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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I think I'm Being Watched

I couple months ago I wrote a blog on measuring Alcohol by Weight vs. Alcohol by Volume called 3.2% I don't think so. I thought it would be more of a talker than it was, oh well. Anyway one of my co-workers said I should check out the Salt Lake Tribune there's a cool story about Utah's beer myths. I was suprised to find many of the blogs topics apear in this one article. Interesting. I've got my eye on you Trib...


Sweet lil Amy said...

Hmmmmmm. I agree. There are way to many similiarities to your blog. You might have to start patenting your work. I've got your back man.

Bob Crane said...

The STL article talks about how great Utah beer is but the simple truth is that (1) the law prevents brewing exactly a majority of the beer styles from around the world and (2) most of the microbrewed beers here use a lot of unfermentable sugars to give more body to the beer. The problem with this is that the beer starts tasting like molasses if you drink them long enough.

When I first moved here five years ago, I was amazed how a light beer could taste so much like one with a higher alcohol content, but now I can taste through the tricks the Utah brewers use.

I'm fed up with the inane alcohol laws. Please, does a 4.0% IPA really taste like an authentic 6.0%+ IPA? I don't think so. Please give me some real variety on tap.