Friday: Mother's Day Edition

With Mother's Day approaching, I couldn't resist. Cheers to all of you beer loving mothers out there, you don't get enough credit. Happy New Beer Friday!

Fisher - Hazard Pay: A sturdy backbone of pale, bready malts and caramel sweetness soon gives way to some citrusy grapefruit and resiny pine notes. The finish is pithy and bitter, with a lingering, astringent aftertaste. On the light side of medium-bodied, with middling carbonation levels appropriate for the style. Fairly refreshing, with a reasonably hoppy kick to it - definitely session-worthy. 5.0% - Available in Crowlers to go at Fisher.

UTOG - Puckertime: The aroma is lactic with a funky yogurt appeal, lemony with spoiled grain and hints of cream corn. The taste is tart and lemony lactic, slightly vinous and fruity even. Some faint hints of dusty to earthy brett and grain. This isn't a super sour bomb, if you're looking for brutal tart ripper, you'll be disappointed. 5.0% - Available in Crowlers to go at UTOG

Bewilder - Orange Honey Wheat: This one debuts today. I have no notes on it yet. 5.0% For dine-in and to-go at Bewilder Brewing.

Talisman - Spindrift: Not quite new. New to me I guess. Aroma of sticky buns and bread crusts. Very malty aroma here. Some blood orange and apricots. Flavor brings up ripe citrus fruits, cantaloupe, pineapple, caramel with faint herbal hops. Feel is somewhat juicy and creamy. Slight resins, some puckering in the finish. 5.0%  - Available at Talisman.


2 Row - Divine Lunacy: The barrel aged quad is back! aged in bourbon barrel for nearly a year. The bourbon is nearly overpowering at first, but once you palate adjusts the bubblegum and peach from Quad begin to assert themselves. Very nice! 11.5% - Available at 2 Row Brewing.


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