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Friday, March 05, 2010

Hell's Keep and Other Favorites Return

Hell's Keep returns today. This Belgian style strong ale from Squatters was originally released for the first time in March of '09 at Squatters Pub Downtown. It was apparently such a big hit that they decided to move the production over to the Utah Brewers Cooperative facility so they could take care of the massive bottling project. Hell's Keep is 7.75 ABV and comes in a 750 ML bottles.

Poured into a tulip: a lightly hazy honey/orange with a dense 3 fingers of white foam, which fade into a moderate sized cap. The nose is lemony coupled with dusty-oak and a wild yeastiness. The taste starts with dry apricot and pear followed by spicy malty grains. The end is lemony with notes of straw and wheat. The finish is nice and dry with a lite champagne like carbonation. This beer is very crisp and refreshing. Just so easy going down and incredibly light on the palate. The the 7.7% ABV doesn't have any burn and is well hidden.

Also available today at the Beerhive, Hop Henge from Descutes. This is a great double IPA. It's nicely balanced with a flavor-profile consisting of citrus and pine hops wrapped in a somewhat light blanket of a biscuity malt peaches and mangos. Delish!

There's more.... Andrew spotted some of the Full Sail Imperial stout and Top Sail Bourbon Barrel Porter at the 3rd east Wine Store. Have we given you enough to talk about?!!!

Cheers and have a great weekend.


Douglas said...

Hells Keep is very nice, a great addition to the line up. As I've said, I love what UBC is doing. The Outer Darkness is going to be made by them as well eventually I hear (I will not mention the cap fiasco with the Hells Keep last time, oops I did).

Eric said...

Are we sure that the capping issue has been resolved?

Josh said...

Does this mean Hell's Keep will be available regularly, or is it just another batch for now?

Andy San said...

Hop Henge gets my thumbs up. Exactly what I look for in a IIPA.

Anonymous said...


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Jon Lee said...

Capping Issues were addressed with a pretty sweet pneumatic capper!! Very solid and secure crowns.

These new Hells Keeps are also in our new proprietary bottle embossed with Squatters Fine Ales and Lagers around the shoulder.

And yes this will now be a year round release available only in the 750ml bottle.


Douglas said...

^Awesome! Thanks John. I'm getting some more soon.