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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Utah's American Craft Beer Week Update - 5/13/20

In a normal year I would have a big calendar of event to help you plan your American Craft Beer Week attack. What's that? You didn't know it was Craft Beer Week? Well, I'm not surprised. Dur to the state of the world as it is, Most breweries that I talk to had no plans to hold any events – then in pur Utah style a few stalwarts emerged to keep Utah's craft beer week hopes alive.

I should point out that none of the social distancing rules have changed; all of the current interaction rules still apply. So keep that in mind when visiting any of the following breweries or brew pubs 

The RoHa Brewing Project:

RoHa Craft Beer Bingo - for craft beer week they've made a fun bingo card to help support buying local beer and local breweries. The card is on RoHa's website, along with the rules.

RoHa is also supporting a Utah Craft Beer Festi-GO - we have put this out to all breweries to promote on their own, and do their own activities.  We are having live music in the parking lot while you pick-up beer to-to on Saturday from 12 -3.  You can check out our Facebook event for more info on individual breweries.

And finally - RoHa has put together two really cool 12-packs, available only at RoHa.  One is a true RoHa mix pack, we currently have 12-beers out on the market, so this pack includes one of each.  The second is an IPA 12-pack, it has 3 of each of our four IPA's, including the new High on the Hop.  Our newsletter that was sent out yesterday summarizes those two packs as well.

Uinta Brewing:
In celebration of American Craft Beer Week, Uinta is giving you a chance to upgrade your backyard bar situation. When you stop by the General Store for supplies this week, you can enter for a chance to win one of two stand-up patio coolers or Uinta Brewing LED signs!
As an added bonus, mention Uinta's Facebook post when you visit any day this week for a free gift. Tues-Sat 12pm-6pm.

Kiitos Brewing: The SLC brewery announced yesterday that they will be releasing Cucumber Tart in 16 ounce cans this Saturday when breweries participate in the Festi-Go. Kiitos will be announcing another beer release for Saturday later today. So check back for info on that one.

Shades Brewing: Shades will be releasing a limited beer from their Hogshead Reserve Series on Thursday. The bourbon barrel aged Milk Porter made with Maple and Bacon will come in 12 ounce cans and goes on sale at 3pm. It dials in at 9.0% - $8 per can. Hopefully there will be a limit on the number of cans a person can get – to stretch out the availability.    

Festi-GO: Utah breweries will all have different events going on to celebrate this important week. Select local breweries have joined forces for this for Festi-GO - a to-go only festival. No crowds, stay safe. There’s not alot of info on this, and frankly the info on their Facebook page is vague at best. Hopefully more details will emerge as Saturday gets closer.  

If I missed something, please hit me up so I can add it to the week's list. 


1 comment:

Bam Bam said...

Damn, $8 for a 12oz can (Shades). It better be good. Sounds interesting as hell. Shades has some really good stuff right now. I am digging the Pina Colada sour.