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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Moab Brewery

Day two of 'get to know your beer' has us at Moab Brewery. Starting with Black Raven Oatmeal Stout. Poured a thin ruby hued brown with an thin ivory colored foam. The nose had a nice mild roasty edge with a sweet oat platform and vanilla notes. The taste started with a nice coffee-esque roastiness that lingers a while before fading to an oaty sweetness that drys out slowly. This was pretty good, not too rich or thick, but tasty non the less. It's a great little stout but is missing some of the styles deeper chacteristics as far as the body goes. Drinkability is high and at 4.0 ABV you can drink em' all night.

Dead Horse Amber Ale: Poured a clear orangish-yellow with a thin off-white head. The nose was fruity, sweet and dry like apples or peaches with a wisper of piney sting. The taste was moderately sweet with tones of dark orange and mild cascade hops giving a nudge of citrus and spice. The finish was a bit bland. I was hoping for more "bite".

Derailleur Ale: Poured a dark ruby - copper tinted color with a finger of dark ivory foam. The nose was moslty malts with some caramel, slight roasted tones and darker breads. Beneth were notes of grassy hops and herbal spices. The taste started with a good amount of finely roasted, whole grain bread, buttery and nutty caramel with a mild hop spice and bite near the finish. The finish lingers with a dried out caramel roasty twinge. A pretty good offering. One to come back to for sure.

Elephant Hill Hefeweizen: Poured a thin, hazy straw color with a puffy, thin, white head. The nose had a meager amount of lemon and a touch of yeast sweetness and wheat character. The taste started with biscut, some tangy, wheaty sweetness and yeast. There's a light bitter quality throughout which adds a nice balance to the brew. This was a nice, enjoyable, light bodied, American style Hef.

Lizard Light Ale: Poured a semi cloudy yellow orange color with a thick sandy white head. The nose was bready and tart like apples. The taste started with toasted wheat and a tart yeastiness. The end was citrusy with a little hop bite. The finish was floury and full of cereals. A nice combination of light citrus and full bodied wheat.

Park City Pilsener: Poured a clear straw yellow with a thin, firm, white, foamy cap. The nose was nice and clean. Freshly hopped with a pleasing leafy tone and crispy biscuit malt underneath with a subtle sweetness. The taste followed suit with nice crisp, clean flavors of pale biscuit malts and a nice fresh hop profile providing a nice grab. The finish was crisp and pleasant to the tongue. A very nice pilsner.

Park City Steamer: Poured a dark golden bronze color with a nice off-white head of tight foam. The nose was dry with bready maltyness, a bit of floral hops. The taste was quite nice. Starting with a great balance of malts with a short sweet bread notion, hops mildly enter with grasses and dull floralness, a bit earthy. Feel stays wet and loose with a light creamy dryness. This is an interesting take on a steam beer. Most breweries let the lager yeast and Northern Brewer hops meld to create the main flavor characteristics. Moab has brought out more of the malt character in this steam beer. Exellent!

Scorpion Pale Ale: Poured a clear amber/copper color with a finger of ivory head.The nose had a nice cedar hop aroma with some roasted caramel and crispy biscuit underneath. The taste was started with toasty whole grains, biting hop resins with cedar wood tones, dry leaves and grasses, malts too, are sharp and earthy, warming biscuity tones that are slightly burnt mix well with an overall woodish tone to the hop profile. Fresh and toasty. Quite a nice treat from middle to finish. At 4%ABV this can be a great sessionable beer.

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